Arsenal set to sign Premier League giant?

Now I know that we are going through a boring international beak, but the latest Arsenal transfer rumour seems like a desperate attempt to fill the back pages of the tabloids.

The Express are reporting that the Gunners are going to bring in the brilliant Petr Cech from Chelsea in January, and the only basis I can see for them to suggest this is because Thibault Courtois said that IF he was Cech he would leave Chelsea to play first team football.

There has been no indication from Cech that he is unhappy at Stamford Bridge (although that MAY be true considering he is now a reserve) but he has become a legend at the Blues and probably won’t mind earning his excellent salary of £120,000 per-week while waiting to see if his younger replacement gets an injury to get him some time on the pitch.

Who in their right mind would believe that Wenger would match that salary to bring Cech to Arsenal, and you would have to be even crazier to think that Jose Mourinho would let the Czech international move to a direct Premier League rival?

Add to this the fact that Wenger is totally convinced that Wojciech Szczesny is set for a long and illustrious career, and he has only just brought in the highly talented David Ospina to challenge the Pole for the Number One spot once he is fit and ready.

My conclusion just has to be that this is a ridiculous rumour that will quickly be forgotten about as soon as the serious football begins when Arsenal face Man United next week….

Does ANYONE think this rumour could possibly be true?

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  1. great! ………. Just great! …….ArsenaL the centre of gravity for all Rumours and destination for all rejected stocks and those who’ve past their prime….. We have become a joke in the public eye…… Linked with every player around the corner of the gLobe ….. Just imagine!…. Cech!….. CheLsea! …… Szcesny! ……ospina! …. Smh!

    1. rejected stock? petr cech? haha good one

      only reason he aint playing is cos best young goalkeeper in world football would’nt have come back to chelsea if he wasn’t guaranteed first choice.

      would have petr in a heartbeat

  2. Schalke Manager Horst Heldt today about Podolski: no interest! Poldi cost only 4 mio £, but not one german Club has interest. Podolski is overrated.

    1. He was up for sale last summer and no takers then,
      i think he should shut up and prove himself and try to get supper fit so he can help with defense
      as well as attack, he should spend more time with Sanchez instead of Tweeting all the time.

  3. Do we need another GK?
    The defence, our defence is in a total chaotic state and we are linked with Casillas and now Cech…!!
    Am I surprised?
    Not really…
    Last week it was Pedro!
    The week before it was Khedira and the Sevilla DM…!

    Now, apparently, Wenger will have £20 millions in January to reinforce the squad.
    £20 millions? more like £60 or 80 millions…!!

    This team needs everything from top to bottom.

    A new manager for a start, but it will not happen.

    Another waisted season when you realise we are already out of the BPL title in November (Waooooo what a top club!) and we are no where near Chelsea quality.

    Same story every season as the level of ambition and professionalism at Arsenal has reach mediocrity as a standard of evolution. Pathetic !

    Wenger was quizzed by French sports journalists during the weekend and what he had to talk about was Diaby and the French national team… !!! I watch the interview… NOT A WORD ABOUT ARSENAL…!! Then I understood why! There is nothing much to say anyway.

    On another note: That Haylee McQueen from Sky HQ looks bubbly and delicious… 🙂

  4. And you think Mou would let us have one of the best goalkeepers in the world when he couldn’t even loan us Ba, you are having a laugh. He would rather Cech rot on the bench and ran down his contract than him joining us.

    Pointless rumor and its not news worthy!!!

    1. If he thinks arsenal is a threat then no he won’t. Mata was aloud to go to Man U a team that won the title the previous year because Jose didn’t think they could finish infront of chelsea

  5. BLA BLA BLA BLA SAME ALL SAME ALL we need some excitement in our club new blood new frontiers go places where no Arsenal manager has gone before, i here Benidorm is nice this time of the year, I hate myself for getting too involved with football i should of taken up Flamingo dancing, just think four hours spent on dancing with the ladies rather then reading Arsenal articles on why we are so crap in the eyes of the world and most important Michael Owen , stress of having over 170 million in the bank but we can only spend 20 million + 1 pound and knowing we will sell this January and get someone on loan so just to add to the 170 million why o why o why,

    cant wait until the week end for some soccer 🙂

  6. Can Cech play centreback,if not what the F*** do we want another goalkeeper for.
    Wenger needs locking up for his own safety.

    1. with Wenger around anything is possible…

      Cech with his height can play Centreback….

      a replacement for Per

  7. Cech is a true champion and a world class keeper. It would be a big archievment to have him at Arsenal, but you guys should remember where he is playing at, and who is the manager of his.

  8. @ Muffdriver …….not sure you know who cech plays for at the moment……HeLo! Its maureen! And its chelski ….wake up! …….pLus , really u could see szcezny (can’t spell) or ospina becoming squad and reserve players…. right?

  9. To that dude who up there who said arsenal is been linked to clubs rejects, i say cechs glove is better than you. If worldclass players are linked to us, you cnmplain, if average ones are linked you also complain.can you ever be satisfied in life.

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