Arsenal set to snap up ANOTHER La Liga star?

If I was the Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta or his central midfield team mate Mathieu Flamini, I would be getting a bit worried right now. Because their future Arsenal careers are starting to look a little bit dicey, to say the least, and the latest Arsenal transfer rumours are not making things any better for the pair, with a Metro report claiming that the Real Madrid and Spain international star Asier Illarramendi could be joining the Gunners at the end of this season.

We already have the exciting breakthrough of our young and versatile Frenchman Francis Coquelin, with reports that his recent form has convinced Arsene Wenger to offer him a three year contract extension. And the first Arsenal signing of the January transfer window, 17-year old Krystian Bielik, is also a central midfielder with such promise that he has been likened to Patrick Vieira. Wenger clearly has big hopes for the Polish youngster even though he may not feature much for Arsenal this season.

There are now reports from Spain suggesting that we have already made an offer to sign Illarramendi in the summer and also that the young Spaniard has welcomed the move and agreed in principle to come to the Premier League as a Gunner. If this is true it could well mean the end of the road at Arsenal for one of our 30+ central midfielders, but which one would you let go?

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  1. Haven’t watched him play much since he’s mainly benched, but of what I’ve seen he’s pretty decent. Crazy to think that AW would buy another CM/DM, but maybe he’s thinking proactively due to our history with injuries. Much appreciated.

    This rumor might be true since Real Madrid are keen in signing Reus and may need to make room to buy him. Then again, Real Madrid likes having a lethal bench.

    1. silly post bobinski….

      ancelotti few hours ago said hes going nowhere-
      he also said your girls so fat – that when she jumped for joy- she got stuck

      1. I don’t believe the rumour muff but isn’t that exactly what all managers say if someone is in for one of their players?

      2. Thank You. You are right. What makes this rumor any more valid than the other thousand this January?

        What’s more…… The Article claims that the rumors are making Flamini and Arteta nervous. Ridiculous. A rumor NEVER replaced any player. If a transfer rumor worried players the EPL would be filled with anxious psychotic footballers.

        And both Flamini and Arteta know full well their careers are waning regardless of transfer rumors.

    2. Or maybe he’s thinking Flamini is done and Coquelin has replaced him, but Arteta is on his last legs so perhaps Illarra could be his heir…Nothing crazy behind that logic. If we did go for him that would be admitting defeat in the Schneiderlin pursuit one would think.

      Seems a long shot, although Ancelotti’s “he won’t be leaving” quotes do nothing to detract from it being possible. All managers lie through their teeth the last week of a window. They just bought the DM from Cruzeiro and Illarra doesn’t get games. If someone was to leave Madrid this window Illarra seems most likely.

      However it does just seem like a journo has looked at a Real DM getting no games and the fact we need one and simply put the pieces together to make a story.

    3. They want Lucas silva plus they have caismiro comming back from Porto.

      Illaramendi is a arteta replacement by the looks of it. Arteta hasn’t been up to scratch

      1. They actually have officially announced the signing of Lucas Silva today. Could mean we make a move for Illarramendi.

        1. It be good if Schneiderlin starts to think shit, the Gunners are looking at ill, i better try push my way out of here.

    4. Illaramendi will be replaced by the returning caismiro who has been playing well in Porto and Lucas Mendez from cruzeiro is likely to come in

  2. At the very least he’s a better option than injury prone Khedira. Would still prefer Schneiderlin though.

    1. Give it up Bro. This is January, Southhampton is gunning for Europe. I want a GF too, but the wife says she is not selling.

  3. Just curious, how often do you guys click on a link HOPING for a “…signs for Arsenal”

    5 times a day?
    If more than 20 I suggest counseling or that you find a willing sex partner.

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  5. How can a team like manure be struggling against Cambridge and get beaten 4-0 in league cup by mkdon be above us in the league?

    1. Simple. Van Gaal, who is more stubborn and married to his ego than Wenger, continually goes back to his tactics that fail and the team performs predictably badly.

      Then Van Gaal realizes he needs some wins and points so he abandons is stupid tactics long enough to let his talented players earn some wins/points. But you know he will sometimes return to his petulant insanity.

  6. In the summer
    Why- oh- buy- he

  7. @ha559. Lets reserve judgement and mocking of mu until weve seen off bha on Sunday. A rough abd small pitch, windy night and a workmanlike physical apponent can always cause problems. On topic schneiderlin, hes clearly not available. There’s no pleasing some people illaramendi is a dm player and we need a dm player, (rotate with coquelin). At 24 hes young too but doubt very nuch RM wilk sell.

  8. We MUST beat Brighton this weekend.
    I don’t want any of this replay business
    Let’s get the job done and let other teams like United (lol) worry about replays

    Congratulations to Cambridge United
    It’s awesome that a League 2 side held their own against United. Now do the unthinkable and beat them at Old Trafford

    1. And to think that they have at least four players on the pitch who’s salary (each)is more than the entire Cambridge’s teams salary throws a lot up about the danger of big money signing. Its really BIG MONEY GAMBLE. I feel LVG doesn’t want to come and do anything just buy expensive players and expect them to blend themselves into a team and win every game out there. but when you are despatched by MK Dons in Capital One cup and on the verge of same by Cambridge i mean you need to start examining your brains. If they continue like this they will not make first 4 in the EPL and that will be the beginning of their end. And ill be glad.

  9. Paulista has been left out of the Villareal lineup this weekend ahead of potential move.

    I would be surprised if Arteta was given the captains armband to be released or sold. Also I haven’t been keeping up with Real Madrid, I just assume they win. SoI haven’t seen Asier Illarramendi much, is he any good?

    1. That’s a good sign. We need him big time. We have lost Debuchy and losing any more defenders could ruin us.

      It’s also good for him to get some rest before he comes here (fingers crossed)

  10. @twig. I think the illaramendi is more the dm player we want, (if he comes going to have to find an abbreviation for his name! ). Gundogan I really like but isn’t there question marks over his injury record still? (He’d fit in well at arsenal! ). If it was a choice between neither I’d say either. If buying one of them means we don’t go for a wanyamma/schneiderlin in the summer I’d maybe say wait and try to secure one of these players now for a summer move. Illaramendi on loan until the end of the season with an option to buy sounds ideal, if he doesn’t work out nothing lost. Wenger knows best though of he wants him, can get him abd wants to buy he must be fairly confident in the fit for arsenals requirements.

    1. I agree accept whilst I’d happily take either AI or MS I personally don’t rate Wanyama anywhere near these two. Happy to be in a minority on this one but I just get all the fuss.

  11. Also I really hope we snag Paulista and he’s revealed soon. I really kike what I’ve seen of him and haven’t been this excited about a defender since our serge aurrier link, (we all know how that ended up). I hear about him adjusting to the pl and being eased in but I hope he and chambers both instantly start competing for the spot next to kos. Apart from Pers height they surely must be better in every other way. # per tothe bench sat next to schezny.

    1. When our midfielders get back to keep defensive shape and our GK isnt fumbling Per and Kos are an excellent partnership. Ive always thought that even if we had che back four but still sent eveyone forward, wouldnt be too much difference. Times when our defenders got outnumbered it was midfielders wingbacks wingers and pers partner at fault just as much as the big man himself, per did hash things up a few times ie the ducking but hes not the only Arsenal player who has had form best forgotten and he certainly wont be the last. Also our zonal marking has been a hindrance.

      Speaking about the zonal marking. Big improvement at etihad and was surprised to hear that it was all our players doing. Glad to know that these boys do know what it takes and am presuming that they will plan together more often. There might even be a few leaders born out of this as they bang their heads together.

    1. LVG has grown on me a very tiny bit since he came to the PL; from abject loathing to actually you can be quite amusing sometime. But his comments tonight just set him back to square one in my books. Cambridge owned them convincingly and fully deserved the draw.

  12. Illaramendi would be a great arteta replacement. He has no gleaming weakness in his play.he has a 92% pass accuracy and he Has excellent through balls and is a good at interceptions and tackling.

  13. Rumours are just rumours until the boss make it official like with Paulista for example!That being said if we have indeed started a bid for llara that is great news…He has genuine talent and is a great defensive minded player, he can shield the defence effectively, his passing and long range game would suit us as well and he has great positional awareness…this is a player that lacks confidence and doesn’t play regularly that is all and it’s undermining his game!!Proof is Ancelotti still believe he can be Alonso 2.O kind of…but he would be a great catch for us…Flamini is a good squad player but if we want to go higher and fulfill our supposed ambition we need to take the next step…he will definitely go at the end, Arteta is another story as he is our captain otherwise future looks bleak for both our players…more so if Coquelin continues to improve!!

  14. Would be much happier if somehow le coq could live up to his expectation and peg that DM position permanently. An academy product and he bleed gunners.

    1. The problem there is that his expectation with many was never really big enough. I thought he could become a very useful player but believed before this season he was more suited to fullback, hence useful. Speaking for myself hopefully the boy will surprise and become a menace.

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