Arsenal set to table an offer for son of World Cup winner

Arsenal is set to table an offer for Guingamp youngster Marcus Thuram at the end of the season, according to Le 10 Sport.

Thuram is the son of former French World up winner Lilian Thuram and has been a shining light in a very mediocre Guingamp side.

Unlike his father, who was a defender, Thuram is a forward, albeit more of a wide player than an out and out striker.

The 21-year-old was pivotal in knocking out Paris St Germain at the quarter-final stage of the Coupe de la Ligue, scoring the winner in extra time from the penalty spot and again scored in the semi-final against Monaco helping his side progress to next weeks final.

We are not the only side interested in Thuram, German giants Dortmund are also reported to be interested in the youngster and are said to be very keen.

Arsenal manager Unai Emery is reported to be the person that brought Thuram’s name up as a potential signing having had experience of watching him in France when he was in charge of PSG.

No fee has been mentioned but Guingamp are apparently prepared to sell as long as the price is right.

You have to think that this is a very realistic signing, if Emery himself has identified the forward as a potential signing then it must be serious and based on what we know, he would be a great prospect and fantastic acquisition.


  1. We should get him as soon as possible otherwise will be the same as Dembele and Wenger came out and say he almost signed him when is gone somewhere and his value starts to skyrocket and Marcus Thuram will be a very good replacement of Aubameyang in two years.

  2. Would love to see him or Sarr marrauding down
    the flanks at the Emirates. The young Thuram
    has bags of skill in his locker, incredible DNA
    and his transfer fee would be considerably less
    than his Senegalese counterpart, nor break the
    Arsenal summer bank. An offer between £10-20M should convince his current club Guinap to sell.
    The young Frenchmen imho would be a very
    good signing for the Gunners considering
    Arsenals rumored summer budget restraints
    and Emerys ability to work with young talent.

    1. And if Xhaka is looking for greener futboling
      pastures BOTH Rabiot and Kessie from Milan
      would be fantastic midfiled additions to replace
      the Swiss international( Around the same $$)

    2. Sarr was unable to get past Monreal and Kolasinac in Rennes, until Sokratis got the red card. Let alone his bad performance at the Emirates

      I used to watch his best moments on YouTube, but I realized he only excels in pace and height

      Arsenal had better find a trickier and more skillful winger like Mbappe/ Dembele. Perhaps Sanllehi could steal one hot prospect from Barcelona

      1. Mbappe or Dembele would cost three years transfer budget minimum for UE.
        Then add their salaries and, once again, reality and common sense are not being considered when looking at possible transfers.

        If we had any chance of getting Mbappe, it was when AW went over to meet him and his parents, but it seems someone put the brakes on that particular transfer…gazidis again???

        1. Ken, replied to your query concerning GG’s back four on an older post. Got it sorted in the end. Wouldn’t like to think I was ignoring you mate.

  3. Why we being linked to a player who is having his best season so far and not shown any consistency prior, he is young so not expecting him to have shown 10 years of stats but c’mon…

    2 years older than Nelson and not any better IMO and we want to waste some of the limited funds on him?

    I do not think he would be an upgrade and I hope we do not go for him, I’d much prefer Arsenal to either trust in who they have next season or buy someone who is going to take us to the next level…

    I would much prefer to gamble on Iwobi scoring next season after Emery has had 12 months coaching him than Thuram, the only thing Thuram has over Iwobi is a few more goals this season, IMO Thuram isn’t an upgrade on Iwobi so no thank you.

    1. Thank you for some kind words and appreciation for Iwobi and Nelson, young hardworking talent, low on wages, high on commitment. Sarr is not AFC material, sorry

      1. I’m a massive Nelson fan. I’ve not bought a top since Silent Stan took over and I’ve refused to open my wallet for that greedy git until we show ambition, once we do show enough ambition as a club (which I feel is close) then I’ll be having either “Gunning 4 It” or Nelson on the back.

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