Arsenal sets a time to discuss the future of flop

Nicolas Pepe is arguably the most expensive flop Arsenal has ever signed, and the Ivorian will leave the club having wasted its time and resources.

The former Lille man moved to the Emirates in 2019, and Gooners were happy because of his exploits in Ligue 1 in the previous season.

Most Arsenal fans expected so much from him, but he quickly showed he had very little to offer to the club.

He has remained at the Emirates, but it is not because he is an important member of Mikel Arteta’s team.

Rather, the Spanish manager has not found a new home for him. But that could change in the summer.

Standard Sports claims the Gunners have set the end of this season to discuss his future with him.

As expected, the winger is also not happy about his role at the Emirates, and he might ask to leave when both parties meet.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We need to offload Pepe sooner than later because he has become a liability at the club.

The Ivorian has never been good enough to play for us, and now is the time to find him a new home and ensure we make at least a small fee from his sale.

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  1. you people in the media target our players and come at them until their market values plummet then come at the club for selling them on the cheap like you all weren’t part of the reasons why they couldn’t sell for more. Pepe Is Good enough to play for any team in the world. probably our most skilled player and it’s not just me saying that some of our players agree, Dude has proved himself everytime he’s got a chance to play outside arsenal and even in patches when he’s got the chance over here. Not his fault our system doesn’t fit him plus he surely didn’t negotiate his price tag

  2. Never been good for us you say.
    I am sure same thing was once said about gnabry and yet many are begging for him to come back now.
    Lukaku would have been labelled EPL flop if he hadn’t perform at Everton.
    Salah and debrune were once not good for Chelsea too.
    I am beginning to agree you all make EPL look more than it is actually is.
    Some of you even look down on the lower league then go there to sign players from them.
    You all want Nunez, nkunku, osimen, I am not hearing how they are making those stats in inferior leagues, now it doesn’t matter anymore..
    To even think many are now calling for Jesus who only had 3 goals in the league in 24 outing before his last appearance in the EPL says it only..
    You only remember a player when they are performing.
    Elneny and nketia who were claimed to be deadwood are now the players people want them to get new contracts..

    1. KAAY how about talking facts, instead of nonsense!
      What REAL use has Pepe ever been? Not much at alland £72 mill is a hell of a lot of monety down the drain. That fee is not regainable but SOME fee is. So a wise club cuts it losses and limits the long term damage by selling for whatever it can get.

      The other players you mention are nothing whatsoeve do to do with Pepe for the OBVIOUS reason that they are completely different individuals. No connection at all to PEPE.
      THAT is what I mean when I say you are talking rubbish!

      That is what we will do IMO and I HOPE SO TOO.

      1. Your entire argument is flawed, Jon Fox. You failed to take account of the mysterious 20M fee that was paid on the Pepe deal. Pepe was, in fact, was just a 40/45M transaction dressed up to look like a 72M deal. Now, if you compare Pepe’s goal contributions against his true purchase price, you will see we are getting exactly, and even more than what we paid for – over 25 goal contributions over three season. And even if we end up getting 25M for the player we will end up making a profit. Your analysis of the Pepe’ worth and contribution to the club is grossly unfair and misleading.

      2. @Jon Fox
        How many times have played him and helped him to be match fit, confident and also blend with teammates?
        No disrespect to you but from most of your comments, you seem to have a personal beef with some players. I pray Pepe leaves to a club who will bring out the fire in him. You remember Aubameyang?

      3. Please don’t disrespect our player. He is quality but not fancied by Arteta. He would realise how good he is only if we had serious injuries and he was forced to play him. His stats last season were better than Zaha. If he stays he can get more game time. Martinelli is still behind him in ability and team play.

  3. you people target our fringe players and come at them until their market values plummet then come at the club for selling them on the cheap like you all weren’t part of the reasons why they couldn’t sell for more. Pepe Is Good enough to play for any team in the world. probably our most skilled player and it’s not just me saying that some of our players agree, Dude has proved himself everytime he’s got a chance to play outside arsenal and even in patches when he’s got the chance over here.
    18 goal contributions in 19/20
    21 in 20/21 and 8 this season Even when he’s barely played tells a different story.

    1. May your day be blessed.
      Everytime a player is not good enough.
      Like we ourselves have been good enough for players for the past two seasons.

      A team that finished 8th twice is talking about players not being good enough.

      Ceballos is good enough for Madrid, but apparently ode is not good enough for Madrid.

      Most of the time they just utter this statement without anything to back it up.

  4. Agreed ! HAS TALENT BUT NOT A FOOTBALL BRAIN . So often loses possession and is very unreliable. You cannot base a reliable future on such a type of player.


    1. I think your estimation is Pepe’s abilities is exactly right; still I think the club could have done more to bring that talent out of him more often. It doesnt help that he wasn’t the manager’s (Emery’s) choice – it was foolish to spend so much on a player who wasn’t necessarily going to be in the manager’s thinking but hey ho.
      In any case, I don’t think there’s anything to do at this point other than sell. Keeping him here to train and sit on the bench is no use for anyone.

      1. Davi YES, IF we are wishing to discuss the fairly distant past- I always prefer talking about the present and near future , as a practical and not a “what if”, realist – then a huge mistake was made.

        But what matters is now , not what happened back then. And in the HERE AND NOW, what counts is how we limit our past mistake and the losses it has brought us. We obviously need to get this player gone , who is not wanted by MA(CORRECTLY TOO) andget whatever fee we can now get for him to spend on players who we DO want and who will help our team.
        AS a practical realist, I get hugely frustrated at thelack of nous by thoise fans who wish to discuss past mistakes MORE THAN they wish to discuss present and realistic solutions to those past mistakes.

        Any fool can dwell on the mistakes from the past. A practical realist wishes to do something to make the past BETTER.

  5. Let us not be too harsh on Pepe. As for me Pepe is is good. He has not been given enough consistent game time. He may how ever not fit into Arteta system. IMO given enough playing time, he’ll perform.

  6. If Pepe is considered a flop, what does that say about Laca and Nketiah? Pepe rarely features, and given a run of games lets see what he can do in the lineup.

    I’d say he more prolific in front of goal than either Laca or Nketiah, and much of this issue has to be chalked up to misuse of the player.

    White was 50 million and hardly covered himself in glory. Not a strong defender, ball watches too often, and is prone to Mustafi-ish mistakes and lapses. Is he also a flop due to the inflated cost?

  7. i feel for Pepe a bit, here’s why

    UE DID NOT want him to start with, he must have known that too.

    Price tag, can be a huge weight for some players


    The truth is here is that he cant do the ”hard yards”
    he cant defend and we are much more likely to face a turnover in possession if he has the ball.

    He cannot defend for his life and can be extremely frustrating, yes he scores some great goals but thats as much as he can offer imo.

    all of the above is why and probably some more things on top of that as to why he doesnt play much and why he should go.

    If he can go somewhere and have more of a license to express himself and not worry about the the defensive side of the game, he can do well, he has the talent for that type of football. In a tactically disciplined team, with the press, the tracking back and covering, along with playing out from the back on top of what he was brought to do, which is be affective in the final third, he doesnt have the footballing brain to go both ways.

    i would take 25m for him all day long, Raul, what a plonker

  8. Am afraid most of the criticism level at Pepe is tough to take but honest.

    Pepe in my opinion needs more playing time that can only be given by a bottom half club, even then it can only be given on trust, as there is no guarantee he will come good.

    The gaffer could not take that chance and play him Pepe consistently over Saka in his natural position, maybe in space of Laca, but in away Laca is the glue up top that aid and compliments the youngsters

    If recent reports should be taken seriously, I cant see a purpose of having Pepe around, one beautiful option is a season long loan

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