Arsenal sets an asking price for Partey amidst interest from Juventus

Arsenal is open to cashing in on the signature of Thomas Partey, has reported.

The Ghanaian has been at the Emirates since 2020 when the Gunners triggered his release clause at Atletico Madrid to move him to London.

He has remained one of the club’s key players and has been our main midfielder in most matches.

However, it is hard to argue that he has been as good as he was while playing in Spain.

The midfielder needed time to settle into how a new club plays and we allowed him to use the last campaign to adapt.

He has improved but maybe not to the heights we expected and he could now be offloaded when the transfer window reopens.

The report claims Juventus has been monitoring him for a long time and the Old Lady is more than happy to make a move for him.

However, Arsenal might deprive them of the opportunity with their asking price for his signature.

The report claims the Gunners want as much as the 50m euros they paid to land him and Juve doesn’t have that much money to pay.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Although he has not met our expectations, Partey has been one of the important squad members of the Arsenal team.

We need his influence in the next campaign, but he should only stay if keeping him makes sense.

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  1. His performances have not matched the wages that he demands. If he continues to be inconsistent, he should be sold. But, Arsenal should not give him away to Juventus. They must pay Arsenal asking price. Partey should not be earning more money than Saka, Smith-Rowe, Odegaard and Martinelli combined. Nonsense. These youngsters salaries need to be improved and by getting rid of Partey, his wages can be shared amongst them. Arsenal can bring in younger defensive midfielders like Aurelien Tchouameni and Boubacar Kamara instead.

    1. What a load of rubbish and ignorant nonsense!!

      Partey earns more than Saka, Smith Rowe and Martinelli because he’s a proven seasoned midfielder whilst Martinelli arrived as an 18 year old un teseted player.

      Saka and Smith Rowe are Arsenal academy graduates so it is inevitable that their contracts, won’t be as lucrative as a senior player signed from a top Europeanclubs like A Madrid.

      1. But Partey has been a disappointing / underwhelming player for the amount we paid and the wages we are paying for him.
        He is Alex Song level of okay talent.
        And I wouldn’t lose any sleep if we recouped as much of the £45 million we paid for him.

  2. If xhaka is leaving then forget about partey leaving because arteta knows it will disrupt the dressing room and also affect their play. It’s also not wise to sell a player who is finally settling down to go out for another who will also need settling period! It stagnates the effectiveness of the whole team.

    1. Absolutely. You can’t keep on rebuilding all the time. We need stability to win at least one trophy

  3. If you want to take Arsenal back to uropa league sell party,just simpie thing,put put him onthe bench and see,we Can’t win a game wethout him, very important player

  4. I hope we’re not easily taken away by euphoria of our streak of few winnings and start to misbehaving so quickly.
    Keep JOKES apart please.

  5. I want this to be true so we have the opportunity to bring our boy Mattéo Guendouzi and add Pape Gueye

  6. another player who’s been negatively impacted by the tactics on offer at our club since his arrival…that said, he certainly hasn’t helped himself along the way…I’m not totally convinced that he was physically prepared to handle the well-known rigors of the PL, which likely led to some unnecessary spells on the training table, and he’s failed miserably from a shooting from distance capacity…even so, he’s far superior to our other options and there’s no doubting that he could really excel if he were to be paired with a far more defensively-responsible DM…this would allow him to roam into positions further up the pitch, thereby providing us with an actual centrally-located midfield presence in our opponent’s final third…presently we rely far too much on our diminutive Striker coming way too deep, which tends to slowdown play, due to his flipping and flopping nature, and a tucked out wide Ode, which makes it far easier for opposing defenses to double-team our wide side forwards

    I very much doubt that he’s going anywhere, at least not anytime soon, but considering MA’s mystifying bromance with Xhaka, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was shipped and our Swiss miss stayed on…if this were to be the case, there’s a dumpster fire and lowered expectations in our future

  7. we need to add to the squad with quality if we have ambitions in Europe , no just swap kind of like for like . Sambi is coming on well apparently but to attak 4 competitions we need competition , rest opportunities and plan for injury+ suspensions .If we let our 2 mids go we need to fund for 3 or 4 , at LEAST as good and as good a fit too.
    Who they would be i will leave to Edu , Ma and the scouting system with faith 🙂

  8. This is nonsense. You don’t get Thomas finally reaching his level only to pass him on to Juve.

  9. This is either a joke or Edu has hit his head. Party is vital to the Arsenal rebuild and should be untouchable – even when he’s only putting out 80% of what he’s capable of I’d rather have him than any bar maybe three other DMs in the league.

    Offload Xhaka and get Sanchez in and we have the best starting DM pair in the league.

  10. I hate this article. Why do you guys always want to undo the little progress we make? You seem like Arsenal haters. Just recently you were talking about Saka going to Pool, now it’s Partey going to Juve, please give us a break!

    1. @Mat, we are called “Just Arsenal” and we report on anything and everything that is said about Arsenal from any source. We don’t make it up, we report it…

      1. Pat I’d say that yes you do report it, but you also seek it out, no matter from how far fetched and unreliable a source it comes.
        As we all know, even you ,if only you ever dared to tell the truth, even to yourself, FICHAJES.NET is a rich source for your constant false rumours but only the naive -and yet to learn about how life and business works – ever fall for it.

        Wizened old cynics and realists such as I, who can easily spot bulls..t, from wherever it comes, know a falsehood when we read one.

        1. Jon, I’m 👎 t bothered. If it’s reported from any source, we will find it and pass it on to our readers.
          Sorry if you disagree my Lord

          1. No, I do NOT disagree with what you and I say you do, as I was the one who told you and anyone else who is interested, EXACTLY what you do.


            Never mind how unethical is though, eh PAT!!

            Business 1, Ethics 0.

  11. 😂😂😂😂😂 made my morning better
    next one is Gabriel and White to Spurs for combined 30M

  12. Who else on JA , as IALWAYS DO, sees the word “report”(in other words, a lie)and immediately dismisses it as the lie it inevitable is?
    I am sure we all notice that the “report” is almost always from a little recognised source and miles away from the more respected section of the British journos.

    To be clear, I do not reject ALL news stories as false, of course not. But I have long ago learned to have an effective nose for obvious falsehoods, both in life in general and in football “reports”! I have the precious advantage of “not having been born yesterday!

    Such as DAVID ORNSTEIN , I take seriously . But unless the “report” comes from a proper source , I say ignore it , as the tosh it always is!

  13. I would sell Partey if it means we could get Yves Bissouma and someone extra. Partey has a knack of getting injured when he just starts to play his best football.

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