Arsenal sets asking price for one of their injury prone players

Thomas Partey was impressive in Arsenal’s win against Chelsea yesterday, but his days might be numbered at the Emirates.

The midfielder has been plagued by injuries this season and only just returned to the team.

His partnership with Declan Rice is one that Arsenal supporters believe will catapult the team to greater heights.

However, Partey is rarely fit and has just a year to run on his current deal, making this summer the best time for the club to sell him.

A report on Football Insider claims Arsenal is now prepared to cash in on the Ghanaian midfielder.

The Gunners kept him on last summer despite reported interest from Juventus and clubs from Saudi Arabia.

However, the report claims Arsenal is now open to selling him for around £20million to £25million.

The midfielder will have to stay fit between now and the end of the season to help the Gunners sell him when the transfer window reopens.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Partey is one of the best players in our group when he is fit, but that rarely happens, and it makes little or no sense to keep him in the group until his contract expires at the end of next term.

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  1. That seems a fair price for an injury-prone “elderly” player.
    If he plays the rest of the season as he did against Chelsea we may have to revise either the price or the decision to sell.

    1. What’s all the madness with selling Party. To buy who exactly that is better off . What if his injury days are over now ?

      Just as we sold Xaka right ?

      1. There’s no arguing that this “elderly” player is the best number 6 in the league when he’s fit.

        I’d keep him in the team a couple more seasons and sign Kephren Thuram as an understudy.

        Otherwise someone like Bruno or Tchouaméni would cost close to $100m again, which we simply don’t have

      2. Xaka wanted to leave, and Arsenal rarely keep players who want go. I agree it’s a gamble, but I doubt that Partey will stay fit for long.

  2. It’s just been reported by Farmers Weekly that pigs might fly.
    I’d love to know who this Football Insider is and how / why The Arsenal would give this information out and therefore unsettle the player as we enter our final games!!

    Let’s use a bit of common sense here for heaven’s sake!!
    Not blaming Martin, as he’s doing his job, but c’mon folks!!


      He is off this summer, so get use to it and cease doing a King Canute!

      1. You mean in the same way that Ozil would never wear the shirt again, when he played another full season Jon – THAT KIND OF REALITY YOU SWORE WOULD HAPPEN JON?!
        Or what about the REALITY that Xhaka was leaving, but stayed a further TWO seasons Jon.. that was ANOTHER OF YOUR EXAMPLES OF REALITY!!

        More like can I Canute you up the river Jon, as you always seem to be going against the tide of opinion 😂😂

        1. Thats right Ken, change the discussion in a vain attempt to deflect from the fact Partey IS leaving soon.

          Your final sentence makes no grammatical sense to this English lover.

          1. Not changing the subject at all Jon – just giving examples of where your predictions were wrong, let’s see if your correct with your Partey prediction.

            As for your love of the English language, please enlighten me on why it doesn’t make sense?

  3. Agree, it’s a fare price for an injury prone 30 year old player.

    Now we must bare in mind that he got injured playing out of position as a fullback, he may not be prone to further injury providing he plays in his regular defensive midfield position, as he is less prone to be on the recieving end of hard tackles as he is more withdrawn and is mainly intercepting and breaking up the oppositions passes rather than carrying the ball forward all the time.

    So if he is less prone to injury and he continues playing the way he performed against Chelsea in his preferred comfortable defensive midfield position, then his value would double and Arsenal may end up extending his contract. He is slightly a better player than Jorginho if he remains fit and injury free, a big if that is.

  4. MOTM for me last night ,if he can stay injury free then I cannot see any harm in keeping him next season ,when on form he’s the closest to a world class player that we have .
    Amazing player when fit

  5. Here’s the thing, at some stage we need to start balancing the books. There’s not many players that we can do this with, Partey is 1 of them. We are horrific at selling players at the right time, we have to start improving on that.

    He is my favourite Arsenal player but if we are being realistic, what’s his chances of being fully fit for the majority of next season? If we can get a good price and bring in another great DM then it makes sense….that or we try Timber at DM and buy Robinson from Fulham to playLB. Timber has all the qualities of the best DMs around.

  6. For 20 – 25m I’d do business.
    But rather than give him away for peanuts, I’d keep him and rotate him with Jorginho (to lighten his workload) while we get a quality No.8/10 who can deputize Rice/Odegaard.
    Sometimes I’m wondering what happens if either or both of Rice and Odegaard were unavailable for any length of time.

  7. Arsenal need a new DM (no 6), but Thomas Partey would still be a first class back up. I hope he can show his full potential on Sunday, or else the Arsenal title race will be over. Spurs can beat Gunners with the same tactics as Everton did Liverpool. That mercyless Merseyside derby gave me a shivering hint of what’s coming…

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