Arsenal sets new expected date for Partey’s return to action

Arsenal is bracing for the substantial absence of Thomas Partey, who is anticipated to be sidelined for approximately six weeks due to an injury sustained during a training session last week.

Under Mikel Arteta’s management this season, Partey has been utilised in an unconventional right-back role while remaining a pivotal component of the club’s playing style. His injury forces Arsenal to revert to their customary back four, but the void left by Partey’s absence is expected to be significant.

The midfielder is now facing nearly two months on the sidelines, and according to a report in the Daily Mail, Arsenal is counting on his return following the October international break.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Partey’s versatility is one reason we love the midfielder and it shows why he is such an important player to us.

He was linked with a summer departure but stayed and it is great that he never left, which is why we cannot wait to have him back.

However, in his absence, we must continue to win games and show that we are not a team that relies on a single player to do well.

Hopefully, he will return ahead of schedule, but for now, we need to continue working with the other players and hopefully, everyone will do well and we will not feel the effects of his absence.

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  1. Where do we get “six weeks” from?
    MA said just this weekend Partey will be out for a couple of weeks. TWO IS NOT SIX!

  2. After spending an arm and a leg (over 210M) on midfielders, there is crisis in our midfield again. Go figure!
    Partey is out injured and Havertz still figuring out how to use his feet. Never thought I would ever say this, but selling Granit Xhaka for 12M pales in comparison with the 150M price tag for Kai Havertz. (just trying hard not to say major screwup or blunder).

    Bring back Granit Xhaka.

  3. My memory maybe short, but I can’t remember the last time we beat Man United without the Ghanaian prior to Sunday clash.

  4. Parteys injury meant Arteta had to revert back to our best defensive set up with Gabriel coming back in (thank God!).
    Arteta seems hell bent on playing Havertz(a player he loves ???) But is Havertz the right kind of player for AFC he is a different kind of player to what we have so I can see where Arteta’s coming from but he should be eased into the side off the bench,in cup ties Arteta has thrown him straight into the deep end and its not working.
    Vieria is at last showing his ability after a weak first year he deserves a place in front of Havertz to show what he can do !

    1. Havertz, must start from the bench. It will be good for him to ease some pressure on himself and his confidence will start to build up. As for this position, it is not looking good for him. The last game he played was worse than the three he started.

  5. Regardless of how you feel about Havertz a midfield three of Rice, Odegaard and Vieira is too lightweight and lacking in defensive nous and ball recovery.Vieira, in his cameo appearances where he has played as a deep lying left winger, has shown a great ability to cross the ball and play a defence splitting pass.If he eventually is trusted to start a match he should be played as a conventional left winger.While he may lack the pace and energy of Martinelli, he is equally skilful, and his crossing is far more accurate because it’s on his natural left foot.Will Arteta, give him an opportunity in this role, I doubt it.

    1. Grandad I’m not convinced Viera would be effective as a winger. He doesn’t have the pace,strength or skills to beat fullbacks like Saka or Martinelli.He’s more useful in the half wing spaces he’s been occupying. The defense splitting passes often come when he’s playing in the middle of the pitch between the lines in the mould of Kevin De Bruyne. Hard to see how he can make those kinds of passes considering there’s less space to operate in out wide.In any case,I think Martinelli,Nelson and Trossard are better equiped to play on the left wing. Perharps the remedy for the lightweight midfield as you call it could be to have a defensively sound option like Kiwior or Tomi at LB when you have Viera in the left 8. Zinchenko is probably better off with Havertz there.

      1. Also,I think the term ‘conventional winger’ should probably mean inverted wingers/inside forwards in todays football because it’s hard to think of any football teams that still have left footed players on the left and vice versa-football has moved on from it. The crossing job was left to fullbacks and even then some managers don’t prefer it. Last season Arsenal was ranked at the bottom I think for crosses made-clearly Arteta doesn’t prefer it. And it makes sense because we don’t have a target man to aim the crosses at.

        1. Good thoughts as usual Onyango.I did mention that Vieira lacked the pace and energy of Martinelli, but I feel he is at least his equal in terms of ball skills.On Sunday, Martinelli got to the byline on numerous occasions but his crossing ,including corners, left a lot to be desired.As to the lack of conventional wingers,Sterling is doing well at RW which is his natural position, and Neto of Wolves caused havoc as a conventional LW against Palace.As to the lack of a target man, when I played, coaches emphasised the dangers created by low, hard crosses .This still applies today, but with our inverted wingers we rarely stretch defences.On the same topic didn’t Veiria cross low and hard for Nketiah to score against Fulham?The inclusion of Vieira as a direct replacement for Havertz will not work.The natural replacement for the German is Zinchenko who has always played at left /central midfield for the Ukraine.As you mentioned it would be sensible to deploy Kwior or Tomi at LB for more stabilty,and personally I think the balance of the side would be better with Kwior at left back.In any event, Arteta will, I am fairly sure continue with our inverted wingers for some time.

  6. Why this constant criticism of Havertz? Looks like some people are determined to make him look bad just to show Rice is a better buy.
    65m is Arsenal’s choice to pay & in today’s market they would have spent about that much for any decent MF.
    If fans welcome & support him , he has better chance of doing well.

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