Arsenal shakeup continues as they bring in new dead ball specialist

Mikel Arteta has proven to be a hit in the short time that he has been the manager of Arsenal and it seems that the Spaniard is keen to remain at the top of his game.

One thing good leaders do is surround themselves with great individuals and that seems to be something that the Spaniard is looking to make happen.

Arsenal has just lost Freddie Ljungberg after the Swede decided to leave the Gunners to pursue his managerial career elsewhere.

His departure was met with mixed reactions by those connected with the club, but Arteta has moved to make his backroom staff even better.

Sun Sport is reporting that the Gunners have appointed set-piece specialist, Andreas Georgson from Brentford.

The Swede’s role at the Bees was head of set pieces and individual development and he played an important role as Brentford nearly secured promotion to the Premier League for the first time last season.

He is the second individual moving from the London side to Arsenal since Arteta became our manager after Goalkeeping coach Inaki Cana joined shortly after the Spaniard was appointed as our manager.

The Gunners will want to be a solid side in all departments when next season kicks off and hopefully, they can become better at scoring and defending set-pieces. 

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      1. AJ Appalling spelling of “spectacles”! Sorry , mischievous of me but I could not resist itt! Appalling spelling of “itt! etc…..! Your turn now!

        1. Hi Jon.

          I should have know of all people, you are not one for the abbreviated word.

          However, if I tried “Spectacles” in my original post I would probably have spelt it incorrectly as I didn’t have my spec’s on ! 🙂

  1. Mikel Arteta is clearly fixing every bit of our weaknesses. Brentford’s set pieces record has been so ridiculous, I’m hoping Andreas will continue his magic with us.

    P.S: I dont get the whole reaction from fans about Niles leaving. We need money, we are selling players, he’s a good player but he’s not our starting right back, he’s not getting his chances at midfield anytime soon once we get Party and another creative player.

    Clubs are interested in Mustafi,
    Leeds want holding if they can’t get Ben White form Brighton
    Fulham wants Chambers back
    Schalke 04 wants Kolasinac
    Sokratis might be leaving on a free too.
    We clearly need to raise money.
    I know it hurts to see AMN go, but a season ago when Kev, I and a few others were pointing out how good a player he is and needs to play in his position, half of you lots on here were still the ones calling him average and saying all sort of stuff and saying it’s why he can’t get into our midfield.
    It hurts?
    Yes it does, but I don’t care, we’re reshuffling the team, it’s a small prize to pay for salvation.
    Plus personally the move will be good for him, he’ll get to play ball a lot and grow

    1. Let’s not forget the mistakes Arsen Wenger made look at Surge Garnaby I said he has his best to come let’s wait and see

    2. EXACTLY MY VIEW TOO EDDIE. I am content that if MA lets him leave then it is the right decision, as I back our manager all the way.

      1. just maybe AMN wants to leave for regular football. I will be gutted if we don’t get Partey or better midfielder this season but if we boost the midfield and allow AMN go, i won’t be mad.

    3. We need to stick to 30M valuation for outright sale and not 20M as some in media are quoting. If forced to reduce, then there should be buy-back clause in contract.

    4. Well said… Well spoken too…Truth is we cant make all fans happy… We also cant make all players happy. Some will have to leave for better incoming ones. Remember we want to be back to the champions league so upgrade in every department is needed…AMN is a versatile player. Eddie have said it all. We need money

  2. Am happy for arsenal to sell off even more than 5(five) and bring in more (five)5 so that we start with a new start

  3. @Eddie To me the issue is that we currently have hardly anyone who can play in midfield for us. Torreira, Ozil, Guendouzi, Elneny are not really to be counted on for different reasons. If we let AMN go, can we find another midfielder for the quoted price of 20 M or is it better to keep him and give let him get his chance in midfield? AMN knows the club and how we play, something a new midfielder does not.

    Letting Torreira and Guendouzi go makes much more sense to me, not the least financially.

    1. Arteta rates Smith Rowe and Willock.
      Letting Niles, Torreira, Guendouzi go will help us raise money for Party and Aouar while we get Ceballos on loan. Then we can pay for Ceballos next season. It makes sense.
      If Our midfield options this season would be Party, Aouar, Ceballos, Xhaka, Willock, Smith Rowe (Saka who can play the left) then I’m okay with that.
      We’ve clearly held on to players we should’ve let go for too long.

  4. Eddie, £20 million for a player like AMN is not, in my opinion, not good business.
    A number of us have been singing his praises for quite a while now and he has never let the club down.
    What other player do we have with the versatility of AMN?

    If we are in need of money, as seems the case since the club was formed, then we should be playing hard ball with our players values, at the very least.
    Of topic, but if we let sokratis go for nothing, what on earth did we sign him for in the first place?

    We are not in need of “salvation”, we just witnessed a great cup win, with AMN playing a crucial part.

    We are in need of the club at last trying to get to grips with our transfer policies and we are paying Huss Fahhy to do this…to date he doesn’t seem to be doing much for his salary.

    I take your point regarding the player getting more playing time and with a very good premiership club, but we should be making sure it’s our club that benefits from the player – after all, he has been at our club for twenty years, I believe.
    The club should hold on to him at all costs, unless a ridiculous bid of, say, £40 million is offered for his services…in my opinion.

    1. So then KEN,if MA is content that he does leave and we do not know for sure as yet, are you not backing his decision then? Covid is the whole reason fees are drastically lower and it works both ways too for ins and outs. Don’t overlook that important point!

      1. Jon, of course I will back his decision, just as you will if he reinstates Ozil to the team, correct?
        . As for covid 19, I am yet to see Atletico Madrid backing down from their pre coronavirus valuation of Partey, or any other club taking this in to consideration – that’s why I believe we should also act in the same way, rather than some desperate failing institution, that needs money and will do any daft deal to get it.

        1. By the way, the articles topic… feel this is a great move by the club and, perhaps Bouldy could learn from the guy as well?

  5. I trust MA, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing,AMN fee will nearly cover Gabriel’s signing,we now have a CB pairing for years to come while allowing us to sell 4 CB’s,fees and wages will be used to get a couple of midfielders on top of Wilian, Torreira and Guendouzy will be sold both have suitors and we could possibly have another 1 or 2 surprise arrivals, what’s not to like?

      1. Agreed Jon.

        So called “Breaking News” is rife at the moment – agents eh !

        My post was more in hope than anything, but let’s keep at least one eye on this one.

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