Arsenal shareholder claims Ozil considering Gunners exit

Piers Morgan has attempted to be the barer of bad news as usual, after claiming that Mesut Ozil is considering his future amidst interest from European giants Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The midfielder is in the country of his birth at present, as he awaits to take on Slovakia in Augsburg this afternoon in the first of two warm-up matches prior to jetting off to France for the European Championships.

Ozil goes into the tournament on a high, having been in extremely creative form for his club this season, assisting a huge 19 goals, six more than anybody else within the division.

The German international has reiterated his stance that he wants to stay with the club, but is yet to sign a new contract, and Arsenal shareholder Morgan is now claiming he is not so sure about his future, and that he has ‘discreet’ offers to join Bayern or Barca.

The outspoken Piers tweeted: ‘Hearing worrying rumours re Mesut Ozil & discreet offers from Barça & Bayern that he’s seriously considering.

I would be disgusted if the playmaker would simply lie to us about his intentions to stay with the club, and his exit would be detrimental to our coming season.

With the likes of Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte coming in for their first season (first full season for Klopp) next year, they are bound to bring a fresh approach to the league, and we will need to freshen up our ideas also.

Losing Ozil will be a huge loss however, and I fear this would finally end our consecutive run of Champions League entries. With the German we should be looking to challenge for the league, but without I fear we could disappear!

Am I over-reacting? Do you think we could possibly challenge in the Premier League next season without him?

Pat J

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  1. Again, off topic, but has anyone else heard this?

    Arsenal bid for Udinese striker

    Udinese’s president has revealed Arsenal have made an offer for striker Duvan Zapata.

    Zapata is halfway through a two-year loan at Udinese and his parent club Napoli have the option to recall him early.

    And Udinese president Franco Soldati told Radio Kiss Kiss: “There is a clause that allows Napoli to recall him early from the two-year loan. He is very happy in Udine, his agent said that too and I hope he can remain with our jersey.

    “He also received many offers from abroad, including from Arsenal. However, first we want coach Beppe Iachini to get to know the team so they can make shared decisions.”

    1. I think ozil is a top player but his prblems as mny said that he lacks courage to shoot and try to score him self , i would sell him for 50m £ AND and buy mikhtaryan

  2. for now, ita all claims………. But what does Ozil himself have to say on the matter?

  3. I think Ozil is a good player, there is no doubt he has the ability to assist, but that is where it lies only assisting. from what i recall its goals that win matches. although Ozil wears number 11, he plays a number 10 role and for me a number 10 is not only a creator of chances but a finisher of chances, Ozil is not a goal threat in any major way, he gets himself in lovely positions but refuse to shoot or take on the one defender in his path.

    I strongly doubt he is going anywhere, its just a ploy to force wenger to bring in some new talents, even if he goes i feel there are players available who will offer more than an assist

    1. Well let’s hope it works .. Starting with griezman …athletico have probably reached their pinnacle … Sell Walcott Ramsey and Ox or Campbell which should fund a large bid …the guy is real quality…. With him and Sanchez and maybe the Danish youngster along with giroud iwobi as options up front that would be a quality front line

    2. Ruelando, i do not understand your comment “he has the ability to assist, but that is where it lies only assisting. from what i recall its goals that win matches”. An assist means that a goal is scored and as you say it is goals that win matches.

      I agree that it would be better if he scored more goals, defenders would then have to watch out for shots from Ozil as well as the pass to another player. 20 assists and 24 goals in the PL in one season would be good, he is now coaching arsenal youth teams so hopefully he can pass on the secret of how to do it.

      1. I should say he only looks for the killer pass to some one,and not the killer shot, we can blame Giroud, walcott, welbeck, sanchez, campbell and awobi all we like, but Ozil price tag and position he occupies on the field should not be only about assist.
        His goals for the season should be in the teens at least.
        When i hear people describe him as the new Berkamp, i felt it was disrespectful, he is good but bot great.
        I will say again there is enough talent out there that can provide the assist and goals required in that position, so losing ozil, is not a struggle for arsenal

    3. I actually had to read this twice to check if you were serious…. Broken record for chances created in the league?? Yeah who needs that if the 10 can get an extra couple of goals himself?!?!

    4. Lol! Just head the names of the team that want him and u will know how valued he is.I feel like someguys are yet to fully understand ozils contribution to the team .I pray we don’t learn it while he plays for another team.

  4. I couldn’t care less if Ozil and Sanchez both left,
    Did we win the league or advance any further in the champions league with them?….. Nooooooo!!! … So?
    So what … that’s what! ? We make our own brand names,
    Buying them, just doesn’t seem to work for us.

    My Arsenal will always be My Arsenal, no matter who dons the shirt, mate.. as long as they fight for the badge and give it their all, I’m happy.

  5. In most recent events when has Özil give any indication that he wants to leave? Everything I’ve seen and heard regarding him have been positive. Share holder or not some grown a** men need to quit being so dramatic and constantly seek attention. Not a trait that I consider a ” MAN ” should have…

  6. Maybe Wenger needs to sign a top Striker early enough and try his best possible to keep Ozil in the club. He is simply class. Wenger should bid 50m pounds for Lewandowsky. Or just go for Zlatan. offer Zlatan 200k per week for a year. We can’t afford to lose our top players now.

  7. Well done torres!… nicely won pen , mate ? shame that Griezmann missed it ? That’s his stock dropped!…?
    What’s he worth now?…. a Rollocking for sure! ?

    1. Yep even better if athletico lose might be easier to prize him away .. If he ends up at city or utd will be the final nail in wenger’s failed transfer policy

  8. Ozil is a very important player for us. If our other forward players had performed in the second half of the season and actually put the ball in the net, then his record of chances created would have translated in to record number of assists and the PL title for us. Perhaps the FA Cup as well.

    I think he is happy at Arsenal and rates arsene wenger highly. The problem I think Ozil has is that he wants to win things (unlike the majority shareholder). If all goes well with incoming players this summer and the performance next season then I can see him signing a new contract. Otherwise I can see him leaving at the end of next season. I cannot see him leaving this summer.

    1. Article from the sun showed what the table would have looked like if the refs had got penno and offside decisions right, and every disallowed goal that should have stood. These aren’t even bully boy tactics that some clubs are given more tolerance to than ourselves, or the free kicks given and against which were wrong. Just the goals, which is what the game is all about. Arsenal were the real deserving winners of prem. Southampton should have been fourth. Lei got massive one sided luck when it came to penno decisions. Refs must of wanted to see the fairy tale themselves, I can only recall one ref being brave near the end, when it was very late, he seen Vardy for what he was.

  9. Yannick Ferrera Carrasco I wonder how Wenger missed him seeing as he was in the Monaco team that humiliated us along with Martial!

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