Arsenal Shirt sales transformed by Adidas but which player is the most popular?

I have been sent a very interesting up to date datasheet on the sales of 2018/20 Premier League Shirt Sales since they were released in May, and it looks like Adidas has made a big impact on overall sales with their new designs and they are incredibly popular. In fact Arsenal’s home shirt is the second biggest seller this summer, only being beaten by the Champions League Winners Liverpool, and we are first in the sales of our Away Shirts.

1 – Liverpool Home
2- Arsenal Home
3 – Man United Home
4 – Man City Home
5 – Chelsea Home
Somewhere else – Tottenham who?

Here is how how the Gunners shirts were described by the LoveThe Sales in their indepth report which you can read on the LoveTheSales website.

The Arsenal Home shirt is a first for new sponsor, Adidas. And what a winner it is!

Our data team tracked a sharp increase of 84% in demand for Arsenal’s home shirt, compared to 2018’s edition.

The jersey has red and white trim and the classic Adidas stripes covering the shoulders, giving it a retro look.

Retro kits are a big trend in 2019, with Germany and Spain both wearing retro designs in this year’s women’s World Cup.

The Arsenal Away Kit was also the best seller this year, only beaten by 7 other home team shirts….
Adidas have reinterpreted Arsenal’s famous 1990’s yellow and blue away shirt design to perfectly suit the modern football fan.

The ‘bruised banana’ attire is currently the 8th most popular kit in England. When taking the dominance of home kits into account, being 8th most popular overall demonstrates how much of a hit this kit is.

Demand for the Arsenal away kit has increased by 105% Y.o.Y.

I also contacted Liam from the LoveTheSales data team to provide the figures for individual Arsenal players, and he sent me this list. The data is based on people searching for a players shirt since beginning of August to incorporate Arsenal’s new signings.

He has only included outfield players as Goalkeepers hardly have any demand for kits. Here is the list from Most searched to least searched kit, and includes injured players.

1. Aubameyang
2. Lacazette
3. Ozil
4. Pepe
5. Torreira
6. Bellerin
7. Ceballos
8. Xhaka
9. Kolasinac
10. Monreal
11. Tierney
12. Willock
13. Holding
14. Nelson
15. Maitland-Niles
16. Guendouzi
17. Sokratis
18. Luiz
19. Martinelli
20. Chambers
21. Elneny
22. Mkhitaryan
23. Mustafi
24. Smith-Rowe
25. Mavropanos

So there are the facts, but what do Arsenal fans think of these? One thing is sure, there was no boycott to protest about Stan Kroenke!



  1. Emery’s main tactical challenge this season is choosing our best midfield.

    Ceballos Xhaka Willock
    Ceballos Xhaka Ozil
    Ceballos Ozil Torreira
    Xhaka Guendouzi Willock
    Chambers Torreira Ceballos
    Luiz Torreira Ozil
    Xhaka AMN Ozil

    So many options

    1. I SOMETIMES WONDER IF MODERN FOOTBALL FANS ARE MORE INTERESTED IN FASHION THAN IN THE ACTUAL FOOTBALL. I admit to being a boy and starting to love fooballin thr fiftoies but we has red tops whipe shorts and red/ white were our colours. They still are, SO what the hell are all these constant kit changes about? I’ll tell you! To make players and agents more filthy rich still and fans poorer financially. Adults have thre life wisdom to know this; kids cannot be expected to have the same outlook. But who PAYS for kits? Why, surprise, surprise. ADULTS OF COURSE! Hard pressed, overcharged adults, who need to feed, house, educate their kids and rest of the families too, without being fleeced and rooked by over greedy football folk who care little for real fans, beyond fake badge kissing and waving to fans at match endings . Those players who can even be bothered that is! IF clubs REALLY loved the fans as they profess to, they would stop this profiteering on kit and reduce ticket and season ticket prices. Wouldn’t they!

      1. You’d have to make the rest of football fans follow this logic or Arsenal is just losing revenue while all our rivals get more. I do agree though and only on occasion splash on these overpriced shirts. If I can remember 12/13 & 13/14 was the last time we held onto a kit design for more than one season and no fan ever complained about that. Totally fueled by money, but the demand for sports shirts has always been there and companies will take advantage. Football seems to be the main sport where there is a need to change things every dang season though. Everybody besides for MLS does this.

      1. AdMart-I have this on good authority.
        The Club charge for the number of letters that are printed.Because the money grabbing so and so’s stand to gain more revenue selling shirts with Aubamayang (10 letters) and Lacazette ( 9 letters) than Ozil ( 4 letters) they tell everyone that due to the phenomenal demand for Ozil to be printed they have run out of the letter Z and Number 0 and are not expecting replacements to arrive until next season when again there will be a waiting list.?

        1. hahahahaha, you are some man for one man PHIL, give it a rest mate. your boyfriend mesut has been displaced from the top shirt seller. now, does he have any further use to us . that would be a big NO i think .

  2. I’m not usually concerned with our shirt sales. I had actually stopped purchasing due to our previous lack of progress on & off the pitch, but I’m definitely buying this season’s shirt, & not just one but the 3 of them (I just can’t resist all that Arsenal beauty, damn you adidas). Anyway I don’t care who sells the most shirts, I’m only concerned with the performance on the pitch. I’ve been mostly impressed with Laca, Auba & Torreira, those will be the names on the back of my shirt.

    1. He now officially has no purpose at the club anymore going by the defenses of many here. Shirt Seller’s main role in the club has now been taken by better players. What a tragedy!

  3. Interesting fact of the day.

    Daniel James has now scored as many Premier League goals for Manchester United as Alexis Sanchez.


    1. ….says Dan KIT! lol
      We have had TWELVE articles about the Tottenham game in the last few days, and we still have a day to go! I know we are obviously not interested….
      Variety is the spice of life!

    2. DAN KIT,i think your nose is out of joint since you heard that your idol, or , should i say , idle, is not the biggest shirt seller at the emirates. what a fall from grace, the best number ten in the world, lol, to the third best shirt seller at our club.but dont take it too harshly , i am sure you will find another useless player to defend , seems to me thats aboutt all you can talk about , peace.

  4. In all fairness these are the nicest shirts in a long time. If they’re making the effort I see no harm in fans wanting to buy a shirt from their club, one that they might wear if it was a regular Adidas top. It’s not the football tops that are expensive, Adidas and Nike brand tend to be more expensive than say TKMaxx. Some of the lower clubs would be the ones really getting ripped off if the prices are going for the same.

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