Arsenal shoot themselves in the foot AGAIN

Well I guess lessons were again not learned as Arsenal shoot themselves in the foot again by KM

Whats up everybody? Mike Dean that is! I mean when was the last time we won a game with Mike Dean in charge? I just hate the guy. But as you learn being an Arsenal fan, nothing really surprises you.

What did we learn from Wednesday? Do not get a red card in the first half. Or did we? There was only one player that deserved to be sent off there and that was Costa. This guy is a disgrace to the beautiful game.

But still, what did Gabriel had to do there? I mean you go into a situation and you get a yellow card, when you are the center back and then you go again into it and get sent off. Regardless of the fact Costa had to go, Gabriel was just stupid to do that.

This was game over for us mentally. The substitutions were dull too. The real problem here is that we shoot ourselves in the foot in games we have a good chance to at least pick up a point. Every time I hope we’d learn something we just don’t.

But the start of the season has shown that we had more to do in the transfer market. We need another DM to help Coquelin. We need a striker who can finish off a chance, and we need a CB to partner Koscielny.

We announce a 200 million pound profit. Why is that? So that an already ultra rich billionaire can put them in his pocket? So there was not a single DM, CB or striker to improve us with a kitty of 200m?

Sorry Arsene, you were unlucky with the ref, but failing to spot the obvious leaks in the squad is something managers pay with their job. It’s why you are paid so much. It’s a risky job for most managers, because if they don’t deliver they get kicked out. But we all know we’ll be stuck with Arsene until he decides to leave by himself.

I hope you have a better week than Arsenal ahead of you.


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  1. Arsenal will always shoot themselves not only in the foot but balls.

    Let’s forge ahead… Costa or Gabriel. The game is gone, we wouldn’t have won yesterday with that performance.

    Arsene need a top top top player like Welbz.

    1. Yes we wouldn’t have won at all,let’s not forget that for the first half we had our full quota of 11 players but the performance was listless we had no shots on goal this was happening when Gabriel and Cazorla were still on

    2. I still think we have chance to win the match yesterday. maybe a draw will be fair result for the match. 11 vs 11, Chelsea had the possession, but there was no real threat.

      When both Gabriel and the Shit were walking backwards on the pitch after the earlier confrontation, the Shit suddenly stopped and blocked Gabriel’s way. Gabriel couldn’t see what happened from his back and thought he was hit by the Shit. Then Gabriel naturally raised his foot a bit high to protect himself. Gabriel definitely controlled his emotion before. But he ‘retaliated’ when he was offended by the Shit again. However Mike Dean was too blind to see through the Shit’s intension and foul. Probably most people didn’t realised that little detail as well.

    3. Arsenal did not shoot itself on the foot, it was actually Arsene who shoot Arsenal not only on the foot, but on the head(Striker), and on the Spine(DMF).
      This guy never learns, and honestly why should he? he is given 8M/Year, to make it to 4th place, and if he wins, FA or Carling cup, then added bonus. European Championship is already finished for us. We re the laughing stock of the Europe, 3rd rated teams easily beat us, because we have stubburn stupid, Selfish manager, and useless lamp post striker, which adding to his qualities, he is also Stupid.
      Season is over wether we support our team or not, so why not get together, and force Wenger out of this great club.

  2. never call gabriel stupid, he did wht a good player supposed to do, it will nt change anything, I have never watch an arsenal match officiated by mike dean which we win it, mike dean hate arsenal, so we hate him, both the referee, the sidelines men should be punished accordingly,english fans shld also be more serious and aggressive

  3. Off Topic:

    What makes me feel sick about Chelsea is that when a foul is committed against them, they follow a process, as if it has been trained into them, as if they all have there job… Ivanovic is always the one pushing the opposition players away from the ref, so that the Chelsea players can get a word in… Oscar, Hazard, Fabregas, Costa then get right up into the refs face… It’s as if its a training-ground tactic!

  4. All very well using yesterday’s game as an excuse to bring up the lack of transfer activity, but they are unrelated. We didn’t lose because Coq went off. We didn’t lose because Koz didn’t have a good cb partner (gab is quality). You can’t even say we lost because we didn’t have a wc striker.

    We lost a game that we were relatively comfortable in and approaching half time, because we got mugged by a cheat and a referee who lacks authority or competence. Had Chelsea been down to ten as they should have the outcome would probably have been completely different.

    1. So you dont think a betttler St than theo wouldve given us some presence, abilty, threat to vhelsea first half than the 0 attempts we managed?

      Theo being Thei meant every ball we pinged up top came right back our way. Almost every game this season so far has show we lack a quality CF. Dont give me the bs excuses about us being mugged. We werent even close to theatening 11 v 11. But lets cop out and point fingers at the ref..

  5. Chelsea 2-0 AFC
    I never used a word “hate” in football, I just say I don’t like this and I don’t like that. But the sour that I felt yesterday during and after the match made me feel I want to punch Costa and his manger because he praised him for his butchering acts.
    If I have a say on Wenger, I would tell him the following:
    1. Wenger, your history is pretty appreciated here, but this will not make up for your stubbornness and stupidity that keep sinking our team
    2. The club doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the fans
    3. I won’t comment on any performance “chelsea and westham included” but I will wait for the end of may to judge. Either you deliver or just call it a day of retirement. Why? because you run the show and you have been dump enough to ignore everyone to satisfy your ego
    4. The decision is already made and you are out by the end of this season, it is for you to make it a retirement or end of services regardless of the season results, and I don’t need to say why. “Off course that’s I won’t tell Wenger til may, and I would search for his successor for this day on”
    I forgot to say that I will write a condolence message to all AKB

    1. One of those that I wanted to thumb up and thumb down. A few times, but at least you gave me a better understanding of yourself and where your coming from, something that I have been at loss with by other detractors.

      1. Want to thump me up for the Costa and chelsea part …
        Want to thump me down for saying wenger out at the end of the season …
        Fair enough …
        “but at least you gave me a better understanding of yourself and where your coming from” I came from the Arsenal fans base who I think that’s what you came from …
        BUT, if you are to oppose my opinion, you need to respond to my points if you don’t think they are valid enough …

        1. One of the major issues I had was that you sensibly say you will wait til end of season to judge, but then you basically say your mind is made up already. So if Arsene manages to cover himself in glory you are either saying you want him out still or else you believe so strongly that he will fail that it is not even an option. See what I mean, why say you will wait til end of season if mind is made up, you never know Arsene might prove you wrong and if he does I would hope that you again give him your backing. I know you’d love him to succeed as would all Wenger out ..but they don’t show it enough if at all.

  6. i am proud of the way our players played yesterday wenger got his tactics spot on 11 vs 11 we would have won it even with 10 men we came close in jan wenger needs to buy some big physical players like William carvalho/kyrchowaik/yarmalenko players who are aggressive & get rid of arteta/flamini etc

    question to fans can arsenal not take up mike dean issue with FA

      1. Wenger is loyal and unselfish.. he could have ditched arsenal when the budgets he was presented with were lower than most clubs . He could have gone to a richer club and won everything.. he is wanted by many.. he chose to stick with us and thats why arsenal is what it is now… most of the supporters arsenal have are wenger era..lets not be light headed.. we did not lose against chelsea because we had average players .. even with benzema and wat3ver dm u you wud have wanted we still would have gotten the red .. lets move on .. mancity got beat by westham yesterday is it because they have average players??

    1. how can you say that he got it spot on. Honestly how many of Arsenal fans in the stadium, and in the world watching the game, felt the moment Le Coq went down in agony!!? tell me honestly did you at that moment have thought about Wenger, the guy who created this situation for us. Every game we have to pray, God please save Coqulene, Sanchez, Ozil because if they get injured our season is over especially Le Coq.
      Wenger cant even manage the team, he should have a leader in the pitch to control the players and Gabriel. Compare this with Everton last week, and how Martinez, gave specific instructions how to deal with Costa. Mike Dean is known to beanti Arsenal for years, and that is why manager advise the player how to change their play to avoid being yellow carde or worse red carded.
      Costa and Mourinho are disgrace to Football, and I am surprised why officials have not dealt with this issue yet.
      But never forget, Wenger Out.

  7. FA + RT = FA*T thats what they are clueless clowns mike dean should be demoted to football championship & costa should be given a ban similar to suarez but doubt they would do it

  8. chelsea fully deserved the win yesterday.Arsenal were lucky to get away with just a 2 0 loss hazard and pedro squandered lots of chances.every team is beating chelsea apart from arsenal.No excuses for that game. lets focus on tottenham now

  9. First off it’s not 200 mil profit. Allot of that is tied up in club and we are talking about running a football club ..huge expenses. We do have more than enough to buy any available player or two all the same.

    Not really linked ..what happened on field to what happened in summer. Unless you think Gab is only good enough for bench and we should have brought someone in to start ahead of himself and Mert.

    There are certain people on this cite who tend to only forward articles at the worst of times person especially?. And even when it is at good times baby ..well it will still be shit that they speak. Good thing that init there is no favoritism or bias inside football ..who would of thunk ..huh.

      1. I don’t dispute that, and I mentioned how we could have gotten two top players easily enough money wise. It’s the relevancy that I dispute.

      2. Yeah you may be right Leo…but as @yingyang says…the two ou t’s ie the game and the transfer are unrelated.

        If we had bought anyone, we would have still been down to 10 and up against it and then down to 9 (no one we bought would have really displaced Cazorla or Gab). So the fact remains we lost because we got mugged by incompetence on the part of the officials and a serial cheat from Chelsea.

    1. “Not really linked ..what happened on field to what happened in summer” how come is that?
      If we had signed a good striker that will boost the team confidence and spirit and you never know we might even got a good results in westham and Liverpool games, and the season is still long…
      If we had signed a good DM we could have a void this miserable moments wetting our pans while waiting to see how long Le Coq will be out…
      If only we have a responsible manager … and if only we have a responsible fans with big ambitions, not fans of 4th place epl and 16-round knock out ucl …

      1. If’s buts and maybe’s. What if Sanchez had carried on his form from copa, maybe Ramsey could have gotten his shooting boots back. And but for the red card maybe Theo would have scored. Ifs buts and maybe’s.

        1. WHam showed again that it was no fluke. Still we had enough out there to beat them the same way that City had enough out there to win and also liv ..spilled milk. Yesterday it was a tight game until you know what ..again we had enough to cope. Your argument is unfounded/ungrounded.

          1. “If’s buts and maybe’s” you said it and you are right …
            But you cannot deny that you stand a better chance to score goals with WC or even very good strikers than average striker (probability wise) …
            and it is still long way to go …

            1. See, we both know where this argument is going to go. I will say what WC strikers and that Id rather be patient then definitely eventually whenever etc etc that may be we get him. Rather than bringing in someone in now who the Wenger out crew especially will be saying in near future he is not AFC material and he is not world class before saying Wenger out.

              Yes, more quality you have better chances. Can I ask you though which of these would you choose. We brought in a striker in summer window who is better than the front three we have so we keep these four for next three or more years. Say Benteke level there or there about’s averages slightly better than Giroud. Or would you prefer wait a year and bring in a striker who the pundits are comparing with Costa Aguero and these three strikers are the stand out performers in prem.

              I know that’s not a guarantee but say it happens, which would you choose

        2. “If’s but’s and maybe’s”
          If iniesta has a bad day, then maybe it’s a rakitic day … If Messi fails to score, then Nymar will stand out … and if Nymar fails to do so then here is suarez to take the shot … There is no cover enough, at least that Barca thinks, eventhough they won almost everything, let’s go and sign Arda Turan … That’s ambition
          Now, it is wenger time for “If’s but’s and maybe’s” game with Giroud, walcott, and injured Welbz
          We aren’t barce, I know, but this game of “If’s but’s and maybe’s” is risky and you have to take the risk to be champion or at least put a good fight to the end …

    1. I agree @Classygunner. May be we’re being optimistic but I see a change in Theo’s behaviour, perhaps a maturity he hasn’t had before. He is more aggressive, he looks more confident, he uses his body better (not just his pace) and doesn’t spend his time looking lost or overwhelmed by everything going on around him. Maybe just maybe…

  10. We have to stop the Arsenal Didn’t Buy…. It’s all doom and gloom….
    If I was playing Champ Manager where it is all so simple, I would of sold Campbell and Flamini and brought in Kondogbia and Martinez.

    That’s two players who were sold this summer (so I am going to say a player who wasn’t like Benzema!!!)

    Reality is, Campbell asked for a chance at Arsenal, Flamini wanted to see out his contract. What do you do? It’s not so black and white as people think…

    We have proven we can be consistent, and the most consistent team will win the league. You can buy buy and buy, but there is a point you have o trust what you have.
    And look, Arsenal brought brought brought. Cech, Gabriel, Welbeck, Debuchy, Ozil, Sanchez. You buy when the time is right and the players are available. It’s how it works.

  11. Pls gunners enough of the moaning and laying of accusing fingers. Looking forward to the next match while hoping for a win. Although won’t be surprised by a win or draw.

  12. Some fans just amaze me .. they dream alot thinking that arsenal with the signings they fantasiZe would go bang 5 goals ahead of any team within the first 15 minutes.. and we wud keep cleansheets every freakin game.. and thats why they slate..we are good enough to win the league.. and we will demonstrate that this season

  13. Time for AW to step down and to be fair should have been 5 years ago. He seems to see the game so different to anyone in football. You no I think GP will be benched now and I think that’s a big no no. BFG is a good bench player. But AW will do it his way. And why take FQ off its just madness tbh. Look at our bench is rubbish simple. We need 2 world class players and 6 more EPL hard players. We need a captain and you no what give it to the keeper or FQ because we need to build a team. We are just pushed around and it’s so very sad. A S ozil and LC will leave next summer because why stay with a team that can’t win anything

  14. Time for AW to step down and to be fair should have been 5 years ago. He seems to see the game so different to anyone in football. You no I think GP will be benched now and I think that’s a big no no. BFG is a good bench player. But AW will do it his way. And why take FQ off its just madness tbh. Look at our bench is rubbish simple. We need 2 world class players and 6 more EPL hard players. We need a captain and you no what give it to the keeper or FQ because we need to build a team. We are just pushed around and it’s so very sad. A S ozil and LC will leave next summer because why stay with a team that can’t win anything …

    1. You need more then 2 players you need to build a team not a bank account. Half this team is out dated no guts no fight. Even A S has his head down now. OX on the wing TW on the other A S through the middle and drop rambo

  15. Lol just shit up and let’s hope our players have the mental strength to bounce back for next game and get a W on the board.
    Always the same routine:
    1. Win a game
    2. We will win the league
    3. Lose a game
    4. Blame players
    5. Find a scapegoat for the season
    6. Wenger out
    7. Finish top 4
    8. Wenger is the man

  16. arsenal under wenger are the team of the future …and always will be!!!! I genuinely dont understand how failure is so well rewarded …. his predictions for this season are already in tatters after just 6 weeks which is no surprise to me as he cant put out a balanced quality XI as he hasnt built it due to a mixture of his arrogance and cheapness … so let me say it again draxler griezman and kondogbia should and could have been brought in (griezman should have been chased at end of season wenger knew his skills and before he signed an extension with athletico) …walcott ramsey flamini and arteta sold … net spend about 50 to 60m…or the price of sterling…. real quality options up front various options for a good midfield and a decent defence with what we already have….the reason we are where we are right now is down to one thing and one thing only…the mad colonel running the show

  17. Hmmmm….. This article is a very silly one….. What Gabriel did was the best thing any player has done at arsenal since d days of Viera and Gilberto.. And that is ‘STANDING UP FOR EACH OTHER’….. Koscielny was fouled and he did nothing about it, neither did the remaining 9 players apart from Gabriel….. Arsenal players are known to be weak mentally and otherwise……. If they can’t fight for each other on d pitch who will? You the fans or wenger?! Hell no men!
    Thumbs up to Gabriel and he did the right thing there……. We lost the match courtsey of wenger…
    Gabriel was sent of at the Stamford bridge and u removed Coquelin our defensive mid and put a centre back…. While the likes of ozil and carzola were on the pitch….. That is tactically dumb… Even my greatgrand mum won’t make such a sub… Wenger made a stupid, suicide and clueless substitution and it tactically gifted the offensive edge to chelsea… That’s why we lost the match….

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