Arsenal should avoid signing another Chelsea old boy

Arsenal reported being keen on signing Chelsea star Willian.

Arsenal is apparently interested in signing 31-year-old Chelsea forward Willian and some reports are claiming that the Arsenal board are actively pushing for a move for the Brazilian.

However, it is also being reported that Willian will only sign for Arsenal if they qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Well, regardless of whether we qualify for Europe’s elite competition or not I am of the opinion that Mikel Arteta should avoid signing another Chelsea player the wrong side of 30.

For starters, Willian is not a world-class player by any metric, he is a decent player for sure and does a job for the Blues but he is hardly a game-changer that has the ability to open up defences at will.

Willian scores the odd good goal and he does find the back of the net at crucial times but it is a rarity, he has five goals and five assists this season in the Premier League, not a bad return but not exactly the sort of figures that set the world alight either.

There was a reason that Chelsea allowed David Luiz go and the same reason will apply to Willian, basically, Chelsea does not think they are good enough in the years to come, so why are these sort of Chelsea rejects good enough for Arsenal all of a sudden?

I understand that Willian would be available on a free transfer but is that where our club is at right now, signing rejects on the wrong side of 30 from one of our closest rivals? They must be laughing their heads off at Stamford Bridge.

Arteta can do much better than Willian, Chelsea signed Hakim Ziyech and that shows their intent, offload the old less performing players and replace with far more exciting young talent.

Arsenal should be doing the same.

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  1. I agree. I’m fed up of us damaging our reputation signing rejects from our rivals. It never works! Cech was the only one that wasn’t a complete flop, although he still wasn’t great.

    I was really hoping the club had learnt from past mistakes…and then we sign Luiz 😭

    1. I know u don’t like Luiz @ThirdmanJW but I must mention that he’s doing a decent job for us at the moment. He’s not a world beater but am glad he’s with us at the moment. As for Willian, he’s not playing terribly at the moment but I’d rather we go for someone younger for the long term.

      1. If Lewandosky or CR7 are available, I would take them in a heartbeat. Check out Lewandosky goals for clu. And country this season. These two players are above 30. Football is about what you can achieve now. The target is to win trophies. If a 35 year old is available to score the goals, I would take him.

  2. Another spent force. Please we have many of Willian’s level here. He’s declining and not getting younger.

    1. Pure wisdom Grandad, one factual statement no one can dispute – although this is “just arsenal” of course.

  3. No to Willian we have enough average players we need rid of these high payed old timers and get the next gen. before our rivals do,not take there rubbish, free there wage bill and let them then take the youth that will rule the next 10 years.

  4. Off topic:Do you get overpaid now and then for something you are not good at? Ozil is in a career, and Kroenke did not just throw that contract on poor old Ozil’s doorsteps. There must have been a reason, football related or not that Kroenke saw him Worth the amount. One thing for sure though, it is because he deserved it at the time. Ozil could have bade his time and run down his contract. After he would have signed for another club as a free agent and he would have receive massive pay “believe that”. Since at the time together with Sanchez, he was the only other player Arsenal fans prided themselves of having A.K.A ( Prince of Assists, world class ) and with the imminent loss of the latter player, coupled with our dismissal performance on all the fronts , putting Arsenal fans at strike or meltdown mode ( you guys remember? Wenger looking like he was lost). Loosing Ozil would have been the final nail in the head for Arsenal. By extending Ozils contract at all cost, the club used Ozil to avert a possible crisis. Fans were appeased, the board had time to plan, Wenger had time reflect on his resignation, and a new era with Emery began. At the moment if you mention Ozil’s wages in any conversation here, just picture this. “he is a loan that Arsenal really , desperately needed at the time and he lent himself to us because no one else could then, but at a very high interest rate”. if we fail to repay him its unfair and no player will be willing to go through that with us again. Imagine if it was Sanchez with his current form? Man dodged a bullet there, Arsenal don’t like paying debts including the many fans here. not a man of your word if you bash him because of his wages.

    1. The ones to blame for all this circus is not Ozil,but the board and their incompetence in managing the club, coz that’s why we found ourselves in the situation we were in at the time. Bashing Ozil who does not force his way to the first team ( as proven by Emery) because of his wages is just plain stupid don’t we all agree? the anger should be directed towards the board.

  5. You are welcome to your views on Ozil. He is a football player who plays for Arsenal and this is an Arsenal forum.

    I don’t know where you come from and you gave no indication about that, but believe me, I am polite enough not to dismiss your head of state as doing nothing at all whilst living off the taxes of the proletariat. Your remarks are a pathetic interference in what is the fabric of our nation. If we decide to become a republic it won’t come about as a result of crass remarks from people like you.

    1. I accept your apology Timse and you can see that I’m not the only person who was offended by it
      Most of us here respect the role of the Queen who has served the interests of the UK for over 65 years Yes, the senior royals live way wealthier lives than most of us but they do a job in the public eye that I certainly wouldn’t want. It is a tricky subject even among British people and best left alone if you are not from here and certainly on a forum like this.
      Best to keep it to either being an Ozil lover or hater😂

    2. Crying out loud
      I come on to this site to read about Arsenal and comment on that subject

      King Mswati has considerable power over the affairs of Swaziland unlike our Queen who is a ceremonial head of state only. Believe me she works very hard
      It’s the government of the day that holds the power and we have elections and, therefore, have the choice of change every time we vote and on that note I have nothing more to add other than the 2nights I spent in Swaziland (Piggs Peak) 25 years ago was very enjoyable

    3. timse, nobody is remotely interested in your president…..unless, of course, he becomes president of The Arsenal!!!

      As a footnote, we are taught manners, let’s hope that when you become a teenager, your parents will have taught you some…as your dad will be an old man one day as well.

      Now, tell us your views on Willian, that’s the subject of this article.

  6. If every player was seen as a reject because he wanted to leave his /her current club, there wouldn’t be any signings at all.

    I am in such a relaxed mood under MA, whatever decisions /recommendations he makes will be alright by me.

  7. Totally agree. I prefer developing reiss and folarin balogun. They have huge potential. Willian arrival will reduce their development.

  8. Admin
    I’m glad you eventually took down the posts from Timse and me however I’m surprised that his political rant passed your strict scrutiny for so long.

  9. Sorry to inject a note of realism into this debate but my realistic nature compels me to say that William will not be coming to Arsenal and never has it been even considered by either the club or by him. That is plain, at least to me, so this article , though of academic interest, is yet another red herring.
    I have no doubt at all that Arteta would forbid it anyway and the club would not go over his head. Of THAT I am sure.

  10. Jon, out of curiosity why do you think that MA will forbid it?
    I see that MA has been diagnosed with the corona virus, wish him well and fingers crossed it doesn’t infect any one else in the club…. and of course, the world.

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