Arsenal should avoid this swap deal unless wage demands are lowered (Opinion)

The latest rumour is one including a potential swap deal involving Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Aaron Ramsey, but I think Arsenal should be reluctant to make such an agreement with Juventus.

I love the Welsh midfielder as much as the next guy, but rumours that the Old Lady could be willing to allow him to leave for free are telling. Rambo could well be welcomed back to the Emirates by the fans, but the reality is that the wage he is currently receiving in Turin makes him an unattractive prospect to consider.

A team like Newcastle could well look to break their wage structure in order to begin their build to become a serious club, but unless he is willing to take a wage reduction, I see no point.

While I believe Ramsey could improve our side, the fact remains that he is injured more than he is not, and with him turning 31 in the coming days, the outlay isn’t one we are likely to be able to offset by a future sale either.

While FourFourTwo claims that the swap deal could well become a reality, I simply cannot see it. It may not be the best idea to let all your experienced players leave without replacing them, but this just seems too far out of our current transfer policy to believe there is any truth in it.

Do you believe we should consider the return of Ramsey?


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    1. The wages of top players are crazy.In time to come they will bankrupt most clubs.
      Can the top teams offer astronomical sums in five or ten years time?
      Your guess is as good as mine

  1. He’s an unattractive prospect regardless of wage demands.

    Who would he replace?
    -Xhaka??? MA is more likely to drop his own mother than him
    -Partey? Ramsey won’t sit deep
    -ESR or Ode, he’s not a CAM

  2. No, we have too many central midfielders and Ramsey will only impede our young midfielders’ development. We’d better gamble on Moise Kean

  3. OT Spurs out of Conference League 🤣 but in all seriousness that gives them more rest unfortunately.

    Conte has done well to steady the ship. They have 3 games in hand and are only 6 points behind us.

    Man U have 2 games in hand and are only 5 points behind us.

  4. Ramsey no bcoz he had his chance to stay a gunner but thought he was moving to bigger and better , plus we have our midfield sorted, but the case of aubameyang I think the swap with Barcelona for osua Dembelle is much better if that could go on as Martinelli is defo our striker and always should have been with the goals he got when first joining we need a striker swap for a striker and Barca’s Dembelle is ideal for both clubs ,Ramsey turned his back and moved for free losing us cash, arsenal should just move on and forget the past in my oppion and Ramsey was part of it. His loss

  5. They should just buy Aubameyang straight-up for cash. Even if it’s just £5M it’s fine but swapping one problem for another problem is not fixing anything!

  6. Not even worth answering the phone. Too old, too injured, too costly in wages. Ramsey made his decision chasing that wage packet.

  7. I firmly believe that the chance of us signing Ramsey,under any circumstance at all is between 0% and 0.2 %.

    I say this, even though I am desperate to get Auba out of our club, ALMOST at any cost. A swap will definitely NOT happen.

    I am reassured by the very many realistic and sensible posts above this one.
    I only wonder why JA inhouse admins feel the need to write such a daft article, esp as PATRICK HIMSELF ADMITS IT WONT BE HAPPENING.

  8. In what position would Ramsey fit? Smith Rowe, Odegard,Martinelli and Saka should have more play time together and Arsenal will have a wonderful attacking
    Force. We need xhaka and Partey to train more, to shoot clinically on target and use their heads more. Or else that’s the department that needs a goal gether with long and surprise shots. Where will you fit Ramsey who left Arsenal when we needed him MOST?

  9. He didn’t improve us when he was a better player than he is now … a no brainer … offer aubemayang and Pepe to Barca for Frankie de jong .. that would improve us

    1. RAM…..WHO????????????

  10. Never rated Ramsey and never will.
    Average sweaty type of midfielder.
    We dodged a bullet by not offering him a rumoured £250,00 a week deal.

    1. That’s really limiting your choices and the club will be paying top money.
      As for Aaron, he served us well and scored some memorable goals, giving 100% for the shirt.
      He decided to move on and so should we.
      Always welcome back at the club for what he did, but not as a player unfortunately.

  11. Under the team rebuilding process circumstances that is ongoing currently at Arsenal who are laying emphaacy on recruiting young top quality new players to move the club out of the duldrom that they currently find themselves in in EPL. But If Aaron Ramsey rejoin Arsenal next Jan window, can he improves the team significantly enough to make an impact that will see the club makes the top-four place finish this season? Which is the main set target objective of the club to achieve it this season.

  12. I rate Ramsey higher than most of the comments above. I think a lot of you are a bit harsh

    However, my answer is NO. He is injury prone and we can sign a better player for midfield

  13. Stephanie, what is wrong with your comment, is that it is written in the current tense.

    If you change it to

    I used to rate Ramsey higher…….

    I would agree with you.

  14. The idea of the dream team of Ramsey and Xhaka reunited is to horrible to contemplate. It would be a case of one step forward and five steps back.

  15. Ramsey may not be ideal but if Arsenal has to choose between him and current Auba then I would prefer Ramsey. He can still win few matches on his own.

  16. No, I would rather have Wilshire and I don’t even want that. In fact Juventus having nothing I want.

    I think our first x1 needs 2 players, either 2 centre midfielders then play with a false 9. Or a beast of a DM and a centre forward like Haaland.

    I happen to think that if we brought back Saliba and Guendozi and pushed Ben White into midfield, we could play our 4 best attackers together with no main striker.

    That would cost nothing, whereas otherwise to buy Haaland and a beast would be much more expensive.

    Tomiyashu Saliba Gabriel Tierney
    White Guendozi
    Saka Odegaard ESR Martinelli

  17. If Arteta is building a team of young, energetic players, why would he want a swap deal for an older (and injury prone) player?

    This rumor makes no sense. Chance of happening 0%.

  18. The arsenal fans base is lame and unbelievable. One minute they sing your praise the next minute they are with the axe. Auba is now the scape goat that fans are desperate to kick out – not konasonac, not Xhaka, hell no not even chambers. Laca, Marti, Saka are not goal poachers that can give you over 20goals per season even at their best. Get a proper 10 and proper wingers and Auba will give you over 20 goals. If you must sell Auba make money out of him and dont let him off on a free bargain. Liverpool fan base has a slogan that they never walk alone. They support every player wearing the shirt and even when performance is low they get behind the team and this encourage the players to play for the shirt. I bet you if any of arsenal players have access to they will become toxic in the pitch. The toxicity is too much. You want Wenger out – you got him out, then anyone that got out without your permission you boo for wanting a better contract as if you won’t do the same if you were in their shoes.

    We should support the team and any player wearing the shirt and causing a division among the players. If always said, the tactics deployed at the moment is making it difficult for some players to last 1 hour on the pitch.

      1. Despite your oafish reply, Vicki_guns make some good points.

        And don’t presume that you speak for all Arsenal fans…

    1. Did you say not a poacher and added Marti? Wow!
      While the scapegoat-ism of Auba is shameful to say the least and a bad look on this once gracious fanbase, i do agree that i was hoping he would leave with Laca in the Summer before this scandal happened.
      At the best of Laca🤝Auba, i always maintained that Arsenal needed two of them in one. Laca’s footballing, Auba’s goal scoring.
      But with Auba’s scoring appearing off and far btw, he’s becoming a liability the team has to carry, with his inability on the ball. Since he and Pepe was dropped, Arsenal’s turn over of the ball has been reduced

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