Arsenal should be aiming for bigger trophies than the FA Cup, Arsene!

Giving Arsene a new contract is rewarding failure. by Konstantin Mitov

Okay, so the wind is calm before the storm, but this summer will be as disastrous as the summer before it, and the one before that and just like this season, nothing will change for the better. We finished 5th and it doesn’t matter if we had 90 points, being fifth means Europa League.

With the state of contracts Ozil, Sanchez and the Ox are, this isn’t really helping. The owner won’t sell, which is another huge disaster for us and we have an FA cup final coming up, which I couldn’t really get much excited about, because even if by a miracle, and I do mean a miracle, we win it, what does it mean? Nothing.

Because ultimately this club should be about bigger things, but to be honest looking at some fans, who care more about the state of an employee at the club called Arsene, rather than the club itself I wonder really if everyone cares about success.

Arsene was paid nearly 100 million pounds in the past 10 years and he’s achieved virtually nothing. He doesn’t do it for free here so I am bemused why people care so much about him? Isn’t it more important who will be playing for us next season and how we can cut the ever increasing gap between us and the top?

Giving him a new contract means rewarding failure, because we’ve been going downhill for at least 5 years. We started the season unprepared due to Wenger’s own words and that cost us in the end. What makes you think this season will be different? Arsene said, we need 1 or 2 players to compete. What a laughing stock. We needed 3 players when we only bought Cech, now we need at least 5 to replace the average players spreading around the team sheet.

It’s time Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs and Giroud all pack their bags, because they are not good enough. Add Mertesacker, Debuchy and Perez, who I feel sorry for not being given any sort of a chance here, but hey, Arsene only bought him to say, look I bought a forward, which is just stupid spending of money if you won’t use him. Add to the fact Alexis and Ozil will leave and that makes it even more difficult.

We’ll likely buy 1 or 2 unknown players, hoping they turn to the next Ronaldo or Messi, when instead we need to buy more players like Sanchez, who can handle the pressure of playing for this club. But again, I feel like a lot of fans feel that we are a club made to serve Arsene, rather than the other way around. We are a business that serves only to provide cash for it’s owner, but even so, with a better manager, we’ll still do a lot more than what we are now. Look at Atletico Madrid, look at Dortmund,

Look at Juventus! They don’t spend like Real do, but they will play them in the final. It’s about behaving like a top club. We are Arsene’s plaything. The main reason he has to go this summer for me is not his tactical inadequacy, not his late substitutions, not his bad fitness management, but above all – his comments.

The way he devalues success, ignores problems, never, not once, has he taken the blame for a bad result and the insulting behavior towards the fans are a major reason for him to be released. This club uses us fans for cows to drain milk. The Fa cup final has to be about sending a message! A clear message to a board who’ve remained silent for so long, it will soon turn into something worse.

We’re living in the past and we’ll lose the FA cup, but worse, if we win it, it will be used as an excuse to paper over the cracks. Why didn’t he just sign the contract when it was offered and announce it publicly? It would’ve helped immensely in uniting the fans and the players, because we’d know what’s going on. This is my only hope, that something might change. I doubt it though. This is the worst time to be an Arsenal fans in many years, but sadly it will now be the standard.



  1. Vanpayslip doesn't like how P Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers says:

    It’s not as though Arsene is going to win it this year.

  2. Frank says:

    Mate, we need 8-10 new players, not 5.

    1. Frank says:

      Sanchez and Ozil will probably go. (Ozil may stay because he won’t get a free ride in defence anywhere else)

      Giroud, Perez and Ospina want first team football.

      Debuchy, Mertesacker, Jenkinson, Wilshere and Sanogo aren’t good enough (along with a few others though that’s a start)

      Ox hasn’t signed a new contract yet and Welbeck is a bench player at best.

      That’s 12 players that either want to leave, could leave or should leave. Arsenal need a massive squad overhaul so don’t expect next season to be better.

  3. judge_me_in_ may... 5097 says:

    Its a one off game.
    Anything can happen.
    Red card, freak goal
    lucky penalty.
    If Arsenal win it will be like
    “We beat the Champions, we are back on track”
    Cue Wenger’s 100 year extension 🙁
    Players will say “yes it was great to win a trophy for the fans
    but we want to compete seriously for the EPL and CL”.
    But they promise to win big every summer since 2004.
    In reality it is 5th in the league and 2-10 to Bayern.
    Won’t stop them all spouting their meaningless promises again though.
    Like the Hotel California guests Arsenal players never leave because
    the fat salaries with no pressure to win anything are too damn gooood.

  4. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

    Journo: Who are you protecting, Arsene?
    Arsene: I protect nobody.

    Thinking about Wenger’s statement in the press conference where he spoke about a mysterious event/series of events that he believes derailed the season… Could it be that around that time (as the rumors suggested) the board or someone in the board “was going behind Arsene’s back” to talk to other managers about the job? And this probably affected Arsene’s “fragile” psyche and by the extension the team’s?

    Let’s face it: At this point it is impractical to let Arsene go, when there is no official mention of an incoming replacement yet. But I get the feeling the board (or Ivan Gazidis) are actively making preparation for a succession plan, but “sadly” they are not involving Arsene in the process as much as he’d like them to.

    They are not stupid -the board. They know sooner or later they’ll have to change the setup at the club. It’s definitely not a time for “business as usual”. Yes they are going to offer Arsene a (transitory) contract… but it obviously will include unfamiliar changes. Whether Arsene likes it or not, they are getting that Director of Football (and any other director they think they need). It’s part of the transitory process.

  5. Janssen says:

    I saw a head line today saying Giroud is targeting the PL title next season. What a surprise.

    1. bran99 says:

      hehehe I saw that too, was so pissed. he always targets the EPL title every season and when he leads the line, 15 is his highest number

    2. Twig says:

      Head line? Thought it was a leg line?

  6. bran99 says:

    article is spot on.. we need quality players and not prospects. we should have learned by now, we buy prospects while our rivals buy quality players, and we all witness who win the titles every season (It’s not us)

    Wenger should leave, we are 5th now but with buying 1 or 2 players only means somebody is still living in 2004. his past glories should not bury his present cluelessness

  7. dboy says:



  8. ThirdManJW says:

    I want Kroenke out just as much as the next Arsenal fan, but whoever the owner is, how can we ever be successful when the manger’s ONLY target is top four?

    What’s interesting is that every year whilst we’re failing, as usual, Wenger comes out with “judge me at the end of the season”. Well I wonder what he’s thinking now that he hasn’t achieved top four? Will he finally take responsibility for his actions, or just continue to blame the fans, and anything else he can think of?

  9. dutchy says:

    AW played horrific game with the club and the fans this year. Why indeed not sign the contract when offered? You can always quit after 20+ years, nobody would blame you. Then we were told we would know by march.. and we still don’t know. There are 2 options now. One he will sign a new contract, but why didn’t he do it already, what’s the point? Somewhere in his mind he should know by now he needs help with creating a team that can compete. And that help is not Gazidis. Two he leaves and f*cks the club again because they have to find a new quality manager and build a new team and it will be June already.

  10. Vlad says:

    Our “favorite” keyboard warrior is at it again. Konstantin, there’s this great phrase that goes like this: LET IT GO. Just stop with this non-sense, and hate. You said yourself that you don’t watch Arsenal games anymore and won’t until Wenger steps down. So you’ll be doing all of us a huge favor if you also stopped posting here. It’ll be better for you too, ’cause I feel you’re extremely stressed. Take a nice vacation, maybe smoke some pot, and all your worries will go away.

    1. Vlad FYI Konstantin just express what the majority of Fans feel about ARSENAL’s current situation which is not pretty, I presume you are an ARSENAL fan too, so let him express his thoughts which are shared by millions of fans worldwide and cool down

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