Arsenal should be among the clubs fighting to sign James Madison and Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish and James Madison are arguably England’s best young midfield talents at the moment.

The duo has been impressive for their sides and it is not a surprise that most of the division’s top teams want to sign them.

I find it amusing that Arsenal hasn’t been linked with either player, these are the exact sort of players we should be targeting.

I know that Arsenal is struggling at the moment but it would not be too difficult for top players to desire to play for us.

We can hardly get better placing on the league table if we continue playing with the same players we have had since we started struggling.

Before Liverpool got out of mediocrity, they spent some good money to acquire the best talents that they could get and we can all see how they have now become a great team.

Jack Grealish may be a home town hero and he may have been linked with other top sides, but he would still consider it a privilege to play for Arsenal, likewise James Madison, the only problem I see is whether Arsenal’s board would be willing to splash the cash and beat others to their signing.

Grealish or Madison can be relied upon to lead Arsenal midfield into our next phase of dominance, getting either of them can help take all the attention from Mesut Ozil and perhaps, the German would return to his former best.


  1. Im sorry what a load of ****. One why would Madison leave to join us when Leceister will most likely be playing champions League football next season. Two Grealish really, I mean he is good but there’s a reason he isn’t at a top club he’s not good enough. It’s media hype, I see him being another Jackie Wheelchair, not cutting the mustard. I could be wrong of course

  2. Why do us fans always think we are better than we actually are? I will have Grealish all day ahead of our midfielders excluding our Defensive Maestro Torreira. We haven’t got a proper dribbling midfielder like a Hazard who can actually beat a player, that’s one of the main reasons I so wanted Zaha. We only have midfielders who pass the ball. Please Grealish, come and play for the mighty Gunners.

  3. Maddison’s vs Grealish’s stats in EPL:

    – Age: M 23 | G 24
    – Height: M 175 | G 175
    – Goals: M 6 | G 6
    – Goals from outside the box: M 4 | G 1
    – Assists: M 3 | G 5
    – Crosses: M 147 | G 63
    – Through balls: M 14 | G 0
    – Passes: M 968 | G 783
    – Dispossessed: M 20 | G 32
    – Tackles: M 39 | G 24
    – Interceptions: M 8 | G 11
    – Aerial battles won: M 4 | G 11
    – Shots: M 51 | G 41
    – Dribbles per game: M 1.9 | G 2.1

    Both are versatile midfielder who can play as no 10, central midfielder and winger, but Maddison is more dangerous and more of a team player based on the overall stats

    1. I love the way you analyze everything gotanidea, some might see I as rubbish but I always read all your post and don’t get discouraged because of what anyone says about you, you are gunner just like everyone on this site and you have a right to your opinion if anyone doesn’t like it’s he can leave the site or better still just don’t reply to your post.

        1. Seriously Sue it’s annoying, you don’t have to agree with everyone opinion but that doesn’t mean you should try and mock him or make jest of him. I saw on a previous thread how some was making jest of gotanidea just because he said his mind, if you don’t agree with his post just skip it and don’t reply, there are some on here that I don’t always agree with there post but that doesn’t mean I will call them names or make jest of them, we can’t all have the same opinions.

      1. Thanks man

        I have never taken any comment seriously because we just talk about football here and I’m always grateful if someone replies to me, be it to ridicule or to give his/ her own opinion

      2. Some of us have realised it is pointless replying to the posts of this rather naive and juvenile fan who spouts simplistic solutions as if they can happen “just like that”! Example: the post was all about mere stats but no mention of the huge respective difference in quality between the two sides they play for. Got an idea just never thinks deeply enough to be taken seriously. I am prepared to say that but many will also think it, you may be sure. And I am not trying to “mock” as you put it but to make him realise that more serious thought should always be a requirement to all who decide to post on here. Otherwise they insult the intelligence and waste the time, in reading, of other more serious minded fans on here. Not at all about belittling and everything to do with attempting to raise the level of thought through debate on here. Of course if you are content with constant tosh, then so be it. I am not! If the urge to write something, in fact write just anything , no matter what, is stronger than the urge to properly think through what you wish to say and properly explain the thinking behind it, then perhaps you should refrain from writing until you learn to think deeper . Just my take but there you are.

  4. Maddison is out of our financial reach..

    Let’s see who gets relegated. There will be very interesting players available from the current bottom 5 teams:

    Norwich – Cantwell, Aarons..
    Watford – Doucoure..
    Bournemouth – Ake, Wilson
    Aston Villa – Mings, Grealish, Guilbert
    West Ham – Diop, Rice, Anderson, Haller..

    1. I prefer ziyech even if we can afford maddison.Football or any sports is not solely based on stats,for me ziyech has got much quality than maddison

  5. Personally, I would gladly swap Xhaka for even a pound of apples and be convinced I had the better of the bargain. Because it would be true, since it would mean he could no longer appear in our shirt. Please note I said “appear” and not “play”! It is just ridiculous that a player of his severly limited playing ability and lack of rationality should even be anywhere near a club of our status. FACT!

    1. Somehow Arsene, “not so good ebening”, Arteta and me and myself somehow still rate xhaka. I find it odd that i still see a lot in xhaka (after that reaction from him). I see him as the kind of player that just needs a specific kind of coach to unleash the beast in him. I hope its Arteta who unleashes the beast in xhaka. Fingers crossed.

      1. I reckon that , based on your admission of having more “hope” than sound judgement, as your foolish Xhaka comment indicates, you must be very hopeful of winning the National Lottery this week. A triumph of mere and unfounded “hope” over common sense , I’d say!

  6. I had cantwell grealish and madison in my fantasy premier team together with grealish as captain, only for KdB and auba to draw blanks…….baldocks…..

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