Arsenal should be going all out to sign this top class free transfer

If the reports of financial constraints are true and I am not sure they are, as I wrote here, but if they are then we have to be creative in the summer transfer window and that means that if we get an opportunity to sign a top class player on a free transfer we have to do everything in our power to take advantage of such an opportunity.

PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot will be released on a free transfer this summer, that was confirmed today in the Mirror and make no mistake, he is a top class individual.

He will no doubt come with huge salary demands but even so, getting him for nothing would save tens of millions.

Real Madrid is said to be the favourites, of course they are, they always are but that does not mean it is automatic that he will sign for Los Blancos.

At the very least we have to open up talks with the player’s representatives and put an offer down for his consideration, we are Arsenal not some mid-table Premier League outfit and we have to use our French connections to our advantage.

You just know that a long list of clubs will join the queue to sign the 23-year-old and there is a reason for that, he is high quality and I do not see why any other club should be considered a more attractive proposition than us.

It is not often a player like Rabiot comes onto the market for free and we have to make sure that we are right in the mix trying to persuade him to put pen to paper.

It would be criminal if we didn’t at least try.


    1. Saw the YouTube highlights of his best moments

      He has good technique which is commonly found in Brazilian attackers and he is tall like Iwobi

      But he doesn’t look pacey and doesn’t show many tricks. I hope Arsenal can find a young and tricky attacker like Vinicius Jr

  1. Top class mummy’s boy, who totally throws his toys out of his pram if he does not get his own way.

    Over rated and over paid and probably soon to be over in Spain, where it will suit him fine.

    Stay well clear.

    1. I predict Arsenal would offer him a huge salary package, because he is free and could be a big jersey seller

      If he joins, I think no more new CM for the next season and Suarez might be shipped back to Barcelona

  2. They should be going all out to find a replacement for Mislintat, Steve Morrow doesn’t excite anyone! I just hope someday soon the godfather comes in and makes kroenke an offer he can’t refuse! This self sustainable model rubbish doesn’t work in the modern day! Premier League back today about bloody time ?

        1. Hello K… very well thank you, how about you? So another 7-3 will do on Monday night hey?! So I’m just thinking about St Totteringham’s Day… it’s within touching distance ?

          1. Oh, you don’t have to blank my name out Sue it’s no secret I’m not on the most wanted list or anything lol. Oh I’d take all boring 1 Nils until the end of the season now I’m not even bothered about performances the 3 points is all that matters ? yeah ? it’s imperative they lose tomorrow ? you watching all the games tomorrow? Starting with the old firm ? Or are you heading out for mother’s Day ? ?

            1. Are you sure?! There was a Kevin on crimewatch the other week ? anyway K sounds pretty cool (men in black ?) Haha!
              Yes & you could sit there singing 1 nil to the Arsenal ?
              I’m not sure if owt has been planned, but you know me… if there are games on I’ll quite happily watch them ? although spuds v liv (2 teams I cannot bear!!) going shopping later for my girl’s birthday, but told her we can only go after soccer AM ? Will you watch them? Brenda v Gerrard hey?!

              1. Neil Lennon vs Gerard ? I certainly will, haven’t seen an old firm in ages I’m going for a 2-1 Celtic victory ? Damn my cover is blown I might as well go on the run again ?yes I’m sure ? but that game affects us doesn’t it ? oh good stuff Sue how old is she ? well if you miss the games you can always watch motd ? haha just like old times ?

                1. Haha oh yeah he’s at Leicester ?‍♀️ haha what an idiot!! ? I just like to write Brenda – at any opportunity ?
                  Be game over if Celtic win! The only Scottish game I like watching.. you’re probably right (notice I said probably?!) there’s only one mystic meg round here ?
                  It surely is blown!! Just don’t go until after you’ve watched the game!!
                  She’s going to be 14 in a couple of weeks.. we’ll be going to climb the O2… time for my legs to go to jelly ?
                  I’ll be more bothered about missing soccer saturday ?

                  1. Yeah, I know the SPL is absolutely rubbish ? I couldn’t name any players outside the old firm ? big Unai has to take on Brendan ? haha watching TBBT only because KC damn it ? well you used to be a dancer so it should be no problem ? oh you have the teenage tantrums to come ? I don’t watch it so I’m good ?

                    1. It says it all when even Scott Sinclair is having a great season!!!
                      Believe me the teenage tantrums have been around for a while ?
                      I’ve never watched TBBT…. well there has to be a bonus for watching programmes hey?! ?

                    2. So you wouldn’t sign him for Arsenal then Sue ? haha and supporting arsenal at the same time that can be testing times ? I’m not really watching it Sue it’s muted just waiting for Fulham game tbh ?

                    3. I’d rather see Kaley Cuoco’s thighs but we can’t have everything we want can we Sue ? so what 3pm game do I watch today ? Ole at the wheel ? ?

  3. ? no.. … it’s probably the better game out of them all…. Will dirty Deeney come up with the goods? I bloody hope so ?

    1. You don’t like Troy either ? haha let’s hope so, because we’ll go behind them until Monday ? honey I shrunk the kids lol the guy with the hat reminds me of Jim Carey ?

      1. I can’t stand him Kevin!!! But will be willing for him to score a penalty later ?
        I’d love to finish above them & the spuds ?
        What are you watching now ?? you’re right though, he does!!
        So there are some midweek fixtures – the opening of the toilet ?

        1. Honey I shrunk the kids you must have seen it ? no neither can I Sue I was just teasing ? we gotta improve our away form and fast 2 in a row coming up after Newcastle ? yeah, I don’t like it, I think it’s ugly tbh haha I don’t even care they have a retractable pitch this is the PL not star trek ?

          1. Of course I’ve seen it.. didn’t think it’d be up your street!
            Dele Alli just introduced goals of the week part 1 on soccer AM (at the stadium) & waved… oh my he looks such a spaz when he waves!!
            Sod the retractable pitch, they have a toilet for dogs! Wth is that all about?? ? I think it’d be bloody hilarious if Palace beat them… start as you mean to go on hey?! ?

            1. Doesn’t he just look like a spaz anytime ? ? A toilet for dogs I’ve heard it all now ? whatever next? A cinema, a zoo, an ice rink oh I know an aquarium ? haha they might well struggle in their futuristic stadium Harry Kane might look like my avatar by next season anything is possible ? up my street? I’d watch anything at least once or twice or three times even more than that ?

              1. He does indeed, makes me sick!!
                Haha yes whatever next a cinema, a zoo… or maybe even a trophy cabinet ? haha!!
                Well he can’t get any uglier ??
                I should have known – seeing as you’re a budding Alex Zane!!
                Alex Scott is at craven cottage… she was just on soccer AM… thought that’d please you… I wonder if you’ll unmute when she comes on… haha I doubt it ?

                1. Come on Sue, why would they need a trophy cabinet? ? ? Ali and Lingard vanishing from the PL would be amazing ? hahaha I probably watch more than him ? Alex haven’t seen her in ages ? imagine I was a guest at the Fulham game I’d ask her out on live tv ??

                    1. Takes more than that believe me women are hard work a mystery that’s never been solved ? ? this is a woman that made DT blush no mean feat giving how mouthy he is any other time lol ?

    1. Ah well you have to say that ? that neighbour of mine is seriously doing my head in! He’s been doing construction for 4 months solid working at unlawful hours all day Sundays as well Tottenham’s stadium was built quicker than whatever the hell he’s doing! Definitely gonna say something! Oh Alex is on ?

      1. Hell yeah girl power & all that! ? the stadium is 200 days late…. maybe he helped build it ? yes well my neighbour has 11 dogs, so that ain’t much fun either!! Jamie Redknapp looks rough.. reckon he’s been on an all night bender ?

  4. I hear pneumatic drills everyday don’t need to be listening to some amateur DIY enthusiast at weekends as well no bloody respect for his neighbours and he looks like a serial killer greasy hairy middle aged man the only woman in that fellas life is his mother! Haha yes girl power you’ve all got each others backs ? probably downing expensive bottles of Chianti at his Italian restaurant ?

    1. Hey John you didn’t mention anything about football in that comment never mind Arsenal!
      Remember the name of the site mate…

      1. I thought I did about Jamie Redknapp Admin don’t worry I’ll keep it strictly football from now on ?

        1. Oh Sergio scored ? come on City! Right I’m off shopping… enjoy the football, come on Watford! Please don’t kill the man with the drill ?? laters Kevin ?

          1. It could be 5-1 already Fulham are an awful team I really don’t understand why people think Chambers is having a great time at Fulham he’s mediocre at best ? I’ll not respond to that or I’ll get told off again ? later Sue ?

      2. I reckon Sue and John W should have their own private site for general chat. What do you think Pat? Mind, I am guilty of straying away from Arsenal comments too, so a slapped wrist for the Lord too! Personally I have no objection to Sue and John s regular chats. Just thought Id say so.

        1. Arsenal aren’t playing, nobody is really even commenting so I don’t see the big deal either Jon ?in fact if Sue and I weren’t commenting on this, this thread would be dead! If it was match day I would totally understand in fact I would keep it until later before hogging the thread when everyone usually have stopped replying! There’s other forums where fans go off football topic as they’ve said what they needed to say on football matters.. but it’s obviously hit a nerve with Mr Admin so I’ll stick to his Only Arsenal/football discussion rules as long as it applies to everyone. Thanks anyway Jon.. top man ?

  5. If people haven’t already read, his mother is not his agent. She messed up the Barca deal and his current role in PSG is not good, he got rid of her.

    I’d like Rabiot, I’d like to see Arsenal offer him great loyalty bonuses in his contract to keep his wage down, which is (reportingly) how Auba wage is kept down.

    We could offer Rabiot £20 million in signing on bonuses to be paid, yes it is a lot of money, it means we could knock a bit of his basic wage and making him easier to sell on in a couple years if he doesn’t adapt.

    I do think we could sell Xhaka when we get Rabiot as we could be left with 4 first team CM still: Torreira, Guendouzi, AMN and Rabiot. This is also assuming the sale of Elneny for funds, about £10 million.

    Arsenal could free up £35-45 million from CM sales but we can’t until we get quality to replace what we have, that quality will cost one way or another. Spent £20 mil for Rabiot signing on so this is reduced to £15-25 million.

    The other areas Arsenal could improve…
    Right CB. Currently the main men are Sokratis and Mustafi, while Sokratis is winning the hearts of gooners, Mustafi has lost the trust of us gooners. IMO we only need 1 right sided CB, this is a Mustafi upgrade. £15-25 million from the CM sales, then we add in Mustafi to this at £20 million and we are talking £35-45 million for a CB. I got a rumor which gets us a top TOP CB for less than £35 million… If report is true, pinch of salt as always 😉

    “ARSENAL have joined Manchester United in the race to sign Kostas Manolas for a cut-price fee this summer, according to reports.
    The Gunners could land the in-demand Roma centre back for just £31million due to a release clause in his contract.”

    I haven’t spent a penny of Arsenal transfer budget yet, I have identified and put in good offers for Rabiot and Manolas.

    Next would be to get in touch with Celtic for Tierney, he will cost us between £25 million and £35 million, using the higher number of £35 million… Leaves Arsenal rumored transfer kitty of £45 million down to £10 million.

    Lastly, get in touch with Crystal Palace and offer them Chambers and Osei-Tutu on loan for 12 months… Plus £10-£20 million upfront and a further £20 million in bonuses, paid when criteria is met (delayed payment date for us)…

    However we should be getting more for UCL, this added extra would be used to buy Win-Bassaka upfront and Nkunku, save the rest of the funds for Jan.

    Wages are NOT an issue considering how much we will be freeing up from retiring/leaving players.

  6. JW you are being very harsh on Chambers who has being doing very well at Fulham.I would have him any day over Mustafi.

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