Arsenal should be laughing at such a small bid for Smith-Rowe

A Big Club Don’t Sell Smith Rowe To Aston Villa by Dan

Of all the made-up rumours traditional for this time of the year, I refuse to see any credibility that Arsenal are considering any offer from Smith Rowe.

The latest talk is the club are strongly considering a 32 million bid from Aston Villa with a strong resale clause.

The Gunners were (with Man United) England’s worst affected due to 15 months without match day revenue and now don’t have any income from European Football.

Based on that knowledge it would make sense for the club to balance the books by cashing in on an asset.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 09: Emile Smith Rowe of Arsenal celebrates after scoring their sides first goal during the FA Cup Third Round match between Arsenal and Newcastle United at Emirates Stadium on January 09, 2021 (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

But equally a business has to think of their PR.

The Kroenke Family continue to insist they have the ambition for us to return to our previous levels. They would struggle to continue that stance if they sold one of their best youngsters for just 32 million!

The only hope some Gooners have left is the talent we have produced.

It would take a figure too good to turn down for supporters to understand letting the 20-year-old leave.

A sum financially irresponsible to say no to. That number is a lot bigger than 32 million.

It’s not like the midfielder will be putting any pressure on to force a move to Villa Park.

This isn’t a Man City or Chelsea who can better the Englishman’s salary and chances of silverware.

In North London since the age of 10 he’s not going to walk away from that connection for a mid-table club.

Aston Villa wouldn’t be able to worry any of the other ‘top six’ sides regarding taking their best players.

Like us they don’t play in the Champions or Europa League and can’t offer a bigger wage then us.

So this only happens if Arsenal choose the money over what’s best for the squad. Even for them, this would be going too far.

To be a big club you think and act like a big club.

Aston Villa would be laughed out of Man United’s and Liverpool’s office is they bid 32 million for their best talent. I truly believe Arsenal will do the same.

If not, then we can’t call ourselves a big club.

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    1. How old are you to make such a stupid badly constructed comment?
      Villa, like so many little clubs would have to swap Grealish plus £10 mill for ESR.

  1. Iwobi was around 30 M and the old Walcott was around 20 M, so Smith-Rowe should’ve cost more than that. If Villa really want another right-footed CAM, they should’ve bid for Aouar whose price has dropped to 20 M

    However, Smith-Rowe’s value won’t always be high, depending on his fitness and his performance in the upcoming season. If you remember about the hype around Max Meyer/ Jack Wilshere and their unemployments today, we can say nobody is unsellable

    Good right-footed CAMs aren’t rare and I believe Arsenal will budge if Villa offer us 50 M. Before that happens, we need to complement Smith-Rowe with a different midfielder type

    1. Arsenal should offer him a good contract and he should sign it ASAP. Aston villa are becoming annoying.

      1. Arsenal should offer him a contract he’s worth. Saka is on 30k he should be around that too. His fitness is a really hi g concern and if he wants to be here he should sign or if a better offer comes in 50million and above I’d sell.

        Why do players show this disloyalty to clubs that have helped them in time past? I believe he’s doing it to see who the club brings in in the no 10 role. He should not be scared and sign the thing…

        1. How easy it must be for ESR to committ himself on a long-term contract to Arsenal, after watching the likes of Nelson, Nketiah and AMN getting the “love” at Arsenal and the consecutive 8th place finish, with no European football for the first time in 25 years and being shunted out to the wings to accommodate a loanee, Odegaard, in his preferred position?

        2. Loyalty works both ways. Before you complain about players showing a lack of loyalty to the club, think back how the club has treated players that no longer fit the club’s plans.

    2. If A Villa offers 40m for S Row Arsenal should sell him. Right footed A. M are not scarce in the market.

  2. Arsenal have made stupider bids, so I don’t take any consolation in what this article is trying to say. ESR should be beeming, how many players who have only completed a dozen or so starts are currently valued so highly. And not yet 21. The persistence of Villa is a real threat. They are doing everything that Arsenal have failed to do, target a player of the future and demonstrate that they can offer him something which his club hasn’t been able to put a lid on yet.

        1. Though it was funny back then, when we were submitting the bid, it doesn’t feel funny anymore, when we are at the receiving end.

  3. Arsenal are teasing Villa. It’s all good
    for ESR as it will bump up his wages when it comes to him signing his new contract with Arsenal and Arsenal get an idea of how much another club value our player in financial terms. All credit to the ambition of Villa but they will aren’t anywhere near Arsenal in terms of size, stature and history, and won’t be any time soon. Everyone knows ESR is a gooner through and through. He’s going nowhere.

    1. £100m and they can take ESR. I’m sure every fan would understand the sale too. But this isn’t reality. No one will bid that for him, so unless Villa is ready to make such an astronomical offer they should make more judicial use of their transfer window. ESR to Villa (especially for £32m🙄) isn’t even within the realms of any known reality.

  4. Perfect to the point Dan. What worries me most is how come such a bidding move started in the first place. Was there some inside information that ESR might leave for the right offer from Villa and anyway Villa is not City or Chelsea to offer handsome salary with CL football assured, or is it that Villa are just testing Arsenal’s resolve and hoping Arsenal fall prey. Either way we must act like a big club and keep hold of our big assets because money does not define success and no amount of money can substitute the success of the player and the Club.

    1. Until ESR committs himself to a new contract at Arsenal, this trend will continue. Now, it’s only Villa. If the contract situation isn’t resolved before the next transfer window, better clubs than Villa will join the auction.

      ESR committing to Arsenal will depend on two things.
      1. The amount of game time he gets.
      2. Our position in the league table.

      I guess ESR won’t committ until the end of this season, so he can judge his position at Arsenal.

      On the other hand, if he signs the new contract in this season, I fear that he’ll demand a release clause to be inserted that can be triggered based on the number of games he starts and the club’s European qualification at the end of the season. I won’t be surprised if the same kind of clause exists in recent contract extensions for Saka, Tierney and Martinelli.

      Players won’t stick to their clubs like Buffon or Del Piero, when Juve were relegated for breaking some rules. Unlike those players, who won so much during the club’s glory days, these young players have nothing to show for their times at Arsenal except the FA Cup and the Community Shield.

      The end of this season will tell us better.

    2. Why won’t Villa be encouraged by Arsenal? They signed our best goal keeper last summer. They couldn’t believe their luck that Arsenal budged. They are trying their luck again with Smith rowe hoping Arteta and Co will be as clueless as they were last summer when they let Martinez go. Villa is just taking advantage of Arsenal’s crazy period under a rookie manager before the bonanza expires. Afterall, they did whoop our asses both home and away last season after securing the signature of our best keeper who went on to have a better season for them than Leno had for us.

  5. If Arsenal let ESR go for any money, I am done with Arteta and Edu. It will prove to me that they don’t understand the fabric of Arsenal and what great sides of the past were built on.

    Could you imagine selling Rocky, Tony Adams, Paul Davis, Michael Thomas in the mid 80s because they were just breaking through and you saw intrinsic value by selling them to a rival club.

    Arteta is under enough pressure as it is. He sure shouldn’t alienate more of the fan base by selling one of our best young players. I have no doubt were it not for injuries ESR would now be at a similar stage to Saka in his development.

    The worst thing about it, he is a self confessed gooner. What message is that to other youngsters who may support Arsenal and want to live the dream. IMO It would just make them feel like a commodity rather than a player.

    1. I wonder how you’d feel next summer, if ESR continues to stall on his contract extension, enters into his final year of his contract, perform dreadfully this season and halves his market value.

      1. Your comments are annoying! If you so desperately what to see ESR sign for Villa why don’t you drive him there yourself! Okay yes, we are going to sell the entire squad to Villa, big deal! For f sakes!

        1. If it’s only ESR, i’ll take a cab. Or, if it’s the entire team, I’ll be needing a bus.

          Mind letting me know which one it is?

      2. He won’t perform dreadfully this season. He shone in a team that was awful last season. If they can finally get their act together it will only make him an even better player.

        1. I asked you something that Arteta may possibly face next summer.

          Right now you want Arteta must not sell ESR. What he is supposed to do, if the most unlukiest of things that I’ve said before happen? What would you tell Arteta then? I’m just curious to know how you’ll respond in that kind of situation.

          1. I think firstly you need to work on your English, you’re about as clear as mud. Secondly, if you are going to come onto a UK site, know what you are talking about.

  6. Villa should submit For Rowe the same price they wanted to sell Jeck Grealish too. Rowe is very strong ,faster and skillfull. ( Rowe= Grealish)

  7. First, he’s not our BEST talent, especially not in Arteta’s estimation, which is why he was shoehorned out wide as soon as Ode arrived…secondly, there’s a reason why Villa came back at 32M, not 35M or more, as they clearly feel this boy’s getable for far less than most believe he’s worth…don’t be surprised if he becomes this off-season’s version of the misguided Martinez sale…this group of administrative nitwits are so inept when it comes to asset management, thus the mishandling of Guendo and Mavro deals, that if they continue to flounder in the transfer market they will almost assuredly jump at the chance to secure a sure thing…buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

    1. RVL can’t argue too much about asset value. On the one hand, Tavares for rumored £8 million looks good business.

      I don’t know Lokonga, so I won’t comment on his price-to-value ratio.

      On the other hand, Guendouzi and Mavroporas prices if correct shows we got mugged; like they bit at the first offers maybe? Who knows.

      Market value of White is what, £25 million? Of course it’s worth what other teams are willing to pay in reality, either more or less.

      However, over twice the market value, even with the homegrown added tax takes it to over £50 million now.

      1 year in PL, benched behind 2 CB’s in English team while Saka favored over Sancho and Foden makes one pause and question.

      Lastly whwre does he rank overall compared to other CB’s in premier league last year.

      Starting to reek of desperation on Arsenal’s part, and Brighton wisely smell blood in the water.

      Situation ripe for a mugging, and we should walk away at this point. Did we learn nothing from overpaying for Pepe?

      Brighton in no rush, probably salivating and thinking of £60 million and upwards now.

      For them at best a bidding war, at worst he stays there, helps the remain in PL, and his hype and price increase further for even bigger sale next Summer.

      “Mugging” written all over this, best we stay away.

      We could sign Auoar and STILL ANOTHER good CB for the price tag floating around now.

      Now a business person needs to bring an over eager coach back to reality.

      1. Durand, If I were to hinder a guess, I believe the whole White pursuit likely gained traction as a result of some input from our new man, Garlick, as he was intimately involved in a
        youth development and young player education initiative, among other duties, in his previous role as the Premier League’s first Director of Football…regardless of the merits of my above claim, that still wouldn’t make it a justifiable course of action, especially in light of the costs variables involved, both as it pertains to the bottom-line and opportunity costs

        furthermore, in my estimation, one never invests so heavily on one position unless it’s directly addressing an identified NEED…this appears to me to be an incredible expensive shortcut, with an above average level of risk in play, which could have long-term ramifications should things go sideways, much like the WIllian debacle…this is why you don’t double-down on someone who already fooled you once…shame on you Kroenke for not doing your due diligence when it came to organizational hiring practices and accountability

  8. I love ESR, I really do, he’s one of our own, London born and breed.

    I love what he can do on the pitch, receiving the ball on the half turn, works the pockets very well.
    works hard off the ball aswel.

    The only issue is his injury and fitness record.

    And that is a big reason why i think Arsenal have not just come out and said hands off.

    I get sentiment i do but the club needs to win things, make money and move forward.

    If he gets over these issues then great but we cant be having another Wiltshire, great player, great potential ruined by injury and at 28 clubless ( as far as i know )

  9. If you go on ‘Villa Talk’, you’ll find many, many pages of Villa fans achingly desperate to sign ESR. The Narrative is that we are are a club in decline, ESR is so flattered by their interest that he is refusing to agree a new contract with us. According to their posters’ Arsenal are so mired in debt that we are bound to be forced sellers, and at a price that would mean that after another season’s progress they would have a player with a sale value of £50-60m. Villa fans have hijacked one of ESR’s social accounts to make it appear that he is desperate to leave and sign for them. Something is driving this and it isn’t ESR. Perhaps the Villa board have misread the situation and are pressing ahead out of simple embarrassment. Villa should be told that the player is not for sale at any price, after all if we lose him, we would have to shell out probably £50m for a player of equal quality. Even if we have to sell ESR after another year, we ought to be able to get £30m for him, even with just one year left on his contract. He is that good.

  10. Is Arsenal accedemic team for villa? Is Arteta and Edu after money or improving the clubs performance?

  11. This is the best decision from Arteta and Edu, during this tempting period.
    Wenger missed signing Ronaldo and keeps regretting till his retirement.
    It should have also haunted the club leadership if they handed our
    Versatile and up coming talented nos 10&8

  12. shame on some of this fake fans, ERS to sign five year extension. You can go and look for another negative story because this one just failed

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