Arsenal should be ruthless and play Ramsey into the ground

Work Ramsey Into The Ground? by Dan Smith

What I never understood about the Alexis Sanchez saga back in January was how Arsene Wenger protected him to the last possible second at the club. Our then manager said up to the night before a trip to Bournemouth the player was in the hotel with the rest of the squad with the assumption he would start the fixture. In reality people would of been talking for months behind the scenes.

Arsenal would-ve known before Christmas a rough idea of who was willing to pay what, it’s not like they expected the Chilean to have a change of mind, having made it clear for 12 months he had no desire to be in North London
anymore. Yet in an FA Cup and League Cup tie he was rested, resting someone who wouldn’t be our problem within weeks?

Was this a case of simply protecting an investment? Was this not trusting the man’s professionalism? Well neither excluded him from leading our line in the League.

There are differences in Aaron Ramsey’s situation. This is not a man pushing to exit the Emirates, he would have signed an extension if he had his own way. Rambo might even have a desire to prove his doubters wrong and earn the contract he deems he’s worthy of. Either way if the Welshmen is deemed not worthy of a new deal it’s likely
we will be open to offers in the new year. Uni Emery already seems to have a tougher hold over the group then Arsene Wenger did in his last couple of years. Where it felt some individuals took advantage of the Frenchmen’s loyalty and love to the crest, his replacement has a more black and white stance over issues. The advantage of being new is he holds zero sentiment and can prioritise on doing whatever he needs to do to win, as it should be. The Spaniard won’t look at the human aspect, it’s not his concern how long the midfielder has been with us. Instead he will identify him as an asset and work out how to maximise his worth to the last moment. There’s a ruthlessness that will teach the dressing room who is boss. I’m starting to see there are positives that the manager doesn’t have these close bonds with his players.

Where the Gunners might try to field different elevens in the Premiership compared to the cup matches, I would play Ramsey in every minute possible. This isn’t to punish or single him out. Again this saga isn’t his fault and
I will always be grateful for his contributions in winning 3 FA Cups. But that’s the mistake the old regime would have made. They would have viewed him as being with us since a teenager and wanting to protect his development. The new boss seems to have an attitude of nothing being more important then the badge, with everything else secondary.

Where the gaffer might not want to take first teamers to Azerbaijan or the Ukraine, Ramsey’s experience could help the youngsters asked to play in midweek. Why protect his fitness? Why worry about how close he is to the red zone? In 2019 he won’t be our problem. Let him show up at his new job exhausted because he’s played 2 games a week. Hurt his impact with his new employers while helping us in the short term. It sounds ruthless but that’s what our club have lacked for years. Emery has that and I’m starting to like it.

Dan Smith


  1. Sal says:

    i would like the complete opposite frankly that he is slowly withdrawn from the team, giving our other players the chance…i would have done that to sanchez but with ramsey if we can sell him in january or swap him i would be delighted….to me chelsea is the perfect spot they need another homegrown mid and they can easily pay in january, i would propose a cheeky swap with odoi as soon as january this way they can get rid of one of bakayoko or drinkwater, or ship farbregas to italy, they will be buying a midfielder this january or this summer why not hand them ramsey on a plate!!

  2. jim wall says:

    Cant understand why people are against ramsey. He always runs for 90min its not hes fault the club gave ozil 350 grand a week. Well he did agree to 200 they are 3or 4 other players on that money he is at the club 10 years he wants to stay…

    1. ks-gunner says:

      He runs ( jogs) like headless chicken and produces nothing to make the likes of Ozil to play out of position. Walcott played also many games and never was he also any of use to us as well.

      1. Gunnerphyte says:

        Ramsey averages 15 goals+assists for the past 5 seasons in the epl alone! Thats impressive by any standards considering he is a CM. It would be such a blow if we were to lose him.
        I say give the man what he wants!

        1. Rorie Day says:

          “15 goals plus assists” for the past 5 seasons.

          Well that’s simply a terminological inexactitude

    2. gotanidea says:

      Because most people cannot imagine if they are the footballers and most humans have double standards

      Most fans would think that the footballers can dictate their clubs. In reality, the club is more powerful, they can decide whether a player should be released or sold

      I hope the other fans understand that Ramsey decided to stay and keep supporting him. Because I’m sure he will try his best to remain professional

  3. Trent says:

    I love Ramsey,especially because of his huge engine and tireless running for the 90mins of a game buh recently, he’s been largely anonymous in games and all that energy compared to Iwobi’s skill and drive is nothing as we all saw the immediate impact Iwobi had once Ramsey was taken off.
    I wouldn’t miss him, he ain’t scoring anymore or even putting in great work shifts so it’s clear, he can leave if he wants to.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Playing Ramsey into the ground would be disastrous on every possible level!

    1) It looks as if Arsenal will now try and sell him in January (which is the correct decision, given the current situation), and we risk losing out on a sale if Ramsey gets injured via playing too much. He has a history of hamstring issues from over playing, and could easily be out for 4-6 weeks, which would jeopardise any transfer. Clubs can still buy an injured player, but it will affect the price, and make it harder for us to sell.

    2) Ramsey isn’t even that good, and it doesn’t work with himself, and Ozil in the side. Playing Ramsey all the time, will just continue to have a negative impact on the team’s performances, and will also keep a player out of the team (e.g. Iwobi). With Ramsey NOT being the future of Arsenal, surely it’s time to give Ramsey’s regular starting spot to someone like Iwobi?

    3) By gradually giving Ramsey less playing time, or even none at all, just reinforces Emery’s leadership, and power over these group of players. No one is safe, even a star player like Ramsey. This keeps all the players on their toes, and Arsenal will benefit from that.

    4) Slowly fazing Ramsey out of the picture, is important for for team, because they’ll have plenty of time to adjust to not playing with him. Instead of playing him every minute, then boom! He’s suddenly gone, and the team then has to very quickly adjust to life without Ramsey.

    Overall, none of us want to see Ramsey leave on a free, so we must protect our asset to some degree. I would personally start him in our European games, and cup games, and bench him for the league. He could be decent option from the bench.

      1. ozziegunner says:


    1. AndersS says:


  5. ks-gunner says:

    Ramsey a second rate Dirk Kuyt, and if it wasnt for him being British and a Wenger favorite who made it his mission to force him into playing due of him snatching him out from Ferguson, he would be long gone.

    Do know that he has his fans but think for a sec. The guy feels entitled and wants more money even though he is out played by others in the team, and what more important, there is that other player who is running his contract out at Psg, Rabiot is his name who is 5 times the player he is. So there is someone we can replace him with and fix the mistake we have done by letting players running out their contracts. A no brainer

  6. LENOhappy says:

    &ks gunner,there is a saying that all that glitters are not gold,rabbiot may be a better player compare to ozil,but there was a particular granit xhaka,who was supposed to be an upgrade to all the players we have in the middle,yes I want Ramsey sold,won’t want to lose him for money but I believe we should give more opportunities to some of our youngsters than buy a player who is always injured like rabbiot,because believe me it will take a lot of money to find a player with the type of energy like Ramsey in this present market,apart from torrrera and guendozi,all our midfielders are rubbish,we have an in-consistent ozil who for some reason some believe he’s the best playmaker in the world,and average el neny who always likes to run and do back passes,an iwobi who is just picking some form,so we need to offload more than Ramsey

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Rabiot i only mentioned bec he could come for free. Besides i am rooting for Maitland-Niles to have his break through and become a starter at the club. The talent is there.

  7. jon fox says:

    Concerning the now thankfully sacked WENGER, one reason , among many, that he was so loathed by so many was that he constantly showed loyalty to those, like Sanchez, Nasri, Adebayor, RvP and other undeserving self centred players, who simply spat that loyalty back in his face and reneged on his solemn duty to show his prime loyalty to the FANS who are the lifeblood of our club. And any club , likewise! He constantly put his favourite names and ALSO of those of whom he feared their wrath BEFORE DOING WHAT WAS RIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF THE TEAM AND CLUB. This lack of guts to stand up for what was right and vital very much included his weakness with directors, esp Gazidis and of course Kroenke! Simply put, he went far out of his way to avoid ALL confrontations, even when necessary, and when some of those who were simply not performing or trying 100% needed a firm slap down. Fergie , who was our all time best British manager, always had the balls to do this. And it worked! Wenger had a fatal weakness; he hated disagreement and to successfully manage ANY huge club you have to be the one who is the boss. No one in City argues with Guardiola, as we all can clearly see. Only one man must must make FINAL decisions; the manager. You cannot run a team by player power or unofficial player committee, which I always thought Wenger did , to his and our detriment. Emery has already proven he is cut from far stronger cloth, so rejoice for that.
    As for Ramsey, Dan calls it correctly. Ramsey had a prolonged chance to sign a generous(too generous for his ability in most opinions) contract extension and chose not to so so, all the time trying to blackmail the club into paing still more. This self centred man has now , correctly , had his stupid bluff called and will be the loser by leaving within the next few months, or at latest by next summer, for pastures new , which means he will not be a regular at any big club who MAY, only may, wish to take him. He is no longer our concern and we should use him ,while he remains , quite ruthlessly and entirely for our own benefit, as Emery decides. He has made his greedy bed and will now have to lie on it. Most probably at Everton or West Ham level,IMO. He will go the same wy as the unlamented Walcott; serving for a decade or more but without future fan affection . His own choice and own fault , say I.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Article about Ramsey so Jon Fox is bound to talk about Wenger.
      This is becoming a constant, like the speed of light…

      No matter what article, where or when… Jon will moan about Wenger or players rather than engage in the current topic.

      If the players was just Wenger favourites then I guess Emery hasn’t played… oooh….

      Xhaka plays a lot, Bellerin plays a lot, Ramsey has played a lot… Guess it wasn’t just Wenger who seen something in these players, Emery does as well. Two coaches who have won stuff compared to an old git who would be at home playing Victor Meldrew.

      1. jon fox says:

        Midkemma, You are attracted to me and my comments like a moth is to a brilliant light. Why do you worship my way with words so much that you have to show your jealousy by always criticising me? Your comments about me say far more about YOU than they do about me. Just pointing out this truth.

        There is also something in a free country called freedom of opinion. Perhaps you may wish to reflect on that.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Wenger done that in his first ten years too, it served him well when he had capable men and bright talented youngsters playing the game. Freddie, Wiltord, even Bergkamp did not always play a good game, they’d have bad days from time. Wenger never dug out his players or openly criticized them. He tried to keep negative thoughts away and he’d massage their egos instead, that was his way. Mourinho openly blames players, hauls them off, points fingers. That used to work for him, but at Che and now utd its blown up in his face. If Wenger had the players, instead of having to sell them, it could still have worked for him doing his thing. The anti to his way, is not necessarily the answer, cause Mourinho has the players and spent the money, but he looks in trouble. If we cherry pick, we can come up with whatever answer we wish.

  8. AndersS says:

    I see several reasons, why we shouldn’t play him at all:

    – Sanchez and OX were clearly not motivated to play for us, when they were running their contracts down. Why should we think Ramsey is more motivated?

    – We can do without him

    – We can give players, that are with us long term, playing opportunities

    – We can teach him and others a lesson. If he is out of the team, his market value will drop, and he will not get paid as much to join another club

    – It will show the rest of the team, you are not rewarded, if you want out of the club

    1. ozziegunner says:


  9. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Pretty much sad about how this is going to end up with ramsey…sad that we would be getting next to nothing from his trade hopefully the last time this happens…I know he gets no love from most of us but he isn’t a bad player..if rumors are true he was worth 50m this last window….imaging what we could have done with 50m…and he is one player who despite his limitations gave is all(7/10)… Would we miss him?….nope… but we need to keep him fresh till January were we can hopefully trade him some something…
    OT.. why offer a contract only it cancel it later on…i mean we work with a budget so we obviously know how much we are willing to part with…we could easily have just stated the most we could offer instead of offering to much and cancelling later..

  10. RSH says:

    so possibly sacrifice results so whoever buys him will have a tired player? That’s just so incredibly cynical. And if he goes to a team abroad, then it’s incredibly pointless as well.

  11. Midkemma says:

    I’ll trust in Emery for tactics, if Emery picks him then I’ll support that decision, he has won more than any of us and he was the one hired… not one of us lot.

    As for Ramsey sale, I will leave that to the AFC board, if the board feel it is best to sell him to reinvest funds then I’ll support that, if the board end up offering him a new deal then I’ll support that.

    We have to trust Emery to do what he thinks is best, if he feels he can train a player then we have to trust him to train that player, only when failure has been hit should be be saying otherwise, CURRENTLY. Emery is still new to us and the EPL, we got to give him some time.

    As for sales, Raul is taking over and he has a proven track record, better than me and anyone else on these threads… We may not agree but we do not know the new direction of the board, we do not know how well Raul can do for us as the head of football. We have to give him his chance as well.

    I will be watching with interest.

  12. Grandad says:

    Very sensible comments Third Man.

  13. waal2waal says:

    over the years…arsenal were (and in many ways are) renowned for producing “attractive” football. whether real OR perceived i struggle to see where ramsey contributes to this popular perception? I struggle to see him as an “unsung” arsenal hero – truth is he called arsenal’s bluff and he called it wrong as now (for him) the exit door awaits so as emery’s new invigorated arsenal can morph into shape.

  14. Declan says:

    Stupid headline. No no no, just let him rot in the under 23s or reserves whatever they are called these days. Whatever we do he is not going to be sold in January as he will say no to hold out for a free in the summer.

    1. Phil says:

      Well I hope he is able to keep himself fit and raring to go at West Ham or Everton next season.No other Top 6 English Club needs him and if he goes abroad I struggle to see who will buy him from European Top Clubs.Good Player.Not a great player.Another who will soon miss us more than we will miss him.

      1. Phil says:

        Also a great opportunity for AMN when he is fit.I hope Emery slowly introduces him back into the side as this boy COULD be a revelation in the New Year.

  15. Chiza says:

    Ramsey is a loyal player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Chiza, also Arsenal was loyal to him through his many injury periods. What did that count for with Aaron Ramsey?
      He tried to bluff Arsenal and lost. It will be interested to see who comes knocking on the door in January and then later when he is available free. Oxlade Chamberlain and Wilshere, two other injury prone players haven’t fared too well.

  16. AB says:

    Team should be selected based on merit and performance, not based on whether a person is leaving or staying. Based on the current performance levels, my opinion is that Ramsey should be dropped.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I agree, even before the contract switcheroo he didn’t look sharp enough. I would’ve thought his goal-scoring chances would’ve improved by playing further up. But that’s not the case, I think he prefers arriving late in the box or at least not to be first or second into the box. Also his assists aren’t the deft touch forward type, he usually just tees it up for someone, so he’s not really looking suited to that role. Even his pressing is not as strong as some might have thought. He’s pressing, and Lacazette, but Ozil and Auba aren’t really timing it with them, it doesn’t look calculated/coordinated enough.

  17. LENOhappy says:

    I sense there is more going on between midkemma and Jon fox,but whatever it is let’s handle it like mature men.i don’t care if Ramsey plays or not,all I know is he’s replaceable,no one player is more than a club,I just don’t want us to make the mistake of giving average players a contract that are not worth it,ozil should be the last,no one is complaining about Messi or the Ronaldo’s of this world,even harzard at Chelsea because they are worth it..

    1. jon fox says:

      Then you and I agree LENO happy.

  18. Break-on-through says:

    Tott and Liv fans are saying get us Ramsey. Some Liv fans called him our most talented player, possibly going by last season’s MOTD. Tott and Liv both seem to think we’ve stumped his career some what, and Liv think he’ll be a better goal scorer playing in their team. Liv fans rarely speak badly of their own though, I never met one in person who talked trash about his teams players, and I’ve known more Liv fans than any other side including our own. So it’s not surprising hearing them say he’ll improve with them the way Oxlade has. The only thing that improved for Oxlade is his well wishers, he doesn’t receive the criticism he constantly faced with us supporting the team.

    1. jon fox says:

      Cos he has not played for ages. THAT IS WHY! It is a myth to to think that Liverpool fans always support their players , no matter what. They don’t! Yes, they love things at the moment, as they are doing well, but they are like any other fans in criticising their own when things don’t go as well as they think they ought.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        jon, I’ll never forget the criticism Craig Johnston received for leaving Liverpool after 271 appearances, 40 goals, 5 league titles and 1 FA Cup win to return to Lake Macquarie NSW to care for his very ill sister.

        1. jon fox says:

          Of course ozzie. SOME FOLK SEEM TO THINK FANS HAVE DIFFERENT NATURES IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. eg, nasty and mean in London , warm and lovely, seeing no wrong anywhere in their team , if up North. I have travelled extensively around much of the world and frankly, I SEE LITTLE DIFERENCE IN HUMAN NATURE ANYWHERE, AT A CORE LEVEL. WHAT IS DIFFERENT IS CUSTOMS, CULTURE , LANGUAGE. BUT HUMAN NATURE? NO WAY. I want to ask those who say our fans are different from Liverpool fans, exactly where on the road up North do they start being nicer. Watford Gap maybe? Or just North of Birmingham perhaps? It really is so uneducated for those dumb folk to think as they do.

  19. Grandad says:

    Spot on Phil.AMN has a great future as a midfielder.

    1. Phil says:

      @Grandad-I’m convinced this boy has everything going for him to be an outstanding footballer for both Arsenal AND England.I love his composure and confidence but he must be played as a Central Midfielder.There is nothing wrong with a young player getting some game time but AMN is past that.I would have him in a midfield three with Torreira and Xhaka/Guendonzi with NO place for Ramsey.He didn’t want to sign so we move on without him.AMN is more than capable of replacing and out-performing him so let’s get him in the side as soon as the lad is ready.

  20. JJPawn says:

    Swap Ramsay for a defensive player…


    or maybe Ramsay for Alexis, both would benefit? Alexis gets 200K from Arsenal and balance from United for the duration of the contract. Reuniting Alexis with Ozil would ignite poor Arsenal attack that is now relying on luck.


  21. There is only one guy who I think can replace Ramsey, and he is dortmund,’s political. He works the number 22.He is very mobile scores goals

    1. Correction
      Dortmund ‘s Pulisic

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