Arsenal should be scared of Everton and Walcott? Really???

Everton were unbeaten for this season and level on points with Arsenal before their shock home defeat to West Ham last week, but does that mean we should be wary of them bouncing back at the Emirates tomorrow? Unai Emery obviously thinks so. He said: “They have a very big history and a good coach with good players too. Their start has been good with lots of good moments in their games, and other moments like in their last match against West Ham.

“They didn’t win that important match [against West Ham] but maybe this is why they can be more dangerous to us because they come here and need to show their supporters that they are better than the last match. They lost against West Ham and they want to show us, to show their supporters, that they can win here. We need to think about our performance and work hard with respect to Everton, knowing that they have good players and good tactics. We need to impose ourselves on the game.”

And we will impose ourselves, of that I have no doubt. Marco Silva may be a good manager, but if he couldn’t beat the Hammers at home he is hardly going to be a threat to Arsenal at the Emirates. The Gunners scored ten goals in our two games against them last season and they have a huge inferiority complex when it comes to us. This feeling is probably not helped by having not won at Arsenal for over 20 years!

But good old Theo Walcott reckons that this Everton team can finish above us, which is probably just sour grapes because he wasn’t good enough to make it here. He said: ‘I genuinely believe, the football we are playing, the way the manager can take us is above Arsenal and more. That’s the reason I joined the club, with the young talent coming through and the signings. I feel like we’re nearly there, I really do.’

Really Theo??? Get a grip mate.

Sam P


  1. Phil says:

    Theo Walcott is one of these footballers that I find it really difficult to say anything good about at all.He was bought by Wenger for his potential and you can’t blame our ex manager for that.What you can blame Wenger for is continually putting his trust in a player that failed to deliver any type of consistent performance that justified his place in the team for so long.Of course he had good spells.That is not in question.He was capable of frightening teams with his pace (Barcelona at home on a few occasions) But for someone who seemed to have everything he in fact had very little.He had NO football brain at all.His finishing was wasteful at best.His attitude was non existent. The abuse and criticism aimed at Mesut Ozil was never directed at Walcott.Wenger never accepted he was flogging a dead horse with Walcott and continued to pamper to him no matter what.It was one of Wengers worst ever decisions to give the player a contract far higher and longer than what his actual worth to the side warranted.
    And now Walcott feels he is at a Club that is better than Arsenal?With more ambition than Arsenal?
    There is a reason he was sold.It was because he was not good enough.The truth is he never was.Thats why he is at Everton.

  2. Sue says:

    He honestly thinks Everton are better than us???? Jesus!!

  3. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal have to beware of Everton’s direct balls to Walcott and Richarlison. They struggled in the first half at Saint James Park, because Benitez knew Arsenal usually do not track the opponent’s runners properly

    Another potent threat is the towering set-piece scorer in Yerry Mina. Unless they start Mavropanos, I am worried that Arsenal would be conceded from the corners

  4. Declan says:

    I think Walcott and Richarlison will both score in a 2-2 draw, with Auba and Iwobi for us.

  5. Sue says:

    Well done Wolves! Come on Brighton

  6. Muktia says:

    We played walcott wrongly. He has good pace. But we lack of passing the turn over ball direct to his path .. We wasted his pace. I am sorry that everton utilizes his pace properly

  7. aubamezzette says:

    Monreal got Walcott, im more worried about Richarlison vs Bellerin n Mustafi. … can we pls play Lichsteiner in RCB n Torreira is also needed in DM.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Sure!, go for it buddy.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ??Arsenal got a great player from Everton in the late England international World Cup winning midfielder Alan Ball Jr MBE at the then record transfer fee of £220,000 in 1971.
        208 games and 66 goals for Everton and 177 games and 45 goals for Arsenal. Alan would walk into either side if playing today.

  8. ozziegunner says:

    Theo Walcott won’t endear himself to anyone at Arsenal, when he claimed he didn’t enjoy his football, when he was pandered to left and right and rarely performed except when approaching contract negotiations.

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