Arsenal should buy two strikers and offload deadweight!

Following the completion of Granit Xhaka’s signature, Arsenal need to concentrate on strengthening our weakest links of the campaign.

We are gearing up for a busy summer, with Kieran Gibbs likely to push to leave the club, while Tomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta have already confirmed their exits at the end of their respective contracts.

Swiss international Xhaka is expected to be a confirmed in the coming days, giving us plenty of options in midfield, leaving us to concentrate on adding goals to our side.

Arsene Wenger has already confirmed that Olivier Giroud will start the new season as the first-choice forward, but that does not mean he will not be bringing in some rivals for his position.

We are strongly linked with a move for Alvaro Morata at present, but with reports claiming that we would be relying on Real Madrid activating a buy-back clause for him, before selling him on for a profit, seems rather far-fetched.

Another top striker in Romelu Lukaku has refused to commit his future to Everton, and only yesterday was quoted as saying he expects to leave the club.The young star could become a club legend at Arsenal, and has already shown how consistently he can hit the back of the net, even in an under-performing side.

We need at least one addition to cover the loss of Danny Welbeck to injury, and with supposed interest in Theo Walcott, we should jump at the chance to offload him and bring in a younger star with the potential to do great things, and I have hand-picked two who could easily replace him.

Another forward who is thoroughly expected to leave his club is Arsenal target Michy Batshuayi. His club Marseille have already confirmed that he will leave in the close-season, with London clubs West Ham and Tottenham also linked. Michy played his part in 31 goals this term, including scoring 22, and at only 22, could also have a very bright future within the game.

Vincent Jansson may not be as well known to many of you as the others, but he has probably had the best season of the lot! He has scored a huge 27 goals in 34 appearances for AZ Alkmaar in Holland’s Eredivisie this season, in what was only his first term with the club. The 21 year-old has been a first-team regular over the past three years, and also netted an impressive 29 goals in 69 outings for Almere City in the Dutch second tier previously. He is known to score with either foot or with his head, and this kind of all-round ability should not be undermined.

Which two would you take? Does Jansson deserve to be in the first group?

Patrick J

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  1. JAnson, but I dream to Pierre Eric Aubamoyang or Lewadobsky!!! (NO 12GOALS MORATA!!!!)

    1. @Buttflaps
      Janssen may be 2 footed, but watching videos of him, he moves like Giroud…Weird.

    2. You’re getting there mate, last time it was James ‘Lebondobski’ and now its ‘Lewadobsky’ walker! ?
      Maybe wenger will sign Lewandowski when you get it right!
      He is probably pulling his hair out, looking for the player you want! ??

    3. With the tv deals he could go buy both quite easy and why not so let’s have a front line better then Barcelona. Then all we need is a left back and world class CB like stones

  2. Milik is dubbed as the new Lewandowski and thats about the closest we’re going to get to the real thing.
    I would like to see Milik and Jansenn at Arsenal, even if they cost £20 million each that would be better than spending £51 million on Morata.

    Apparently Mane is available for £18 million, I would snap him up at that price, he is still in his early twenties, so theres room for improvement and his better than Walcott ??

    1. I don’t think there’s a reason to spend big on overrated Morata or strikers that only want to go to Madrid. Dortmund and Atletico are able to find top class forwards for decent prices and we can do the same. And by decent price I don’t mean a Sanogo or Giroud but an actual player with speed and skill that has proven to have the mentality of a goal scorer, key words being “speed”, “skill” and “MENTALITY”.

      1. Jackson Martinez was a recent 35 Million Euro striker flop at Atletico & Ciro Immobile a recent 18 million striker flop at Dortmund- it’s not that easy!

        1. True but Atletico had Torres then replaced him with Aguero then replaced him with Falcao then replaced him Costa and now have Griezmann. And Dortmund got Reus, Lewandowski and Aubameyang 😛

  3. With no incoming striker confirmed yet it was important for Wenger to reassure those who are there & on top of it a player like Giroud who “finished the season strong”. Walcott as well who unless specified otherwise by official sources, is still at the club.
    Now this is where it gets tricky: Giroud is a good player, has progressed every year since he arrived at the club with immaculate link up play & strong aerial game (which is why we play a lot indirect free kicks). The only problem is that although he finds himself in great position he fails to convert frequently enough & always had dry spells at critical moment. Not exactly the sign of a #1 striker. To rebound on a previous articles if you go for a #1 option: Lukkaku/Aubameyang/Higuain/Morata would all fit the bill & they would all commend a huge fee! Ones would be more accessible than others.
    Now if we offload Walcott which I believe has had another underwhelming season than bringing in a 2nd striker would be a must and this is where the 2 players: Arkadiusz Milik & Vincent Janssen that could have the time to adapt and provide another option for Wenger!!
    I personally don’t see Wenger buying 2 strikers in the same window but if 1/2 mentioned above feels that it’s time for him to move on for various reasons then he’ll probably have no choice more so if the club is able to get between 15-20m which is exactly how much Arkadiusz Milik & Vincent Janssen would cost.

    1. Three options :

      1. Buy a striker that will be first choice, make Giroud a back-up striker and sell Walcott.

      2. Buy a wide forward that scores goals, make Sanchez CF, Giroud as back up and sell Walcott.

      3. Buy a wide forward that scores goals, convert to CF, make Giroud back-up and sell Walcott.

      1. Mane at a bargin £18 million fits that wide forward position.
        Mahrez at a reported £35-£40 million.
        Leicester City are happy to sell Vardy for £20 million,
        Personally, I wouldn’t touch that Beavis and Butt-head character with a barge Pole! ?

        Mourinho wants Koscielny and kante at Utd,
        Ibrahimovic is apparently heading there.

        Morata wants Arsenal move, I suppose that has nothing to do with offering him double wages!

        1. Morata wants Arsenal move ? And Koscielny to Utd is NEVER gonna happen lmao who does Mourinho think he is ?

          Personally I’m not disappointed in missing out on Ibrahimovic cause he’s just a short term solution and we need a long term one. But Mahrez sounds like the best option but the question is will he turn out to be a one season wonder ? I think Mane or the Dutch player sounds more realistic. Wenger has a thing for finding Dutch gems 😉

  4. We might actually need 2 strikers and Walcott (I know I bash him a lot but) is not 1 of them.

    Read reports saying Mourihno wants Ibrahimovic and Benzema, with talks already started with Ibra helped on by super agent Jorge Mendes. Also that City will also begin talks with Aubameyang after completing the deal for Gundogan. Lukaku almost look set to return to Chelsea or maybe even Bayern so I wouldn’t disregard talks of us going for Morata just yet. Wenger did say Giroud will be the #1 striker next season because of all those I listed Morata is the only 1 Giroud could keep out unless Morata proves otherwise. Still would love us to get Mahrez though, him and Alexis would work wonders for us on both wings.

  5. Is chicarito injured, i would personally love it if we signed him pl proven and exactly what we need a fox in the box

  6. Converting an Eredivisie striker into an EPL striker is notoriously difficult. Need I say Memphis Depay and Jozy Altidore to drive home this point? Even RVP needed years to adapt his game and develop until he got good enough to consistently produce for us. So if we’re in for this Jansson dude, don’t expect him to immediately contribute much. He’d be a project. Maybe even loan him out somewhere to a Championship side for a year so he can learn how physical English football is.

    1. What’s the point of even buying a player if he will go straight to loan?? Championship for that matter.
      How about AKPOM if that is the case?????
      We need someone who will be with an instant impact.

  7. When you look at Jansson you know he is not one denominational player the dude is Arsenal material with the chances we make I am sure he will reach the 40 mark goals scored Jansson is a two footed player and scores from any angle from in the box and out side the box he is tall enough for headers and he has scored some nice ones using his head his distribution is good as well I really hope MR Wenger will sign him
    With Jansson Campbell and Sanchez and 12 they will bombard the Premier league to submission

  8. I think the signing of Granit Xhaka is for replacement purpose rather than to make a statement of intent signing by the Boss like when he signed Ozil and Alexis.
    The fears in some quarters are, Arsenal may not sign another player again this summer after they’ve signed Xhaka just as they did in the last summer window when they signed only Petr Cech.

    It has been reported in the media that only the sum of £57m has been made available to the Gunners’ Boss by the Arsenal board to do his summer transfer business. And over £30m out of that his summer transfer kitty has been used in signing Xhaka. Thus leaving less than £27m to do other summer transfer business.

    If we are lucky, the Boss may buy a top striker of £20m price tag from the sum that is left. Arsenal don’t at the moment have the money they can use to buy audaciously in the market like to buy a £50m tagged target. Arsenal money in the bank has been tied down as qualatra by the banks for the loan they took from them to build the Ems.

    So not until Arsenal have finished paying their Ems project debt would they be free to use their money as they wish. But there could be a silver lining in the horizon for us if the TV right money is shared out before the summer window is closed. Arsenal could then spend out of that money to buy any top top quality players they want.

  9. I think the time for giroud to have a perfect competition has come, welbeck/Sanchez is not a striker for me they loves to play wide enough having a lewandoski and lukaku sell giroud. Buy Mahrez/walcott, loan out ox let him go out there and learn football and sell Campbell. As for me I would love to see lukaku at Arsenal, that guy is a complete player, has speed, scores with both football, heading. He is just on point and has age on his side. And as for Gabriel that boy needs to learn fast, he shows no confidence when I see him play, koshenly should tutor him well enough and get benatia to replace mertasacker he is outdated but he is needed in the dressing room and sell Gibbs get a younger replacement who is good enough to step into monreal shoes when he lives.

  10. Hence my call for Jansson but then we will be short for a defender from my own analysis of the season we were shay in the attacking department and we were gifting opponents goals on set pieces so we need 2 players whether we have the funds or not a defender and a striker are very much essential requirements to progress a head

  11. You guys really forgot that we are talking about Wenger and Kroenke here,Wenger might suggest it but Kroenke would never approve of it. Ever seen Wenger signing two players for the same position and purpose in the same season?

  12. @samuel akinsola adebosin, arsenal have all the money they need and more to make more than 1 marquee signing/very good ones and believe that they will this time around!!i don,t know where you got that 57millions figures and that all arsenal money in the bank was” tied up”,as recently as 3 weeks ago it was reported(as per the swiss ramble)that arsenal had the biggest cash reserves in world football of 159millions and this was without taking into account the tv,s rights money which this year is being paid earlyer before the transfer window opens with arsenal topping the list ahead of leicester(93mils) with 101millions(figures confirmed by the premier league).

  13. OT:is it me or every time i read transfer rumours involving the world,s”big” clubs they all insert “buy back” clauses when selling players??may be it,s time for us to start doing it too do you agree??

  14. We buy one striker and we bring Akpom back in the first team. Sell Walcott while we can. We have plenty of backup. The reason why Wenger talks about keeping walcott is to drive up the price.

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