Arsenal should cash-in on Folarin Balogun in January (Opinion)

Folarin Balogun appears no closer to agreeing terms with Arsenal on a new contract, so the club should cut their losses and concentrate their time on other youngsters.

The young American forward has impressed when given his chance to feature in the first-team, and while he is exciting to see don our famous red and white, why should we give him the time of day?

Yes, Balogun does look like he has what it takes to make his mark for the senior side in the near future, but if he isn’t willing to wait for his chances like everyone else, and wont sign a new deal, why should we keep him?

We have the opportunity to sell him in the coming window, and I don’t see why we should overlook the opportunity.

Liverpool are claimed to be holding an interest in signing the 19 year-old, and we will be powerless to stop such a move if he makes it to the end of the season without signing a new deal, and I would hate to see such a thing happen.

Teams in the Bundesliga are claimed in The Athletic as an enticing option for the young forward, and surely it would be better to have a say in his next destination, even if we cannot persuade him to stay at the Emirates.

Now I know most of you want nothing more than to see him break into the first-team and prove his worth, but if he is as far from signing a new deal with the club that is being reported, then I don’t see why we should allow him to hold the club to ransom, nor do we want to see him stab us in the back by joining a rival either.

Do you think a sale next month would be best for all concerned? Does he deserve to be playing regularly for the senior? Possibly ahead of Nketiah?


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  1. Dont underStand why we won’t sell him with a buy back option.

    Its clear he wants to stay but can’t come to terms with the contract. So if he moves away, does well, we should be able to buy him back and then offer the lucrative contract he’s after.

    1. Have to disagree. We should try even harder to keep him. Better to give him money than Willian, and all the other lazy loungers. His value will go up and up in the future. Then we don’t have to buy OAP’s who have no value after a couple of years. He is an out and out goal scorer and Laca and Auba are getting on. Just IMHO.

    2. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. we should be careful the way we negotiate with him, like not giving the impression that he is not as important and good enough. In my opinion, I would play him ahead of Nketiah. I think he is quality, and we should show interest and belief in him to make him stay, because if there is space for him in Liverpool, there should be space too in Arsenal for him.

  2. Sell him if he doesn’t want to extend. We’ve had similar strikers like Benik Afobe/ Chuba Akpom and they’re still struggling

    We need a unique attacker that makes us able to change our plan in the second halves of the games, not another jack-of-all-trades. Abraham was the second best in aerial duels last night with 8 duels/ 6 won and the second most productive shooter with 3 shots/ 1 on target

    1. Left footed strikers are most deadly.. So you can compare akpom/afobe to him

      Defending against left footed strikers is double the job of right footed players..

      Also they easily confuse goal keepers

        1. Over the last 4 or so years Liverpool have been very prudent in spending while getting maximum results for the little cash spent…

          THE FACT THAT LIVERPOOL IS INTERESTED IN HIM, SHOULD SEND, RINGING BELLS IN YOUR HEAD.. Liverpool management is what arsenals was under Wenger, very very smart buys… We lack such eagle eyes now.. So if their eyes are on him, id say double keep him

          1. Nero Exactly if Liverpool are interested then you say WHOA we will do everything to keep him you sell him to the pool and he becomes a star we will be a selling club with the other stars that we sold

      1. Most deadly like who? Henry? Ronaldo? Romario? Drogba? Van Nistelrooy? Raúl? Ibra? Agüero? And so on?
        Sorry but that’s nonsense…the deadly of a striker is given by tecnique, intelligence, composure and other atributes, not what Is his strong leg. Even if that were true, i think ambidiestrixy would be the atribute u were looking for, and right footed players are more suit for that than left footed

        1. Lol, the fact that a man called messi exists supports my assertions and rubbishes yours

          Eduardo at arsenal is another example…

          It easy for you to make such a list like you listed above because 98 percent of footballers are right footed..

          I repeat left footed STRIKERS are tje hardest… To tackle, predict etc. Obafemi Martins.. Adriano, to mention a few these guys on their day will take thr best defense suffer

      2. “Left footed strikers are most deadly”

        Wow..just wow…Whatever you are on is not going well with you…outlandish assumption

        1. At Mark . make points not noise.. State facts… I stated my facts.. Not gibberish.. Talk like your doing..

          @sean is pepe a striker? Is mahrez a striker?.. Smh when did you start watching football.. Evidently you don’t know much.. But if i may enlighten you.

          Raul (ex arsenal manager, defrauded arsenal, with pepe buy, as an excuse, thats as plain as it is)

          Fyi, but pepe isn’t a striker..

          Another left footed defense terror, mo Salah..

    2. I think so too
      Because the system MA is using needs someone who is good in the air and hold ups so someone with good height and physique would be great for our main striker.
      I also wont mind strikers like aguero,cavani or suarez because its all about positioning,runs and technique with them

  3. Christmas wish would be keeping Balogun and shipping out Nketiah. Balogun has good touch, composure, finishes well, and links & assists.

    Everything Nketiah is not. How he still gets chances is shocking; scandalous how he plays ahead of Balogun.

    Perhaps Balogun was deserving of more chances; but it’s in his own hands now.

    1. Durand, as ever sound sense from my USA friend. Reading many comments on here all saying much the same as you and I of course agree. Just do not see any real potential in young Eddie who at Prem level ,looks out of his depth.


      1. Yes Jon we agree on quite a few things. Balogun is a better ST than Nketiah; Edie just can’t deliver like Balogun.

        Also ESR was the hardworking 10 we’ve been crying out for. He found pockets, linked well, and pressed like a champ.

        I hope to see Saka, Martinelli, and ESR all start the next match. They brought the hunger and desire we have lacked lately on the pitch.

    2. I guess Eddie is suited for a more poacher intensive role. He needs work on his finishing and ball control, but I think after Martinelli and Saka he is the one who presses the hardest in our team. He can be prolific with a taller striker with better hold-up play to play off from.

    3. selling him would be another big mistake remember Granaby? considered not good enough for Arsenal so he signed for a small team Bayern Munich, they are only Champions of Europe.

  4. Am sure you are part of the people blaming board for selling Martinez to keep Leno.
    Do you guys understand contract talks and bids at all?

  5. Be a big mistake to let this kid go hes better than neketiah in every department and would rather sell him and get balogun involved more in 1st team action!

  6. Extend him with a clear plan, let him knox & feel he is important.

    To wake up on this now seems late as hr can pick his club in January.

    This would the biggest mistake with a academy player; he is the best 18 year old CF in Europe.

    Has an amazing future ahead of him and his name Ball’oGun is very big sign, i think this kid can be an Arsenal legend.

    Give a nice contract and send him on loan as of this winter, many clubs can use him in a regular manner in Europe , send him to Viera in Nice, or in Germany, Italy can work as well to fullfill his devellopment.

    Nketiah been poorly handle, so does Niles just before him,. Then Willock, Rowe

    They should be playing EPL for a year now., come in or start almost every game.

    Nelson develloped & played more in Germany in half of a seaso’, than he did since he came back 1 season and a half ago.

    He was eyed as a Sancho, emulating his boy, growing & doing so well that we had to bring him back for that.

    But, sign Pepe to play befote him and add Willian.

    The transition process to first team is not well managed; Bellogun situation is as Saka before, forced to get him on team ro’ a egular. Took that for us to realize how good he is anf age has nothing to do when it comes to talent.

    No, we must keep him and stop setting wrong exemple. If Bellogun looks at Nelson Nketiah Rowe ahead of him, he can not be reassured, but fear to end up where they at in 2 or,3 years.

    Buying back option should be inserted in every academy players 1st contract.
    Common sense, put ressources, time and see them shine elswhere, sold for 50M is nuts, to keep doing so is beyond retarded…Saka now Bellogun! Rowe , Nelson, Willock will be left with a year…

    Keep our next Big gun home, ballogun is our next big gu’!

  7. Selling Martinez seems like a mistake but please remember that the funds were used to help fund the purchase of Partey who will almost certainly end up being a big player for us even if he has been unlucky with injuries so far

  8. It will be devastating to sell Balogun. This will be serge Gnabry mark 2. Nketiah should go to League 1 to get buffeted around cause i honestly dont see what this kid brings to the team apart from tap in’s. Balogun on the other hand is all round dynamic, technically, physically, a good dribbler and an eye for goal. If the rumours are true that Liverpool are sniffing around, it will be a travesty and a big mistake to let him go

  9. Another issue with our club we tend to hold onto players who don’t need but get rid of the ones we need or are for the future. Same old same old Arsenal.

    1. Well said. I hear Liverpool want him. Go figure. Arteta gives useless Nketiah game after game to keep roving he is not fit for purpose. Yet the lad Balogun looks way better each time we see him in cameo appearances… What a poorly run club. Gnabry, Bennacer, Malen, Reine-Adelaide come to mind.

      1. I find it hard enough watching Martinez in a Villa shirt, it would nearly finish me off if Balogun has a successful career at Lib especially on a free.

  10. The problem is though Mohsan, if he decides that he is not being offered the terms he wants /deserves and the club think the opposite, it’s stalemate.

    To lose yet another player, who we know is creating lots of interest, for nothing would be criminal – so I believe we should sell him and not be held to ransom once again.

  11. Why are we thinking of selling Bolagun, when Arsenal is going to be needing him in the starting line-up soon. He has the qualities to develop into a top striker in the premier league, given his achievements thus far at the youth levels. Lacazette will be thirty next year and with less than two years left on his contract, Arsenal must cash in on him in the summer transfer window. Also, we are already seeing the signs of Aubameyang losing pace. In January, Arsenal should register both Bolagun and Saliba on the premier league and Europa league squads , replacing Kolasinac and Mustafi ,who are both set to be leave. They must be given opportunities to play matches too. These youngsters are very talented and have the desire and passion for the club. They are hungry to make a name for themselves and to help club they love. Arsenal must not repeat that mistake again and sell these jewels. Instead, Arsenal must keep them and expose them with play time needed for their further development. Remember, lack of opportunities will frustrate anyone. The Chelsea match and Europa games are reminders of the youngsters talent and skill. Arteta ,please make more use of Arsenals own,instead of your favorites Willian and Ceballos.

  12. Where does arteta fit into this situation? Why can’t you give this player some minutes to see exactly where he’s at in the Premier League? From what I’ve seen of him I agree with grandad

  13. If he doesn’t want to sign a new contract there’s not much the club can do to keep him. Why play him if he wants to leave? Surely it’s far better to play and help develop a youngster who wants to stay. I imagine Liverpool want to sign him for free and sell him for a handsome profit in a year or two. They did this with Solanke a few years ago.

  14. He wants to leave because arteta won’t give him any minutes he’ll play the worthless Eddie n while this kid watches on

  15. Sell him for what in January? Peanuts.

    Let him go to pool or some other club that will make use of his talents?

    Does this guy have the potential to be another “The Jeff?”

    Get this kid signed for goodness sakes!

        1. Exactly Aaron. That’s all any young player with a point to prove wants. Playing time. We saw that with saka and the club did right by him and he’s since rewarded that week in, week out. They couldn’t do that with Martinez, making a mistake with saliba too and still haven’t learnt and doing similar with Balogun. We seem to get 20 decisions wrong for every decision we get right

      1. Ken, it’s a problem that we keep looking for excuses for the club. This was the same excuse we used for Martinez only to replace him with iceland’s second choice. We keep saying what if he wants more money, bla bla. At this level, what this kid wants similar to what Martinez wanted was more playing time when the whole world could see they were better than who was starting games ahead of them. There was a time we were at risk of losing saka too, we came up with the same excuse for the club that all he wanted was more money when all he wanted was playing time, he got that and signed a contract extension. And I’m talking about the good young players not getting game time. If martinelli starts to get overlooked again once all the senior players are fit, I won’t be surprised if he refuses to sign an extention due to lack of playing time even if he has shown to be better than those ahead of him. Then we’d come up with an excuse for the club again, saying he wanted too much and he should be sold. And I’m saying this for the young quality players we have that are not being given the chances they need.

  16. please kept him whatever it takes. he is a wonderkid like Martinelli, a generational talent. If you can keep the overpriced, useless players like mustafi, kolasinac, and sokratis why not him. give him contract he can not resist please.

  17. It’s a no brainer. Eddie’s been tried and found wanting. If this kid, Balogun has real potential he should be given every opportunity. Arsenal have lost enough promising young players because of our inability to get rid of deadwood. As the three kids demonstrated against Chelsea, do we really need the tired, overpaid old men who are holding back the development of the younger players? From all the rumours around though, Arsenal may have already lost their man.

  18. Depends on what he is demanding exactly? Arteta has been ruthless with players demanding play time. He should be playing in epl instead of eddie though so we can find out his true worth.

    1. Arteta will be our downfall! Dont known why he keeps giving Neketiah chance after chance when even leeds manager and didnt rate him and benched him till we recalled him

  19. Everyone knows that folarin Balogun is way better than Nketia.
    Only MA thinks so…

    Everyone knows that willock is not good for arsenal, only MA thinks so…

  20. Patience and gentle persuasion will do the trick, he is still a child and I am sure Miel knows what to do, he did with all the other players who were in a similar position in the recent past.
    If we value the player enough to keep him, then keep him; whatever his request maybe could be well looked into, He has not said he does not want to play for us any longer so that is where the difference lie, sort him out and keep him for the long term, that was why we brought him in, in tye first place, it makes no sense letting him go without achieving our original aim.

    1. Nope.. Mikel does not know what to do.. He wont give gim a chance he will treat him the same as martenelli and balogun… Martenelli only ever started because arteta was forced to due to injueries and suspensions!

  21. Balogun and his peer from the academy are supposed to be the foundation of the team in a few years. …. some are being integrated and some have done well…….John Jules and Balogun with Nketia are part of that group……Saka moved up quickly and probably the best and most important player in the team…….keeping most of these guys must be a priority and there are enough games and competitions to do that.

  22. I’m pretty sure he will be another Gnabry if he leaves. And I don’t think we can afford another Gnabry. And to let such a potential leave to any Prem club is a crime.

    In the few games he’s been given the chance, he’s shown to be more capable of scoring than Nketiah so I don’t really see why Balogun not ahead already.

  23. Arsenal needs a young striker. In 3 years time Balogun will be a name people worship. It is stupid to continue trying to offer scraps to the best young striker we have. From what I hear this is the problem. He wants to play for us – he is not the one with an attitude. His agent refuses for him to get the abusive treatment Arsenal has come to be known for when it comes to the young players. How can we keep the ‘infirmary players’ so happy and mistreat the most lethal and aggressive young ones. If Balogun is sold and comes back to haunt us I am going to be very rebellious like a 2-year-old.

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