Arsenal should definitely try for more Man City players this summer, especially Gundogun

There are numerous reasons why Arsenal returned to compete for the Premier League title last season after years of being out of contention The arrival of Oleksander Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus is one of them. Last summer, the two Manchester City boys arrived and simply drove Arteta’s Arsenal project to the next level.

They empowered the Gunners to challenge for the Premier League title but Arsenal fell short following a dismal run towards the end of the season that saw them finish second. Arteta now has a significant summer ahead of him, one in which he can make some adjustments to his team to be ready to steal the Manchester City crown next season.

Given the success of Arsenal’s raid on Manchester City in the 2022–23 season, one would wonder, “Why can’t Arteta return to City for another Zinchenko or Jesus signing?” I’m not sure about you, but I’d encourage the Arsenal manager to take his search for quality summer additions back to Manchester City.

Arteta is said to already be interested in two players: Joao Cancelo and Ilkay Gundogan. Regarding the two, I have a feeling that Gundogan is more likely to join Arsenal than Cancelo because the Gunners already have options for his positions when Zinchenko and Tomiyasu return to fitness.

Let’s say Arsenal signs Gundogan, whose brace helped Manchester City beat their rivals Manchester United 2-1 in the FA Cup, to set up a Community Shield clash with Arsenal.

So, if his Man City steal is not followed by Cancelo’s, who else should Arteta attempt to sign at City?

Aymeric Laporte is another player Arsenal could steal from City to bolster their defence. The Spaniard has been linked with a move away from Etihad; why not recruit him with Gundogan and give Arteta two seasoned talents to steer his project to glory?

Daniel O

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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  1. Gundogan will be 33 this year and I don’t think he has the stamina to work as hard as Xhaka did. Jorginho is also old, slow and small, but he doesn’t play box-to-box CM

    Cancelo would likely bench Zinchenko, but Guardiola benched him out because he made too many defending mistakes. The inverted-LB role doesn’t really require an excellent defender, but I don’t think Arteta will sign a 29-year-old attacking fullback, unless he’d be available for maximum £25m

    As for Laporte, we’ve got three left-footed CBs, so I think Arsenal won’t sign another one. To weaken Man City, we need to steal their hot prospects, such as Cole Palmer

  2. Mac Allister to Liverpool basically done.

    Liverpool are always very quick with their business, no messing around.

  3. I’d take Cancelo and Gundogan in a heartbeat. Yes Gundogan is getting on but he destroyed United with his brilliance last Saturday and that shows he can still do the business right now. Also he seems like such an intelligent and talented guy that his presence and knowledge could be very beneficial to our players. Ofcourse it is questionable as to whether he would want another challenge, or indeed if he would want to leave City, as I think Guardiola probably wants to keep him.
    As for Cancelo, he might rather go to one of the Spanish giants, but if he came to us I’d be very pleased. It’s strange to me how so many Arsenal fans seem to have no appetite for him and I wonder if that’s because he is a bit “under a cloud” at present. Because Guardiola is not happy with him doesn’t mean he couldn’t “go again” in a new environment with a new challenge. He’s been the best FB in the PL for a number of seasons imo.

  4. Jesus and Zinchenko are unique and still young so they were necessary purchase for Arteta. Jesus as the world’s best pressing forward and Zinchenko as the world’s best left inverter. They were bought not play Man City way but because Arteta knew exactly what to do with them with the existing them. Don’t forget Arteta is still very young and he has implemented styles from Pep, Wenger and Moyes. He perhaps thought of different styles moving forward.

    1. @Mike Ram
      And yet, Pep saw them as surpluses. So much for them being” worlds best” in their positions. Jus sayin…

    2. I prefer my CFs to be good at scoring goals than running towards opponents.

      I think you need a reality check.

  5. Class is permanent.

    Evgunner you are just as guilty as I am, with checking the responses

    1. Gunsmoke – how’s it going ? Hope your family are doing well in the circumstances.
      How do you mean as guilty as you ? I normally catch up with your posts to me I think, as I usually flick through all the topics available to see what’s been going on while I’ve been off-line.
      Did I miss something you sent to me ? If so tell me where it is please, as you know I value your messages.
      How much more time do you have in Jamaica ?
      Do you ever go anywhere near May Pen ?

      1. Yes all is well, thanks for asking..

        We are leaving on Friday one of my daughter is back in the UK.

        I responded to you at 4:52 yesterday on the Tierney page.
        How much could Arsenal get if we Sell Tierney.

        The other responses may have gone off with pages.

        Yes I know May Pen , the town is normally congested so we drove on the by pass in May Pen.

        The sun is red hot now think a need a puss nap.

        1. G – I definitely responded to you at some stage about Tierney. I told you that you were right that we should up the price of KT if Newcastle want him so badly. Didn’t you see that post ? Make them pay £50 m.

          1. Evgunner for real you have.

            That’s a bold comment to take Ilkay Gundogan and Cancelo in one heart beat

  6. I’m can’t be the only Gooner that is sick of us just being a dumping ground for City and Chelsea to get rid of their old stock? Can we not have more imagination than to just take players who have been deemed surplus to requirements or just not good enough anymore! What happened to “Arsenal doesn’t buy superstars, we make superstars”? We need more players like Odegaard and Saliba, not crusty old farts who have been around the block. Jorginho was a good stop gap but should be moved on in favour of younger more athletic talent.

    1. Ben – I posted a message in response to you about this on another page this morning, did you see it ? I have a different take.

  7. Cant possibly envisge us going for Gundogan at all, due to age and his high wages, andeven IF I am wrong, I see no way he will be allowed to come to us.

    It would be an amazing mistake if Pep did not keep him at City, as I am convinced he will do. Don’t see CANCELO WANTING TO COME TO US EITHER, though its likely we have enquired after him.
    No more City players will come to us this summer therefore,IMO

    1. No more City players Jon ? I’d take John Stones, Dias, Gundogan, Cancelo and Mahrez if they were all available at a very cheap price ! City could keep KDB and Haaaland though (controversial). How’s about that then ? This is of course Dreamland Fantasy Football territory, but I’d have them at Arsenal tomorrow. That would stop City from winning any more titles.

      1. EG Just as you say, its Dreamland Fantasy and therefore of no use to a realist such as I.
        I did not say I would not like many of their players. I simply said none would come.

        Different statements my friend.

        1. Jon – of course it is the stuff that dreams are made of, it wouldn’t have to be those specific players but an equivelant version would do so exquisitely. One can dream.
          “Wouldn’t it be loverly” – because “all I want is a room somewhere far away from the cold night air”. My latest email to you should be read.

  8. Does anyone know WHY Liverpool seem to just waltz in and get well known highly respected PL players for a minimal fee with no competition quickly (Alexis Mac Allister, Sadio Mane), and selling their less known players for record fees, while we are always beset with other clubs competing against us, upping the price and turning the process into a protracted migraine, and selling our good players for next to nothing?

    1. Cody Gakpo as well – everyone seemed to want him at one point, and the competition just withered as soon as Liverpool waved 45million in the air … why didn’t Boehly go after him? Much cheaper and much better known.

  9. I wouldn’t encourage Arsenal to go and get every Man City near-retirement age player. Arsenal can build from what they have with few added players, the likes of Caceido, Xavi and more of a similar age.

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