Arsenal should end this Mkhitaryan saga by giving him a free transfer

Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s move to AS Roma is becoming a drawn-out saga and I am not enjoying it, in fact, I am utterly bored with it.

The Armenian was hardly the type of player that Arsenal needed when he joined us in the first place, and his insistence on leaving now is the right thing for both parties.

I can understand that Arsenal wants to make some money off his sale especially as we need more money to make signings when the transfer window reopens.

But it is becoming annoying that AS Roma has the nerve to make any demands of us.

The Italians have just asked that we pay some of his wages so that they can complete the permanent transfer and I think that is just disrespectful.

The player may be unwanted at the Emirates, but he has been helpful to Roma and I think that the Italians ought to look to please us, not making such ridiculous demands.

However, what I want more than anything else is for us to end this saga as soon as possible.

I know that he will eventually move to Roma, and we are only delaying the inevitable.

I think it is time we move on from this saga and give him to the Italians for free. £10 million would hardly secure a top player in today’s market and taking his salary off our bill can help us land a good free agent who would be far more deserving.

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  1. If he is that desperate to stay at Roma then they should pay a reduced transfer fee and HM should be willing to take a wage cut to facilitate the move. If not then he is just another greedy footballer eking out every last drop of money from his contract. Sometimes in life personal happiness is more important

    1. HM has already stated that he was willing to reduce his wages to secure a permanent move to AS Roma,free transfer no way!I am positive there will be a satisfactory end to this saga for all parties involved!

  2. Its all negotiation.
    Arsenal demanding 20 mill knowing they will be lucky to get 7m.
    Roma saying they won’t pay 5m
    Mkhitarian saying he’s desperate to move.
    Its all transfer poker.
    Mkhitarian will want to tie down a 3 year retirement salary some where and post
    covid that looks like being a tougher market.
    Boys will have their calculators running over time 🙂

  3. Thing is you say what’s 10 million
    If you think we only got 8 for Koscielney , 4 for Monreal , 10 for Ospina ,10 for Belick ,3 million for Jekinson , that’s 30 million
    Point is you sell a few squad players ,it soon adds up

  4. Why should he go free? At the end of the day we will turn round and blame the club for allowing players to go free. They should pay every penny that is demanded for and agreed upon.

  5. We’re always in a rush to say a player should be allowed to go for free, but tomorrow, we’ll blame the board for mismanaging the club.
    Take a look at Liverpool. Even their squad players will not be allowed to go for free. If AS Roma want him, they should be ready to pay something reasonable for him. If Mkhi really wants to leave, then he should be willing to take a pay cut.
    If we get 7/8m for Mkhi, that could cover one year’s wages for another incoming free transfer.

  6. If we get offered a rubbish deal for him, I’d rather we keep him, play him in the middle, and dump the completely useless Ozil in the reserves.

  7. There are players at Arsenal that should be given free transfer, not Mkhitaryan

  8. We got HM almost for free from the swap deal, so I don’t see why we can’t let him go for free… it’s not like Sanchez wanted to stay before the swap…🤔

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