Should Arsenal expect “£45-£50 million” if they let Aaron Ramsdale leave?

It looks like Aaron Ramsdale will be leaving Arsenal this summer. The Arsenal keeper, who is eager to become England’s top custodian, cannot afford to keep warming the bench.

At a time like this last year, he was the clear Arsenal No. 1. However, four games into last season, things took a turn. David Raya, who was brought in on loan from Brentford to provide some competition for the starting spot, was given a chance to feature by Arteta, and the Arsenal boss didn’t look back.

Apart from the Brentford games, the Spaniard goalie played in every Arsenal match. By the end of the season, he had proven himself as Arsenal’s No. 1, winning the golden glove with 16 clean sheets in 32 games. It was clear that he had secured his place in the Arsenal line-up, and now it was just a matter of the Gunners paying the £27 million permanent transfer option inserted in his loan deal to make his deal permanent.

Certainly, Ramsdale might have to consider leaving if he wants to secure his spot as a first-team player. Newcastle seemed interested in him, but recently we published a story about their hesitation to meet Arsenal’s £30 million asking price. About that price, it seems that Perry Groves, the Arsenal legend, may have also given his thoughts, though not in the comments section, on whether Ramsdale’s asking price is too high.

It’s a bit controversial, but Groves thinks that a team might consider themselves lucky to get Ramsdale for £30 million. According to his claims on talkSPORT, the Englishman could fetch a price of approximately £45–50 million if Arsenal were to be ambitious about what to let him go for.

“It will be £45-£50 million, and to be fair, I don’t think Arteta will want to keep him on the bench. Do you know what I mean? I think he would think, ‘I don’t want to hold your career back?’” Groves explained. “I think there will be just an understanding where it’s going to be Raya is my number one, you are my number two, you have done brilliantly for the club, you have never let the club down, the fans love you, but you have got to go on and you have got to be playing.”

It’s understandable why someone would hesitate to spend more than £30 million on a goalie who hasn’t played in months. Even so, if you think about it, Ramsdale is an Englishman, and he did have some impressive performances for Arsenal before losing his starting role. So, you could argue that he’s worth more.

However, in the end, Arsenal might have no other option but to simply let him go for a reasonable fee, even if it’s not as high as the £30 million they were hoping for.

Considering a possible “English tax”, how much do you think Ramsdale should be worth?

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  1. He is playing second or third fiddle to Pickford and Pope
    he’s never going to surpass them ..should be happy at AFC as we gave him this platform..

  2. 2nd choice for club and 2nd/3rd choice for country.

    Those that are demand a minimum fee should look how well that’s worked in the past, guess some people can’t recognise a pattern

  3. We bought him from a relegated team for 50mn ? So why would he be cheaper now as he would be going somewhere as a No 1 with far more experience and a better goalie !

  4. He is an England Goalkeeper and a lot younger than Raya, so he would demand a sell on value still in three or four years, unlike Raya.
    So yes, Arsenal should be looking for around £50 million, but if he wishes to stay and sign an extended contract then Arsenal should keep him for another two of three years as he will still be young and in his prime for a goalkeeper and probably by then be England’s number one and with inflation be worth a lot more. So who ever buys the “young” “experienced” “England international” goalkeeper will be able to sell him on in two or three years for even more than £50 million. A bargain at £50 million, I hope Arsenal keep him and extends his contract.

  5. We will be lucky to get 25 mil. He has been warming the bench for a season and his value has dropped.

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