Arsenal should forget about Europe next season and think about a lasting rebuild

Arsenal is currently focused on ending this season in a European place. If the Gunners do achieve that, this season would be considered a successful one, and understandably so.

After making such a poor start and also suffering from all sorts of inconsistency, we would get by with a return to Europe and then hope for a better season next time.

However, I do believe focusing on a return to Europe instead of fixing our long-standing problems is just like applying bandages to our deep wounds.

Arsenal needs lasting changes and these changes can only come about if we take our time to rebuild our team and that includes looking at where we have gotten it wrong and try to fix that.

Rebuilding our team would come at a price and that includes not making it into Europe next season, but when it is done right, in a few years we would not just return to Europe, but we would be winning the Champions League.

I am tired of looking for quick success and that is what we have done for the last few years, what we need to do now is to make a plan to rebuild this team at whatever cost and have a solid base that brings us continuous success for years.

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  1. That means you’d actually have to have good scouts and not have Sanellhi and Edu around, who are more interested in pulling off deals with the favorite agents. In theory, this works, but there is so much buffoonery going on the background at Arsenal.

    1. True, that is the reason an honest sincere person like Sven Mislintat left us.I wish we boot out Raul and hire Sven. I’d have Edu for two reasons – an ex Gunner and his Brazilian connections. Gabi was a very intelligent signing and hope he gets many more like Gaby. Sven-Edu would be great combination for young talent spotting. I also hope they look at British talent too which seems overlooked.
      Since we do not display any intent to win either the UCL/EL, missing out on Europe for a season would help. Also with Ozil unwilling to move, one player slot is gone wasted, because he is the new weakling, one who falls sick after kicking a ball (or the air) in training. So that burdens other players in midfield. Let us build the base for a European competition by first being a top 3 side (top 4 seems risky as there are too many contenders for the 4th spot) then hire the right players to take on Europe. With the likes of Ozil, Xhaka, Kolasinac who will very well be at AFC coming season, let us not fool ourselves that we can achieve anything in Europe after the round of 16 .

  2. Ive been saying this for the last 2 seasons, thursday night football does no favours to anyone involved. When Utd won the Europa they finished around 8-10th in the league same with Chelsea. It seriously dented Spurs CL push for a few seasons and It has effected us in the last 2 years. The Europe league is a poisoned chalice for teams who aim to get in the CL through the domestic title challenge. I think and quote if I’m wrong as I’m going from memory, our domestic performance has been poor in matches following a Europa fixture. For these reasons let Utd, Sheffield, Wolves, Everton and Spurs battle it out. All I hope from this season is we finish strong and above Spurs then for me it this season will be a success.

  3. Well said, Sir.

    It doesn’t make any sense to qualify and keep losing in Europe! I would rather focus on building a team, try to qualify to the CL and win some cups.

    Build a team, build confidence then we can think about Europe!

  4. A rebuild would be good but I do not see how this is possible with the lack of funds available and the bunch of idiots that are supposed to be running the club, I can honestly say I have not seen us as a club in a bigger mess than we are at this point in time,the Academy is the only bright spot at the moment and I believe in Arteta but I cannot see him getting the support he needs from these wine swigging and sandwich munching owners and directors that are slowly killing us. Kroenke out, board out.

  5. For me, I do not see why European competition stop us from rebuilding the team, and the article has not given me reason to believe so

  6. A good article Ime.For some time I have had real doubts concerning the benefits of this secondary competition.Those in favour will point to an opportunity to blood youngsters in the Europa Cup and to be fair Arsenal has bought into this policy at least until the later stages.However, Clubs do not make much money from the EC and indeed teams who qualify for the preliminary matches in July find it a loss making exercise.Mid week flights are not only costly but drain the fitness of players and on numerous occasions has resulted in long term injuries.To me it is a money making exercise for EUEFA or whatever the authority is called given that most of the matches are covered by the various TV companies.As part of a rebuild based on talented youngsters a season of two without participation in the EC would not be a bad thing .The recruitment of good youngsters should not be impacted by not being in Europe, whereas it would if we were a rich Club in the market for established “stars”.

    1. I like what you say Grandad.

      Also, it is all very well having a short flight to the likes of Spain, France, Germany and Italy, but when you draw the likes of Qarabag and Astana which are on the far reaches of Europe then it is a 6 hour flight going through two time zones.

  7. I have been meaning to access the club recruitment post wenger era. I will rate the players brought in on a scale of 1 to 10, based on individual performance and general impute on the team, also on the effort during the time they are available to play.
    Leichsteiner – 3
    Sokratis – 5
    Torreira – 6
    Guendozi – 6
    Tierney – 5
    Cebalos – 5
    Martinelli – 6
    Luiz – 3
    Pepe – 6
    Mari & soarce – Not enough game to judge
    Overall -6, not a bad business so far

  8. Yes lets just not play in Europe and complete our transformation into Crystal Palace or West Ham. Its going to happen so we had better get used to Premier league obscurity because we lack ambition and so by the sounds of it, so do some of our fans.

  9. For sure there is in general too much football and as MARTIN argues, with a poor squad and certain injuries, plus fatigue, we can fall between two stools. On the other hand , it keeps our clubs name more prominent but unless you are likely to win or seriously challenge is that much good, I wonder? On the whole I agree with Martins point.

    As to Reggies post saying we lack ambition, the “we” Reggie refers to is Kroenke alone But since Kroenke controls spending and all that entails, we who use our brains have known for well over a decade that we , which means Kroene, lack ambition. Qualifying for the Europa wont change that fact, sadly.
    I have total faith in Arteta but I ALSO KNOW THAT WITHOUT FINANCIAL BACKING, WHICH HE WON’T BE GETTING UNDER KROENKE,THAT WILL PREVENT HIM OR ANYONE ELSE TAKING US TO THE TOP. We either force Kroenke out or continue to drift from the top strata. Simple as that and that is, as ever , the bottom line.

    1. Hi Jon, yes i do relate the lack of ambition to kronks door but i think the club as a whole, the way it is run, lacks ambition. The playing staff, the board and all involved in the running of the club. Probably lack of ambition is wrong, lack of ability or foresight to take this club forward is more accurate.

  10. Adajim ,with regard to your ratings,Martinelli and Tierney are to my mind deserving more respect.They are clearly two highly talented players who I suspect will go on to prove you wrong.

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