Arsenal should go all out to sign Dimitri Payet

It was totally amazing that West Ham managed to sign Dimitri Payet from Marseille in the summer for just £10.75million despite his brilliant performances in Ligue 1, where he scored 7 goals and made 17 assists for Marseille. What is more amazing is that Arsene Wenger didn’t even consider bringing him to Arsenal, despite being fully aware of his talents.

Wenger said even way back in August about West Ham’s transfer dealings: “They’ve added quality players, especially in Payet. He’s a very creative and efficient player.”

Well know Slaven Bilic is very worried about losing him already, just seven months and six goals later, and according to the Standard, Arsenal are one of the clubs interested. Bilic is keen to give Payet a pay rise before the big boys come calling. “The club is moving, with the new stadium and everything, and the most important move is to keep your best players,” he said. “Dimitri Payet is our best player. And of course I would love to have him happy, long-term, at the club. “He only signed a few months ago, but he has made a huge impact and while he has a long contract he is in a good position. “We all want to keep him for a long, long time.”

Payet has been outstanding for the Hammers and would be an upgrade on most of our midfielders, including the ones in or out of the treatment room. Should Wenger go to West Ham with an offer they can’t refuse?

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    1. He plays lam and cam we have ozil and Sanchez I those position. Can he play right effectively? If yes he could be our starter on the right a very good player who has been excellent last couple of seasons. Last year he created the most chances in Europe

      1. He’s definitely an effective player, not sure how he would work on the wing for us. However he’d be in the same price tag as Mahrez and I definitely know who I would sign out of the two.

        1. Mahrez would be an excellent buy with lots of natural ability and end product
          Ideal Rosicky replacement

    2. Wilshere rarely plays anyway so how will Payet buy affect him? (Not to say will buy him as I have stopped fooling myself fantasying about players Arsene should buy).

      Arsene wouldn’t let Jack go even for Messi, his that kind of a guy.

      1. I’m just saying Arsene & the club won’t sell him unless he does a full Diaby, no chance we’ll sign him he either goes to Manchester or China if he leaves West Ham.

    1. Thank you, seriously we should be going for top young talent like Isco, not 30year old players doing one season wonders.

  1. There as a rumour of a bid from a Chinese club for Payet. ….I say all BPL clubs should boycott selling players to Chinese teams…..They think they can just throw money at every1 and make their league the best in the world……Football is a culture and financial gain is just an add on……They are trying to buy a culture that is priceless

    1. Do you have any knowledge of the British Premier League at all? Why do you think so many decent foreign players have come here to play since 1992? It’s because money was thrown around, exactly like the Chinese are doing now.

      1. Don’t lie to yourself, clubs don’t buy outdated foreign players for the price of world class players. In fact name me a club in England that would give Alves a 27m deal..

  2. I’m much more concerned about the league trophy. I personally think Arsene has lost the hunger for major trophies and has left his fate to “coincidence” . We should be realistic here, if the title eludes us this season, we shall never win it with Wenger in charge.

  3. Let the chinese be

    they are doing what’s best for their league…….more so, they are promoting their league, trying to make it an international standardized brand

    and most players are attracted to the league(whether after football, the money, or their retirement pension….not anybody’s business)…..tiexeira , ramires….. Name em

    and i think they are even more clever, not coming in for crocked engLish players who aren’t even wanted outside of engLand!

    Do ur thing china!

  4. Well said..never gonna happen.west ham scouts can find special ones WE CAN NOT Lol. There are many bunch of sentimental fans like our coach sticking to players who have delivered nothing to Arsenal for years.some spend time in the sides others have not improved fever since.Believe me, new manager will get rid of them, Pep asked 150 millions to spend in summer..he will get it and start Doninance of EPL until he goes…but for sure before he will get rid of deadwood not like us..Its call ambition to success. We will be fighting for europa league as middle teams will get better and harder to beat.

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