Arsenal should go for TWO Leicester stars to complete puzzle

It is an amazing fairy tale that Leicester City have won the Premiership this season, but I bet there are not many fans outside of a small City in the Midlands that think they can repeat the feat next year, so it would be little wonder if their newly made superstars don’t look to make a big money move to an established giant.

Arsenal have been linked with Kante for a while, and while Wenger has admitted he has always followed the youngster since his time in France, Ranieri has also admitted that he could leave Leicester if a big enough bid came along.

Kante would be a fantastic addition, but now another Foxes man Riyad Mahrez is also likely to be on the market this summer and is another man that would improve the Gunners no end. The Player-of-the-Year is also ready to cash in, according to his agent, and why shouldn’t Arsenal bring them both in as a matching pair? “When you have been playing the way Riyad has this season it is bound to attract attention.” Kamel Bengougam said. “He is very happy with Leicester and of course it has been a fantastic season,”

“But at his age if the opportunity comes to play for a big team then we would have to think about it. I’d say it’s 50/50 at the moment whether he stays or goes.

“We have interest from the UK and overseas.”

We can only hope that the interest from the UK is from Arsenal, and if we make sure of third place then we will be the only “big team” in the Uk that can guarantee being in the Champions League next year. Who thinks that with these two in our side we could maybe give them another Premiership medal next season?

“They will play in the Champions League next year as well so he would be happy to stay.

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  1. Why would any player sign for a manager that’s leaving at the end of the year? how do you know the next manager will guarantee you playing time, style etc. Therefore, if we get any players this summer it simply means AW is staying for another 3 years or we’ll be signing players in their 30s on a year or two yr contract.

  2. Kante and Mahrez will, of course, be excellent additions. But a world class striker and Centre back are also required for Arsenal to comfortably challenge for title and compete significantly in the ECL.

    1. mahrez just faded away just like hazard the previous pfa awardee as the season came to end.
      i would not jump ship to buy mahrez, but kante is a deal which should not collapse just like the another buyout + 1 pound deal.

  3. Both would be great additions, can imagine Mahrez fitting in to our system brilliantly.

    Would people want us to sign Sturridge? There’s a lot of talk of him being available. On one hand, he’s a world class goal scorer (which we don’t presently have), but he’s also got his fitness issues & might just play for half a season. Not worth it, is it?

  4. In all the while that Wenger is in charge, it is impossible to digest that a new injection of player’s will turn Arsenal into champions.

    In any business, if the managerial side of things are run badly, you won’t get much difference to the outcome by employing new staff to work under that same old system.

    The Board will have to come to terms that wenger isn’t as good as a driver as he used to be and handing him the keys to a Ferrari won’t improve his abilities, cohesion or stability! ?

  5. would be Nice if Kante and Mahrez stay with Leicester next season……..they’d be in just about all the available competitions and a 2nd season would really tell the world what stuff they are made of

    But if they can’t resist the temptations of Leaving, i see em aiming Higher than Arsenal!

    #Sorry!….we brought ourselves where we are#

    1. Totally agree with your first point. Leicester made a great story this year and it will be tainted for me if their is a mass exodus to the big boys (Arsenal included).

      As for the second bit, it’s time to stop all the self pity. We will finish ahead of Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool. Possibly City and Spurs if they totally self-destruct over the last two games. Does that make them small clubs? No, of course not. Does this make Arsenal’s season a success? No, of course not. It’s probably been the most frustrating one in the last ten years. But all this self-loathing and “why would anyone choose us” nonsense is getting tiresome.

  6. Would they come. They are already with champions and have the UCL stage to play on. Will we even be able to offer them that?

  7. Coquelin’s form has plunged dramatically in recent. We certainly need to give him competition. We need a DM that not only puts in a tackle but can provide the occasional assist or goal. Coquelin doesn’t quite offer that at the moment. As for Ramsey, I’ll push him to CAM permanently otherwise I’ll invite Bournemouth to put in a bid.

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