Arsenal should GRACIOUSLY kick Wenger upstairs…

Thoughts on Arsene Wenger and his transfers by Antonio Jackson Adebayo Cruise

With all due respect to Wenger, I, along with millions of Arsenal fans around the world, love him and respect everything he has achieved over the years. He is definitely a MANAGERIAL LIVING LEGEND, Nevertheless, I am afraid that we (including all the members of the board) are allowing this great man do destroy all the wonderful work he has done, by allowing him to continue managing the team when we can all see that he is sinking the ship.

He is extremely too proud to admit it. He is extremely too proud to resign. This being the case, which we all must know, then it is only right that we (the board members etc) should do it for him in a very gracious manner, in a way that it will not portray a negative image of him. He needs a rest. His buys have shown you that something is not right. Perhaps he could be promoted (!) to a position like “Exective Director in charge of Youth Development” or something similar, and leave the actual coaching and tactics to a younger and more proactive manager?

Football is not rocket science, we have some of the best gifted young talents in the country assembled in the Arsenal squad yet why are we struggling. It is even obvious to a blind person what Arsenal is lacking and where we are going wrong. Arsenal can only do well when;

1. We keep the ball on the floor
2. Move the ball around at pace
3. When our attacking midfielders and forwards drive at defenses at pace
4. When we pass at pace in triangular formations

With this in mind, the likes of;

1. Per Mertesacker (the German Central Defender) in the Centre of Defense is a liability. He has no pace and is very slow in terms of reaction time. In the German league the pace of the game is much much slower. Chambers needs to be left alone to grow in this spot. We should also look at buying Michael Richards as cover from Man City. He is terrific in the air and very strong and can also play as a right back and defensive midfielder, plus he has pace. Chambers may not have serious pace but he would still leave the German for dead.

2. Mikel Ateta (the Make-shift Defensive Midfielder). I never new why on earth we bought him and as a defensive midfielder he has been terrible. He gives away more free kicks in dangerous areas of the pitch than any other Arsenal player.. Apart from that, the guy again has no pace, so when he is beaten he has no option but to foul the person. We should have taken the opportunity to bring Song back. Whatever the reason for his leaving the fact is he was always dedicated on the pitch for us and was a good DM. Bringing back Flamini again was another desperate move by Wenger.

3. Ozil, I totally agree that the guy is very skillful but, with all due respect, our Jack is a great deal better as an all round number 10. Ozil has no grit, no stamina, no pace, no heart. Jack has all that and more. Once again, this is not the German league. Getting Ozil was a serious waste of 40m. Cazorla, the little Spaniard is a reliable back-up for Jack Wilshire.

4. Yaya Sanogo and Campbell, while they are very committed they are nowhere near the finished product and with us needing top class forwards neither of them are the answers. They remind me of Adebayor, all heart but no end product. We should definitely have got Loic Remy, thats when I knew that Wenger had lost the plot. Mourinho only bought Remy to prevent Arsenal from getting him. 15 mins after coming on for Chelsea, he scores, and he was there on the cheap and Wenger let him go. There is no planet in the whole universe that can ever tell you that either Sanogo or Campbell are better finishers or have more pace or are more skillful than Remy, so why did Wenger not buy him. I sincerely hope Wenger does not make another blunder by now wasting 55m for Cavani. He is not worth it. Suarez was worth less, but you messed up that deal with a very stupid pound gimmick that back-fired. Suarez was the most feared striker in the Premier league and yet both Wenger and the Board managed somehow to mess up the deal

5. Leave the Ox to shine in Midfield and allow Walcott room to express himself with a free role. With the pace of the Ox, Walcott and Welbeck and Jack in the middle with Ramsey ghosting in now and again. If we had a stern DM and a pacey strong back four, I doubt teams would like facing us too often…..


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    1. i would argue that this article is good-
      not drop ur spoon of cheerios good, but decent.

      even like your name antonio adebayo cruise ..nice

      have to ask..why are their no outside the box, curveball left field articles on here- is everyone too scared?

    2. Is that it….”the article is ridiculously poor”…thats it..Wow!…outstanding comment. simply mind-blowing…This guy is a genius.

    1. I am flawless with the things i say.

      Arteta is a legend. Some one who cut his salary just to play at Arsenal. The guy who tried his best to replace the wiesel Fabregas ( who many like to lick his balls).

      Ozil is superior as a 10 to many players in the world. Jack needs to play a little bit deeper. Cazorla/Ozil Rotation for the 10 role. Ramsey/Wilsher need to rotate and they never have to start in the same line up.

      I dont agree with Sonogo and let alone with Cambell. Say what you want but Sonogo aint far from being a perfect Giroud replacment. And the case with Cambell is sheer injustice. The kid never got his chance to prove himself. He is being froozen out on the bench and even not allowed for a loan.

      I dont see Ox as a Cm. His natural abilites are that of a perfect Winger. Placing him from time to time in the midle is okey, but on the wings he would be deadly.

      As you can see that writers name is Antonio, and i quit dissagree with his openion. Pakistani fat man.

      1. I am not saying that Sanogo or Campbell especially should be sold,I’m just saying that for now they are not the finished article to be featuring in the first team. They need regular game time to gain experience and confidence. This is not what Arsenal are looking for at this moment in time. The team is looking for proven worriers. Proven finishers. We are not looking for anything pretty just make sure the ball ends up in the net one way or the other. Gary Liniker was not fantastic but he was a typical goal poacher.

      2. Totally agree with you and to add to that 1.mertesacker is the best defender in the premiere leauge when in posession of the ball (squawka).his passing accuracy is amongst the best of any player for the last two season so how would he stop us from playing a quick passing game?

        Flamini was a good free signing as a dm cover. He was the best player on the pitch vs chelsea(squawka)However I do agree getting back song would be priceless as he would have been our 4th cb aswell

        Jack isn’t on ozils or cazorlas levels lmfao

        Cavani wouldn’t be a waist of money he is everything we need in a st great in posession, quality finisher with head and feet and he has the best def work rate in Europe of any strikers (squawka) 38m would be reasonable 55m is too much for any player who isn’t elite at there position in my opinion

  1. And i don’t think he will move upstairs. I don’t remember which year, but possibly 2009 or around that time, in an interview he was asked what would he do after football.

    He said something along these lines-
    The game has given me so much, i would like to give back something to the game, i would move abroad to Asia, possibly India where there is so much potential but hardly football played at the top level. I don’t see myself being an football director.

    P.S.- The Japan FA asked Wenger advice for team selection(or maybe the inclusion of players, dont remember who exactly) in 1998 World Cup.

    1. Yes that bec there is no football culture there. If you refuse to wear football shoes during a football match you are going to have a problem.

      Wenger said many things but thats no of great importance bec old age wont allow him to make big plans.

      1. I would need further evidence for that. He good have just used google translate for all I know

  2. OT: Good luck to Arsenal ladies in the Continental cup final against Manchester city Ladies tomorrow. The ladies are performing pretty well, they might give our men’s team a lesson or too.

    1. i agree. the curves they show in there ‘development’ is impressive,
      there ball skills are desirable, an one can only marvel at the team bonding seen in the showers

  3. He needs to stay as he is and he needs to get a world class number 2 to take over in 3 years. Yes AW should go up stairs but not for the youth but to do deans old job. When the world class number 2 takes over have another world class number 2 in place so there is never a manager who is around this long

  4. But he will. Just wait another 2.5 years. Not sure if at Arsenal but definitely he will move upstairs in the club hierarchy somewhere. Right now he’s doing a decent job as manager.

  5. At least Wenger doesn’t have a problem zipping his jacket anymore.

    Now he must focus on strengthening our defense, getting a top DM and a top striker

    1. Schaar in January laporte in the summer

      Khedira n huntelaar for 14m that’s a bargain because we can’t rely on giroud recovering to his best this season n sanogoo needs a loan

  6. Soo the guy who wrote this is sayin wilshire is way bettwr than ozil hmm what can you back that up with? So wilshire is better than the guy who broke records at madrid came to arsenal and now a world cup winner rumored to have intrest from bayern some how wilshire is now better nimber 10 loool. Well he better step up now poster boy has no scapegoat ozil around now for few months so all eyes will be on him

    1. It does not matter if he broke records at Madrid playing with Ronaldo, Di maria, Benzema, Higuain, Alonso, Khedira etc… This is the time and team for him to prove he was not being made look good due to his very good team mates..

      Torres was breaking records at Liverpool, but what happened to him at Chelsea, it’s not about what you did a few seasons ago, it’s about what you can do at present.. Mata was killing it at Chelsea, but what has he done since moving to United. Shevchenko did nothing when he moved to Chelsea too.. Kaka, etc.. So its not about your history it’s about what you can do here and now..

      And Ozil has not done anything since moving to Arsenal, apart from being our most expensive player ever and being the highest paid player at Arsenal. Ramsey took the attention off his poor performances..

      Don’t you think that Poster boy OZIL has got to earn his over the top wages too at Arsenal? At least Wilshere did not cost that much, not on as much wages as lazy ozil and he is a Gooner through and through..

      If all the other players had this much loving, protection and adoration form you guys then people like me would not be having arguments with you.. But it’s one rule for PRINCE OZIL and another for the rest..

      Hypocrites and double standards..


      1. To me mostly All of the Ozil’s assists were world class and I can give you some of few examples here itself.

      2. Do you realise that you sound like some hatefull Troll. Try to be more objective and think about what a Player we have bought in the first place.

        Think about how we treat him.
        Think about how we use him.
        Think about what strenghts and weakneses he has.
        Think about how long he plays for us.

        The money point means monkey balls. In todays time 42m are nothing to a player of Ozils caliber.

        What happened to Torres was that he found himself in a team where he was not welcomed. At Liverpool he was hungry and he had always a smile in his face. At chelsea he was lost, un welcomed and i have never seen him smile once in the club.

        I dare you to watch the Milan games now. Watch him play and witness how good he plays again. Same goes for KAKa ( good at milan). Now he has been called up again in the nat. Brazilian team.

        Sheva was also not welcomed. Abrohomic insisted in buying him and Moro was against him. What happens when you have a manager who is against you. You are going to have a sh%ty time for sure.

        Ozil has nothing to prove. The one who has to prove something is Wenger. Years after years i have heard from diff Akb’s around many sides that if Wenger had the money to compete with the big teams he would be successfull. But where is he now? What is he doing now? This is sheer incompetence from his side. Wenger has no idea how to manage big players. And Big players who have left and came to his club have proved this. CCCCCCCOoooooooyg mather fakkers.

        1. Bwahahaha…. You keep throwing £42 millions about.. Ozil was never worth anywhere near that money, he was a £25-£28 million maximum. For that money you are buying a finished good, that gives you goals, assists, fight, leadership and more flexibility (able to play in more than 1 position). But you guys seem to be accepting that Ozil is one dimensional…

          Mata, Silva, Hazard, Oscar, Cesc, Aguero, Di Maria, Costs, Cazorla etc.. I can go on for ever.. Those guys showed in their first seasons that they were worth it and in their second seasons they just went on to another level..

          Ozil was non existent in his first season, and he is gotten even worse in his second season..

          And Awww, about How we treat him.. smh.. lol.. No wonder the guy will keep being lazy and getting paid £150,000 a week while the likes of Arteta, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Theo, Giroud, Monreal, Kossy, Sanchez, The Ox will keep giving their best as they know they don’t get the amount of love, protection, adoration and excuses for them..

          Awww, Ozil on £150,000 a week, lets feel sorry for him because of his luck of effort, fight etc.. How do the likes of Wilshere,Cazorla, Ramsey, The Ox, Sanchez etc feel when Ozil does fck all for the team but is the BABY OF THE MAJORITY OF GOONERS?


        2. @ks… Wenger does not have anything to prove, he won us 3 titles, a few FA CUPS, he came to Arsenal when we were miles behind the likes of Liverpool, United, Bayern, Madrid in terms of global branding.. But he turned us into a Top 5 mega brand in world football.. He was so crucial in us building THE EMIRATES STADIUM.. Arsenal are set for another 100 years..

          Now compare that to Ozil, what has he won Madrid? Was he the driving force in the Madrid team? Or was he the driving force for Germany in the world cup? Madrid were so desperate to get rid of him last season, And they replaced him with Modric and Isco.. Germany shifted him to the left because he was not good enough for that midfield..

          So to me that means he was not good enough for the Madrid team. Coming to Arsenal was for him to prove a point to Madrid and Wenger and to show them that he was good enough, but do you think Madrid have been are now regretting selling him for that obscene over the top money we gave away to them, they are laughing themselves to death, they took us to the cleaners?

          Until Ozil can stand up and be man enough, then we will have one of the biggest flops in EPL history..

          1. No, we were not miles behind the others. Before Wenger came at Arsenal. Arsenal and Manure had the same ammount of tittles. We had world class players around already and a strong eng core.

            During that time Wenger has won 3 tittles and Fergi has won 3 time the ammount of tittles and cups.

            The stadium is no excuse. Juvetnus and Bayern have build also new stadiums but loans and wise spending has kept them always up.

            Wenger is a nobody without David Dain. A nodody.

            You can go on forever bec you are comparing the wrong players. You are comparing dogs with cats.

            You can compare Fabregas, Silva and Mata to Ozil but not Aguero and Hazard you retard.

            If Lamela. Lallana, Carrol, Mata and other player do cost over 35m+ then you can be that Ozil will cost the same ammount of money.

            Real are desperate for the money and not for glory.

            Wenger needs to prove a point bec when he won those 3 tittles of his Arsenal had no competition whatsoever during that time. Even manure was a snack to Arsenal. With Moros arrivel and the cash which the foerigners have brought in the Leuage. The leuage has transformet into the strongest in the world.

            Wenger has failed to prove that he can compete in the strongest leauge in the world. till now.

            1. Wenger will make you eat your words. The transition has already started. He has turned AFC from a club that rarely played in Europe and when they did, we struggled. To a side that competes at the very top regularly. He will sign more top players and we will be great again. BOOM!!!!!! The stadium is not an excuse. You can see by the way the club had splashed out millions. More than they’ve ever spent! !!!

      3. chill guy. every single gunner has been criticized on this site. and at the same time you will find people who will support them.

        This is FOOTBALL @goonster. what do you expect?

    2. With all due respect to you my dear friend, You seem to be starry-eyed on Ozil because of his so-called exploits in Spain, Germany and in the World Cup. In case you did not notice, the Premire League is the toughest Professional football league in the World that is why millions of people tune into this league all over the world. First of all, lets get it right,1. Ozil did ”NOT” perform well in the World Cup. 2. Spain only have one serious league and possible out of that maybe 4 top teams of which 2 of them have all the stars in the world in them. If our Jack was in a star-studded team like Real Madrid I’m sure he too would shine like a diamond. 3. How much playing time has Jack had in the team under Wenger and has Wenger actually figured where he will finally put Jack?? 4. Now that the so -called world class Ozil has finally come in to the toughest pro football league in the world, we can all see that life for him is no longer a bed of roses. Maybe in Germany or Spain you do not have to track back when you lose the ball but here it is crucial that you do. I will play Jack in my team any day before I waist my time with Ozil. Look at Bale, former Spurs player, he’s like a wizard over there in Spain, i WONDER WHY

      We should have more confidence in the abilities of our players like Jack and stop putting them down. Give the likes of the Ox, Walcott, Gibbs and Chambers a hell of a lot more consistent playing time, possibly a whole season before you start critizising them.


  7. The Author thinks Wilshere is better than Ozil, seriously when will people stop overrating Wilshere, Wilshere at his best will never make the starting XI in Real Madrid.

    1. But you guys are also over rating Ozil.. His did not pull down any tree last season and he seems to have continued from where he stopped last season..

      And if PRINCE OZIL is that good why were Madrid so desperate to get rid of him last season? That’s shows that they knew he too was old news and couldn’t make their first XI..

      So they replaced him with Modric.. Modric has the most sorry Assists and goal stats but he was preferred to Ozil.. Why?

      1. Madrid is more then a football club. Its all about the cash. Ozil was Reals second best player after Ronaldo. Players, ex players, and the fan base got mad about him leaving. You still can find Real M fans on Arsenal sides wishing him to come back again.

        Di Maria was Real M best player last year but they sold him aswell. Why you wonder? Again bec of the same reason. cash.

    2. Right this very moment based upon Ozils current form I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to get into Real Madrid’s star -studded Squad ,let alone starting 11. If he was that good they would never have released him.


  8. Michael richards?! Agree at some point we need wenger to oversee the finacial affairs and someone else take care of coaching, training, match day management. Wont happen until the contracts up but I’d like to see someone come in soon and start working alongside wenger. I hope the next manager is not stubborn, or pig headed and will listen to the fans and media, and also be able to admit if a decision has not worked out.

  9. Also agree about per completely. Bit baffled that our main cbs are 29 and 30 and the natural progression for these spots are hayden whos very young and chambers who’s also young and naturally a rb. I think we should have 1 younger but experienced cb, (say mid twenties); to help the transition, dont want a man u scenario with rio, vidic and ferdinand.

  10. “By Antonio Jackson Adebayo Cruise”

    Was the article written by four people? No wonders it’s so all over the place.

    1. Twig……yep that’s one hell of a cool name,,,,You might want to focus on the article or are you like those guys who go to a game and just enjoys picking a fight rather than actually watching the game?

  11. I stopped reading when dude said that Jack was better than Ozil and that Santi should be his back up…

  12. Agree with many points in this article.Wenger is still one of the best managers in the World,no doubt about this but I think is enough is enough.His one of the managers who ressist a long time at the same club but I don’t think he deserve to cache Ferguson.Is the oposite of Ferguson.Ferguson buy world class players and keep them,sell them after some succes years at the club,Wenger discover players,grow them and sell before we have a complet class team.
    Agree,Mertesaker is a player who must be replace with Chambers in centre and Richards can be a very good solution for RB and he is a Gunner to.
    Ozil is a great player but not for us,not for EPL and agree he have no soul.We have Walcott and Sanchez as wingers and some solutions on the bench(Cazorla,Rosicky) and I think if the rummored offer from Bayern will come we can sign Gotze as part excange,he can play alongside Wilshere and solve midfield problems.
    We need a striker,a class striker ‘cuz we have strikers but not tipe of player that we need.
    Arteta is stil a good player,Sanogo can grow up.Ox must let play,he is a player with a major impact for our team and can score.

  13. Wenger has become, to quote Clint Eastwood, a legend in his own mind…arsenal are doomed to second tier as long as long as he is managing the team….sad situation for him and more importantly the club

  14. Idiot, I stopped reading (although the boredom had set in during the 1st sentence) at “our Jack is a great deal better as an all round number 10

    What a muppet!

  15. It is a joke that everyone complains about Ozil the fact of the matter is really simple. Play him in his preferred position, If not yoou should not have bought him in the first place.

    Wenger has this habit of playing players out of their position. How would he like it if he plays as a defender and then is told to play on the wing. Wenger is a pain in the Ass a know all and has been very destructive to the team over the years, he should be replaced but dont worry at the end of this year his excuses will have dried up and he will be off. He is not an Alex F not even close in fact he is not Mourinho either who is young with ideas.

    Fact is he is a dried up old man holding on to a job until it ends badly for him. Alex F left United on a high and did not wait for the fallen like Wenger.

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