‘Arsenal should have had match won at half-time’?

Arsene Wenger has claimed that Arsenal should have put the game against Spurs to bed in the first-half, but I think that is a little over the top considering our record against the Top Four sides in the last couple of seasons. In fact you would have had to be crazy to bet on Arsenal in this game even if you had a Ladbrokes bonus code to play with! Our boys limped to a dismal defeat against our noisy neighbours this afternoon, and I can’t think of anything more painful to watch than that second half display.

The opening half of the match was much more open however, although we failed to clock up a single shot on target, but that hasn’t stopped our manager from claiming that we should have had the game wrapped up before the interval.

“Possession is 50-50 basically in this game,” Wenger said. “In the first half, the game should have been finished for me. We missed opportunities on counter-attacks that are not missable at our level with the final ball.

“In the second half, we should have lost the game in the early period by more than one goal. We were destabilised by the goal they scored. They had two or three opportunities they could have scored.

“In the final part of the game we should have come back to 1-1, which was maybe not enough but better than 1-0 down. So overall it’s a bit mixed feelings because for long periods in the first half with a bit more quality in the first half we win this game.”

The most painful part of the game was in the final 20 minutes of the match, where we finally appeared to be getting in behind our rivals, but no thanks to Alexandre Lacazette, we still only ended the match with one shot on target, although our best chances did fall for the French striker, only for him to put them both wide.

Wenger was upbeat about our overall performance, but believes we should have done better in front of goal.

Wenger added: “I believe that we had opportunities, dangerous situations that we didn’t transform into opportunities. That’s where my regret was.

“In the final ball we missed something and overall when you have two or three opportunities like we had in the final parts of the game you want to take your chances. You know if you don’t take them you will suffer at the end of the day.

“To be at the level mentally is to be capable to use the opportunities. That’s what the top level is about.”

Did Arsenal really deserve to be leading at half-time?

Pat J

Updated: March 5, 2018 — 4:53 pm


  1. What game was he watching???!!!!

    1. I would never wish misfortune on anyone.
      But with so many struggling in the world its an insult to everyone of them that this clueless buffoon is paid £8 million a year to fail every time.
      Why can he not do the decent thing and remove himself…
      With a loaded gun preferably…

    2. no point sue
      doesnt matter what happens

      its the board – its all on them now

    3. The same one as the wenger junkies on here … They know who they are … Still defending this relic of the last millennium and watching this club sink,into mid table mediocrity … Very sad

    4. This leech called Wenger will only leave Arsenal when he’s dead… It’s as simple as that. Until he’s gone, nothing will change.

  2. He is a deluded FOOL.
    We got exactly what we deserved from the game NOTHING
    HE IS AN EMBARRESMENT for comments like this.

  3. At half time we had not even registered a shot on target.
    What drugs is that idiot on?
    Spurs totally outclassed Arsenal.
    I can find nothing good to say.
    No one bothered out there and we lost.
    Sooner the manager leaves the better – and I cannot wait…

  4. not even reading pat sorry

    there are fans @ing lacazette with videos of them burning a shirt with his name

    is it his fault dembele bossed xhaka?
    is it his fault kane bossed kos?
    is it his fault are big names didnt turn up?

    ask yourself how many players join wenger an dont get better infact get worse in the last decade

    he has handled lacazette poorly – expects him to come on and fix everything- those two chances are ones aubameyang didnt create in 90#
    iwobi was an utter embarrassment – hes been trash all season

    wenger is the problem

    just that one decision to make xhaka our midfield play him regardless and not get a dm
    has cost our entire season

    1. Xhaka and Elneny put together, they can’t match Dembele’s right leg not to talk of his left leg.

    2. Our probem is a combination of things
      1. 90 minutes of total concentration by all the team
      2.discipline. there were times when all of our midfield was ahead of the ball which left us exposed
      3. Certain players are not good enough to wear the badge..leave it to you to decide who
      4. Laca looks like he has been drained of confidence. Hauling him off every game after every 70 minutes has totally killed him. He looks disinterested. He has stopped defending from the front and his energy levels looks low. I blame AW FOR MANAGING HIM
      5. We had a good 1st half. Kept them quite but 2nd half a few were left in the changing room. Our ball retention was poor. Our final ball was terrible
      6. AW has lost the know how on winning big games
      Years ago the spuds were just another game. Now its a big game …omg how low have we gone
      AW needs to go and he needs to take a few with him..1 goalkeeper. 1 center half. 1 midfield to start

      Ps. Can someone please remind me. Miki.. he plays right..why was he on the left or did i make a mistake on his best position

      Going into hibernation now as to try and end this nightmare.
      See you for the worldcup

    3. Ruined Coquelin as well who could and should be doing the job as our solo holding mid, but got pushed forward and then pushed out for Xhaka.

      This game, 5 midfielders:
      – Took the two best AMs that prefer to play centrally and pushed them out wide. Not sure either produced a single cross
      – took an 8 in Jack and made him the 10
      – Xhaka & El Neny

      Not gonna win games with that lack of balance. Not going to creat enough quality chances with that lack of balance.

      Can’t blame lacazette. Wenger signed him, but kept us going side to side and backwards like Giroud was still out there, rather than playing to his strengths and getting forward quickly. Now, instead of partnering him with Auba in a 442 to play together, he’s going to be our Europa League Striker because we have to win that for champions league and Auba can’t play there. His confidence is shot and he looks like he’s not sure how to play with us, for good reason as mentioned above

    4. What shit are you talking, tottenham won every battle, they were first to the ball, we saw in the first half every time they had the ball on the flank ozil was not tracking back, which was giving their fullback ample time to either cross or easily make dangerous passes but we did nothing about it half time, they improved their wing play in the second half and we had no answer to that. We could have easily lost to higher goal margin. Its simple play Welbeck or miktarian or Iowbi on the wings don’t ever play ozil there he is best suited in the middle.

  5. Maybe but so what. They don’t award points at half time. 90 min is what counts and we lost. Kane again, no surprise. Kos not up to it. Gabriel dominating at Valencia, love to have him back.
    No pace on wings, no steel in midfield, no points.
    Why not play Ozil as a 10?
    Lacazette and Welbeck brothers in futility at the moment, Sead best LB in Bundesliga on bench, why?

    No more money for Wenger to spend, were better off buying farts

  6. Arsenal is falling year by year.last season was bad,this season is already worse,next season will be worst if Wenger is still in charge.

  7. Arsenal have won none of their last 16 away against the other teams in this season’s top six – Lost 10 drawn 6.

    They have lost seven of the last eight.


  8. Wilshere was crap all game. Too slow and held on to the ball for too long. Did give a couple of through passes to Aubumeyang though.
    Xhaka Anonymous and didn’t press the opponents enough.
    Mkhitaryan average game, did well tracking back but very poor on the ball and was clearly not up for the pace of this game.
    Ozil, quiet game, relinquished his creative role to Mkhitaryan. Was always man marked but didn’t do enough to create chances for Aubumeyang.
    Elneny, above average. Did all that was required of him as a hassler and ball carrier.
    Aubumeyang, average although he didn’t get any service at all despite Spurs playing a high line. Also didn’t press the opposition players enough.
    Bellerin, all speed and no brain. Did well in the first half as he was often forced back as Spurs overloaded his side. Offered very little in attack.
    Monreal, one of his poorer games, was more preoccupied with helping out his central defenders than keeping his opposite fullback at bay.
    Kocielny, very bad day at the office. Increasingly showing his age. At fault for losing Kane for the goal and immediately lost him again for another missed chance. Involved in another error that nearly cost another goal. Needs to lead the defensive exits in the summer.
    Mustafi, poor again. Aggressive but too error prone. Panics whenever he is put under pressure. Almost gifted Alli a goal when they made a harsh of a simple clearance.
    Cech, solid game, not at fault for the goal but did not inspire confidence with his botched clearances and his rudimentary right foot.
    Iwobi, poor cameo. Needs to improve his passes if he is to become a better player.
    Lacazette, frustratingly disappointing. Poor finishing with the two best chances Arsenal had late in the game
    Welbeck, too little time to make an impact.

    1. Jesus … Wilshire was probably our best play and even below par is way above an above average elneny … There are simply too many third rate players brought in by wenger and he is no longer able to cultivate quality youngsters …at best ephemeral types like bellerin and Iwobi … He needs to go along with the greedy yank for whom we are just an asset class in his investment portfolio

  9. last year
    “two or three new signings will win Arsenal the league”-le Prof.We are now failing miserably.The old man knows nothing about modern football, He is still stubborn @68.

  10. I think Wenger is talking about the chance when we broke from the spuds corner, we broke with Ozil on the ball and had a 2 on 1 counter, the ball from Ozil should have been better and with there 1 defender out of the game we would have had 2 players against the keeper, if the opportunity was taken we would have gone in at half time 1 up.Lots of ifs and buts and no guarantee the game would have been won at that point. We had a few counters where we lacked quality and could have still come our of the game with a point.

    Basically Spurs were all over us bit didn’t take their chances, we could still got out of jail if lacca had taken one of chances, don’t blame the lad after coming off the bench. Chec looks dodgy with the ball at his feet, Kane scared the hell out of our centre backs, xhaka and owobi brought nothing to the party, generally man for man the closed and passed the ball better then us. The 11 on the pitch are answerable for the performance not the man in the dug out, the formation looked OK to me as did the selection, the players didn’t show the same hunger as the spuds, they should look at themselves.

    1. “The 11 on the pitch are answerable for the performance not the man in the dug out, the formation looked OK to me as did the selection, the players didn’t show the same hunger as the spuds, they should look at themselves.”…very true bruv.

  11. If only we had cazorla.
    We would not be talking about top 4 but the tittle.
    Cazorla is arsenal’s missing piece

    1. No we wouldnt have. We didnt challenge with Santi and we aren’t challenging without him. Simple as.

      1. if santi made coquelin worldclass and gave giroud and walcott careers.
        Imagine what he would be doing now.
        Sanchez wouldnt have left if he were here

        1. It’s about what Santi’s presence brought and forced, which was Wenger to play a balanced side. Mesut was in his preferred 10, santi was the technical CM that retained the ball broke pressure and linked us, and Coquelin athletically and skillfully did a job covering ground and getting those two the ball while also covering the back 4. Arsene then played dynamic wingers wide not center mids.
          We were forced into proper balance only through injury — otherwise santi woulda still been played wide and Coquelin woulda been on loan.

          Arsene, like Mourinho, has lost the ability to put out a balanced attacking side against top quality. Thank you for what you’ve done Arsene, but it’s time to go. Past time. If only you’d stop making the board rich so they’d ask you to step aside.

  12. He is “upbeat” in failure
    It doesn’t matter if we won the 1st half. Its what happens after 90 mins that counts
    1-0 loss is still a loss. It’s still 0 points or 3 points lost or 1 point lost
    For Wenger, it’s not about win or lose but how close you lose. In a way maybe it would have been better had we lost 4-0 instead of 1-0 because at least Wenger wouldn’t be so “upbeat”. Wenger is satisfied which means He will use this lineup again.

    Wenger will NEVER ever change.
    Its so hard being an Arsenal fan
    I feel like im in that Catholic thing between heaven and hell (forgot the word). For over a decade we have been close to having a complete team but Wenger never finishes the job. Do not expect a top defensive midfielder or top box to box player to replace Cazorla this summer. Same old same old.

    Wenger is consistent. I will give him that.

    1. Purgatory, lol. Kinda worried that bought those players to get them selfs some more time

  13. Oh well, sitting in front of the TV, in the warm, watching England V Wales in the Six Nations. Come on England, thrash the sheep sh@ggers.

  14. What on earth does he mean when he says the first goal “ destabilises us”……I think Wenger watches a different game to the rest of us.

  15. The quote highlights why we are being led by an incompetent nincompoop

  16. well,the whole team was useless. xhaka z a waste..lacazette??? v lost faith in this guy.we deserve to lose

  17. v lost hope in lacazette…he is not worth it…the team is useless. the defence z dey worst of all

  18. wenger is a fraudulent relic of a byegone era kept going by a corrupt owner and enough deluded fans who are happy to shoot up on mid table mediocrity … if he was a half way decent human being who cared about the club he would announce now his departure at the end of this season giving time to find a top replacement … sadly he is not

  19. Stubun ?thats the best he has knows no more he wouldn’t introduce iwobi n welbck

  20. I wonder what wenger said to auba to join us or ozil to sign a new contract.
    might be the wages nobody was willling to offer them

    1. Hopefully Ivan G convinced them to sign because there will be a new manager in place for next season

  21. What do you guys expect him to say? Well you merde-bags am here for who knows how long, and only now you demand accountability from me? I am rich as hell but i dont have a life besides arsenal, so leave me at pace will ya

  22. it’s simple ozil is our best player Harry Kane is there best player an he made the difference ozil can’t preform in high pressure situation only went team sit back and give us lots of room an we totally dominate the game he looks good

  23. …top strikers thrive when they’re on the field (not off it) even when the pressure is on ultimately they (top strikers) make a difference – laca is a work in progress and is new to the pressure of top flight premier league football. we’d be cruel to berate and to knock him when we been asking for a credible addition to our defence even before kante went from leicester city to chelski. far as i see it any blame there is for the arsenal’s diabolical second half can be laid fully at wenger’s door nobody else. truth be known with what we’ve experience of the recent years (with transfers) who really is surprised (?)

  24. Sergio aguero should teach arsenal strikers , how to be clinical finishers!

  25. Wenger is an utter embarrassment of a manager. I wonder if he ever has a clue of how
    laughable are his constant excuses and comments.
    This guy is the “naked” emperor who thinks he has the best royal outfit on!!!
    Can someone please wake him up?
    Take f….Iwobi with you and go manage him and Diaby in the South of France.
    Get the hell out of this club . ENOUGH ALREADY.

    1. There you go with the Iwobi trashing again. Go re-watch the game and see how many times your beloved Wilshere lost the ball compared to Iwobi who admittedly lost the ball a few times as well. However, Iwobi came on after 75 minutes of the team playing trash and Wilshere was part of the team playing trash!

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