Arsenal should have tried harder for Granit Xhaka’s ex-team mate

Arsenal are desperately on the hunt for a new striker with a number of names constantly flying around social media, some of which are top class players, others who are exciting prospects for the future. For Breel Embolo, he falls in the category of being an exciting future prospect who is sure to end up a world class striker.

It cannot be stressed enough what level of talent this young player has. Embolo proved to be one of Europe’s best young talents whilst playing for Basel last season and I’m sure you would’ve found very few fans who would’ve turned down the opportunity of signing Embolo. Of course it would have been important to sign an experienced player as well, but for the rumoured £20 million price tag that Embolo had, that would be peanuts for Arsenal’s worthy investment. Sadly for Arsenal fans however the young Swiss international has already found himself a new club for next season, joining German side FC Schalke on a long term contract, in a reported £20 million deal.

Embolo would’ve been an interesting signing for the Gunners because although he is only 19 years old, he has already developed into a threatening striker for defences, scaring them with his power and pace on the ball.

Schalke’s sporting director himself was keen to show what a coup the German club had made by signing Embolo, with the club official stating: “In Breel Embolo, we have been able to bring in a highly talented attacker. He already has a lot of international experience and was also in demand at several other top European clubs.”

Although Embolo had a largely quiet European Championships with Switzerland, he had attracted the attention of top European clubs, with Barcelona also supposedly being a rival to his signature in addition to the Gunners.

Even though the club failed to hold talks with one of Europe’s brightest prospects, we have already secured the signing of his international teammate Granit Xhaka and some will still hope to conclude the signing of Swiss left back, Ricardo Rodriguez as well. Where does Arsenal’s striker search go from here? That’s another option missed for the Gunners.



    1. Lol, sell 5 homegrown players and go into the season with what?

      Where do we find these people?

        1. Leicester found Vardy
          Drinkwater Simpson
          Albrighton Morgan
          all for less than one
          Years Walcotts salary.

          1. Vardy = 1m
            Drinkwater around 1m
            Simpson = 2m
            Albrighton = Free (FFS you have to find a free player out of them all?!?!)
            Morgan = 1m


            Theo gets 110k a week which works out at 5.72mil (aprox)

            Good job you inlcuded the free player, Lei players are SOOOOOO expencive that it was good you included a free player XD

            If you are seriously suggesting we can fill HG quote with nothing but random finds then STFU, we need quality as well. We can not wait for player X to take 12-24 months to settle, the foxes did.

  1. It depends on Wenger and his decisions which is rather inclined to do after the competition.
    This alexis and Bellerin rumours are starting to take shape with the Italian media and the catalan news outlets really are going to the hilt to make sure a transfer is possible but with these 2 moves i think Arsenal are gone for a six. Wenger is in his usual state of not talking about contracts which is really worrying considered the fact that Arsenal lost many players in the past like these.

  2. I saw Embolo play at the Euros only..that lad has a lot to learn..
    And we don’t want that kind of player anymore….

    We need someone proven already,Schalke are not exactly challenging for the Bundesliga or UCL, so he is good for them and their league….

  3. Embolo is still learning is trade, a powerful young man with a lot of potential, reminds me of Drogba in a sense, but is miles away in ability, couple years in the german league should do him well, we will check back on him in about two years

  4. No way do I want Ebola
    any where near Arsenal.
    We already have the best
    strike force in the EPL.
    Giroudsky Sancheskas Sanogolini Akpomson
    Walcottini Wellbeski Chambralino Iwobrimovitch Ramzini.

    1. What do you think, @Gunner ??
      This hope is already there for more than 10 yrs …
      You just hope Wenger to see his contract out next year …

  5. Sanchez and his swollen ankle want to move to Juventus!
    ?… Juventus to offer £37.5 million ?

    Can we swap Wenger for Hodgson? ? ?
    At least he gets out of the dugout and shows some emotions during a game…. like crying, on the touch line. ??

    1. So rumors from Italy means it must be true?
      £37.5 mil wouldnt get Alexis, we all know and but the Italians do not have the money and assuch they are going to cry loudly like a spoilt brat. Let them. Let them cry stuff like “Oh we’re poor, we can’t to pay what Alexis is worth… What, stop looking at our players values.. We’re poor remember!”

      Last year they spent about £96million on players.

      Yup, real poor club…. If they want Alexis then they have to make a much better initial bid!

  6. This is why I want to get mkhitaryan, Mahrez, Aubameyang or other top winger as Well as top CF because I Alexis leaves we gOT a replacement and if Alexis stays we have a World Class attack witj a Top CAM, Top CF and two Top wingers

  7. I’ve paid special attention to Embolo in the Switzerland games, but he looks incredibly raw to me. Can read the game well but he looks very clumsy and has alot of unnecessary possession loss because of it.

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