Arsenal should heed warning that PL could be scrapped

League Managers Association chief executive Richard Bevan has warned that football could be cancelled if an agreement is not met over the use of neutral stadiums.

The government and PL chiefs have all been working behind the scenes to try and figure out a safe way in which to bring football back to the nation, but as a solution looks set to be put forward, clubs may well vote against the decision.

Brighton’s Paul Barber has already expressed his issues with the use of neutral stadiums, which would no doubt hamper his side more than a number of their rivals, and his side would definitely be amongst those most in favour of ending the current campaign.

There are huge financial implications for the teams at the bottom of the table, as well as those fighting for promotion in the divisions below, while there is also plenty to play for at the top of the table with qualification for Europe very much open to a number of teams.

Manchester City are yet to find out if their ban from the next two seasons of European football will be upheld, and there is possible talk that if no decision is made that they will push for the ban to be put back until the appeal is won or lost.

Should they find themselves allowed to compete in next season’s Champions League, Arsenal and Manchester United would be the current biggest losers if the Premier League was to stay as it stands.

The Red Devils will find themselves denied the chance to try and overhaul Chelsea or Leicester for a place in the top four, and a place in the elite European competition, while Arsenal would not only be denied the chance to battle for a place in the top four, but they would also be denied any Europa League action also.

If Man City’s ban is upheld, and the league ends as it stands today, we may have to consider ourselves lucky however, with a points-per-game system to see us leapfrog Tottenham into eighth place, gifting us the third and final EL spot, due to City’s League Cup triumph and the inability to finish the FA Cup also.

There is so much in the balance whether we manage to complete the campaign or not, and while we could suffer the most financially from the inability to complete the campaign, there is of course much more at stake amidst this deadly virus.

Will proposals be turned down for health reasons or will it sadly come down to finances?


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