Arsenal should keep Alexis as the main striker?

Sanchez should be deployed as Arsenal’s striker in big games by SE

Giroud was misfiring; Sanogo, post his performance against Benfica in the Emirates Cup, went off the boil, and Arsenal desperately needed someone with an identity to lead the line for them. Subsequently, Sanchez was next in line to play as a striker. And, the most conspicuous aspect of all was the timing of such an innovation from Wenger, who, before the match against Everton, wasn’t expected to spring in a surprise.

The Chilean led the line for Arsenal in yet another brand new system of 4-1-4-1, but the first half wasn’t an enviable period for the North Londoners, which meant that Sanchez couldn’t impact the game like he would have hoped to.

The advanced midfield pairing of Ramsey and Wilshere couldn’t enjoy enough time on the ball, during the first half, and Ozil, playing on the Left-Wing, went oblivious for large periods. And, with the likes of Mirallas, Barry and McCarthy pressing Arsenal’s midfield, the North Londoners, at times, gave possession away cheaply or, with Chamberlain playing on the Right-Wing, attempted shots on goal from distance.

Sanchez, however, worked his socks off when Arsenal were without possession, and it was a shame that Wenger’s experimentation didn’t work out on the evening. He was willing to fight for the ball, and tried to drop deep, so as to lose his man-markers in Distin and Jagielka, but to no avail.

Albeit it’s difficult to pick up something tangible from Sanchez playing up top – and Arsenal lining up in a 4-1-4-1 formation on Saturday – it should not be a one-time wonder move from Wenger. If played to perfection, 4-1-4-1 can render any side with defensive and offensive balance, which is what Wenger would have wanted when he deployed it against Everton, but on the day Arsenal weren’t at their vintage best.

I hope that Wenger will stick to playing this system in the big games, with much better effect on proceedings. And, that should consequently warrant Sanchez leading the line for Arsenal. Chilean’s industry is difficult to match; and albeit Giroud can give a totally different utility, as a Target man, Sanchez is better than the Frenchman, when playing in that ‘isolated’ role up front.

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  1. I love how he has one bad game as striker and everyones saying he can’t olay there. It was one game, and it was his second ever BPL game. Jesus.

    1. He’s not a lone striker!
      It’s obvious from watching Sanchez over the last 4-5 years!
      Not only that you stick him in the most physical league in world football and say go play up top on your mate even tho it’s not natural to you!!

    2. Just needs to regain fitness and confidence. But his defensive contribution is really impressive. I think we should keep him upfront and even pair him with Giroud. He regularly drops to the flanks for Chile, so having Giroud on would allow Alexis to play off him and still give us a focal point for attack. I think he suits the second striker role well. Let’s try it!

      1. Both Sanchez and the topic of the moment Podolski are out and out second strikers playing their best football in a 2 up front. Wenger has spent 2 years not getting the best out of Podolski by believing something to the contrary was possible – hope Sanchez doesn’t go the same way.

    3. Sanchez can’t play the lone striker role, that is a fact. He needs a strike partner. someone like vargas would have worked wonders with sanchez. we need to change formations but wenger is so fking stubborn he wont do it just becuz we have a bunch of little midfield players like santi,ozil,jack,ramsey,rosicky and they all need to play. I still regret us not signing vargas as he would have been a great strike partner with alexis. its not late yet and we can still sign a striker. If wenger spends some of that fking cash he has stocked up. fk this

    4. I get what you’re saying and I think any definitive conclusions from one half is premature.

      However, it was the sheer ineffective nature of the performance (midfield shares some blame) as he never had 1 touch in the Everton box the whole half. That’s just wrong on every level. You can say he was adjusting to the role but there were more signs that he isn’t suited to that role in our team than there were rustiness/lack of adaptation.

      His characteristics are perfect for the wing, and I think he could for a good Spanish speaking partnership with Montreal…but more importantly support him defensively. Which leaves room for an actual striker to come in. Alexis is an elite winger to me and I have serious doubts about anything else.

  2. Sanchez runs the ball down for 60 minutes gets the defenders tired and edgy and than giroud steps in to score a couple and miss few chances…keeps everyone happy-those who say giroud should never start, those who say giroud is a super sub, those who say giroud is the best striker in the league, those who say sanchez isnt a striker, those who say sanchez should start and ofcourse, arsenal wins too:) Its a win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win situation..

    but seriously, we need a player that can play left and score some serious goals..or just keep playing campbell

    1. Spot on. It was like TH14 said about Lukaku doing all the work getting defenders tired, and then Origi steps in and gets the winner for Belgium in the WC this summer. Sanchez can play as a striker, and I believe that if he’s given a fun of games there both he and his teammates will get an understanding of what each other does which is when we’ll see him knocking in the goals.

  3. Ok so here is were i think wenger went wrong, if u play a target man as a lone striker u would want natrual width on the wings. If you play with a technical small faster mobile lone striker u do not need natrual wingers in my opinion. With sanchez upfront was perfect time for carzola to be put on the left wing because sanchez likes to run in behind, he doesnt play for wingers to bomb down the line and bomb balls into the box. He neesa players to spot his runs and ping the through balls

    So frustrating to see wenger pick a player we all want to see upfront but not supply him with the technitians to thread him through.

    Ozil vs coleman…… Really arsene????

    1. I really don’t understand what you’re saying here – to play Sanchez through the middle you need AMs out wide, rather than natural wingers? But then you say Ozil shouldn’t have played wide?
      I agree that Cazorla should have played but only because Ozil was so clearly off the pace and not ready for that game. Broadly speaking, they’re similar types of player.
      Also to say Sanchez likes to run in behind is a bit questionable. Watching him for Chile I’d say he prefers to drop deep; he commonly does this, beats a player or 2 and then plays a pass or takes a shot. He’s good at getting behind defenses for counter attacks, but that’s what everyone tries to do in those situations. He really plays as the no. 10 with the other bloke trying to run in behind, making space for Sanchez to run into or giving him an option for a pass.

      1. He got like 20 odd goals for barca so id say hes a bit more than a number 10. I get what your saying but ozil tracking back is non existant. Cazorla and rosicky would be my preference on either wing with ozil in hes favoured 10 role. Thats 3 cams who can tuck in and find the passes to send sanchez thro.

        I dont like this 4-1-4-1 at all,

      2. True, Sanchez has played his whole career facing the opponents goal and coming from deeper positions. He does not generally play with his back to goal or on the shoulder of the last defender. The impetus for making this succeed generally comes from CMs who are happy to drive in to spaces in the middle of the park and drive the whole team forward – we seem incapable of this at moment, the ball tends to drift laterally and only makes its way forward at a pedestrian pace enabling the defending team to organise and stifle. Ozil would appear to be the best option here, on form and confidant he can be direct and incisive through the middle, but no evidence of this as yet.

  4. For Sanchez as striker,we need walcott at right wing.Since Sanchez willl never be static like giroud,whenever he drops to midfield,we need theo to make those runs behind the centre backs.Ox cant do the same from wings as he is more comfortable at taking on the full backs rather than running behind the centre backs.The only other alternative may be Campbell who is yet to be given a chance.So its better to play Giroud till walcott returns..

    1. And what happens when we lose the ball,it’s ok to talk about who should be up front what we need is a stronger midfield with a stronger defence. Play Chambers Oxy Ozil Gazola midfield and Giruid Sanches up front 4 4 2 Good luck CB

  5. You can’t retain possession high up the pitch in the premier league with Sanchez up top on his own!
    Just gets bullied and not only that he doesn’t play like a natural striker probably because he’s not!!
    I’d rather see Sanchez as our left forward Giroud up top Walcott right when he’s fit.

    1. Yes, Sanchez wide left with licence to roam, a bit like some one we used to have! But we need something solid behind him on the left, not sure if we have that capability in our squad to be honest at the moment. Having said that Sanchez has far superior defensive ability to Podolski or Carzorla and would be able to cover a lot of ground up and down the left. With Walcott coming back this looks a possibility – and MAY be a part explanation on the rumours about Podolski leaving and Sanchez taking that spot.

  6. When you have Sanchez, he needs to have 2 natural wingers. He cannot be and should be played as a lone stiker formation. Wenger’s tactics was horrible and the game plan did not suit him all. Even Messi won’t click as well as he can if is played in a system which is custom made for Giroud. When Walcott is back and hopefully if we sign a LW then you will see.

    On another note , I know being fickle minded is a bit natural for football fans but this article reeks of desperation to a point where it beyond embarrassing. Get a grip you loser!

  7. If Giroud can’t play next game because of his ankle, play Campbell as the striker with Sanchez on the right, Carzola on the left and Ozil in the middle.

  8. Sanchez is a great player but he is simply just not a centre forward. The problem is that Giroud and Sanogo are just not Premiership level players. Since RVP left we have been really short changed on the striker front. On Saturday the Ox gave a wonderful ball to Giroud, who promptly sent the ball out to space station zero. I just pictured Van Persie beautifully volleying the ball into the net. Imagine this team with RVP. Poor Sanchez is not the answer at CF but in the right system he will be unstoppable. We desperately need a striker of substance to win the Premiership. We need a William Carvalho power player too. Maybe Wenger is beaten already and fighting for fourth place. We will know soon enough, we will know by 11pm, on September 1st.

    1. I think I saw that un Premiership level player find a wide open player in front of the keeper who came out and could not recover and AR stuffed it home giving us 3 points. Oh and then with minutes to go gave our side a draw for a very valuable away point against one of Premiership’s top sides.

    2. I think I saw that un Premiership level player find a wide open player in front of the keeper who came out and could not recover and AR stuffed it home giving us 3 points. Oh and then with minutes to go gave our side a draw for a very valuable away point against one of Premiership’s top sides.

  9. I would play chambers in dm position alongside ramsey with ozil having free role behind sanchez and ox on right that gives us plenty of pace and will allow ozil to get on the ball more and produce his magic passes he will be much more influential then stuck out on the wing espec as he is poor at tracking back so lets play to his strengths that will get the best out of him and in turn create more chances for forwards!

      1. @dan: don’t bother! few people here understand football. The only view that they can give is which 30 million+ players we should buy. Give your opinion on that and they will thumb u up!

    1. When Walcott is back Campbell will have to get in queue for the LW spot – Sanchez will occupy that with freedom to come inside at will. IMO.

  10. I think Sanchez was lost in the first half because of our midfield wich was completely outplayd bt he defended well..i think as a team every player shud be willing to die 4 the team and that means dropping back and defending collectively,our most playrs are weak defensivly lyk wilshere ozil cazorla ramsey jst look at the everton 2nd goal wen Lukaku ran frm the midway to set up the goal our playrz didnt nt track back n it z always lyk that with every counter our opponents create u feel we wil concede a goal…we nid 6 sanchez in the team!

  11. I say we don’t need another striker.
    If you think about it as a big picture. We have two types of strikers, possibly three.

    With Giroud, he brings a good physical presence, something that we lack a bit. He is powerful in the air and his first touches are amazing (especially the Wilshere goal last season, what a contribution..)

    With Sanchez, he brings something that Giroud doesn’t offer. He can run at defenses, dribble brilliantly and of course finish the ball well. He also has a good balance, he fights really hard to keep the ball.

    With Sanogo, he brings a bit of both. He’s a strong young boy, good in the air, decent finishing and can actually dribble (We’ve seen him dribbling against 3 Benfica players in the preseason). He is still young but a very good back up (waaaaaaaay better than Bendtner if you think about it, seriously).

    That’s why we don’t need a striker. What we really really really lack now is a central defender OR a right back (if Wenger will use Chambers as a central defender).
    A defensive midfielder will only be an ‘upgrade’ to help us against the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City. If we are to buy a DM, we have to choose a strong young boy (young age because Arteta and Flamini are old if you think about it), someone who can tackle and help keeping possession.

    1. Also, it really depends on the opposition. For example, in some certain games that we need physical presence up front, we have to use Giroud. Whereas in the other games, we can play Sanchez up front and score the goals that we want to see. 😀

      1. The problem comes in training. If you practice with a target player like OG/Sanogo it becomes very difficult in games to revert to another pattern. Instead of making runs off that target or using the target to bring CB’s up while making runs behind when you look for that in a game situation and all of a sudden it’s not there the attack will lack cohesion.

  12. In our next game, and at home, I would say hell yeah, lets give him chance. Only this time around lets play Ozil behind him and have a hard working left winger (Campbell preferably) and Ox on the right. If this does not work, the coach should make a change by 60th minute mark, bring in OG if fit for one of the wingers and if Sanchez still has energy drop him to the wing or we play two up front.

    The physicality of Everton’s two center backs was a big ask for Sanchez to play uptop and alone, he didn’t have much support and our players didn’t really get close to him or make runs in good time. Even Suarez or Aguero in an Arsenal shirt would have suffered playing for us as we did in the first half. We need to press higher up the pitch and not wait for our opponents to settle, organize themselves and pass our “DM” for us to start defending, and when we have the ball, we need to have atleast two players (the Striker) and another midfielder willing to make runs in the box. (apart from Rambo and Theo, the other midfielders sit back and wait for the striker to perform miracles).

    One more thing, LETS PRACTICE SHOOTING FOR CHRIST SAKES. We are not as slick in our passing and teams now pack the bus against us. We don’t always have to score the perfect goal or have a one on one with goalie all the time you know.

  13. WANTED

    One genuine. LW not,I repeat not a AMF who doesn’t have to the pace or guile to be a winger.
    no time wasters
    apply Mr Wenger Emirates. stadium

    1. Name all the “genuine” left wingers in the PL top 6 or 7 sides and then explain why we have a different requirement. Would have been better if Sanchez came with a big sticky label on him explaining to Wenger exactly what is was and where he can play. According to many he is not a striker not a winger not a centre forward etc etc. He is a versatile forward with the ability to play pretty much anywhere along the front line as required. Just glad we haven’t got Messi, Bale or Ronaldo in our team because they would be a real head f**k for some – none of them are strikers, or are they? Lukaku effectively played RW for Everton on Saturday – do we change his label. Suarez played all along the Liverpool front line and is certainly not a centre forward in the traditional time-honoured mould and unlikely he will be playing centrally in front of Messi at Barca.

  14. One of our biggest needs for a long time is a left winger (not a wing play maker) who understands and appreciates the role of a winger i.e:

    positional discipline with or without the ball

    Tenacity to track back

    Teams have figured this weakness out and regardless of who the DM is or will be, we will be counter attacked from the left ..there always seems to be a hole there

    1. Yeah Sanchez quick dribble well works hard tracks back he should be our left forward.
      His can no one see this.

    2. Yeah Sanchez quick dribble well works hard tracks back he should be our left forward.
      How can no one see this.

      1. Obvious to me Ergs – Walcott back, Podolski off (??). A neat side-effect would also be to bolster our left side defensively – he has that Barca terrier DNA, hope he passes it on to some of the others. Did you see him imploring everyone behind to close up on Saturday – not sure anyone was listening though.

  15. I don’t understand why people are preaching the gospel of ”converting” Alexis Sanchez to a full striker leading our line. For God sake this is a premiership. Even if he was a striker before, he will need some time to adjust to the new league and its environs; let alone being a winger for most part of his time with Barcelona. This is a dangerous path to tread!
    Also he is not in ”Teen-ages” or very early ”twenties” where conversion is made easy. Those who said that Henry was a winger converted to a striker should tell us at what age was he converted!
    All we need now is:
    1) buying a CDM (maybe capable of playing @ least 1 more position @ the back line as Wenger wants).

    2) A potent striker that has a dominant figure over defenders or that can instill fears in defenders. OR better/ have another dimension than Girouds.

    3) Keep Podolski !!

  16. We should play with 2 strikers up front. Chambers gives a long ball to giroud who holds it and passes it to alexis who is making a run straight at goal. Juventus for example played 2 strikers, llorente who is big and can be conpared to giroud and the other tevez. They had a good partnership, and giroud is can make good assists we have seen that.
    Just an idea…

  17. Sanchez is part of a large
    Arsenal pool of talent
    midfield and up front.
    However as yet there are
    very few who have defined roles.
    Injuries, new players lack of fitness
    is hampering the full utilisation of the talent.
    The team is showing lots of intent but
    the combinations, timing and
    understandings are not there yet.
    But there are good signs of quality emerging.
    Patience is the key.

  18. First and foremost.what’s the meaning of main striker ?
    Secondly.if and when Sanchez learns that it’s going to be difficult for him to out muscle big premiership defenders all the time,then he might play better.he often tries the seemingly better but More obvious run which makes him easy to cut out.giroud attempts the seemingly useless but Safer and unpredictable run and ends up creating space for himself and others.
    Practical example.against Everton,every time Wilshire and Ramsey received the ball,Sanchez attempted to run past distin or jagielka and ended up being gently show out wide away from goal.(he was poor at losing his marker ).giroud though dashed back towards midfield to play a single touch or maybe two that would just keep the move alive or even create space for runners if there were any.
    My suggestion is that if Sanchez can learn that,he has the potential to do it much better than giroud does because he is faster off the mark and can dribble.he’s too honest in his running so I disagree with those that think it’s the set up of the team that failed him.his movement is still a little naive for the premier league
    Secondly on the left wide argument.Wenger is jamming attacking midfielder out there so as to provide cover for the defensive midfielder using two box to box only makes sense because we have lots of them and it can be effective if well mastered.the catch is sacrificing a winger for the the attacking midfielder.if your memory serves you well you’ll remember that artetas downward spiral began when teams noticed he was the hub for our possession and started deploying their number 10 to press’s been working for ages and can be used on any defensive midfielder regardless of the size so You’ll end up with your much cried for cavarlho,kedihra,bender,schneiderline,and every other one passing sideways and backward because of the pressure so I personally appreciate the innovative move but Again appeal to Ramsey and Wilshire to take their job more serious.

  19. Off course Sanchez can be a lone striker. He is a very intelligent player as well as being technically gifted and aggressive.

    However no one becomes a lone striker in one game. Henry only played lone striker towards the end of his career and said he struggled for a while to get it right.

    Personally, if he was a lone striker for a game I would push one of either Ox or Ramsey into no. 10 for them to constantly run ahead of Sanchez and Ozil probably wide left and Walcott to run in.

    At the end of the day I don’t even think Sanchez was the issue. How Wilshere played that long was beyond me. Wilshere was in the middle and should have pushed up as a 10 or support striker. It is essential because that is how it works if you don’t play a target man.

  20. Wenger need to sort out the Defense. I do not care if we are going to sign a WC striker or not. Wenger needs to sign a CDM and a CB asap. 3 warnings we have already got this season. Crystal Palace where we went down 1 goal before getting back and scoring 2. Besiktas where Demba Ba almost scored thrice and we were all over the place defensively. Everton where we went down 2 goals before picking up a point. I don’t think the teams like Chelsea and MANC would be so forgiving and give us the chance to come back and grab a point.

  21. I honestly think we have enough goalscoring talent in our team. By that, I believe they have the talent, but they DO have to start producing it at the highest level consistently.

    If we signed a top name striker, they firstly have to fit into the team (chemistry, philosophy etc) and they have to adapt to the premier league.

    Not all strikers can do that, so to spend £30-50 million could be considered a massive gamble – a la Torres…

    Yes, Costa has scored 2 in 2 for Chelsea, but against 2 promoted teams let us not forget. I would rather rate him over 20 games or a season..

    On balance, yes we could do with an amazing striker, but we did try to sign Suarez remember! The will is there to sign top players, but ones that Wenger feels will improve the team, and not just with their previous goalscoring record.

    Those sort of players are few and far between. Balotelli was never an upgrade, as his record is fairly uninspiring. Yes, he scores memorable goals, but he also sulks like a teenager and brings disharmony into any dressing room. Liverpool beware! 😉

    The truth is, we are in that difficult position of being consistently very good, without being great, and that despite our belief as fans, is not enough for top top players. Add in our wage structure, and it’s not difficult to see why they aren’t seriously interested.

    That’s why we try and bring through promising talent, it is our philosophy. We should be proud of that, instead of other teams who just buy their way to a title.

    We are unique, and for that, I am proud! 😀

  22. the problem is not with sanchez but the reluctance of others to move up with him; the guy showed more energy and effort than all the others on saturday; ramsey was poor on saturday but to his credit he continues to get in to scoring positions but we need to have attack minded players who do the same; the ox is still work in progress in this respect but ozil should be encouraged to stay high and another attacker brought in…reus the colombian kid somebody who can link up with sanchez….the ostrich aka arsene wenger is back to his old ways it seems

    1. @rkw: The entire first half one could see Alexis signalling other team mates to press the opposition. This is a fundamental weakness in our play (may be it is an effect of the big losses that we had had last season), people not getting into the box. Most of the time it is only Giroud who is fighting against 2-3 guys in the box. Why cant we have 2 other players run into the box and feed of the lucky deflections? If nothing it will at least distract the opposition defenders. The opposition defenders now know- cut out Giroud and Ramsey and we are good!

  23. Alexis needed more players up the field we couldnt do that at everton because with their full backs we were outnumbered in midfield he needs pace up there with someone who can break along side….Reus anybody????.If poldi is leaving we better be signing reus…..and in my opinion im not fussed khedira isnt coming if the rumours are tru i would rather gustavo a much better option at cdm and more disciplined in the position then its just a a striker wich we may be able to get away with if reus is signed walcott fit rw,reus lw,alexis in the middle with those three up front NO defence in EPL will be able to keep up we exploit teams defences like never before…….

    1. @dan: Excellent point about Reus. If Sanchez is going to play upfront, he needs someone to join him with similar pace, and Reus in LW is a very apt choice. With all the rumors circling about Podolski leaving, I do hope wenger knows what he is doing – if we don’t get Reus in his place, expecting OX+ Campbell to fill in Podolski shooting boots is expecting too much!

      1. Have you considered the possibility that Sanchez will take the LW spot with a free role to cut in and link up with the central striker? Seems a lot more likely with Walcott coming back than day-dreaming about Reus.

  24. I wish I could have heaard all of your reactions 15 years ago when Henry played his first game for us up front. Some of you here are so quick to judge on baseless assumptions, its unbelieveable!

    1. Arsenal have more plastic fans now then 15 years ago.
      Also nowadays more people are online to talk rubbish too.

      Back then the only way to talk about football would have been with your mates, acquaintances or the odd random person when going out for drinks.
      And when people talk, generally people agree to disagree (unless you’re a idiot) and would have a good converstaion about football.

      Nowadays with the internet at full force people tend to post statements rather then try to have a converstaion and online people tend to not agree to disagree.
      The thing is these people you wouldn’t likely approach in real life and if you did you wouldn’t hang around them long enough to hear their tosh.

      I tend to ignore stupid comments or statements as I would also ignore them in real life too.

      You must also realise that today there are children online who don’t really understand anything and post absolute rubbish.
      And as more people use the internet the more stupid people you will come across.

      1. You are making me nostalgic there mate – I remember the days when you could have a conversation about football. The other difference was that much less of the chat was about how to spend say £150M (or the equivalent then). Ambition then wasn’t defined by how much money you were going to spend – a curious misappropriation of what real ambition is in both life and sport. And whilst we had players we didn’t rate the response was more humorous and accepting – not generally child-like and personal abuse.

  25. Sporting are ready to lower their asking price for Arsenal target William Carvalho to £24 million, but will ask for a player on loan in return. The Portuguese side would be interested in Yaya Sanogo, Serge Gnabry, Francos Coquelin or Ryo Miyaichi.

    they can take gnabry or coquelin on loan

  26. You could tell he isn’t 100% match fit yet, still working the rust off.

    You could also tell he isn’t fully acclimated to what his role will be in the team yet.

    One thing I will say is that I loved his activity level when he didn’t have the ball, very hard working, and was a difficult half for him because he didn’t get a whole lot of service to be honest.

    I think we just need to be patient with him

  27. I know it’s a negative comment but interested to see who people think are the weakest links in the team , For me I would say Wilshere & Arteta , For obvious reasons Mikel given he has very little if any physical presence to dominate the centre of the park and Jack purely because it seems our style just does not suite the lad ..Whenever these two play it makes our midfield look distinctly average when In fact it should be our midfield thats our biggest threat . Ozil to play in Wilsheres position and a beast to replace Arteta .

    1. With everyone fit I doubt if JW is in the 1st X1. Not getting in to the Arteta debate but IMO if everyone else did their jobs as well as he does his then we would be the better for it.

  28. I have seen this lad play for 3 years now and he will not be a hit in the EPL. You can all say I’m a dick but he never cut is in Spain or he would still be there. Yes a cer ten number 10 there never helped but he was out for long parts last year and still he never cut it. He is a out player not a striker. Maybe it TW comes back with speed it could help his game as it would others like MO SC JACK AND IT WOULD SHOW HOW WORLD CLASS AR IS.

  29. He might not make it in the PL but I wouldn’t want to take your word for it just yet. If, big if, you have been watching “this lad” for 3 years (and I reckon that is BS just to reinforce an already fragile argument) then you need to take your head out of your lowest orifice and try talking sense.

    1. You are just like all the silly arsenal fans that think we are so much better then last year. He has just replaced a few players. We have 1 RB a very sick LB a very slow LB no world class DM no world class striker ? Need I say more. The man has yet to replace TV and he won’t. So take your head from your backside and start to see it for what it is

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