Arsenal should let one Czech leave, and bring in another (if Mourinho lets us!)

Not a lot happening in the transfer market by KM

Hello everyone! Summer is coming and football is out until August. So whats there to talk about? Not a lot really, apart from a few Jose Mourinho comments of course. They always seem to come around and more often than not they have a dig at Arsenal.

It’s no secret that Petr Cech wants to play regular football and Arsenal FC does need a solid keeper. Cech even made some comments regarding his family, where his kids study and so on, which all indicates that a London is a good place for him to stay.

That doesn’t mean he’s a certain transfer, because Spurs might need someone to replace Lloris if De Gea goes and Man United snap him up. It’s all pretty much gossip but Mourinho said that he might want an exchange player. Now except for Diaby I don’t think I’d give anyone to Chelsea!

Mourinho recently stated that Wenger is a “top manager” and that we’ll be harder to beat next year. There goes a statement full of honest words. Why would you trust anything Mourinho says? Especially when it comes to Arsene. He’s just softly trying to apply pressure on us.

Anyway, in other rare news, Thomas Rosicky got his contract extended and he wasn’t too happy about it. I can understand that. Such a talent, such a poor injury record. I like the idea of keeping our senior players, but I feel that Thomas would not get more than the 5 games (maybe even less?) he got this season.

I believe Rosicky should’ve played a bigger part in turning over smaller teams instead of overplaying some players till they get an injury. I think that letting him go would’ve been a good gesture, since he won’t have too many more years to finish playing. He’s never been greedy, so I think he should give the game a final year of regular play, but at Arsenal that’s highly unlikely.

On a final note, bar a few transfer stories sucked out of the tip of the writers fingers, nothing much is happening really. Benzema, Higuain and Martinez are being rumored. Each of those will improve our striking force and I do believe that a new striker is just behind the DM, but still a keeper remains our top target.

I don’t think Arsene will splash out the cash. I expect something between 2-4 signings at the correct positions and we are ready to go with a better challenge next year!

Have a superb week.


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  1. Cech is quality goal keeper. We havent got a quality keeper who can produce quality saves in big games. We also dont have a quality striker who can win u games single handedly like Drogba used to do for Chelsea. We also need a good backup at CDM.

    1. Some people just say the exact same thing on every single article day after day after day after day.

      We need a keeper striker and a CDM.

      Looking forward to reading your views on the next article.

      Let me guess we need a keeper striker and a CDM.

        1. Its not so much as needing the players in those positions, I would say we should be focusing on squad depth in all honesty. The problem for Arsenal for years has been we start the season off(or have a prolonged period of amazing results) good by December/ January those players loose form or get injured through fatigue and we start crying that the “Arsenal curse” has struck again. In truth its not curse at all, we just don’t rotate the players enough because we are highly dependent on them and thier replacements are sub par (in the sense they have little to no premier league experience, or simply not good enough). When people cry out for a striker or a cdm, we have good players in the starting line up first of all and people realize that, but the problem is when Giroud or Coquelin get injured or loose their form people start calling them useless (I’m guilty of it aswell) but Christ we need to remember that they are Human Beings who need rest, not Stats on a FiFA game. But the problem arises when we start trying to rest them, who is there on the bench who would make an immediate impact and help us maintain the consistency? To win a title you have to win games, not scrap for points against insignificant sides.

          1. The problem is Giroud is not good enough to win us titles. He always hides in big games. Even a fully fit Arsenal squad is not good enough to win BPL. Do u know why ? becuase we dont have big game changer.

            1. Why are people so dense? Chelsea 13 points ahead of us tells us everything. And dont forget a team like Monaco beating us in the Cl, lol. Pathetic.

              Losing to Spus or to Chelsea to 6 goals seems to be no biggy as many have gotten used to any kind of football humiliation.

            2. Mesut Bovril also has the tendency to disappear in big games. Not saying it’s intentional it just seems to happen.

              Iniesta never hides. I’d take that old gem in a heart beat.

              1. I dont get why people keep on saying we dont have a big squad thats why we are not winning but the truth is some of the members of our first xi are not good enough. Why is it that we started winning trophies after decade of selling players ? We signed better players like Sanchez,
                Ozil and Cazorla.

                1. We need to add at least 3 of real quality (sorry AlanFrank 😉 to compete.

                  Others will and we must raise our over all level & potency/functioning. Acquiring the top players will help up our game by increasing our armoury (gunners!). A side effect is that those players inspire the other squad players young and old and slowly but surely the bar raises as does performance.

                  Barca had Messi & Neymar and thought we must get stronger, more potent and they bag Suarez,

                  The barca president has already stated Pogba is one of the players they are ‘interested’ in. Let’s not bankrupt ourselves but come on let’s show some intent. Less talking about being at the pinnacle and more effort on doing things that can take us there!


            3. I hold the very same opinion as you… But the fact of the matter is he is what we’ve got at the moment and as they say ‘when live gives you lemon’s you make lemonade, but i don’t like lemonade it taste’s horrible, sometimes you have to suck it up. I’ve pretty much accepted that Wenger is not going to get rid him, so what has to be done is we need to sign another striker who would play back up for the mean time, with the eventual view of him replacing Giroud. He hasn’t got long left at top flight football he is 29 In September, therefore bringing in anyone under 24 who is established in the first team, with a experience in top flight football would be a smart investment both for now and the future.

      1. 3 positions Wenger has neglected for the past decade GK, CDM and ST.
        GK- Lehmann was the last quality GK we had. We haven’t replaced him with quality.
        CDM- Since Gilberto and Vieira we havent replaced a quality DM until Coquelin showed up.
        ST- We havent replaced Henry and V.Perise yet.

        1. No the problem is you posting the same comment on every article. Everyone’s read it several times. You can say it on every article from now till September your not going to affect what happens.

          1. Its not just me plenty of guys comment same. Do u have any problem if i comment about GK, CDM and ST ?

            1. You’ll do what you like I just don’t see the point in saying the exact same thing day in day out several times a day. Honestly it’s ridiculous.

    2. Cech+kondogbia+Martinez= title challenge

      Cech+Vidal+benzema= title and challenge for UCL

      As simple as that, I hope Wenger understands,even a 7 year old would have noticed all this by now

  2. The summer clear out is a critical to getting new players. And Wenger is off to a good start.

    However, I just learned that Diaby made 124 appearances for Arsenal. Was I sleeping? I seemed to have missed 114 of them.

    1. There is only one season he played about 30 games. The rest have been maybe 10-15 maximum.
      In the last 3 years he hasnt even reached 20.

      1. The guy was so unlucky he didn’t just have one horror tackle made on him he had three or four. One injury has just lead to another and every time he’s made a comeback something else has happened. Such a shame I remember Cazorla saying Diaby is on another level to everyone else in the squad. I think without a doubt he would have been one of the best midfielders in the world had he not had so many injuries. Technically brilliant but I think because he’s a big guy people went in on him harder than they would have with a smaller player. He worked so hard to try and keep making a comeback most people would have give in years ago. And he’s been exactly the player we’ve been missing over the years. Surly arsenals luck has to change no other club has had injuries inflicted on their players by players from other clubs like us Ramsey, Eduardo diaby on a few occasions.

  3. Casillas is available now. Mourinho needs to stop acting like he has a say in this at all, this is between the owner and cech. If cech wants to stay in london and play for arsenal then that’s the end of it. It would be another thing if cech didn’t mind leaving london and arsenal trying to overcome the owner+ a player that wants to move.

  4. It is true that “not a lot is happening in the transfer market. But cannot recall many recent signings that were done by Wenger by early summer.

    Poldi was signed early and Giroud in mid-summer I think. Beyond that, mostly later summer or early season signings.

    1. It’s always quite the first few weeks. Only a few free transfers Kedhira, Milner, Ings then Dybala who Palermo were trying to drum up interest in since January. Depay at Man U and Vidal to Barca . A few smaller signings not of major interest. + a few loanees returning to parent clubs. And loads of boring roomers. Some transfers have chain reactions so always takes a while to get going. Always boring anyway about 2 days of excitement in 2 months can’t wait for the new season to start.

    1. Shez Southampton on loan With Foster being injured. He a far better keeper than Fabianski and he’s proving himself at Swansea keep him let him mature. That’s if we do buy a keeper.

      1. Fabianski is better goal keeper than Szczesny. Szczesny just keeps on making silly mistakes too often. Fabianski has improved a lot. Lol Fabianski was a dumb keeper though 4-5 years ago giving ball to opponent after the back pass againt Porto I think.

  5. Just wait and see what happens. Chelseas reserve keeper is way to good to sit on the bench. Who ever gets him are going to end up as lucky.

    1. We need Cech desperately. Would have been great had we signed him last season but Jose must have lied to him that he would be first choice ahead of Courtois lol.

  6. Let rosicky leave?! thank god we don’t have any say in what wenger does in the transfer window. Even as an impact sub TR7 has at least 2 more yrs left in him if wenger didn’t feel the same he would’ve let rosicky leave years ago.

    1. We should let him go after one season. We have plenty of young attacking midfielders coming through who deserve first team football. Rosicky will always behind Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshere in the first team. Also Toral, Crowley, Gnabry and Ox need much more playing time.
      We should loan out Gnabry and Toral to BPL clubs next season.

  7. “It’s no secret that Petr Cech wants to play regular football and Arsenal FC does need a solid keeper.” Really? The last time Wenger commented on the goalkeeper issue he said Ospina has the best stats of all EPL keepers, so as far as Wenger is concerned Ospina is the man. This therefore means that your claim about it not being a secret that Arsenal needs a goalkeeper is one of those tripes fed tp you from media and pundits. Do not forget that a Season before Sczny had the most clean sheets alongside your dream keeper.

  8. I think Ospina is the best GK we have had since Lehman. Ospina is better than Szczesny, Fabianski and Almunia.

    However, if Cech comes he is WC

  9. Why are we still frigging obsessed with Cech?!?!?

    There is currently 0 evidence that Cech will add to our defence any huge amount – there is MASSES of reasons this would be a bad signing for us. If De Gea leaves united and they snap Lloris we’ll have missed a trick – Lloris would be a FAR better signing considering his age, ability and potential. Cech is NOT a long term solution and even if he regains form (he is out of it completely) then he would still just be for a couple of years. We would lose at least 1 of Szczes and Ospina (and definitely a promising Martinez), we’d have problems in the dressing room and we’d not gain THAT much, especially considering Opsina’s stats this season. I agree there is room for improvement in goal but Cech is NOT the answer to that.

    As for Rosicky…well I’m happy we’re keeping him. Wenger should use him more. It is like a knife in the back that he’s unhappy though. He’s been one of my favourite players for so long, I just want him to be happy and playing. Gutted that he’ll probably leave next year on bad terms with the club instead of finishing his career here getting treated to the game time he deserves.

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