Arsenal should make a bold move for this out-of-favour Man United misfit this summer

Would you buy Jadon Sancho in the summer?

The summer transfer window is edging closer and closer and like every single summer, there’s rumours circulating every day around who and where everyone will end up come the new season. With Arsenal looking set to spend big again and bolster our squad, we need to be smart about who we bring in, but Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho could be a cheap option for the gunners in the transfer window.

Sancho is currently playing for Dortmund in Germany on loan, (the club he originally was sold by to Manchester United for almost £80 Million) after having a disagreement with United’s Dutch manager Erik Ten Hag that saw Sancho exiled for the United first team for almost the whole first 6 months of the season, before United and Sancho both decided that it was best for Sancho to go on loan and hopefully find the form he was in the last time he played for Dortmund.

Since going on loan, he’s been in great form. It took him a few games to really get going again and that’s expected when you’re not playing first team football, but since then he’s looked back to his old self and has managed to help Dortmund reach the Champions League final in what could be a massive clash for the Englishmen.

There’s no doubt Sancho is a skilful player, he was one of the most sought out after wingers when he played for Dortmund and had a promising career in an England shirt ahead of him. But since going to United, he’s had the life sucked out of him and has never really been able to get going in a United shirt. Since being back at Dortmund he’s looked great and United look set to sell and try make a bit of money back for the 24-year-old.

So should Arsenal go in for him? If cheap enough then I don’t see why not. I think Sancho would work well under a manager like Arteta and would fit in perfectly in the squad. His talent is undeniable but his attitude is a worry, it’s not the first time he’s had discipline issues, but it seems like in the right environment, with the right people around him, he thrives and although he hasn’t been able to set the league on fire at United, that’s not to say he wouldn’t at Arsenal.

Of course, it’s a bit of a risk, he has a track record and we can’t afford to have any bad energy in our dressing room, but if we could nab a player like Sancho for under £50M, I think we would be stupid not to go for it.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. I would entertain the idea on a few very strict conditions.

    A) Transfer fee should be 40 million TOPS because he’s not hot value anymore
    B) His starting wages shouldn’t exceed 100k but could be raised on performance related bonuses
    C) No excessively greedy agent cuts etc. and a short contract (like 3-4 years with optional years)
    D) MA would have to give a long, hard assessment on his attitude and general way of living

    I think all this money has made Sancho lose his way. The talent is there, he was amazing at BVB and he’s still young. He should be playing football for the love of it and not because of money/fame.

    Let’s not forget Manchester United is a graveyard for talent at the moment. Too many toxic players, kind of like what we had 3-5 years ago but worse.

    That being said, I don’t think Sancho will ever agree to play for moderate wages anymore despite being a ghost for 2 years.

    1. What is his current salary?
      He seems a good rotation option for our wide players, but I doubt if Edu/Arteta would stand for any of his behavior issues.

  2. NO, We shouldn’t! If we can’t get Olise, then Ethan must come through in his place. NO STORY!

  3. Not a cat inhells chance that MA, who sensibly ejected prima donnas like Auba, Ozil and the ghastly narcissistic Guendouzi, would entertain the ridiculous thought of another “up himself “trouble maker like SANCHO.

    Among all dead parrots everywhere, this ludicrous rumour is the deadest of all.
    Guaranteed DEAD!!

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