Should Arsenal make a cheeky bid for this Bayern Munich striker

The fact that Benjamin Sesko turned down a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join Arsenal is interesting.Arsenal undoubtedly must have a backup plan in place. In fact, Sesko was unlikely to have been Arsenal’s first choice because they didn’t put an effort into his swoop; they ended up just letting things play out on their own terms.

The attraction must have been mutual, but probably Arteta and Edu didn’t see him as a “must-have” and eventually opted to proceed in a different way.That being said, why don’t we explore the possibility of recruiting Bayern Munich’s Mathys Tel? Bayern has reportedly listed six players for sale. Though Tel is not on the list, the German side having such a list indicates that they are desperate to sell before they can buy.

Because of their desire to sell, I believe Arsenal cannot take advantage of Bayern; instead, they should make an attractive offer and, who knows, cash in on the young striker. With Havertz slated to spearhead Arsenal’s attack next season, the youthful striker is likely the ideal candidate for a lone forward signing this summer, serving as a striker and left winger.

Those who have watched Tel feel he has a lot of potential. In 30 league games (six of which were starts) for Bayern, he scored seven goals and assisted five times. The 19-year-old’s ball-striking is among the greatest in Europe, with shots that are incredibly clean, precise, and powerful. In addition to his excellent technique, he can strike the ball with both feet, which is a significant skill for a forward like Tel.

That said, Mathys Tel is a rough diamond, and I am confident that Mikel Arteta has what it takes to polish him. The CIES Observatory values the Bayern star at approximately £51 million. I suppose that should give Arsenal an indication of what to offer the striker.

What do you think?

Darren N


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  1. it appears Arsenal’s new striker options are narrowing with Sesko and Isak unavailable, Toney form fading, other options in £100m bracket

    it also seems like Arsenal’s midfield options are are disappearing, Zudimendi staying Spain, Douglas Luiz to Juventus, Onana ruled out, Guimeares £100m

    it may be a poor summer on the incoming front for Arsenal

    maybe at plan C or D already, and Arteta/Edu do like a surprise signing

    £51m for a teenager feels too out of left field even for them though

    but a smell of desperation is strating

  2. There are a lot of players that can do justice to the needed positions.

    I don’t believe we were ever interested in Sesko, I think it was his agent trying to make him more relevant to his prevent club.
    IMO, Bruno is too expensive.

  3. This is a difficult window as there’s not a wealth of great options out there and there’s a lot of competition for CFs and CDMs with Liv Che Manu Tott and ourselves looking at similar areas. Though I have faith in our guys unearthing something worthy they rarely let us down

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