Arsenal should make a proper attempt at signing this genuine world class player

It is being reported in Spain that Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane and Gareth Bale have had a total breakdown in their relationship and that there is no way back for the Welshman.

Now, I am the first to accept that we cannot afford to either buy or pay the wages of Bale but that does not mean that we cannot make a proper go at trying to sign him and I shall explain how.

We can table a loan offer with the condition that Real Madrid subsidises part of his wages which is not an unusual arrangement.

Why would Real Madrid go for that?

Because it is unlikely they will be able to find a buyer for him as things stand today. It is difficult to see where he would fit in at Liverpool or Manchester City, Chelsea has a transfer ban, Tottenham cannot afford him and may not want him back anyway and Manchester United would probably not be attractive enough for the 29-year-old without Champions League football.

Then you look outside England and you have PSG, Bayern Munich and Juventus as probably the only European clubs that could afford his transfer fee and wages. Forget Juve, Bale will not want to go and be under Ronaldo’s shadow again and PSG has more than enough firepower as it is and so that leaves possibly Bayern Munich but I just do not see that happening either.

So what about China or an Arab state?

Can you see Bale really moving there when he still has a few years left at the top, he does not need the money and I do believe he remains ambitious enough to not move for a big payday.

That is why I do feel it is viable that we can sign Bale.

Some will no doubt be against Bale joining us because of his previous association with Tottenham but I personally do not care, he is a top talent and would make a huge difference for us.

Can you imagine the link up play with Aubameyang and Lacazette and he would probably bring out the best in Ozil as well, he would be a huge addition of that I am absolutely certain.


  1. He is still a fine athlete at his age. But I don’t think Madrid would let him go for less than 50 M, since his contract will only expire in 2022

    Besides, Arsenal already have too many old players in their squad and need younger wingers

    I’m more interested in Isco and maybe Madrid would like to trade him with Ozil plus some money. I believe Zidane would love to work with Ozil

  2. Absolutely brilliant idea. Offer Real Madrid GBP45m for a 4 year loan deal. GBP250k a week (to match new deals to Laca , Auba)

  3. This is nonsense…Bale is terminated as a player,just like Ozil,living from past.He’s going to offer ,for his new team,the same “ surprise” Sanchez offered to MU.I thing getting stuck with lazy,useless Ozil is enough,we don’t need another “ star” with big ego.One more thing-any player who departed Real or Barcelona became a big failure to the new club,or just a squad,mediocre player.(with huge wages)…and that is because Real or Barca have no mercy in squezing the last drop of energy and value from their players.They pay huge money for them and to them,but they demand unconditional slavery.And,when is nothing left in them,they are disposed like rags.Useless rags….look at Coutinho,the man with statue in Liverpool,or Pedro-bench warmer in Chelsea team….even Ronaldo was disposable

    1. To defend Ozils character even though I much hope and think he will be gone by August. He is not and never has been a big ego person. That is clear to anyone who looks at how he handles himself in off field matters. He is a decent person and it might help in his determination or rather the lack of it , if he WERE as you falsely describe.

  4. He’s 30 in July, he’ll cost an absolute fortune in fee and wages (no matter what fanciful financial plan you come up with), and lastly, his injury record is horrendous.

    Why do you thin none of the big teams are buzzing around him like flies around shit.

    In short, no thanks.

  5. Hell to tha NO. He’s way past his prime, his injuries keep haunting him and his wages are unbelievable.

  6. Gareth Bale is finished. We really need to stop this medium/average club mentality of going for past-it players and overpaying them for accepting the transfer. How did it work out when we quickly snapped up cast offs before? Mkhitaryan, Welbeck, Ozil, Silvestre, Sanchez and Cech? Only the latter 2 have been any good to us. Even Cech it’s debatable, he had so many howlers we had to bring in Leno. Let’s go for players in their prime, if we can’t afford them then fine, forget about them and look elsewhere. Arsenal should not be a place where finished players who were deemed not good enough for their clubs like Mkhitaryan and Ozil, go to retire. We should be a proud club! On that note don’t even think of bringing up that Eric Bailly transfer to Arsenal again.

  7. Ability wise yes he is more than good enough for this team and most teams. But with our money situation and already with a few big-name players close to that age, maybe it’s not wise to pay that type of fee for one last contract for a big-name player. We need new blood, young but not kids, 22 – 27. Bale is a great player though, it’d be funny with Ramsey going out and we brought Bale in.

    1. Hello no..,we don’t need those overpriced finished players what we need now is replacements for Kocienly who is past it, Mustafi error prone, Monreal who is too old for us, Elneny who has flopped and bring Maguire, Dunk, Grimaldo and Doucoure respectively and then bring Isco for Ramsey after that sell Ozil who is confirmed dead by one legend and Micki who is not our class then give chance to Nelson and Smith-Rowe in wide ereas with Laca-Auba up to Nketia will provide cover or bring Ayoze for depth in attack then we can challenge for trophies

  8. GB has been an excellent player – however he has ‘spuds dna’ which does suggest his coming to the emirates most unlikely, it’s a nonsense. It’s hard to imagine fans endearing themselves toward him by singing his name at emirates.. in simple it will never happen.

    Practical buys:- maguire (Leic), decoure (Wat), gueye (Eve), Antonio (Wham), deulofeu (Wat), saha (Pal), dybala (Juv). Yes we need close to seven players drafted in to replace those leaving.

  9. Although trades rarely happen on football, a straight swap – Ozil for Bale – would be interesting for both players and both clubs. It’s debatable how much either have left in the tank but a change in scenery might help bring out whatever remains. I imagine their salaries are similar.

    If it doesn’t work out both clubs are in the same position as they are today – over paying a player who, for whatever reason , can’t replicate his previously world class form.

  10. Excellent idea Trudeau but can’t see it happening unless they are both prepared to take a big cut in wages.

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