Arsenal should make full use of our rested players against Southampton

Rob Holding, Kieran Tierney, Mesut Ozil and Alex Lacazette must play against Southampton.

It is just a few days to the resumption of the English premier league and I am so much in the mood for some thrilling club football, at the Emirates this weekend.

International breaks can be boring and cumbersome and a lot of football fans may be wishing that it is cancelled, or at least played at the very end of a season. Some clubs lose players after an international break, others get back their players in good shape. Arsenal FC in recent years, have been unfortunate to welcome back their players many times with injuries. This time around, we may actually feel the benefit of the international break, as most of our first team players didn’t participate in football games.

While many clubs had several players on international duty, Arsenal were lucky to have more than half of their players not getting involved in football games. We had Rob Holding, Kieran Tierney, Mesut Ozil, Alex Lacazette and Pierre Aubameyang, all to ourselves! They were not involved in football games for their countries and they were told to stay behind to train. Aubameyang went to visit his family members but soon got back to Arsenal to train with the few players who stayed behind. All should be fit and well to face Southampton.

Now, all these players, on a normal day, should form the bulk of our first team, and having them available, should act as a special incentive to play them from the start of our game on Saturday. We need Holding back in our defence, we need Lacazette firing from all angles and we need Tierney starting from the left wing back position.

It is really to cry about, when you feel you have players who can win you games but your coach won’t make use of them just because he wants to prove a point. Emery needs to start all these players this Saturday against Southampton; he needs to stop being cautious in games that we should be firing on all cylinders.

Gooners, would you rather we make use of Emery’s regular first team players or we make use of players who are well rested and raring to go?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Hopefully Tierney and Ozil will play as both Ceballos and Kolasinac are injured and whilst I do not wish injuries on any player, it is fortunate, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Tierney, Ozil, Holding, Chambers, Laca and Torreira must be a part of our regular PL team along with Lenno and Auba. The rest can be rotated around. We have to start with our best players for the PL and for crucial EUL games when we reach the latter stages of EUL.

  3. Chambers don’t hv strength to play football he can’t even run, most of our fans are calling on him to be played as a defensive midfielder……Arsenal is falling massively….Oh God of creation please send down thy saviour to help us…Amen

  4. Ozil should be fine against Southampton, a relegation team

    He should only play against lower table teams

    If he can’t get an assist or goal against Southampton then he’s beyond useless

    1. Again- after the Mick McCarthy comment for which you will be eternally
      embarrassed by, your opinion will never be taken seriously.
      You are a @ Got an Idea lite.

    2. Of course in all probabilities he wont, cause he is not “useless”. Those around him were, are and will be useless, right from the goalkeeper to the wings and strikers, to the ball boys, the groundsmen, the janitors, the doormen, laundry men, you name it, they are all useless.
      I am useless too for wasting my time in typing this useless post.

    3. Innit, let’s just hope auba, lacs, pepe, and guendy can score a goal or get an assist, otherwise your way of analysing a players ability will see us needing a completely new set of said players….unless of course, you have one way of judging Ozzil compared to the rest of the team?

    4. musa we are in 2019 not 2014 just to remind you.Stale past by date products are inedible and hazardous.
      have a great weekend pal

  5. Chambers is much better defensively as compared to our other defenders. As far as Ozil goes, those who believe that quality and class is permanent know what stuff Ozil is made of. He has won titles with RM and Germany not for playing lower league teams. His sheer quality on a given day can win matches for Arsenal. The only worrying factor is hie form right now, and that comes down to other reasons apart from footballing reasons. There are factors beyond his control which have contributed to his poor form, but I think it is only a question of time before we see the best of Ozil as we saw it during his peak days for Arsenal. UE should focus on his strengths and not force him to run around like a headless chicken when he can change matches single handedly without running marathons. Many of our players would not even get into the RM and Germany teams forget about shining for them. He is simply pure class. For me he will remain one of AW’s best signings.

    1. I’m with you on this but stand by to be FOXED. According to the Scipture of the (self-titled) noble Saint of all things Arsenal he is any one of
      A Parasite
      A Leach
      And god knows how many other titles he bestowed on Ozil.
      The fact we have nobody even remotely close to being a creative spark for the team is neither here or there in his mind.

      1. Phil, you forgot to mention “fraud”. How could you forget my true and realistic description of half tryer Ozil! As for his success at Real and winning the world cup, do please remind me how LONG AGO those were. PLAYERS DO DECLINE. Surprised you choose not to notice!

          1. Apology accepted Phil. No one is perfect, except me obviously(tongue in cheek!). Strange, is it not, how so many Gooners think him lazy. Wonder how they can think that! But I expect hard working Ozil to start this weekend and we will all be mightily impressed by his customary dedication to the cause and his many deadly through balls. Like he used to do all those years ago at Real and for his country.

    2. gunnerforlife, what an excellent post, with a great follow up from Phil.
      I would, however, reiterate Ozil needs to be given the playing time to convince others of his worth and, if he then doesn’t perform, the fanbase can rightly judge him for this season.

      The stats that said monreal had played more minutes football for The Arsenal since the end of last season, shows just how his talents have been wasted. In one of the worst start to the season in decades, we have players sitting on the bench (Tierney-Torreria-Pepe_Ozil) who should be some of the first names on the team sheet, let alone not even making the squad.

      Just one more point, when you look at the players who AW has signed (Yes, no one is arguing he signed some real awful ones as well, probably 75/25% better ones ), to say Ozil is one of his best signings is praise indeed – I would say one of the top twenty.
      Great to know there are still fans who can identify pure thoroughbred class and not just wanting workhorses.

      To think that some fans say Ceballos is a better player is beyond me, especially after just a handful of games.
      Considering that one has commited to seeing his contract out, while the other has stated he wants to return to RM next season, surely there is only one man who UE should be planning to use as his creative player?
      That, however, seems too obvious for our coach to grasp, along with some of our fans.

      1. As much as I like Ozil, and would want to see him play, I doubt he can play the best he actually can with the current Arsenal players around him. It’s the truth really. We can’t really get the best out of Ozil pairing him with the current Arsenal squad.

        We really need to be aware that Ozil is surrounded by players who take at least two to three touches after receiving the ball before passing the ball again. Ozil never have played with such mediocre team in his career. You look back all the videos of Ozil, in RM and Arsenal, you’ll see the kind of players he was surrounded by. Getting the best out of what Ozil has to offer is not possible with the current squad.

        If you put KDB instead of Ozil in the current Arsenal team, he would get assists at the rate of 1 per 5 games played, NO MORE Creating chances isn’t a one man business. People say KDB is the evolution of traditional No.10. I agree to that, but they lose awareness of the kind of players KDB has around him – Bernardo Silva, Aguero, Sterling, Mahrez, David Silva, etc. Each one of them is so comfortable with the ball at their feet it’s ridiculous. Auba, Laca, however good they might be with their shooting, are not at all good with the ball at their feet when they are pressed or surrounded in the final third. Neither is Guendouzi, Willock or Torreira. Pepe is. And Emery hasn’t played Pepe alongside Ozil YET, I wonder why.

        But, there it is, I don’t think playing Ozil solves our problems when I really think about it, our squad is that bad, especially when you think how slow our players are to react and pass. Our rest of the squad is like the kryptonite to Ozil. I just don’t see it working.

  6. You are right Phil. Hit the nail on the head. The vision of Ozil and the way Ozil sees the game is pure creativity which maybe only Cazorla would come close to. Statistically speaking I had given the numbers on this very forum about the number of assists and goal scoring chances created by the German and nobody in the current and ex teams came close to the figures. sStatistics are a reflection of reality.

    1. Carzola will come close to Ozil or you meant to say Ozil will come close to Carzola, the only midfielder thats more creative than Carzola in the premier league over the last decade is Fabregas. Comparing Carzola to Ozil is like comparing Real betis to Real Madrid.

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