Better than Mesut Ozil – Arsenal should go all out for young Turkish star at just €20m

  10 reason why Arda Güler would be an excellent addition this summer

 Arda Güler has been touted to make a switch to one of the biggest clubs in the world, after his outstanding performances in the Turkish League. He is reportedly being monitored by the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Arsenal, PSG and many more.

We take a look into why the Gunners should be all over him, as soon as possible, to beat competition which is only going to increase.


  1. Technical Quality | Güler’s exceptional technique and ball control makes him a valuable asset in Arsenal’s possession-based style of play. He can orchestrate the attacking actions, select passes, and progress the ball effectively.


  1. Vision and Creativity | With his great vision and ability to filter killer passes, Güler can unlock defenses and create scoring opportunities for his teammates. He excels at finding dangerous spaces between the lines. I can only imagine the threat Arsenal can have on the right hand side of the pitch, with Bukayo Saka, Guler and an overlapping/inverted right-back.



  1. Versatility | Güler’s ability to play as an attacking midfielder, central midfielder, or winger provides tactical flexibility for Arsenal. He can adapt to different positions and contribute effectively in multiple roles. That can help Mikel Arteta massively, as he would look to chop and change his squad multiple times to keep it fresh.


  1. Dribbling and Unbalancing Defenders | Güler’s dribbling skills, combined with his low center of gravity and quick direction shifts, makes him a challenging player to defend against. He can create mismatches and break down opponents in 1v1 situations.



  1. Crossing and Set-Pieces | The young midfielder’s excellent ball striking ability and delivery from set-pieces would provide Arsenal with an additional dimension in their attacking play. His accurate crosses and quality deliveries can create scoring opportunities for the team.


  1. Goal Threat | The 18-year-old’s shooting ability, both from range and in the box, adds a goal threat from midfield. He can contribute with timely goals and increase Arsenal’s attacking options. It will also help in reducing the burden on the likes of Gabriel Martinelli, Saka and Gabriel Jesus.


  1. Combinative Style | Güler’s preference for a combinative style of play aligns well with Arsenal’s emphasis on intricate passing and movement. He would enhance the team’s ability to build cohesive attacking patterns.


  1. Potential for Development | At the age of 18, Güler has significant room for development and improvement. Joining Arsenal would provide him with the infrastructure and resources to further refine his skills and reach his full potential.


  1. Club culture | Moving to a club like Arsenal would allow Güler to gain European experience while continuing his development. With players of similar age, he can be part of something cohesive, which can last for years.



  1. Long-Term Investment | Acquiring the exciting talent at a young age would be a long-term investment for Arsenal. As he continues to develop physically and tactically, he has the potential to become a top player in the future, serving the club for years to come.


Technical Quality Exceptional technique and ball control
Vision and Creativity Great vision and ability to filter killer passes
Versatility Ability to play multiple positions
Dribbling and Unbalancing Defenders Skillful dribbler with quick direction shifts
Crossing and Set-Pieces Excellent ball striking ability and accurate crosses
Goal Threat Shooting ability from range and in the box
Combinative Style Fits well with Arsenal’s passing-based approach
Potential for Development Room for growth and improvement at a young age


Do you think Arsenal should be all over him this summer? Drop down your thoughts in the comments section below!

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. Like so many youngsters, he has POTENTIAL. I did not see any STAT NUMBERS regarding his performances, like pass percentage, average ratings, amount of goal contributions etc.., Just POTENTIAL,with which all agents Bragg about their young players. Until the STATE are produced, this story is just click bate.

    1. Stats and video clips out of context shouldn’t be taken seriously.
      The best thing to do is watch enough full games of any particular player here and there. Just pick a few random games where that player had their top performances vs Games where they did not do to well. Take youe time to watch the moments that Particular player was on the ball. Forward, Rewind and Pause. Then will might get a better objective feel..

      I know it’s a boring and elaborate way but it gives you a better picture..

  2. Arsenal should get that player. Its for future long term. That kid has lots of potential to become one of the greatest player. Don’t wait any more. Go get him fir arsenal.

  3. Lots of youngsters like him around all the time and at €20 he’s still a gamble for an EPL team. Tou never know how a young football will settle in an new environment?

    He looks confident on the ball though, I will say that. It’s just a lot of money for an unknown..

    1. The biggest question here is:
      Does he sell enough shirts like his fellow countryman?

  4. It’s crystal clear to me he’s got enormous talent in his feet – his touch looks so natural and he strikes the ball beautifully – I do believe you can tell that much even from short video clips that accentuate the positives. The risk is whether he could handle the physical side, whether he has the football intelligence to make the most of his talent, and most importantly, whether he has mentality to play at the top level (dealing with pressure) – that’s going to be the area where most of these top potentials fail.

  5. Same old heavily edited YouTube clips that only show the best bits.

    Just watch Fabio Vieira heavily edited YouTube clips. They are like a photo copy of each other in style.

    Watch our own Charlie Patino’s clips etc. They look good but it’s a completely different reality when put in the EPL team.

    People were calling for Patino to be played, he got given one Carling Cup game and the kid looked lost and so out of his depth. Have not seen him ever since.

    Fabio Vieira lookes so good in his heavily Edited YouTube clips but once put into the team he looked so out of his depth too.

    Even if you are to do a compilation of Pepe’s loan stint at Nice this season, you could make him look like a £70 million player.

    Antony at Man United looked so wow in the YouTube clips. But turns out in real life / EPL he is a one trick speedy pony.


    I don’t take YouTube clips seriously anymore..

  6. Guler is good but not better than ozil when he was in his age, maybe better than Veira though meanwhile it seems something is wrong with our transfer team tbh cos I don’t understand the idea behind paying huge amount of money for players like Rice and Havertz, we all know they have potentials but did they really worth the price tag on them? My own personal answer is no; why? Cos they av not amaze me much in their respective positions in their business; can they improve and become world class if we sign them? Yes they can improve under MA, they have the potential but the asking price is just too much, I mean cmon there are many players out there in their position in fact world class players would not cost much I.e casemiro for Manure, in Rice position we can look at Caecido, Tchouaméni, Camavinga, Kante (should be the one we are buying from Chelsea), none of these players listed will cost 100m in fact I see no reason why we are going for Rice with the price tag on him when we already have Partey cos I don’t see Rice as an upgrade to Partey, we are challenging in all front next season why not go for Camavinga/Caecido who are versatile and can be a backup for Partey, I think havertz can be use as backup for odegaard but it’s shouldn’t be replacing Xhaka if we want replacement for xhaka why not go for Valverde and SM- Savic. I just hope edu and co conduct their businesses smartly and why are we not talking about a striker? Cos nketiah will likely leave why not keep folarin and sell nketiah

  7. If he does sell shirts, it will mean he’s doing his job, impressing the fans and bringing more money into the club.
    Why this simple message is so hard for some fans to grasp, is beyond me.
    Let’s hope that, if we do sign him, the above happens…. in the meantime, Declan will get the old cash registers going at the Armoury when / if he signs.

    Yet another win win situation for the club. 😊🎯

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