Arsenal should move to beat Celtic to wonderkid defender

Celtic are believed to be closing in on a deal to sign the young Hearts left-back Aaron Hickey, but he already has the talent to make it in the Premier League.

Today is young Hickey’s birthday, where he has just turned 18 years-old, and is already attracting interest from across the continent with Chelsea, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Celtic all credited with an interest.

It is the Scottish champions who are believed to be closing on a deal for the young Hearts defender however, but until a deal is signed, the left-back is fair game for those interested.

Arsenal left-back Kieran Tierney is supposedly of interest to Leicester City this summer, with former Celtic manager keen on a reunion with his former defender, and this could be an opportunity to bring in an amazing young talent into our side, while increasing our transfer budget, which is expected to be slim following the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hickey is entering into the final 12 months of his playing deal this month, which will surely see him become available for a minimal fee.

The wonderkid has started 22 of his sides 30 league matches this term, but opened most eyes to his progress when taking on Celtic in the cup final in only his third senior appearance in 2019, and he more than held his own at the age of 17.

Those following his development have no doubts about his ability to earn himself a move to a bigger club in the coming years, but with this summer expected to be one with clubs looking at bargains, there may not be a better bargain than Hickey.

Should Aaron Hickey come to the Premier League this summer? Should he build his name with Celtic before making the jump to the English divisions?


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  1. Not for me as I wouldn’t sell Kieran Tierney when he hasn’t even completed a full season.. he’s a great left back, he just needs to overcome his injury problems! And we should tell Leicester to look somewhere else plus Bukayo Saka can play left back and we already have Kolasinac! We should be looking at right backs that’s where we can improve.

    1. Well hellooo! How’s it going, Kev? 🙂
      There’s no way we’d even contemplate selling Tierney, he’s our future star!!
      I must admit I’d never heard of this guy..
      He may end up being another ‘Billy Gilmour’ but as you say, we’re sorted at LB! Nice surname 😄

      1. It’s going alright Sue I have to say I’m looking forward until next week even with fake crowd noises and mannequins 😂 what about you ? I can’t believe some people wanting him sold, he could be the nearest thing to Andy Robertson he’s rated so highly and people talk about his injury record he’s only 23 he can have a long healthy career 👊 and also as my old man (bless him) used to say about Liam Brady he could put a ball on a sixpence… His crossing is second to none 😊 haha yeah Sue Celtic can have the love bite 😂😂

        1. Glad to hear it, Kev! I’m good, thanks.. yes can’t wait for next week…although surely we’ll have another friendly at the weekend?!
          Mannequins?! You mean sex dolls 😃Some PL teams are asking fans to send pictures in of themselves in their match day attire, to be placed in the stands. Brighton are charging £20… will we follow suit?!
          I quite liked the Dortmund game at the weekend with the fake crowd noise… just a pity you could still hear Mcmanaman!!

          1. That’s good to know Sue as we’re in very strange times 😊 oh yeah wasn’t it Brentford that was scheduled for us Sue ? Leno was on form the other day pulled off a worldy did you see it ? 😳. Haha del boy had a few knocking about the other night 😂😂 well we do have Stan Kroenke in charge anything to make a buck with him although he’ll probably just charge match day tickets 😂😂 that’s why I hate BT Sport Sue I don’t like anyone on it , from Mcmanaman, Owen, Ferdinand, Hargreaves, Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton ? Worst lineup of punditry you could ever imagine lol

          2. It was indeed a worldy, Kev! Great result and some beautiful goals 😍
            More of the same against Brentford or will it be West Ham?!!
            You’re right, Kev, BT’s punditry team is awful, a real bore fest!! Much prefer Tyler and Neville. Won’t be long and we’ll hear it again – “And it’s live!!” Can’t wait…..!! The darts is back next month too – the Matchplay!! Get in there!!

          3. I know it was only a friendly but it’s good that they looked sharp 😄 it’ll be Interesting to see if Soares gets some game time, he must be fit now ? It’ll be Brentford I think 😄 I’d go with Leno, Tierney, Luiz, Mari and Bellerin for city though 😄 what about you Sue ? Yeah definitely I’ll be looking forward to that 👊 what channel is the city game on ? BT Sport ? Oh your definitely spoiled for choice in July then Sue 😄🎯

        2. Nearest thing to Andy robertson?
          I think there are players way better than him.Robertson is always good going forward but as a LB he should know more in defending cuz his defending is poor.Also Trent…

          1. If I was offered Robertson and Trent I would snap the hand off them mate.. those two are winners and we don’t have many of those!

  2. Stop looking at Left backs what is a matter with them upstairs If I was Stan I would sack them

  3. Having seen Hickey live on a number of occasions, he is a promising youngster but nowhere near the calibre of Tierney who will go on to have a successful career with Arsenal.

  4. Tierney is a superb player and MA thinks of him highly.And if he is fit which he is,bukayo saka should be given chances in the LW position.

    Reiss nelson is on fire on the recent training video.
    And guendouzi, looks very promising

    1. Your joking Sue ? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Even for a friendly that is shocking 😳

      1. Apparently Willock and Laca scored. Our former player Josh DaSilva scored the winner and did an Adebayor 🙈

        1. Omg well at least our defence has tightened up since march 😂😂 let’s just hope it was one of those crazy friendlies 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

          1. Haha us talking them up earlier about beating Charlton 6-0 and typical Arsenal they bring you back down to earth in a heartbeat 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂 I’m dreading next Thursday 😂

          2. You and me both, Kev…. all of a sudden I remember exactly what it was like watching on the edge of your seat, getting arsey and scaring Coco, launching the remote, breaking something, throwing the mother of all strops! Oh how I’ve missed it 😂😂
            Oooh to be a gooner!!

          3. Yeah especially when Mustafi is playing Sue 😂 how is he still with us ? 🤦‍♂️ Haha poor Coco must have been living the dream since the premier League was cancelled now she’s gotta find that hiding place again 😂😂 I somehow ended watching the Europa League final last night, god knows why… Maybe I’m used to the misery of it ? 😂 3 seasons in the Europa League and we couldn’t win it maybe European glory just isn’t for us 😳

    2. Ya i saw them too but friendlies are mostly to try out new thingz but still a bit disappointed😔

      1. We started off with good intentions, regarding trying something new, but some things never change, Shakir 🤦‍♀️😂

  5. Mustafi in defense full 90 minutes and we have conceded 3 goals in a friendly. Wow. might tear us apart if we don’t play a good game

  6. OT
    Just watched the highlights of the friendly.
    OMG our defence!!!😑
    A beautiful goal from willock💯

  7. Kev.. 😂😂😂 about Coco, love it!!
    Well, conceding 3 goals – life is certainly returning to normal 🤪
    I guess one good thing is at least Laca and Willock are back amongst the goals!

    1. Did you see the shot laca hit ? NASA said it flew past the international space station 10 minutes ago 😂😂🚀 oh it’s like they were never away 😂 that team couldn’t defend to save they’re lives and next week is going to be a loooooooong 90 mins 🤦‍♂️ haha well I’m sure there’s some truth to it Sue 😉😛

      1. Haha and I thought it was a shooting star!! It is for sure… and I’m beginning to sweat already just thinking about our defence coping with Sergio and Kev!! 🤪

        1. Haha there you go Sue mystery solved 😂😂 Lacazette can be very frustrating sometimes he couldn’t hit a barn door 😯 oh god yeah is it gonna be 2-0 down after 10 minutes? Aguero and Sterling 🤦‍♂️ I suppose your watching the German league or cup this weekend with the volume turned down ? 😛

          1. La Liga is back also, Kev… plus Italy’s cup semi finals… spoilt for choice!
            I forgot to answer earlier – our game against City is on Sky (hallelujah 😄)

  8. Apparently he plays predominantly at left-back, but is more than comfortable at right-back also, and is one of few players who can boast a passing range like his with either boot.
    So would be ideal as cover / future replacement of either FB positions

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