Arsenal should not even think about signing Wilfried Zaha

Arsenal need a wide man for sure but that is nowhere near our most pressing issue, a top quality central defender and a box to box midfielder are far more crucial right now but for some reason, we are being linked mainly with wingers.

One, in particular, is Wilfried Zaha and according to some reports, he will cost Arsenal up to £100 Million.

Now, Zaha has been brilliant for Crystal Palace but there are some very good reasons why we should not be spending a King’s ransom on him.

Zaha is good but £100 Million good? Give me a break, he is worth nowhere near that, not even in this inflated market. That would put him close to Eden Hazard and probably more than Christian Eriksen. Ridiculous does not cover it.

£100 Million could buy Arsenal at least two big-name players, it would certainly finance a quality central defender and box to box midfielder.

Additionally, to raise that sort of money Arsenal would probably have to sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and just the idea of that is already splitting the fans.

I mean, sell Auba so you can bring in a player that can provide more service to the frontline that you have just weakened massively. Who does that?

There are countless alternatives to Zaha, as an example Ryan Fraser at Bournemouth, he would come at almost a quarter of the fee and his stats are actually better than the Palace man.

No, it makes no economic sense whatsoever to sign Zaha and it has been this sort of business that has got Arsenal into trouble before.

Arsenal should just walk away and not even table an offer, what is the point? Palace are being ridiculous and they can now deal with a player that they have priced out of his dream move.


  1. Have to agree.
    Fraser for me will bring the same for quarter the price.
    Feel sorry for the lad if the stories are true about it being a dream move to his boyhood club but 100m no thanks.

  2. Zaha is a powerhouse LW, but Arsenal had better get a left-footed RW like Chukwueze/ Malcom + an LB like Tierney for 60 M

    Zaha is not getting any younger and his value would decrease as he gets older. I believe Palace know those facts well and I think they would give in to a 50 M offer

    Fraser is cheaper and his assist stat is better, but I predict he would find some difficulties at Arsenal, due to our dull midfield. We need trickier wingers that like to dive and can give us some cheap free kicks

    1. I can’t believe you said we need tricky wingers who like to dive! With VAR in force next season a diver would get more bans than we would get free kicks. Apart from that, it’s cheating and we certainly don’t need yet another reason for the media to put us in the spotlight.

      1. Let me rephrase the sentence

        Tricky wingers that can get us more fouls and the ones that can give the opponents more cards

  3. Yeah I think selling a golden boot winner to purchase another attacking player is stupid.

    Problem is if they sell Auba I’m not confident they will reinvest the funds. More likey haggle for a £10-£12 million backup ST, Brahmini on a free, and the rest to cover the financial loses on our books.

    We are self sustaining after all, not in the business of chasing titles.

    Notice how vocal club and manager are about CL QUALIFICATION? What happened to titles and trophies? Aim is CL invite, not winning. Same with PL; top 4 keeps commercial side flush with money, too costly to compete to win.

  4. Zaha is good but not £100m, not even 50m in my opinion, we should be looking at Fraser to be fair. Last year if his contract, would come to Arsenal, just had a great season in the league so experience comes with him also and wouldn’t cost an arm to buy like Wilfred. £20m+.

    He is a great set piece taker, puts in a shift every game & is the sort of gritty personality we need on the pitch. Him & Nelson would be great additions to the attack of the team, Reiss is a gunner through & through and deserves his chance now after his loan spell.

    One thing I dont get is why is Tutu loaned out for the season when we dont have a RB for the start of the season?

    We need a RB, CB and CM also

  5. As much as I like him, he’s not worth 100m… and we haven’t got 100m to spend!
    So I think Palace’s plan will work & that price will put off any prospective buyers!
    I’m gutted, as I’d love him at Arsenal.. but who knows it could all just be media BS anyway!
    38 (?) days of the window left – anything can happen yet (well with 45m, not quite anything ?)

    1. No need for Zaha who is the big fish in a small pond where he is but would not be at Arsenal with Auba and Lacazette.While he is a talented player he is “theatrical” to say the least and I’m not sure if he has the mental strength to cope with the pressures which will be on him from day one at Arsenal.Given our financial restrictions we need to focus on our priority areas in defence particularly when we have young Nelson and hopefully the talented Martinelli waiting for a chance to prove themselves on the wings.If we feel obliged to sign another winger he should be a natural left footer which is needed to bring some balance to our team.Name the side with the most left footers in their squad in the PL? No coincidence that it’s Man City.

        1. I wonder who is the better dribbler ?…………Zaha on the field or Sue dribbling about the thought of Zaha in an Arsenal shirt ?…………

          1. Le Coq-Just seen your question on an earlier thread.
            Away tickets are very very difficult to get hold of and the Club sell out all tickets for every game.
            Basically it’s done on a points system.The Away Scheme has a limit of 1200 of which I am fortunate enough to be one as well as my wife.
            Bournemouth Away gives us 1200 tickets so there are never any for anyone other than the Away Scheme Members.
            So let’s say West Ham.We would receive approx 3000 tickets.This leaves 1800 after the Away Scheme and these go to fans who have the highest number of points.These are fans who apply and go to MOST if not all Away Games.So basically the more games you go to the easier to get tickets.The Problem is getting a ticket in the first place.Its very Catch 22.
            All I can suggest is keep applying and try to get one.FA and Carabao Cup games away are sometimes easier to get as the home team have to give 15% of tickets to away team.So it we played Chelsea we would get 6000 seats.But this is not always the case.Its complicated but keep applying is my advice

  6. Why do we have to be beating about the bush Arsenal area of defficiency is defence , mid field and goal keeping section because of the depature of cech , the owners of the club are millioners but a miserly ones for that matter who dont have the love of the club at all,and with 100 million we can buy two or three quality players far better than Zaha let us spend wisely and lets make hay while the sun still shine the transfer window will soon close

  7. Don’t understand how we are in for Zaha and also in talks with Brahimi, who we would probably also offer stupid wages for a player that will have no resale value. So essentially the same mistakes we’ve been making we would make again. This window is really depressing, as expected.

  8. Let’s be sensible, if Wilfred Zaha sees Arsenal as his dream move, he will run down his contract at Crystal Palace and move on a free. He will be older, but will then offer value to Arsenal, which he doesn’t now with a £100 million transfer fee and probable high wages.

  9. £100 million is ridiculous and he’s not worth half that, as good as he is.
    BTW, his contract runs out June 2023 so he will be 30/31.

  10. We need a Winger but £100 mil for Zaha is nuts and I’m sure Kroenke wouldn’t spend that much anyway

    For me it’s Ryan Fraser or Malcom. Both are much cheaper but a huge improvement to what we have.
    Wish we could get both
    Malcom on the Right
    Fraser on the Left

  11. Zaha is a non topic as all sensible fans well know. It is purely a space filler for the addicts on here, some poor saps of whom may even think it a possibility. WELL IT IS NOT! It never had a hope of happening, so move on. Next topic please!

  12. £100mils for who? Even Hazard did not cost Real Madrid that much. Is better we develop and work with our young players.

  13. I like Zaha…. but £60mill or more, no, no way. Ryan Fraser is a much better buy. He’s proven in the EPL too. As well as defenders we are quite poor in midfield. Xhaka and Ozil promise more than they actually offer. If we were to spend big money lets go for a Ramsey playalike James Maddison. He is a confident young man and a quality player. He will only get better and better. My three are Tierney, Fraser, James Maddison and possibly (if we sell Mustafi) a CB. We can manage the fees if we can get a little from getting rid of, Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny, Jenks, and Asano (and Ozil if the gods are smiling).

  14. Zaha is not worth that sort of money,People state he is Palace’s best player but anyone can look good when the other players are average. Then they get a big money move to a top side were they have class players alongside them then they get found out to be turkey’s we have all this before let’s not repeat previous mistakes.

  15. As a rumour, us getting Zaha was always high on The Transfer Window Licking Scale………not a chance !

    I`d even go as far to say that I will save Sue a fortune in Window Cleaning bills as I will personally go around her house and lick every window clean (inside and out as I`m that kind of guy who gives 100% customer satisfaction)for nothing ! ?

      1. B0ll0X !!!………..Just seen all over Sky Sports news that Arsenal have bid for Zaha !!!………..F##K !!!…………I will have to come around and lick your windows if it happens !!!……….I`m never opening my crazy gob again ! 😆

  16. F##K me !……….The Prophet Ornstein has said it`s true !…………..please Ornstein, dont make me lick Sue`s windows !

  17. 40m wont even buy you his standing foot!
    Even though I value him at 40 too, the market wont allow it!

  18. we might end up paying £50m plus and get him. his brother ‘agent is playing the emotional blackmail thing “play for his boyhood club which he loves so much”.I would love Zaha so much and like I’ve been maintaining I feel we’ll still get Malcom on loan. Saliba might slip through our hands but I think we’ll get Anderson from sampdoria. Guys our summer just begun I trust Raul especially to get us somewhere

  19. I like Zaha but 100M£? for god’s sake he is not C. Ronaldo! World has really went crazy. If I am in negotiation table and Palace told me 100M£, I will curse and leave! I will probably spill some drink on their negotiation table!

  20. You all have to admit that teams would be scared stiff with Zaha, Auba & Lacazette all cvoming at them However reality will probably set in over prices and I would love to see Fraser on the wing as we have not had any penetration from there for ages. When the subject of midfield and defence comes up, I am amazed that the likes of Bielik, Chambers, Nelson etc are not in the consideration as they have all had terrific seasons out on loan – and they would cost nothing

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