Arsenal CAN beat Barcelona if tactics are right

I am not saying that Arsenal have not got an extremely tough game ahead of us when Luis Enrique brings his treble winning Barcelona side to north London on Tuesday. They are not the holders of La Liga, the Copa Del Rey and the Champions League for no reason and they were finally able to register a couple of new players in January after their transfer embargo was lifted.

But as good as the Catalan club is they are not unbeatable and have been undone a few times already this season when their opponents have got their tactics right. What the Gunners cannot do is go toe-to-toe with the Spanish champions because no matter how good we might be on the ball, they are better and those tactics would play right into their hands.

When they have struggled this season it has been against a resolute defence and a counter attacking threat. When they were held by Roma in Europe Barca had about 75 percent of possession but were forced into long range shots and only managed three on target.

The same thing was true when they failed to score against lower league minnows Villanovense in the Spanish cup, 75 percent of the ball but just three shots on target. And they only managed two on target with 72 percent of the ball in the no score draw with local rivals Espanyol, so it is possible to stop them from scoring.

What is also encouraging is that Arsenal have already done this to Bayern Munich this season when we beat them 2-0 with only 23 percent possession and with Pep Guardiola in charge their style has become a lot closer to that of Barca’s.

The Spaniards did win away yesterday but it was a narrow victory against unfancied Las Palmas and the match on Tuesday will be their third in six games, so if we can stand firm and stop them from getting an early goal I see no reason to believe that the Gunners cannot pull off a big shock and beat the mighty Barcelona. What do you think?

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  1. Honestly I’m just hoping we don’t lose 3-1 and win at barca 2-0 and go out on goal differential like the last stupid 4 years

    1. You know it’s either going to be that or we get an injury to one or two key players and we suffer a humiliating defeat either home or away game. either those two options or we get an unfair decision by the ref which kills the morale of the team and allows the opposition to win. All three scenarios have happened to us in the last 5 years and let’s be honest after how we struggled against Bayern there’s no chance of us going through with our inconsistent team.

  2. We aint gonna lose this one. We have speed upfront(thanks for Welbs) and we also have pass geneous mr Ozil. Sanchez Welbs and Theo upfront we can beat them on the counter…

  3. OT: Just saw the FA game between Chelski v ManC, what a bore! The FA cup slowly becoming the Mickey Mouse cup as well. The players look disinterested, spectators care less. Pellegrini deliberately lost this game, he has EPL and CL on his mind. He was least bothered.
    News Headlines: Manuel Pellegrini stands by FA Cup selection: ‘We have more important things’
    The crowd passion is missing. I remember not long ago, FA cup as a huge tournament in England. Sorry to say but this one slowly slipping into oblivion. Will not be surprised if in another 10 years it will lose all importance just like the league cup.
    So gooners please let us concentrate on EPL title the most important league and which has huge following all over the world. FA cup not that important now.

    1. You’re forgetting that Man City are also playing in the Champions league this week and then they play Liverpool in the league and again in the league cup final, the following week.

    2. PubG….
      Pellegrini is just a fool..what important things does he have than to try and win all the trophies he is competing for??
      With that expensivley assembled squad he can still field a decent side…the only players that needs to be rested are Aguero,Toure,Silva…the others should play..Kompany just got back so he shud have played and many others like that,going out of the FA cup doesn’t mean he will win the league or UCL.he lost to spurs and Leicester at home without playing any midweek games, so what’s the point
      I don’t like the way people see the FA as a distraction or disturbance,it is a good compettion…Just 6 games needed to win it…these players are professionals and are paid to play football…
      Am angry with Pellegrini cos I want Arsenal to win the FA again and with Chelsea still in it, am kinda scared..I was thinking he will help us eliminate chelsea..
      Anyway, Everton can stop them for us..

  4. This article changed my mind because I was thinking the best way to stop Barcelona is to press them high but that could be dangerous cos’ Barca’s counter attack is deadly and if Gabriel is not fit to play, Mert might be exposed..I agree with the article buh am not so scared of Barca @ the Ems but at Camp Nou..they can humiliate any team in their home..My. Line-up:
    Bell.. GAb(if fit)Kos Mon
    Coquelin Elneny
    Ramsey Walcott Sanchez…
    If Elneny don’t start this match I will be disappointed

    1. Ramsey Walcott Sanchez …. Says it all about unctad’s attacking options …. Anyway would prefer to see iwobi welbeck Sanchez … Need players with a bit of hunger Ramsey Walcott neither eager or skillfully enough to worry barca

  5. Ramsey on the right wing won’t be bad for this game.we need fighters to have a chance in this match.let barca have all the possession in the world,we need to be patient and hit them on the counter.

  6. Barcelona could only manage a 1-1 draw against Leverkusen and Roma, away from home and they only beat BATE 2-0 in their other away game in the group stages.

    In our last two meetings at home, we beat them 2-1 and the previous game finished 2-2.

    As long as wenger gets his team selection right, with the mindset of a disciplined defensive structure, then we are more than capable of beating Barcelona at the Emirates!
    The only negative… IS… Will we be able to put away our chances, when we counter attack? ?

    Let’s hope that shooting practice is the order of the day, during training sessions.

  7. Ramsey might find it difficult to cope with Alba and Neymar there buh he is still the best person to assist Bellerin on the right, him and Campbell really jelps the defence but in attack he edges Campbell..RamBell. Vs AlNeymar…that is quite balanced..then we have MonCheZ vs Mesves…
    I wish carzola is available for this one..he dictates game better than anybody in the team…I think Elneny can do that too..

  8. I agree with Elneny and Coquelin in front of the back four. Organized defense, force them into mistakes and then we break on the counter – only way we will beat them. Let’s hope Theo and the rest of them put on their shooting boots cause our chances will most likely be minimal.

  9. I know that it is unheard of, but can you imagine what kind of effect it would have on the Barcelona team, if we started the game with 3 or 4 of our defenders standing behind Petr Cech at kick off? ? ? ? ? ? Yes and whilst half the Barcelona team would be rolling around the floor pissing in their pants from laughter ??
    we could race ahead and nick an early goal ? and then repeat it again,but this time with 6 players behind Cech ?
    We will be 2 nil up,within the first 4 minutes ?

    1. Might as well continue that way and pull a Chelsea by having 9 men in front of Cech with a pacey striker attacking alone and scoring on the 90th minute

  10. I put El Neny with Coq at the heart of the defence in my team yesterday (along with others) but although I think this is the best strategy I just can’t see AW going for it.

    I hope I am wrong as we will need this wall firmly in place! Let Rambo, Ozil and Sanchez support Walcott up front for the counter, as I suspect we won’t have a great deal of possession.

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