Arsenal should not go for Lukaku to replace Alexis

Romelu Lukaku is not who we need at Arsenal! by SK

The season is almost ended (well for Arsenal anyway!) and the transfer rumours have started flowing; many players are being linked to Arsenal and out of Arsenal but the transfer rumour that caught my attention, is the one linking us to Lukaku.

Romelu Lukaku is an exciting Belgian who is enjoying his football at the moment at Everton. He has been at Everton for three seasons now; first on loan and now as a permanent player for them. He has consistently been on the top scorers chart in the premiership and has the build of a typical premiership striker. Any club will be glad to have him play for them but do we need him at Arsenal? I doubt he would make an impact at Arsenal.

Chelsea brought Lukaku to England with the hope that he would replace Didier Drogba. The Ivorian had a successful career at Chelsea, winning the Champions league in the process. He scored great goals against teams he played. He was a thorn in our defence whenever we played Chelsea and his departure was surely going to be felt, but did Lukaku give Chelsea what they wanted? That is another story for another day. But the fact that he hardly played games for them, meant he did not impress them, which was why he was loaned to Everton before being eventually sold to them. He couldn’t make it at a big club and i doubt if he will make an impact at Arsenal.

Oliver Giroud and Lukaku are two same kind of players and we don’t need another Giroud in Arsenal. If Sanchez decides to stay, good for us but if he decides to leave, then we need to go for a player of his type who will not only score goals for us both also improve our games. Lukaku is a success at Everton, probably because he is used to playing for clubs with little pressure for success, which Arsenal is not! Arsenal is a big club and we need big game players. Lukaku is good but simply not the best for us. We don’t need him Gooners, or do we?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Dee@ease says:

    Why would Lukaku want to come to Arsenal anyway? We have a senile stubborn manager who’s holding the club back,no sane player who has intentions of wanting to win major titles would come to Arsenal

  2. Budd says:

    Alexis still have one year contract. Bring Lukaku and keep Sanchez. That’ll settle all.

    1. Disturbance says:

      I told you Wenger was staying btw… Enjoy our mid-table battles from now on! Pathethic… Now finally all of you can see that Arsenal is just a plaything for Wenger. His Wife let him, yet still there are people who support him here. Amazing. This is how a football club truly dies!

      1. Budd says:

        How come? Is it on

      2. Jansen says:

        Perhaps you refer to the misleading Daily mail article. It assumes (like I do as well) that Wenger wants to stay but Wenger has not announced anything and could very well surprise us. Would be the best surprise of the season.

        1. Disturbance says:

          Wow, I like your positivity, but let’s be real here. That assistant coach Boro somebody said he was staying, he said he wants to manage and let’s be honest, who would take him? Where will he go? He’s staying until he dies here.

          1. Jansen says:

            You think I am positive for assuming Wenger will stay? I have seen nothing to believe he will leave and would be surprised for he does leave. In fact, I would be surprised, happy and concerned.

            Surprised because I don’t think he wants to leave. Happy because I don’t believe he has anything more to give this club. Concerned, because who knows who these clowns in the board room will appoint as new a manager.

    2. Juhi McLovin says:

      Wish that we would do that. But we are not Dortmund who rather forces a forward to play for us than sells him to direct rival.

      We are Arsene FC where only money matters. Sanchez will be sold.

  3. davidnz says:

    When Ozil was bought we were told
    that he would attract the worlds
    best players and that Arsenal was
    on the verge of the new glory years
    When Sanchez came a similar promise was made.
    At the same time CEO Gazidis was saying we can
    compete with Bayern on and off the field.
    The recent 2-10 drubbing suggests otherwise.
    Arsenal has been linked with all of the worlds best strikers for the
    last ten years but some how they all slipped through our fingers.
    We have gotten by with the likes of Bendtner Adebayor Park
    Chamakh Girvinho Giroud Sanogo Perez and Asano
    while Van Persie had one top season then was sold
    because he wanted to win a Premiership which he did at Utd.
    So Lukaku is no magic solution.
    A new manager is our best hope of a Premiership

  4. Ramterta says:

    many players pundits and fans are beginning to realise what arsenal is really about.
    If either sanchez or ozil leaves no top player would ever want to come here.
    They will see this club as a stepping stone or a non-serious club.
    Heck even tottenham are looking bigger than us.
    Lukaku wont come in any case.
    Looking at the board the fans and the players.
    It seems that it is all about wenger.What wenger wants wishes and desires would be served on him on a silver platter.

    Ask yourselves these questions
    Who made us a top club?
    akbs say wenger
    Who made arsenal play beatiful football?
    akbs say wenger
    Who is arsenal’s greatest manager of alll time?
    akbs say wenger
    Who invented a culture at arsenal?
    Akbs say wenger\

    Its all wenger wenger wenger

    But ask them this,
    Why is arsenal failing?
    Referees ,fa ,etc.

    Is wenger arsenal’s god?

  5. Jansen says:

    Sorry to say this but this is a laughable article. Firstly Giroud will be 31 at the beginning of the new season Lukaku is 23. Secondly, Giroud is slow and unathletic and Lukaku is fast and physical. Thirdly, the reason Lukaku wants to leave Everton is because he wants to play CL football and he wants to play for a big club, Arsenal can offer neither. Finally, Lukaku will cost in excess of 50 million and Wenger will not pay that.

    (Wenger also does not seem to like PL proven players)

    1. N4NICOLAS says:

      Wenger is a clown…

  6. Gooner Craig says:

    LOOOL don’t get Lukaku nah? The same Lukaku that has scored 20+ goals for the last 4 seasons? Is Everton’s top ever goal scorer at 23, after just 3 seasons, that is a complete beast and is everything Giroud isn’t? Lol ok cool, I’ll pass up on Lukaku and stick with Giroud! Mr never scored 20 I’m a season, slower than Lukaku and no where near as clinical or menacing to opposition teams!

    Bring in Lukaku and Alexis is more likely to stay but, pass up on him in favour of Giroud and Alexis is defo gone lol

  7. GoonAR says:

    I disagree. Lukaku has proven the past couple of years he can consistently score in the EPL. Buying him and keeping Sanchez would be a good start for our new manager.

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