Why Arsenal should NOT risk Koscielny at Burnley

You will not find many Arsenal fans who would disagree with the statement that the France international centre back Laurent Koscielny is the best defender in the Gunners´ squad. And now that our BFG Per Mertesacker seems to have shaken off the dip in form affecting his performances before the international break, that central pairing looks very strong again for Arsenal, just as it did last season when we got so many clean sheets.

But even so, and even if Koscielny is passed fit this week after missing our last game with a thigh problem, I do not think Arsene Wenger should risk him for the trip to Burnley on Saturday. For one thing, we do not have to as we now have the very impressive January transfer signing Gabriel to step in and the Brazilian needs to play and gain Premier League experience.

Another reason though is to err on the side of caution with our best defender as there are bigger and more important games ahead, such as the FA cup semi-final with Reading at Wembley next weekend and the crucial home clash with Chelsea the following week.

How gutted would Wenger be if he played Koscielny this weekend and the Frenchman aggravated his problem or even suffered a recurrence of the ankle ligament problem that has been dogging him? Very gutted indeed I reckon.

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  1. arsenalman365 says:

    Mistakes have been made again in this article. Kocielny had achilles tendonitis in September, not ankle ligament damage. There’s a big difference. I had Achilles tendonitis 1.5 years ago and you’ve recovered you’re pretty much fine. Tendonitis is gained over a period of time and it can’t be aggravated by one game. There’s a higher chance of his tendon being brokenn than have recurring tendonitis. Leave the medical stuff to Arsene Wenger and his physios. I have a slight feeling that they might now a little more about this stuff than Bob.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      @ arsenalman365

      Before you start slating bob maybe you should get your facts straight, cause you couldn’t be more wrong, tendinitis can ABSOLUTELY occur suddenly tendinitis is inflammation and anything to aggravate the area will (can) cause a flare up. Tendinitis is NOT curable koscielny will have to deal with it for the rest of his life but there are treatment options to manage the symptoms and I hope he doesn’t have permanent damage or disability from it.

      By you saying, “There’s a higher chance of his tendon being brokenn than have recurring tendonitis” just shows how little you know cause that’s exactly what makes tendinitis so difficult to have since flare ups are common and it doesn’t just heal like a broken bone.

      But anyway if I’m not mistaken wenger said koscielny had a tight hamstring which is why they took him off.

      1. arsenalman365 says:

        There is no cure for tendonitis like there’s no cure for a broken bone. You put it into favourable conditions. Koscielny would have likely gone through exercises to lengthen his tendon before getting back to business. Last time I checked, tendonitis isn’t permanent. I luckily don’t have a disability or major damage.

        1. Goonsquad8 says:

          Bones fully though that’s why when people break there arm there put in a cast and back playing sports in 6 weeks etc but when it’s ligaments or inflammation there’s not really set treatment option they use which makes it difficult to treat. And I’m guessing you meant strengthen (?) but I’ve even said on previous posts that it looks like koscielny is in pain to me when he plays. But I’m pretty sure it’s essentially permanent you just have to control the symptoms with meds, physical therapy, rest, surgery, wraps, ice/heat, etc so you will always have to worry about re-aggravating it but I’m glad you were able to keep it under wraps tendinitis is a bi*ch

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Don’t worry, Gabriel has got this under control. Best January signing EVER

  3. samuel@justarsenal.com says:

    Bob, I am sure the boss will not risk Koscielny at Burnley on Saturday evening kick off time. Save it has become necessary to risk him. But he could start from the bench. My starts: Ospina… Bellerin Rhino’De-AbreuMonreal… CoquelinCarzola… WelbeckOzilSanchez… Giroud. My bench: Szczeny GibbsChambersKoscielnyRamseyWilshereWalcott.

  4. Ney_or says:

    Yeah, he shouldn’t be risked. Off topic: I for one can’t actually see why we should buy Morgan Schneidelin. He is good, yeah a beast buh he is actually like a deeper CM and we don’t actually need anyone like that. I mean we should be careful what we wish for ‘cuz he may not be able to cope wit d pressure of playing for Arsenal and there is every probability of him becoming another Lallana or Lambert or almighty Lovren or over-hyped Luke Shaw. Only may be Calum Chambers is actually a playing a bit decent. This brings me to this, why waste 25, 30 or maybe 35 mil on MS, why not go for Adrien Rabiot, PSG. He is actually just 20, tall and a beast. He is even experienced with playing in d Champs league. Look at against Chelsea, Veratti was removed and with 10 men, he stil bossed the midfield. Gana gt plenty of thumbs down buh Gunners, be careful what yu wish for.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      I’ve been on the schneiderlin train for the last 2 seasons And I really like what I see from the guy. make no mistake he’s a DM but he has the technical ability to play further forward and he’s not some bruiser like wanyama he uses intelligence positioning, and anticipation (reading) instead of throwing his weight around. But he’s got enough size where he can throw it around

  5. fred cowardly says:

    Gabriel and Mertsacker will do fine

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