Arsenal should prioritise this perfect signing with uncertain future (opinion)

Arsenal are linked with a number of forwards this summer, but rumours about Lautauro Martinez have gone quiet.

Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s departures have left us desperately short in attack, and a replacement has to be our priority this summer.

While Gabriel Jesus is widely considered to be our main target, the situation at Inter Milan should be bringing more noise than it is.

Paulo Dybala is firnly expected to be joining on a free transfer from Juventus, while Romelu Lukaku looks destined to return from Chelsea also. This has to leave Lautauro questioning his role in the side, and considering their finances, you’d imagine that they’d be open to a big boost in funds.

Martinez has been on our radar for some time, and we seem to be testing the waters in regards to our attacking targets, but little is said currently about us trying to move for the Inter star.

Able to operate as the main forward or as a secondary, and with a very keen eye for goal, I believe him to be a little underrated, as I believe he would flourish in any team.

I think we should definitely make him the focal point of our attack and give him the freedom and responsibility that he deserves, and together we would reach the next level.

Is anyone else shocked that so little is being said about Lautauro?


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  1. He comes from Portugal, he plays for Arsenal, Vieira.

    Now this one has surprised me, I didn’t think he was on our radar. But this lad can play, if Arteta is planning on 433 from his 25 players, then he has his midfield and wing options sorted. I can’t see him looking beyond this 25

    (Turner, Runarrsson)

    Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney
    Cedric Holding Saliba TBC

    Odegaard Partey Vieira
    (Xhaka Elneny Sambi)

    Saka TBC Martinelli
    Marquinhos Nketiah SmithRowe


    I expect the TBC’s to be Hickey and Jesus but after the suprise of Vieira anything is possible.

    The +2 could come from within? With any of Leno, Bellerin, Ballard, Trusty, Mari, Tavares, Azeez, Torreira, Maitland-Niles, Pepe, Balogun, Nelson being involved, but unlikely, as I expect most of that 12 to be playing on loan next season or leaving permanently.

    1. So we skipped Bissouma and other midfielder to sign a very talented young Portuguese. It’s a great decision, because he can rotate with Xhaka and Odegaard

      We’ve got similar talents in Patino and Hutchinson, but they still need to gain more experience from loans

        1. Xhaka still provides aerial strengths in midfield

          After watching Vieira’s YouTube videos about his games against Liverpool and Chelsea, I think he’s too weak in midfield. I hope his skills will compensate for his physical weaknesses

          1. GAI you cannot use Xhaka and rotate in the same sentence…..there’s zero evidence to suggest Xhakz would even be used as a squad player.

            1. I bet Vieira will be used as a backup for Xhaka and Odegaard, in case one of them is unfit to play. Unless Xhaka moves to another club

              1. GAI Xhaka has had his chance and we have got no where with him in our midfield. Onana and John McGinn are the players we should be getting instead of Xhaka.

                As for vieira I’ve never seen him play but I can’t see us paying £35m for a back up player that has came from a title winning champions league team

                1. I don’t think we’d sign another midfielder. Especially a left-footed one like McGinn, since we’ve got Vieira

  2. Stature wise, Martinez and Jesus are too similar to Nketiah. I’d prefer someone taller like Havertz or Abraham

        1. Lukaku was a machine in Serie A. I’d rather have Ollie Watkins over Abraham any day of the week

          1. I’d like Arsenal to sign Watkins too. At least he’s better in the air, as compared to Jesus

  3. Do Arsenal truly need to do 2 new top quality striker’s signings this summer window as replacements to PEA and Lacazette who have left the club last season?
    Yes! I think it’s very very important in the team if those departed Arsenal duo strikers are replaced with 2 new top quality strikers this summer window.
    But with 2 new top quality strikers signings this summer window who are upgrade to the duo strikers who have left the club in terms of regular goals scoring in the EPL.
    Which can see Arsenal challenge for the EPL title win next season and win it.
    In addition to Arsenal keeping Nkethia who Arteta is seriously looking to want to keep. But which 2 new top quality strikers among Napoli’s Victor Osimhen, Man City’s Gabriel Jesus and Intermilan’s Latuaro Martinez should Arsenal sign this summer?
    But if those 3 top strikers are seriously under Arsenal’s radar for signings this summer. And after they’ve properly weigh up their options to pick 2 out of the 3 strikers and sign them up.
    For me, I think Osimhen should be one of the 2 they should pick.

  4. I watched Porto with him in the lineup 5 times, but I only saw him “play” once…the optics certainly don’t look good from a size and CV standpoint, considering the supposed investment…much like the Ode gig, we’re buying luxury players before we’re properly redressing our most pressing needs with players of real consequence…that said, this is nothing personal whatsoever against the young player himself, as I hope he carves himself out a stellar career at the Emirates, but we’re hardly in a place where we can be throwing 40 or 45M at someone on nobody’s radar, unless we’ve got a 200M transfer kitty waiting in the wings…anybody whom suggests otherwise is either drunk on the Kool-Aid or a boldface liar

    1. I’m sure our scouts watched him more than the 5 times you watched him, so they probably have a better idea of what he will bring to our team I assume.

      I’m not too concerned about his size. He reminds me a bit of Bernardo Silva, who is also small but is one of the better midfielders in the PL.

      I agree though with your last point, 40m is a lot of money and there are more pressing positions

      1. ML

        you obviously didn’t get my overriding point…good to see you went out on a limb and made the “old” B. Silva comparison, how original(lol)

    1. For 100 million ?
      Arsenal dont have that kind of pockets.
      Let’s be realistic .

  5. Why do we want the press to make noise when Arsenal is closing in on a deal?

    Although from a narrow fans’ point of view it makes great tabloid news, from the perspective of running a club, negotiations, etc., it makes no sense that we want a lot of noise.

  6. Gabriel Jesus is better than lautauro
    Gabriel Jesus is a sharp striker and I think he can do much better than lautauro
    Man City had a lot of players that’s why they are not using Gabriel Jesus as much as they supposed to be using it so I personally I prefer Gabriel Jesus instead of lautauro from Juventus

  7. Bissouma would have been my main pick but he now belongs to the enemy I guess Arsenal didn’t want to destroy Xhaka’s promise. Haven’t seen him play but not so negative regarding Viera knowing we need some real talent in that area. I’m also ok with his age. A lot of the tried and tested midfielders out there including Partey are reaching their peak capacity and carrying war wounds. Would like to believe in a golden generation growing up together just like at Manure twenty years ago. My main concern is that this will further put ESR on the outer and drive him elsewhere where he can fulfill his potential. Regarding a striker only gotanidea would chose Nketian over Martinez. He dreams of tall timber nodding in those set pieces. In contrast Martinez will harass defenders forcing them into errors and freeing up space for the likes of Saka, Martinelli and Smith Rowe. Go get him!!

    1. Nketiah also presses the opposition’s CBs high up the pitch relentlessly. We need a different CF type to diversify our attacking methods

      1. I think martinez has a lot more to his game than Eddie – he doesn’t just harass defenders, he can take them on and is dangerous from outside the box as well as within. I think he’s the type of striker who could take off on terms of goalscoring under the right circumstances.
        Eddie looked good at the end of the season, and may develop into a dangerous cf, but i think lautaro is just better right now.
        Anyway I highly doubt we’re getting martinez this summer. I think we were interested in the past but have found out that he’s not interested in coming here, and this is just rehashing an old story

  8. Martinez is a top quality striker, both for Inter and Argentina. If he is available and willing to play EuL instead of CL and is willing to come to Arsenal, I would prefer Martinez over Gabriel Jesus. Of course another important factor is how much Inter will demand for him, lets see.

  9. Bring Nkoukou and Tieleman +Hikey and we are good to go the rest can wait for January transfer.

  10. I think this favio guy comes to play in a wing, like wenger and in some extent, guardiola, likes…i just hope artactics isnt thinking about playing him as false 9

  11. The funny thing with Bissouma is as far as Spurs are concerned he’s just one of their four players competing for the two midfield spots. Its about numbers, he’s not someone who will “take them to the next level”. Maybe he would have been a more significant signing for Arsenal.

  12. Interesting signing Fabrio “Patrick” Vieira. Didn’t see that coming. What strikes me most is how technical and versatile he is. Without hyping him too much but his playing style reminds me Santi the most we’ve had since he departed.

    I read we are still after Tielemans though. No doubt it would mean the sale of Xhaka..? Vieira can rotate CAM with Ödegaard but also play anywhere in the midfield.

    Vieira and Tielemans for less than £30 mils each is smart business. Very low risk for them to flop with that kind of fee.

    1. His passing and stature makes me think more of Ozil – he’s very good at the final pass, which is something we’ve been missing, whereas I think Santi was at his best (for us at least) when playing deeper and starting moves. Anyways, I like the look of him – how he finds a place in the side and does well

  13. A lot of you need to think deep. This signing further confirms pepe departure not xhaka. He uses both feet. Cut the lad some slack about his size. Bernardo Silva comes to mind. And do you people know he’s the captain of under 21 of Portugal team that is full of talents? I see what Arteta is doing. He’s bring quality at the same time character. Fabio silva is not a defensive mf. We all complain about squad depth yet signing someone to cover for odegaard and rotate with him everyone is complaining. We need creativity. We didn’t conceed too many goals but we didn’t score either. We need attacking players and full backs. If we sign tieleman then xhaka is gone. But this signing is sure that pepe is leaving. Arsenal will not change. For all we know we may see surprise signings before season start because this was out of nowhere and it was quick. This is to show that we are quick with negotiation except we don’t want the player.

  14. He is Fabio Vieira not Fabio Silva. That said, I am glad we didnt sign Bissouma, I for one would not want a known assaulter and a legal offender to enter my beloved Club. Also, Arsenal seems to be closing in on Jesus, so this talk of Martinez could be discussed some other time.

    1. @gunnerforlife
      Thank you for stating the obvious about Bissouma. People on here are constantly on about what a bad apple and influence Matteo G. was for the club, but praise Bissouma who has a sexual assault charge hanging over his head…

  15. I will be astonished IF Martinez comes to us.

    Way less than a one per cent chance; in fact nearer to zero! Not to say I dont rate him or that MA does not either. But it just is NOT going to happen!

  16. I don’t know why ARSENAL fans are complaining about his size.This was also the main reason Arsene Wenger didn’t sign Modric.Cut the guy a slack.

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