Arsenal should sell Mesut Ozil – But is that even possible?

Last year, Arsenal’s early season form was disrupted by the Alexis Sanchez sulking and the Mesut Ozil contract negotiations, and this time around we have the Aaron Ramsey contract and still have the circus that follows Mesut Ozil’s every move.

First off all we had the farce of the midfielder getting the blame for Germany’s failure at the World Cup and his subsequent retirement from international football, and now every pundit around is talking about Ozil because he was supposedly ‘dropped’ by Unai Emery, despite the continual denials.

Now the talk has gone back to his ‘lazy’ attitude, and ‘going missing in big games’, and any other criticism you could think of!

Stan Collymore thinks that Arsenal should just sell Ozil as he is never going to change his ways and he is not that good anyway. “Arsenal should let Mesut Ozil go at the end of the season because he is not the soldier Unai Emery is going to need,” he said.

“He requires more than technique from Ozil. Emery needs grinders and grafters.

“Players with less technique than him but more energy, heart and spirit.

“Ozil has coasted for the last two or three years and so have Arsenal.

“But Emery will have no intention of doing the same.

“They should sit down with him, shake his hand and say to him he is a cracking player, but also a luxury player Arsenal can’t afford right now.”

But the problem is, that if Arsenal cannot afford him then who can? He will turn 30 in October and after signing a contract in January for 300k+ a week, who else would even be able to pay him that sort of wages? Unless he was wooed by some billionaire in America or China and try to resurrect his career that way, is it even possible Arsenal could sell him. The big teams in Europe that could afford him like PSG, Real Madrid or Man City, are they going to take a chance on a 30 year-old that looks past his best?

I think Arsenal are stuck with him so we may as well try and get the best out of him. Maybe he could return as a supersub?

Darren N


  1. Sue says:

    Bloody hell it’s relentless… Ozil this Ozil that…. and having to listen to that from that woman beater Stan Collymore!

    1. Goonster says:

      What do you expect? You guys overhype and overrate Ozil. You label him the best this and that. Our best player. You label him world class. He is on £300,000 a week etc..
      With all that hype, worship, praise for Ozil from our large section of our fanbase, then expect high levels of expectation, criticism and attention.

      With overhype comes greater expectation and responsibilty for that particular player. A normal / typical world class player or best player always rises to the occasion. We are waiting for Ozil to rise to the occasion. Been waiting for more than 5 years now. When is he going to show up on a consistent level? He is turning 30 years old in October, he is on £300,000 a week.

      We don’t have enough time and patience to keep wrapping him in cottonwool for another 3 years.

      It’t time for him to grow some balls for once in his privilaged / sheltered abd pampred life and give back to our club and supporters.

      1. Sue says:

        Everyone has players they like/aren’t so keen on. Each to their own…. you obviously can’t stand Ozil. I like the guy. I think Iwobi’s pants, you may like him. But it drives me mad when people make out that he hasn’t ever done anything for the team… it’s unfair to keep blaming him when we lose. He’s not the only guy out on the pitch! He even gets the blame when he hasn’t even played!
        It ain’t down to me how much he’s on a week… sheesh!!!!!

        1. Andrew E says:

          Well said Sue. He doesn’t deserve the constant stick he gets from his own supporters who should check the stats before mouthing off. Apparently he had a terrible season, he only created 78 chances last season second only to Be Bruyne. He holds the EPL record for the most chances created in one season i.e. 137. If he had Auba or Laca instead of the dross we’ve had to put up with over the past few seasons, he would have probably broken the assists record as well. I like your comments about Collymore and couldn’t agree more.

          1. Sue says:

            An excellent post from you Andrew…. if only all other gooners could see it that way! He’s back in training now, so hopefully he’ll play against Cardiff & add to those chances created ?

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Fancy anyone taking notice of total wife beating tosser Stan Collymore?
            My concern is that Mezut Ozil currently has some psychological issues which must be addressed by getting him professional help. Arsenal would get the best treatment available for him if he had a physical injury, so the same should be done regarding his mental health.
            Such an investment could reinvigorate Ozil as a valuable asset; bring him back more determined to prove the doubters wrong. Surely a better option than sitting him on the bench or selling him for a pittance as “damaged goods”.

        2. Nine says:

          Thanks mate! What I don’t understand is why the so called Arsenal supporters keep bashing their own players after 3 games based on the s$$t the media and pundits say. Regardless of weather u like or hate ozil, bellerin or xhaka, until we sell them, they are Arsenal and we need to support them!

  2. Durand says:

    Ozil is phenomenal when he decides to play, and that is usually as a free ranging 10. If we played a 4-2-3-1 with actual wingers and Laca up top, we may see that 19 assist guy again.

    Talented player, but foolish to think he will consistently put in a full shift. If he ever is sold it will be at a loss, to compensate for his high wages. Unfortunately due to his age, only MLS or chinese club seem likely. He does love Los Angeles, so maybe one of those two show interest; Ozil and Ibra could link up in LA.

    Club is danger close to repeating same mistake with our Welsh diva.

    I still haven’t figured out how Stan Kronke so so cheap buying players, but pays ridiculous wages to underwhelming players. It distorts the time – space continuum.

    1. gotanidea says:

      My prediction is Arsenal would never get another Premier League title and a Champions League trophy as long as Ozil plays as a no 10 in all home and away matches

      A world class no 10 should open the space for the other attackers, not the other way around

      1. Phil says:

        Ok -we sell Ozil and pay £200 for a No10 and we will win the Premiership and Champions League will we?Thats what your saying I be
        I eve is it not?

    2. Goonster says:

      That 19 assists guy from 2015 / 16 still had no quick wingers or runners. He was playing with GIROUD. And more than half of those 19 assists came from mostly Corners and Freekicks.
      Ozil hardly ever made any of his supposed defense splitting passes. Go look at all those 19 assists in the 2015/16 season. They were mainly sweaty assists.

      1. Durand says:

        Not disagreeing with you on that; but its still 19 assists. Sanchez isn’t a winger? Wenger tried him as striker for 1 year. Walcott wasn’t a winger?

        I’m not an Ozil sycophant; but I’m just acknowledging his accomplishments. Ozil probably would have broken assist record if Giroud didn’t go 15 games scoreless.

        I agree with Sue about we all have players we like and dislike. I can’t stand Ramsey; 36 goals and 40 assists over 10 years is piss poor. You may feel differently about Ramsey, or you may agree; I merely use the Welsh diva as an example.

        1. benlux says:

          Hello Ozil is clearly overated, those defense splitting passes they talk about are a myth,when we bought lacazzete then aubumeyany ithought he would give him assists but nothing happened, then irealised it was easier for him to find static targets like Giroud or defenders during set pieces and corners than play passes for a counter attack to walcott or bellerin, or monreal, ozil is a myth, its better to write him off as abad investment, he cant tackle, he cant defend, he cant show passion, but he can party all night then say his sick the next morning. Above all his not facing responsibility for his actions ,his deflecting blame.

  3. Ash says:

    Nobody will pay ozil 300k a week, he will not leave and drop his wages by over 50% why would he, this is a pointless article he is going nowhere

  4. LENOhappy says:

    I don’t understand why some on this site are getting upset that ozil has been the of the town for some week,I remember there was a day when we had 4 threads on iwobi,I also remember when we had more than 3 on mustafi and xhaka,so please Sue do not get upset,hazard is Chelsea best player and he is very consistent,go to man city de brune,also very consistent,SALAH is doing it again now at Liverpool,harry Kane has been doing it for the past 3 seasons,even payet did it for west ham for 2 seasons,so if a player earns over 300 weekly,you at least expect him to put in a decent performance,but when was the last time ozil did that,all some cares about is stat,he created the most chances in a match,but when last did ozil give a defence splitting pass,please just because we love some players doesn’t mean we can criticize them,if ozil does leave believe me,arsenal will still cope

  5. Goonster says:

    I have always been skeptical of Ozil going back to his Madrid day. I used to watch him at Madrid and he was just luxury kind that rarely played a full 90 minutes. He would be subbed off at half time or always on the 60th or 70th minute. The good players around Ozil have always made him look better than he actually is, when those players don’t perform then Ozil always comes off even worse. He is a bandwagon/ piggyback kind of character who always jumps on other players character and hardwork, but when it’s his turn to rise other players spirits and performances he is nonexistent.

    People keep going on about how he is a world class player, our only world class player, how he is our best player, how everyone in our team is average and not on Ozil’s level hence why Ozil can’t perform, the average players we have make him look bad etc. Smh

    Aren’t World class or any supposed best players at any club supposed to be the ones to make their teammates look good?

    I am tired of this pussyfooting when it comes to Ozil. His fanboys over hype him but then expect him to be criticised like an average player. If you overhype or overrate a player then expect the criticism to reflect the hype you give that player. Ozil fanboys overhype Ozil but then expect everyone to use mild criticism like that we use towards Elneny, Xhaka, Ramsey etc. You can’t have it both ways. He is either world class and our best player and should be expected to perform like a world class player, or he is an okay / limited player that we should not expect much from.

    Make your minds up. It a new era. We are tired of the old, stale and stagnant wenger mentality where EXCUSES GALORE. Now we expect every player to work for the team, club and for us the loyal supporters. Some of our players have all had their honey moon for at least 5 years under wenger. They have been pampered, looked after, massive wages, told their sh!t don’t stink by wenger etc while they kept underperforming and embarrassing us season in season out. Now is the time for them give something back to the club and us the fans for once in their Arsenal careers.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Perfectly said, mate

      1. ArseOverTit says:


    2. Benlux says:

      I used to highly rate ozill and sanchez and Xhaka, until the day season carzola got injured, then irealised that all that time it was santi carzola running the midfield and linking the attack and getting us top four, Before carzola was injured we were top of the table we had just ruined chelsea and manchester, we have never had such glory since, one real magician legend.

  6. gotanidea says:

    I have never seen Ozil make an immediate impact as a sub. He usually only slows down the counter-attack with his miscommunications and his wannabe playmaking stuffs

    It’s been a very long time since he made a perfect through ball, which is expected from a world class no 10. Let alone making a quick assist as a sub

    Maybe there would be an interest if Arsenal are willing to swap him with a young player from another club, because Ozil’s three year-salary is just 12,600,000. The buyer could have a highly marketable player and Arsenal would get a hot prospect

    1. As per my calculations, £350,000 × 52 weeks × 3 years= £54,600,000. Even of we sold him for £10M in January we could have had £64M to splash on somebody.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Your calculation is correct 😀

        1. ken1945 says:

          Yes, but is his £350,000 a week correct?
          Is he privy to Ozils contract agreement?
          Not sure if I have got the gist of your sums right, but isn’t the fact that we have to pay this fictitious player a salary as well not included in the calculations?

          1. Ozil’s contract agreement details were revealed by The Mirror. Same with Aubameyang’s. He’s also on huge money but at least his is more performance based.

          2. ken1945 says:

            And you believe everything you read in the Mirror?
            Remember their claim regarding dearest season tickets against our club?
            Where do you think they got that information from?
            Only Ozil, his agent and AFC know what he earns and why would they release that information to the Daily Mirror?
            It’s pure media nonsence again and you have been suckered in to it.
            I have no idea what he earns, but if I was to say to the Mirror that I have insider information that Ozil is on £125,000 a week and the Mirror reported that, would you believe it?
            I just cannot understand why some supporters believe all the negative news that the media produce via “reliable sources” or “insider information”.

          3. ken1945 says:

            here’s another example of media rubbish….we were linked with over 120 players in the transfer window by the media (source Untold Arsenal) and we signed five.
            Still, it must be true cause the Mirror says so.

          4. Ok then forget the media, what do you think he earns? Pick any number you want and tell me to my face you still don’t think Ozil is overpaid. Rooney was also on 300k a week. Ibrahimovic £250k a week. How come nobody doubted those figures from the media? Did Rooney or Ibrahimovic themselves tell us how much they earn? Am not saying the media is always right but at some point you have to trust what’s on the news and the news says Ozil earns somewhere along 300-350k.

          5. ken1945 says:

            QD, the honest truth is I have no idea what he earns.
            Why should I? He could be on £400,000 a week but I just don’t know.
            I can only think that no-one on here was bothered in the slightest what Rooney and Ibrah earnt.
            My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that every single premier league player PROBABLY earns much more than he is worth.
            My point QD however, is that when one argues a point and works out how much it will cost the club to keep a player, guesswork is not a good way to prove your case.
            Do you believe we were interested in over 120 players in the transfer window? So where does one draw the line?
            We are all entitled to opinions, but they are not facts.
            Don’t you agree that it is pure speculation regarding Ozil’s salary? Why would those I mentioned disclose those facts? Wouldn’t it leave him open to all kinds of accusations?
            When we argue Ozil’s worth to the club, then we discuss and differ in our opinions, but salaries … not for me, to personal to be objective.

        2. Midkemma says:

          Do football clubs not contribute towards the employees NI contribution? I know other companies do but I aint checked football clubs, just assumed they would like every other company in the UK.

          Then there is also insurance, correct me if I am wrong but I would assume that if we insured our players against injury and they was all on say… 500k a week, the premium would increase to reflect this. If it was all 100k a week then it could drop to reflect the wealth they are insuring.

          I know small things but small things add up… It could mean we have more than what QD said IF we did sell him. Might not buy hey, I dunno so thought I would include the thought 🙂

        3. Leeroysgooners says:

          You really need to change your name to gotNoidea can’t do simple maths and just like your 1st game pre match line up perdition with ozil and miki as wingers go learn something about football before posting your relentless BS

  7. This article perfectly reflects my thoughts and feelings. Even if we decided to sell Ozil, his monstrous wages have effectively chained us to him and him to us like Kratos and his deadly Blades of Chaos bound onto him by Ares. I can’t comprehend any club picking up the tab on his £350K a week contract nor his lethargic style of play. The only hope we have is for Emery to somehow get the best out of him, maybe even play 2 DMs to compensate for Ozil’s lack of contribution in defense. What a shame we never offered RVP the 350k a week…the little boy inside would have changed his mimd about leaving.

    1. ken1945 says:

      So what did we offer Judas then?
      I seem to remember that it was reported the biggest Arsenal contract ever, but after numerous promises to the contrary, left the club with no option but to sell him.
      Take your suggestion a step further and where does that lead us?.
      Your condoning Judas for holding the club to ransom, but villify Ramsey for doing the same and Ozil for having a ridiculous salary offered by the board and accepted by him.
      This was the player who our club stood by during his personal problems and then his injury hit career.
      When he finally had one great season, the little boy inside him forgot all that and yet you hold him up as player we should have bowed down to?
      Only Nasri can be held in more contempt in my opinion.
      Ozil? Agree with Phil that the ball is in his court, four months to prove his value to the manager. Worth his salary? Not in my opinion.
      Ramsey? Sell him for holding the club to ransom just as Judas did.

      1. But Van Persie was worth the money! He carried us singlehandedly on so many games. Pulled our bum right out of the fire with his wicked left foot. Saved us versus Barcelona. Broke down that stubborn Everton keen to derail our title aspirations. Put Chelsea to the sword at Stamford Bridge. Am afraid I can’t say the same for Ozil and as for Ramsey, well, he is not even worth the 110K a week he is currently on. If I remember well the offer for RVP was a double your money deal from 70K to 150K or there about. Man utd offered him 220K and the little boy inside bailed on us. Sure he was a douchebag but at least a douchebag that delivered results unlike the current divas we have squeezing the board’s balls yet not doing anything for the team.

        1. ken1945 says:

          QD, you can quote with an accuracy of 100% the achievements of that douchebag (love the description..perfect!) and yet fail to remember, as just one example, Ramsey’s two cup final goals?
          Just those two goals alone could possibly have paid for his reported (here we go again) £110k a week in advertising, promotional tags etc for the year. By the way, we should still sell him for holding the club to ransom.
          Nor can you recall any of Ozil’s contributions in a game? Really? Honestly?
          Not the linkup play with sanchez against Chelsea, city….I just can’t go on mate, your selective memory cracks me up.
          Finally, back to douchebag and his carrying us in so many games…you’ve forgotten how many games the club carried him through his injury stricken years and personal problems. He owed our club big time,
          He should never have been offered a pay rise, but should have repaid the faith that the club, manager and fans gave him by accepting an extension to his contract at the same salary.
          He was the biggest mercenary, after Nasri, I can ever recall at Arsenal, closely followed by Adebayour.
          If you want players like these wearing our shirt, then we have completely different values regarding Arsenal Football Club.
          Who’s to say which of us is right QD, let’s just respect, challenge and debate each others views on all things Arsenal?
          After all, we are both Gooners and we know what the rest can do!?!?!?

      2. jon fox says:

        Ken, It is silly to call players , even RVP, a Judas. Surely you of all people know full well that nearly all players care far more for their career , which means largely money first and glory second; a long way behind second too? I have spent ages telling the naive young people who worship so and so and call him all sorts of names when he leaves us, about the difference between us fans and players. We love the club; they have careers. So why the “Judas” , esp from YOU Ken? To be clear, there are very few of our recent players I CARE MUCH FOR AS HUMANS. CAZORLA, WElbeck are two who come to mind. After that I am struggling rather.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, i calll him Judas because that is how I see him.
          I am not a religous man, but didn’t Judas turn his back on the person who made him who he was?
          Isn’t that what this pathetic man did for money when he signed for Utd?
          AFC stood by him through his alleged misdemeanours before he joined us.
          They then looked after him through all his injury hit seasons and not once did they put any pressure on him.
          That is the Arsenal way of course.
          Then, like Judas, he betrayed the club, manager and fans after one great season, by refusing to sign a double your money contract, insisting on going to Utd and helping them win the title the following season.
          I only give my personal views on here as does everyone else.
          I try to give my experiences and beliefs and do not see my role as trying to educate others.
          I actually despise everything this man stands for and his actions towards AFC and its supporters were the lowest of the low.
          Nasri was even worse, but can’t think of any terminology to describe this man that Admin would allow!!!

          Only my opinion Jon, can’t talk for other fans.

          As for players to look up to , George Eastham, Geordie Armstrong, Peter Simpson, Bob Wilson, The Invincibles (even Cashley Cole), Tony Adams, Diaby and Per Mertesacker to name just a few.
          All principled men who are inspirational in their thoughts and actions as far as I am concerned.

          1. jon fox says:

            Some interesting thoughts Ken. I have not , at least since mature adulthood, ever confused players with being fans. Hardly any modern players are true fans of any club , let alone the one paying thier exhorbitant current wage. I do not join the herd in expecting them to be fans therefore and don’t blame them for moving on. I DO though, blame ANY PLAYER who does not work 100% day in day out for their wage. This why I was so anti Walcott. The admirable players you list – though I don’t agree on Cole and thought him a low life in general life standards , even though he gave his all on the field (and I had not the opportunity to accurately judge Diaby on the field, as he was so constantly injured) – gave 100% and would have been aghast to have ever considered shirking. But “Judas or not” was my main point and though RvP did owe us more loyalty for paying his wages when he was so much injured, it surprises me not a jot. Sadly, loyalty is almost extinct these days; even Gazidis looks likely to be at A.C.Milan in a fortnight, according to reports, where his wage will double. It is society at large that has changed, for the worse, and we are being naive if we expect talented, highly paid but mostly shallow footballers to be any different from their peers. Sad but surely true!

  8. LENOhappy says:

    You hear some says he’s a World Cup winner ,even Samuel umtiti and Olivier giroud are world cup winners,does that means they are wold class,Lionel Messi has never won any major trophy for his country,does that means he’s an average player,erikson delivers the goods almost every week for spuds,even this French guy at watford doucoure(not sure about the spelling)is doing it again this season,we can criticize some arsenal players here but when it comes to ozil some believe he’s invisible and untouchable

    1. gotanidea says:

      Spot on bro

      Lionel Messi is the best no 10 I have ever seen, despite he never won the World Cup

      Giroud did not have any single shot on target in World Cup, but he harassed all the opponent’s CBs. Okazaki used to do this as a no 10 behind Vardy in Leicester’s phenomenal season

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Don’t get me wrong, Lionel Messi is a fantastic footballer but the Spanish game suits his style. I don’t think he’d be quite the same player if he played in the Premier league. Bit like his performances in the World cup. This is the reason why I’ve always put Christiano Ronaldo in front of Messi as the best player in the World. He done it big time with United. Did you ever see Ferenc Puskas? He done things similar to Messi with heavy a ball and muddy pitches.

        1. Sarmmie says:

          Now a guy named Arturo Vidal has played in Chile, Germany, Italy, went back to Germany and now in Spain and he was successful in all his stints there, does that make him better than a certain Xavi Hernandez that never left Spain?

          There’s this guy named Pepe Reina, he’s played at the top level in Spain, England, Italy, Germany, and now he’s back in Italy, would you pick him over a German guy, Manuel Neuer, who has never played outside his country of birth?

          Players not as good as Messi are performing/ have performed very well in the EPL, cos you’re a fan of Ronaldo shouldn’t make you say Messi won’t perform if he comes to England.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Kenny, Ferenc Puskas, one of the mighty Magyars; how did that Hungarian side, similar to the great Netherlands side with Cruyf et al, not win the World Cup?

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Ozziegunner:, They we’re cheated out of it in 1954, Puskas was kicked out of the competition but although injured came back to play in the final against West Germany where he had a late equaliser wrongfully disallowed. West Germany won the game 3-2 in a game still regarded as one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history. Ironically the Magyars had previously beaten West Germany earlier in the year 8-3 in Budapest. Puskas and his fellow Real Madrid Striker Alfredo de Stefano came to Highbury with the great Real Madrid side of the late 50s early 60s in 1962 and beat Arsenal 4-0 in a friendly. I was 12 years old at the time and an autograph collector and that night saw my chance , I ran onto the pitch as they we’re about to kick off the second half and got the autographs of de Stefano and Puskas. I was then chased off by the referee.

          3. Phil says:

            Kenny that is incredible.Wow what a coup getting the autographs of those two players.Imagine running on the pitch now mate-thrown out and charged with damaging the owners property.
            Great story Kenny as always

          4. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Thanks Phil. It was de Stefano who gave me the warning in Spanish that the referee was coming up behind me. Remember clearly to this day. Later sold the autographs at school and your right about running on the pitch, as you know Phil, wasn’t such a big deal in those days.

          5. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I’m certainly no fan of Ronaldo. He was instrumental in taking many Premier League titles away from us however give credit when it’s due, Ronaldo has delivered on the big stage many more times than Messi. In every major international tournament Messi has flopped, he wouldn’t get the space anywhere in the top European leagues like he does in La Liga. Also I don’t see your point using Reina and Vidal as comparisons, you’re talking about average to good players, I’m talking about great players. anyway it’s a matter of opinions, you’ve got yours, I’ve got mine.

          6. Sarmmie says:

            Hmm, Vidal is average

  9. aubamette says:

    swap Ozil for Martial or Ousmane Dembeke

  10. LENOhappy says:

    @gotanidea,it’s frustrating sometimes when you read some comments on here about some fans passing insults on some of our players which am very fine with,but when it comes to some other players,you must not talk about them,Czech is champions league winner and Europa league winner,2 premier league fa cup and the league cup,but we all agreed that he’s past his why can’t we all agree on ozil,Lionel Messi gives pinpoint assists not set pieces,why have a technical player who has all the vision but failed to deliver when it matters,I would rather have an average player who works hard for the team

  11. aubamezzette says:

    swap Ozil for Martial or Ousmane Dembele

  12. gearoid de burca says:

    please dont sell ozil, no . just give him away instead. the team will flourish without this lazy article. he seems to bring everybody down in the team. when he plays everybody seems to be depressed and not bothered. take the loss, it will be better for the club in the long term. this is another cancer left over from the previous regime.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Gearoid, please do not make light of the word “cancer” or use it outside its medical reference. Many people including those near and dear to us have been affected by it.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Absolutely, I’ll second that, well said Ozziegunner.

  13. Grandad says:

    We are stuck with him I’m afraid.Who on earth in their right mind would pay this man £350m per week?The Directors of this club and our former Manager have a lot to answer for because a similar situation applies to Mustafi and Xhaka, who to be fair had a decent game against West Ham.

  14. Phil says:

    Sue-we both love Ozil but I understand the feelings of those against him.Lets see how he does up to January.He’s not going to go anywhere before that so he has half a season to prove everyone wrong.Like you I would have him in the team every week but the comments suggest others think differently.We ARE a better team with Ozil than without but to be fair he is the only one who can prove this.

    1. Sue says:

      Well Phil I thought Saturday’s match proved that point exactly!

    2. Sarmmie says:

      I love reading this guy’s comments, they’re always spot on

  15. Wiggy says:

    Arsenal looks so bland when Ozil is NOT in the line up. Cannot stand the rotating Ramsey in #10! With his flicks and rotations on the same spot with the ball! Awful..

      1. Phil says:

        Ok Wiggy- you are now officially in the Sue and Phil Mesut Ozil Appreciation Society.
        At the moment you are the only member.
        Joining fee is £100.We will take a cheque but prefer cash.

        1. Sue says:

          Split it with me later Phil ? hilarious as always ?

          1. Phil says:

            Sue-I will get some JUST MESUT T-Shirts printed.Will send one to Admin the others can………………

          2. Sue says:

            Sounds good to me Phil

          3. Andrew E says:

            Can I join but I don’t have £100??

          4. Phil says:

            @Andrew E of course you can join.We are that desperate for members at the moment we will take anyone(no offence)
            T-Shirt on the way when Wiggy’s cheque clears

          5. Sue says:

            2 and counting…….. ?

          6. ken1945 says:

            sue and andrew, don’t fall for this T shirt story.
            You know Phil only PRETENDS to give T shirts away.
            He’ll even put one on his goat rather than give it away, mark my words!!

  16. Gabo says:

    Even when Emery denies he has any issues with Mesut, that gullible Arsenal fan base cannot help themselves – we’re reduced to listening to know_it_all loser Collymore. Beyond ironic.
    When I watch the various shortcomings of the team, Ozil’s the least of my worries – let’s just start by asking if Emery is using any advice offered by Steve Bould. Our defending is been pitiful.

  17. ken1945 says:

    Gabo it’s been pitiful ever since Bould sat in his seat and started chewing gum!
    Agree completely with your first paragraph though, just refer back to the article claiming Arsenal fans paid over£100 for a seat, beer and hotdog.
    Love to know where this accepted as fact £350,000 a week comes from anyway…can ANYONE actually direct those of us who deal in FACTS to the details?
    I can’t find it anywhere, but will apologize unreservedly if it’s proven correct.

    1. Phil says:

      Don’t expect an answer any time soon Ken

    2. mobella says:

      I have asked several times still waiting for response.

      1. ken1945 says:

        If someone ACTUALLY does provide the facts, I’ll give you my favourite T shirt Phil.
        mobella…respect for wanting the truth and not following like a sheep.

    3. jon fox says:

      KEN, Whatever the exact amount Ozil gets, it is certainly a lot of money. Even if it is “only ” £200 thousand a week, it is far too much for how little he works on the pitch and surely THAT is the real point! All players are obscenely well paid but we don’t mind(too much!!!) IF they sweat for the shirt. It is those who do NOT, like Walcott and Ozil, these days, who we are entitled to resent receiving these unearned ludicrous wages. It is about time fans, everywhere, gave these “con artists” far more stick. Because they are conning us and we are fools to stand for it. Some of us do not! As I have said before , I am convinced Ozil is clinically depressed; he shows all the signs. CONSTANT FAKE ILLNESS IS ONE OF THOSE OBVIOUS SIGNS.

  18. Leon says:

    Arsenal are about to lose Reiss Nelson to Hoffenheim.
    Nelson was one of the best young players to come out of Colney in years.
    And we are about to lose him.
    And yet players like Ozil who offer precisely F*CK all to anyone can be allowed to stay, do nothing and get paid £350000 a week for it.
    I absolutely detest the sight of Mesut Ozil.
    We are losing out on top quality young players and pampering to trash like Ozil.
    Time Emery made a stand….

  19. Albert. says:

    everyone is against ozil at the moment. the best thing we can do as arsenal fans is support our player and leave the bashing to our rivals and media. I can’t understand arsenal fans at times, always moaning it’s annoying. Ozil signed a new contract, we have to support him he is not our worst player.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Albert ?, Mezut Ozil may have psychological issues at the moment due to the intense pressure he is under and needs the Club and fans support.

  20. Midkemma says:

    We have Guendouzi who is prone to errors but puts in a LOT of effort, not afraid to get stuck in…

    We have AMN who is not a push over, who is a CM and I thought would be given a chance this season… He dominated against UTD but overlooked for Guendouzi..

    That is two players right there who could help Ozil but has Emery tried this? Add in a Torreira as well, think we finally have a choice of 2 CM players who can fight to control the CM and allow Ozil to have some freedom for his vision/technique.

    People moan at Ozil because he has been with us a while, Emery is making bigger mistakes and costing us a hell of a lot more.

    Favouritism with Guendouzi has meant we haven’t seen AMN in CM, thought we got rid of Wenger and his favouritism? Wengers inability to pick the right players… Still here with Emery. Look at our starting lineup and our end lineup, we tend to fin with a stronger team, why not start the strong team?!?!?!?!?

    Instead of jumping on the backs of people who are trying, how about jump on the boards back and ask them WTF happened to the TV money and our other incomes which make us one of the richest clubs in the world?????? Why did we not invest fully in the team? Why are we left with a slow def while the manager wants to use a high line? WTF happened to investing in a CB who can compliment the manager instead of undermine the manager and rest of the team?

    If we want to look at big wages for doing nothing then look at Gazidis people, he was the highest paid CEO in the EPL a while ago and for what? No EPL trophy or even real competition to get EPL trophy, team constantly underfunded and contract issues every damned season…

    Ozil isn’t the problem. Funnily enough, it is the manager and tactics STILL along with the board not backing the club fully STILL.

    1. Leon says:

      AMN has been injured since the first game (which he started) and is expected to be out for three months.
      You should at least get your facts right before you post…

      1. ozziegunner says:

        You’re right Leon; AMN can’t possibly be selected to play with a leg fracture!

    2. Sarmmie says:

      In the 1st sentence of the sixth paragraph, you said we shouldn’t jump on the back of those that are trying, is ozil one of them?
      See, Mesut Ozil is one of the players I love most in the world, but at the moment, and for some while, he’s not been playing well and he doesn’t look like he’s putiing any efforts to do so.

    3. Ks-gunner says:

      Emery like every other manager do need the tools to suceed while Ozil being our most expensive player does not justify the money they are currently working for and the game time in the pitch. Same goes with some other players. They all need to be replaced for players who want to work and play for us. Gathering such players wont happen over night, it takes time.

      Get rid of the deadwood. Get rid of the underperformers and then we can make room for new players. Simple as. Back the manager as he is doing things right and hope for the best.

      We need to build a team like spurs did and this is what think the goal as we wont over spend money for the sake of it

  21. Leon says:

    Who would want Ozil?
    Lazy, never turns up, feigns sickness when he cannot be bothered.
    And to think we are about to lose Reiss Nelson to Hoffenheim just so Ozil – lazy mercenary that he is can have as little competition for his “place” as possible.
    Arsenal are losing its way and it does not need the likes of Ozil….

  22. Tat says:

    The only reason why we can’t start ozil is our defense. We need to solve our defensive problems. As we can tell from last game, our defense is almost non existent. I think even we have Messi can’t save us with this defense.

  23. herb says:

    Its not the defence!!!! guys please learn to watch matches critically.

    How many times did you see Luiz and Rudiger one on one with striker??

    Our weakest link is the midfield because aside from Torreira, none of Xhaka, Ramsey, Elneny and even Guendouzi (who’s slow on the ball) can be able to protect the defence of a serious team like ARSENAL.

    ManCity: D. Silva, Fernandinho, Debruyne, Gundogan, Silva – 3rd best in league.
    Chelsea: Kovacic, Kante, Jorginho, Drinkwater, Barkley – best midfield in the league
    Manutd: pogba, Herrera, Fellaini, Matic, Fred, Mata;- not the best but the starting three are >>>>>>> ours.
    Liverpool: Keita, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Milner – 2nd best in league
    Tottenham: Dembele, Eriksen, Dier, Wanyama, Sissokko

    In summary, our midfield (by midfield I mean person that can possess ball) only has one good player (Torreira) and may be Mkitaryan the rest are RUBBISH.

  24. Ks-gunner says:

    We should be careful otherwise he is going to remain sick for ever or he makes use of the racist card just so he can escape taking responsibility for his poor form and his un acceptable attitude.

    Some turkish club might show interest but we cant sell him for big money. 20mil would be a start.

  25. RSH says:

    Needs to be let go. Can’t build a team around him and doesn’t look like he’s willing to work with Emery. Don’t care how much he is liked, he has never had the guts to get stuck in a game, and fight. And not just tackling and tracking back. He should be controlling games and demanding the ball and acting like he is the best player on the pitch and will win games almost by himself. Unless it’s a relegation side, this doesn’t happen nearly often enough. The type of money he gets paid should be given to players like Eden Hazard. Ozil is not in that class. His reputation comes from his Real Madrid days alone and he has failed to replicate them at arsenal.

  26. stubill says:

    A woman beater, and a sexual deviant. I don’t think I’ll listen to anything this cretin says.

  27. JW says:

    Looks like the Reis Nelson deal is a loan

    his is apparently a best-of-both-worlds thing; Nelson has reportedly signed a new long-term Arsenal deal, and this move is a loan. Looks like everybody wins! Especially Reiss Nelson.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      JW great news. Arsenal have to keep the best of the academy players.

  28. ruelando says:

    If your place of employment pays you this enormous amount for your salary for next to little work done, would you complain?

    We all know that none of us on this forum would complain, so why should we be upset with the salaries of Sanchez, Ozil, Pogba and want to be 10 Ramsey is demanding.

    The people we should have issue with are the ones who gave them these high salaries

  29. olis says:

    funny how there is always an excuse for ozil underperforming.. and he is supposed to be our best player.. lol.. you talk about ozil needing good players around him to perform like that is a trait of a world class player.. a world class player drives his team forward.. Sanchez did it.. vanpersie also did.. even fabregas did..

  30. Grandad says:

    In his last season with Arsenal, Sanchez played well twice against Everton and West Brom.He is a busted flush as evidenced by his displays for Man Utd.This season Ozil has played poorly in his two outings.Let’s focus on the facts not the perception.

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