Arsenal should Sell! Sell! – And thoughts on Ozil, Bayern , Chelsea and Top Four fight

Ozil likely to stay, but competition for the top 4 will be tougher next year. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people! The latest news is that Mesut Ozil is close to a new Arsenal deal and this is not that big of a surprise. With a lack of top clubs interested in him and his high wage demands, there was hardly much else for him to do. Besides, he loves London, Arsene doesn’t kick him up the backside and Arsenal fans love him. Plus the club can’t allow more major players to leave, because it will cause another fan backlash!

Now we should target the Ox with a new deal and start work with players whose contracts end in 2 years so we don’t repeat this situation. And this is where a director of football could really help. He should identify players who we will use and those who we won’t, so we can sell them while their price is still reasonable.

For example we should’ve sold Wilshere two years ago, because now we can’t get anything for a crooked player in the last year of his deal. We should accept 30 million for Theo, because I don’t think we’ll get a better price for him and I just don’t see him as first choice in the current squad, let alone if we add Lemar or Mahrez.

Gibbs should be sold if West Brom come in with 10 million and if we somehow get rid of Debuchy and sell Chambers and Lucas too plus the money for Szczesny we’ll bag enough cash to buy a player or two who will improve the squad without doing major damage, because we had players with the numbers 1,2,3 and 10 either out of the club or playing less than 10 games last season. Let’s clear those numbers for players who will be important to the club.

I’d like to finish off with a mention of the Bayern game and it was nice not to lose 5:1. That said, in the first half Bayern had a very easy run through our make-shift defence. I hope we don’t start this season like we did last, with not enough defenders. We really need to prepare, because we have a tough start and we must beat Leicester!

But back to the game, James had a freeway on the left and we have to thank Cech, who was man of the match by a mile for the saves he made. Hopefully he’ll carry that form into the season. I just want him to save some penalties though. We give away quite a few and saving one or two wouldn’t hurt. And our reserve keeper Martinez was excellent in that regard on the shootout.

Up front Ozil and Lacazette made some lovely interplay, which sadly didn’t result in a goal, but this is what I want to see more. I’d like Lacazette up front with Sanchez, Ozil and the Ox behind him which is our best attacking side in my opinion. So far, he’s been used with both Giroud and Welbeck and we’re yet to see how we’ll start the season.

The game with Bayern ended on penalties thanks to a lovely interplay between Ramsey and Iwobi with the latter scoring a very nice header. And Alex looked lively since he came on and I liked his celebration too. Monreal scored a screaming penalty and I wonder if we should change the default penalty takers, because we did miss quite a few last season.

We have a game with Chelsea coming up and they did make some decent signings in Rudiger, Bakayoko and Morata, although I don’t know which of these players will feature on Saturday, but Chelsea should not be underestimated even though the media tried to make it look like they are having a bad transfer window.

It is also interesting to note how United beat City who are rebuilding their defence from scratch, but United did look sharp up front with Lukau, Lingard, Mkhitaryan and Rashford they have a lot of pace and next season they could be a threat. Also Everton are the surprise leaders on the market and we should be looking out for them.

I think that Liverpool and Tottenham share the spoils of the worst transfer window out of the top teams. We gifted the Merseyside team our 4th spot, by being not prepared and then not playing our best player against them last season and I still think if we keep Sanchez we are the better team overall, and they didn’t play Europe, so I expect them to drop out of the top 4 this year.

I also think Spurs will suffer the problems of playing Wembley and they haven’t really signed anyone, and with the new stadium I’m not sure they’ll spend too much. Regardless, next year will be very competitive and we cannot afford any slip ups. Beating the smaller teams will be so key with the number of teams trying to push for a top 4 spot.

Hopefully, we’ll make a few more signings and have a real go at the league this time.



  1. Declan says:

    Transfer window is open for about another 6 weeks yet so a little premature to suggest Pool and spuds share the spoils for worst transfer window out of the top teams. I also remember in a recent post of yours you said Ox should be sold! Anyway, there is a lot of stuff on line this morning suggesting Sanchez has agreed terms with PSG (is that even legal?) and have bid €50 mil.

    1. kev says:

      It’s funny how he said we are better than Liverpool overrall forgetting that in terms of players we were still better than them last season yet the beat us home and away.Liverpool team is not so good yet out of all the top four team they’re the ones who play their hearts out.That’s why Liverpool didn’t lose a single game to a top four team last season though on paper they should have.As for Tottenham if you look at their team they just need a few more signings and consistency so I don’t know what’s the big deal about them.The painful this is they could’ve won the league if not for draws.It was a disgrace for any of those two to finish over us last season because on paper it shouldn’t be so.This should tell you that it’s not all about the team you have.Some it’s about luck,sometimes it’s about giving your best and sometimes it’s just meant to be.

      1. JPS_AFC1 says:

        kev you talk a bit off crap sometimes buddy, Spuds finished above us because they have Mauricio Pochettino as manager and although I don’t think Jurgen Klopp is a better tactically than Wenger he knows how to train a team off fighters who are not easy to beat especially in games against top teams. Last year was the worst season in Wenger’s managerial career and it looks like it has given him the kick in the backside he needed and made him hungry again. The last couple off years he has been to comfortable in his position at the club and now I think we are seeing a bit off that ruthlessness in him that he had in the first 10 years of his time with the club. At least I hope so anyway. I have been calling for his head for 6 years but I’m going to back him now for 1 last time to see if he can prove me wrong. Come on Arsenal.

        1. Tone says:

          To put all the blame Wenger for last year isn’t correct. The main problem last year, was a lack of a good Central Midfield, both Ramsey and Cazorla where down, plus Xhaka took till the 2nd have of the season to find his feet. That left the Ox and Iwhobi, who where not ready to fill in for Ramsey and/or Cazorla. [on a personal note, I would like Ox to be ahead of Ramsey. If Ox had more time in that role, he would command it, imho]. Now that we have Lacazette, signing Lemar or a Cazorla replacement, holding on to Shanchez (even if the leaves for free next year), we can have a crack at it and even win. As it stands now, it’s Manchester(s) likely to win the Title, Chelsea and Arsenal, have to steal it from them.

  2. Henrytl says:

    Arsenal fans support board and wenger even if they fail consecutive for 20 years. True love, the idiots !!!

    1. JPS_AFC1 says:

      Henrytl, Did you not see what happened last year with the protests and the fans turning on the players and the coach at Crystal Palace. Either go support your own club and don’t get on arsenal fan pages, or if your an AFC fan don’t put us all in the same basket cause it’s insulting. Don’t how big of a W.O.B you are the owner and the board gave him 2 more years so what are we supposed to do keep complianing and protesting. Obviously that doesn’t work with these owners and board members cause they reward failure. All that’s left for people like me to do is back the club, the players and the manager for these last 2 years. Hopefully they put the right things in place to make the transition to a new manager a smooth one and I’m praying that Arsene can go out on a high and bring the title back to North London because he deserves better than retiring with his legacy being questioned because off the last 13 years.

  3. Skills1000 says:

    I dont believe in a top 4 finish. Finishing 4th, 3rd and 2nd is no achievement. Winning the EPL is the ONLY definition of a successful season. 2004 was the last time we won the league. This is 2017. The Club owners, Manager, Players and Fans should have a common definition of a successful season. And that is winning the EPL and possibly the Europa league. A correction, we did not drop out of top four when we lost to Liverpool away. Rather, Our loss to Everton, westbrom, crystal palace, Watford and draws with Middlesbrough and Bournemouth. We had 2 points out of 18 from these games. If we had picked all 18 points, we could have finished in 2nd place. We need to target the EPL and Europa league

    1. kev says:

      Liverpool was the only team that beat us home and away last season.That’s 6 points right there.We were terrible in those two games especially in the away games.I can also say we did not make top four because of our loss to Liverpool away,Crystal Palace,West Brom,Watford and draws with Middlesbrough and Bournemouth thereby leaving Everton out.No matter how you turn it the value is the same.This means every game is as important as the other.

      1. Skills1000 says:

        I understand you clearly. But there was no way to justify not winning against those other teams i mentioned. Liverpool is a top team and the first game of the season was against them. We rested Kos and Mustafi was not bought yet. We lost at home to Watford. How does that sound? We are Arsenal. We should be beating Everton, Watford, Crystal Palace and Westbrom. We need to learn from this. Beat the smaller teams. Games against Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United can go either way. Watford at the Emirates should be 3 points. This is the mentality of a Champion. We should raise the bar.

        1. kev says:

          But we should have beaten Liverpool in the second leg.There was also no justification of that.We might as well lose all our matches against the big teams and justify on the basis of it being a match against a big team.I mean home and away defeats is just unacceptable.Champions must also find ways to possibly win all their matches against the big teams no matter which ever way it goes.This is because that can make all the difference in winning the league.

  4. Arsenal007 says:

    I only hope we have not finished our transfer business of the season. We need at least 3 more quality signings to compete on all fronts. Realistically, 2 more.

  5. Big G says:

    And this is where a director of football could really help. He should identify players who we will use and those who we won’t, so we can sell them while their price is still reasonable.
    Wrong, Wenger is the man who decides who stays and goes as he is the manager but the director of football, if we get one, should deal with all contracts as quickly as possible.

  6. Sal says:

    I agree with Theo and the others, but Gibbs should be sold for nothing less than 14 million,and chambers if sold I would like a buy back clause in the deal and a min of 20 mil for that kid as i don’t think harry or keane are miles ahead of him. Debuchy, Perez, jenkinson, jack, Campbell, need to be sold regardless and I’ll add Gabriel and elneny to that list as well if we get new replacements in their respective positions.

  7. Raoh says:

    What is clear is that we need to sell and it is taking way too long for Arsenal to negotiate those outgoings.
    Not only for incoming players but to allow young players like Reiss Nelson to have some minutes and not find ourselves in the same situation than with Willock! Talent doesn’t wait.
    Taking into account that Arsenal bring in a further 2 players including Lemar than clearly also on the attacking front something has to give.
    Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Campbell, Walcott (specially if Lemar comes in). Arsenal also seems OK with dealing Elneny so who knows. Than you have the case of the center back for whom I would put Gabriel candidate in front of Chambers who I am talking about only because of rumours.
    Finally Wilshere a player we all love and more so Wenger. But selling him would be a sound decision with a buy back same if Chambers is to be sold…

    1. Atid says:

      Can’t see us getting shot of campbell for anything, seeing he is out for 6 months with an injury. Wilshire, jenkinson and Debuchy are not going to raise much either.

      We need to sell/release/loan out or de-list 9 players just to bring the numbers down to 25. So if people think we need 2 more signings that is 11 that need to be dropped. We still have 5 over 21 years goalkeepers. With 2 very good young keepers also ineligible for u18 football. I would say at least 2 keepers be dropped from the 25, most likely is iliev, with Macey or ospina being the other.
      Debuchy, jenkinson, gibbs, toral, wilshire, perez, campbell and akpom would bring that number to 10. Allowing us to bring in 1 more signing. Another player left put of the 25 surely has to be cazorla, even if he did get fit before January he could play EFL cup matches and under 23 as an overage player until he has regained match fitness. This would allow us a 2nd signing without having to sell off too many more. Whilst some want to raise £70m by selling off Walcott, Giroud and Chambers, I am only happy to do that if we replace with alternatives. Same goes for other players in my 25 who are still be linked with moves away ox, bellerin, elneny and the obvious one alexis. If we got really desperate for numbers we could free up another space by using Huddart or Keto as the 3rd keeper.

      My 25 plus u21s and those sold, released, loaned out or de-listed.

      Cech Ospina Martinez

      Mustafi Chambers Mertesacker Holding Koscielny Gabriel

      Bellerin Chamberlain Kolasinac Monreal

      Xhaka ramsey coquelin elneny (+ new signing)

      Ozil alexis walcott (+ new signing)

      Lacazette Welbeck giroud

      U21s Huddart Niles Bielik Sheaf Nelson Willock Zelalem Bramall Adelaide Iwobi Nketiah

      Missing out: szczesney macey iliev Debuchy jenkinson gibbs kamara cazorla wilshire toral campbell akpom perez asano sanogo

      1. Raoh says:

        At this point does it matter what we get from them. Except for Gibbs and Walcott none of the players are mentionned are worth a lot but they do hinder our wages. If those players can be released they can also be sold for a few millions just to get something back. We need to lighten the squad to make some minutes for promising players like Nelson but also create place for potentially 2 more signings. Also we need to that with in mind that maybe Sanchez as well as Ox might not renew, that Cazorla might not be offered a another year & Mertesacker retires. Ramsey also in 1 year time might put Arsenal in the same situation as Ox now.

      2. JPS_AFC1 says:

        Atid, I like your style awesome 25 man squad with unbelievable young talent that can come in and do the job as well. The only youngster I would add to your under 21 players is Donyell Malian. I think that’s a team that can really give the league a good shout. As long as the new players are Lemar or Mahrez on the wings and Gretzka, Fabinho or Jean Michael Seri in the middle off the park

      3. mohawk says:

        Looks good. My only concern is the number of CBs. 6 CBs is a high number. It was not long ago Wenger started the season with only 3 CBs. 5 might be enough and add 1 more attacker????

  8. kev says:

    With the kind of contract Ozil will be getting I hope he steps up with his performances.If he doesn’t do well this season then I don’t see why we shouldn’t sell.But it won’t shock me if Wenger makes him over stay though just like many Arsenal players.I also hope Oxlade Chamberlain isn’t sold any time soon.We really need him and I’d be furious if he was allowed to go while some average one’s remain.The team also needs to be consistent and be mentally strong when playing matches.i don’t like how we possess without dominance and allow teams to push us back and how we keep giving them time and space with the ball.

  9. benedict says:

    wenger need to do more sighnings definately sanchez is likely to move to psg. it gives a team morale if a creative midfielder like ozil signs a new contract. wenger bring both mahrez and lemar if we have 2 compete for titles.

  10. Vlad says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I agree with most of what Konstantin said. With the exception of Ox. I don’t understand the love affair there for a player who only had a couple of decent months in his 7 year Arsenal career. He’s a slightly better (in my opinion) and healthier version of Jack Wilshere, but that’s not saying much. Sell him to Pool for 30mil, and with Klopp’s style of play he’ll be injured by week 3, if not earlier.

  11. ruelando says:

    i know we are trying to get as much as possible for our players and we complain about how low some of the prices are, but we have to remember these players we are selling are not main stays of our team.
    Also most of the players on the selling list are injury prone players, i do not see many clubs willing to take the chance, spending large sums of money on players who are only likely to last 5 matches.

    Wilshere is considered a big player (once upon a time) but he is not a main stay of arsenal, a price of 10 – 15 million might even be too much. These players must be revalued on moved on, i understand the 20 million for chambers because he still has potential to me more than what he is now. Gibbs should go for 10-12, Ox(if going) 25-35.

    We actually need to get them out as soon as possible and consider options for their area

  12. mohawk says:

    1. If Chambers is sold for a good price Arsenal still have Mustafi, Kos, Meat, Hold, and Gabriel. 5 CBs remaining is plenty. And Holding has looked better than Chambers anyway.

    2. Perez, Debuchy, Campell and Gibbs are unwanted by Wenger so those are easy decisions. Walcott decision is more difficult but…… a good offer should be carefully considered.

    3. DO NOT SELL OX. He is still young, he continues to improve, and brings a lot of energy to the offense. He and Montreal are the 2 best Gunners at taking the ball deep for cutbacks to the front of goal. He is getting quite good at providing service to other attackers. DO NOT SELL.

  13. Milton John says:

    Offloading is more important than buying right now. £30 for Theo is amazing and if that’s true encash him ASAP. Jenkinson, Debuchy, Campell, Gibbs should go even for a lesser fee. See what happened to Jenkinson last year without playing a single game we paid his wages for the whole year. At least let’s not repeat the same mistake from now on. Wilshere should be renewed this year and send him on loan again for next year. Analyze him on the year end and sell for a decent amount of money in case he is hopeless again. Iwobi and Elneny need a one full season to flourish so send them both on loan. Retain Coquelin for this year and see what he can offer to us. Buy Goretzka as a long term replacement for Santi and Lemar. So it’s time to save paying wages for the substandard players, ear a decent amount of money for the new buying by selling the surplus and strengthen the team with new players. It’s gonna be a different Arsenal. Once we are a topper in the league with a right attitude and ambition I’m sure Alexis will extend his stay with us.

  14. John Rambo says:

    No one is mentioning Santi Cazorla and he’s our best player.

  15. shambala says:

    I still feel a top Centre back is needed. When the going gets tough, Mertesacker , Gabriel Will be found wanting. Coquelin & El neny are not dependable in midfield. Arsenal should force out El neny if Leicester wants him. Additional midfield player like Cavalho is needed to partner Xhaka. We hope we will sign Lemar if not go for Leon Goretza . All the fringe & non performing players should be off loaded Walcott,Gibbs, Wilshere, Jenkinson etc. In conclusion the 280K pounds per week for Ozil is too much. This was only supposed to be for the departing Sanchez only.

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