Arsenal should sit back and absorb Tottenham’s pressure

Why Arsenal must play on the break against Spurs!

After a rather fortunate victory over Leicester City in midweek, Arsenal face perhaps the most important game of the campaign so far against Tottenham Hotspur – a game which will be detrimental in Arsenal’s chances for a top-four finish and also an opportunity to dent Tottenham’s push for the title. Considering how Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has been mixing up his tactics lately, it will be interesting to see what kind of approach he employs for the North London derby.

Personally, I think the team should sit back and play on the break. Spurs are lethal up front and if given an opportunity of a free-run against the Gunners’ backline, Harry Kane and Co. can really cause problems. As we saw in the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City, if the team has a robust defence, there is every possibility of a result even when you do not play particularly well. Now although this is not a given, playing it safe against a Spurs side high in confidence seems like like the right approach to take.

Moreover, Arsenal have the players who will be a perfect fit for this gameplan. Considering that Koscielny is likely to be fit on time, the Gunners will have a back-three consisting of the Frenchman, Gabriel and Holding, who we know can excel under this system. With Oxlade-Chamberlain and Monreal also tipped to start by Wenger, the team will have two wing-backs who have adapted well to their new roles and will be great going forward, although the Spaniard should be a little more alert at the back. If Giroud were to start up front, he could play the role of a targetman and hold the ball up for the likes of Ozil, Sanchez and the wing-backs.

In addition, Xhaka’s long-range efforts and Ramsey’s late runs into the box also represent odd chances at a goal. If Arsenal were to lose, it would kill all hopes of a top-four finish, so I believe the approach should be to sit back, defend with numbers, absorb pressure and try and snatch a goal or two when the opportunity presents itself. These tactics are not always pretty, but they are likely to be more effective considering the situation the Gunners find themselves in.



  1. ArseOverTit says:

    If you think speaking up against the regime at our club is a worthy cause and you want Wenger out. Please go here and contribute to the cause by paying whatever you can:


    I have seen many a poster on here say I would love to be able to do something to get Wenger out but I’m a thousand miles away and can do nothing..

    Well apart from ceasing to buy any AFC merchandise you NOW can directly help what happens next by aiding those who are protesting against Wengers prolonged stay enabling us to carry out highly visible protests like the light projections and airplane flyovers. These acts are increasing the media attention to our cause and therefore put pressure on the board to act and to let Wenger know that he is better off leaving than staying.

    So NOW is YOUR chance guys! Put your money where your mouths are;) and help end this farce.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      I do put my money where my mouth is, I’m sure that we all do ?? ??? = ?????????????

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Don’t forget the smokers, bloody things cost a fortune.

        Give up cigarettes people and help the cause, keep an eye for the club level ..wink.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          Seems there are still plenty of apathetic minions of Arsene in existence despite many years of the same old rubbish.

      2. ArseOverTit says:

        Putting your money where your mouth doesn’t mean eat or drink things that cost money. It means you back up your words with action.

        Maybe you should stop spending money FBG

    2. Simon Frampton says:

      Arsene Wenger must not leave Arsenal, he is essential to Arsenal’s future.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal will lose if they sit back in their own half and let Tottenham pressurize them there. The only way to beat an in-form title challenger like Tottenham is by increasing Arsenal’s football level, from basic football to more domination and controlling football.

    If you pay attention to how the Premiere League players play, almost all of them can only possess the ball for maximum two touches then quickly release the ball to their nearest teammate. This is very basic and that’s why Premiere League quality is way behind La Liga.

    If Arsenal want to dominate, Arsenal’s players have to possess the ball for at least three touches to create more chances and frustate Tottenham’s players. Let Tottenham chase the ball around and spend their energy. For the derby game, Arsenal’s players have to increase their ball control and passing skill levels, and work as a team. If they can keep the ball more and pass more accurately, I am confident in Arsenal in this match.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      If Arsenal totally control possession I can see it ending badly. Tott are powerful and they use that power for picking up loose balls and fifty fifties. I think we need to keep an organised shape and go strong in the tackle, bring allot of energy to our play, and break with a certain amount of players like admin says.

  3. Kedar Damle says:

    It is the same tactics Tottenham use against bigger side… They just sit back absorb the pressure and hit them on counter because they have quality attacking players such that Dele, Kane, Erikson Dembele….

  4. Odur Maxwell says:

    The only team that Arsenal ever sat back against on if not on regular basis is Man city, expect wenger to employ Welbek up front, use long balls, attack from minute one, score one or two, then sit to start using counter. Using welbek would put pressure on totenham’s defence that would force them to sit deep. Like someone said, ball retention is key in this match.Arsenal should shoot, shoot….and shoot…..else, but Arsenal is the King of the unthinkables!!!!!!

  5. wengerknewbest says:

    —–Gab kos hold—–
    —Bel Ox Xha mon—
    —-Welbz sanchez—-

    1. wengerknewbest says:

      Ozil weak and useless and must go away

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