Arsenal Debate – Should we use Wilshere in his England role?

Should Wilshere be Playing a Deeper Midfield Role for Arsenal As Well? by AT

Undoubtedly, the biggest relief Arsenal can take from the latest international break is the fact that there are no new injury concerns to address. In addition to that relief, there was also the sheer joy of watching the Gunners’ English contingent shine so bright for Roy Hodgson’s side against Scotland. Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Danny Welbeck all put in good performances, but the pick of the lot was Jack Wilshere, playing in a much deeper role.

Quite honestly, Jack was excellent for England whilst playing the role of a deep-lying midfielder. The Arsenal star picked up yet another man-of-the-match accolade, putting in a performance that was notable for high work-rate, midfield dominance, great tackles and an exquisite ball to Oxlade-Chamberlain for the opening goal. Interestingly enough, this is not Jack’s first such performance for England, which begs the question, is he better off playing in that deeper role for Arsenal as well?

Personally, I am of the opinion that the role of a deep-lying midfield orchestrator is his best position and I believe he should be played there for Arsenal as well. While there can be arguments made in regards to the quality of opponents that England have faced in recent times, there is no denying that Wilshere certainly looks more at home playing in that little bit deeper in midfield and seems to know his role better when compared to situations when he has to play further forward or on the flank for Arsenal.

Tactically speaking, Jack will need an out-and-out defensive midfielder to partner him in the middle of the park in order to enhance his attacking prowess. So with that being said, I would really hope to see him being played in that role for Arsenal as well, I firmly believe that that is his best position and I can see him holding that role for many, many years to come.

I just doubt very much that Wenger will agree….

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  1. Good to see Jack having an
    extended run of games.
    We are now starting to see
    him mature.
    Jack or Rambo v Man U?

    1. The question is ca Arsenal win Pl Or CL with Wilsher in this position?
      The answer is nope.
      Cup qualification are so rubbish,you keep on playing pretty weak team and beating and be praised but the real stuff,the real talk start in the real tournament.There everyone is missing.
      Mighty Scotland was defeated,ahaha,they ca not even qualify for the serious tournament,get a grip.
      Jack should try to loose some weight to see if he could get back the speed and fluidity he had before his big injury,go watch those videos and you would see a different player,the day and night.He was awsome now he is average.

      1. I want to see tall world class players in our central midfield. I dont care whether jack played well or not. I watched the match but there was nothing special about it. They were playing against a team that could not string together 3 passes. The match was boring,i later on switched to Argentina v Portugal

  2. Oh the irony. So he played Wilshere in Ozil’s position and Ozil on the wing and they were both terrible. Turns out he could have played both of them and Ramsey and done much better.

    1. What I don’t get is this “His position” talk…. I thought no one is guaranteed a starting position and that every player has to earn their spot..

      The only players in this team this season that have earned their spots have been Sanchez and Kossy… If Giroud is back then we will see who has more impact then we can make a decision on who earns that spot..

      Arteta is the best we have got in that DM position so out of the DMs in the squad right now he makes us more stable.

      Jack, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil have all been terrible, not one of them deserves to claim their positions..

  3. Jack was at his best when he was playing in a deep lying role years ago when he tore Barca apart. god knows why we have tried to play him in different positions since then. Wenger being Wenger I guess. I’m counting down the days for him to stick Welbeck on the wing

    1. I really enjoyed closing 3 full screen adverts whilst writing that as well. to then not be able to close the 4th. what is this website

    2. Even if Jack did excel in a deeper position Wenger would never play him there simply because Hodgson thought if playing him there first.
      We all K ow Wenger’s ego would never let that happen.

  4. I mean what options do we really have in the midfield these days. Might as well try Jack back there along with Arteta since he’s our best at protecting the back four.

    But knowing Wenger, our lineup is still gonna be in a disarray.

    1. we actually don’t really play with any natural wingers atm so we should just play 4-4-2 diamond like England do

      Bellerin Chambers Mertesacker Gibbs
      Ramsey Chambo
      Welbeck Walcott

  5. I think the biggest positive is that the player himself is keen on trying the position, and has been watching videos of the masters of the role (Pirlo and Alonso). If he’s to play the role for Arsenal, he’ll be competing directly with Arteta. Ramsey would then be the box to box midfielder and Alexis/Cazorla/Ozil could act as the most attacking midfielder. It could work… but I still feel we need a proper holding midfielder. We’ll be too vulnerable on the counter with Wilshere as our most defensive midfielder (I may be wrong though).

    1. If by ‘competing with Arteta’ you mean he’ll get singled out by some fans as the root of all evil concerning every defensive lapse the team have…then yes. I think you might be right.

      Could Jack play as deep lying play-maker? Yep

      Would people still be calling out for a proper strong/tall/aggressive DM? Yep

      Would this mean shoe-horning other players out of position to work along side him? Yep

      Don’t get me wrong…There are matches and formations that it could all really work in, with good squad rotation.. but it’s not suddenly going to make Jack or the team ‘come good’

  6. Anyone know would it be possible to get tickets for the villa game in january or where is the best place to try never been to emirates so never got them before

  7. It’s not your decision to make. Wenger makes the decision. You can ask and suggested till next year. It doesn’t change AW’s mind sorry for that.

  8. If we are true to form in our next 2 games we will not win any of them. Who was the last big side we beat, can anyone remember? Was it munich away?

  9. I’m intrigued to see if Wilshire playing DM and a rejuvenated Ramsey could work. Would be over the moon if it could but tend to agree with most on here that we need a real beast as DM. I’d rather see if Jack can do it though rather than splashing big cash on someone like Cabaye who has a similar game (similar to Wilshire’s recent England games not his Arsenal form)

  10. I like Jack in the deep lying role, he has a eye for a killer pass whether that’s through the air long or a defence splitting one on the deck. Only downside I see is he lacks real pace if left exposed and needing to defend well.
    I have been watching the relationship with his partner in the last two games. Henderson & Wislhire I don’t rate but yesterday he looked good with Milner. I rate Milner he’s hard working physical player who slotted into the middle position well when Jack pushed on a little. Just the sort of player I’d like us to buy. He can do the defensive MF work but also is great at attacking, tracking back etc.
    Jack can be great deep lying but the key is the right pairing which currently I don’t think we have in Flamini, Arteta or Ramsey.

  11. As my last post think of Pirlo, (not suggesting Jack’s Pirlo 🙂 ).
    He plays alongside a strong, young, fit player in Pogba. It’s all about the player maker having the right partner. Get Kondgobia and Ramsey, Jack and Arteta would play more effectively as the deep lying Play maker.

    1. we have to explore our options until the next transfer window in January. Even then we have to explore our options because Wenger still probably won’t buy one.

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