Arsenal should want to win tonight more than Liverpool

Losing Monday Makes Us Favourites For Thursday! by Dan Smith

I had a theory at the start of the week that whoever lost on Monday Night between Liverpool and Arsenal would be favourites to win on Thursday. As someone who believes the Cup competitions are our best chance of creating happy memories this season, then I don’t mind the idea of us caring more about this tie then the hosts.

Let’s be honest had we won at Anfield in the League, some gooners would be talking about being title contenders and not caring about the Carabao Cup.

Arteta’s man management is very good, and he will know the mental effect it could have if we suffer another convincing defeat by the same opposition in the space of 4 days. Especially when the opponents are the standard you are trying to reach.

I’m not saying our manager won’t make wholesale changes. He will, firstly because of the schedule but also an assumption that Klopp will be doing the same. Yet I can see our manager making decisions he may not have if we were still unbeaten in this campaign.

I wrote last week that we don’t know what the Spaniard’s feelings are towards this competition.
Remember he was mentored by Pep Guardiola who’s lifted this trophy 3 times on the spin (the first two with Arteta his assistant).

So where previous regimes would blood Saliba because being knocked out wasn’t the end of the world, I think our coach cares enough where he will only play those that he feels are ready.

I sense he’s giving Runarsson till after the international break to give him his debut, so the keeper has had a few weeks to adjust.

Like in the last round I can see Leno starting to get another dodgy performance out of his system.
I can see David Luiz starting to offer experience. I think the bench will be strong.

Again I’m not sure all of that would have been the case had our last result been different. It would be actually nice if senior players demanded to start. A win puts us in the Quarter Final, why not try and win it?

To achieve any silverware you need luck, and ours could be that the Champions simply won’t care about this Fixture as much as they would have if we had won our first meeting.

Their disdain for both domestic cups last year bordered on arrogance, so why would now be any different, especially with there already a chance to get some distance between them and the chasing pack in the League.

Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy. A Liverpool second string includes Jota, Milner, Shaquiri, etc but in theory we should simply want this more.

A win on Thursday wouldn’t be as newsworthy as doing it in the Premiership but I tend to be in the minority when it comes to the League Cup.

If we had got three points the other night, I would have been delighted of course. But I knew win, lose or draw, it wouldn’t change where we are at, in the race for top 4. It’s never nice to lose but we have another 35 chances to make sure we fulfil our objective.

This tie on the other hand represents one of only three realistic chances to see my team win something, moments I don’t take for granted. Even thinking long-term, it can only help this squad get that winning feeling of adding the Carabao Cup to the FA Cup.

So while winning on Thursday might not mean as much had we won on Monday, it would put us 2 wins away from Wembley.

I’ll take that…


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  1. We should always want to win. Go as far as we can until the games start coming think and fast. At which point we prioritise.

  2. Beating Liverpool whether in a league or cup, it’s a moral booster for the team. Arsenal should go all out to beat Liverpool

  3. Realistically, this is our only chance of coming away from that hole with a win… i want to do it at all costs!! I don’t care that their fanbase will come out with all the usual codswallop – we didn’t want to win it, just a run out for the B team blah blah blah…it matters to me, I care and I want us to go for it!!
    We need to wipe some smiles from faces me thinks!
    #NoTeethTonight COYG

    1. Hahahaha, Fantastic, Sue. Your hatred for Liverpool runs deep and whilst I find if quite funny, I know you don’t. So, which , Sue will we get tomorrow? 🤬 or 😁..

      Watch this space!

  4. Waste of time and resources. Give the kids a run. Sunday should be our main focus. The earlier we get out of this thing the better. Europa, FA and ligue position are more important than this useless tournament.

    1. Let’s face it. We’re at home to a Sheffield Utd team who are struggling at the foot of the table on the weekend. We should be able to get max points!

      So, I feel MA should at least put out a team that is very strong and able to do the business. More so, It’s about the performance for me. I want to see a fearless Arsenal attack Liverpool with every intention getting nothing but a win! The performance of each player needs to be top drawer for me and show some guile and pride in the fight! Anyone who says “it doesn’t matter” is either lying or has no idea about club values!

      1. GunneRay, your last two sentences sum up my feelings 100% – we have never played a match thinking “it doesn’t matter” as far as I am concerned and tonight will be no difference.
        My only fear will be how the doom and gloom merchants will react if we get knocked out, as it seems that MA hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing after Monday night!!!SIGH.

        Good article Dan, agree with your sentiments as well.

    2. JAY, tell that to the city players and fans, when that was the only trophy they won last season…pride man it’s all about pride in your club and how they go about their work.

  5. All arsenal players need to want to win as Mane does. Then we’ll do better. Our attacking players need to play like Mane, when without possession. Not like expecting the ball to come to them somehow, but demanding the ball and trying to win every minute, and not let the Liverpool players settle. This has to start from the front three.

  6. To be honest,i don’t care much about tonight result…looking forward to sunday against shefield united&hoping we for this night,i predict an exit from the cup for arsenal

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