Arsenal shouldn’t panic, even if they lose to Leicester!

Arsenal fans have been left in a dire state of desperation this week following on from what was a very disappointing opening fixture against Liverpool, paired with an equally disappointing transfer window. It means that some fans have already thought about taking action against the club to make their views and voices heard, but should the fans really be panicking?

It’s been a constant topic of discussion in the football media world and Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas, believes that Arsenal fans shouldn’t be panicking, even if the Gunners lose to Leicester this weekend. The Soccer Saturday pundit said: “Yes the pressure is on Arsenal more than Leicester but failing to win the first two games is not dramatic. It’s not time to panic.

“Arsenal are doing what they always do, waiting. They wait, wait, wait in the transfer market and then play catch up. This happens every season. I look at Wenger and I think that he hates the transfer market but that just adds to the point of getting business done early.”

Personally I am not in a state of panic regarding Arsenal’s situation. I’m frustrated at the way the club is being run and disappointed at our result against Liverpool, however I wouldn’t say I’m in a state of panic about what is going to happen to Arsenal this season. In my opinion Arsenal fans should’ve expected something like this to happen, I certainly expected Arsenal to struggle in the opening game and so it hasn’t shocked me that we didn’t pick up all three points. Every year Arsenal seem to struggle at the start of the campaign and although it shouldn’t be this way, many fans have just learned to anticipate it.

The only way Wenger can rectify the situation is by pulling his finger out and making moves in the transfer window whilst it remains open, because after the window closes, he cannot rely on anyone else to take the blame for Arsenal’s disappointments beside himself.



  1. Yes, I think it would be time to slightly panic assuming we are looking to win the title.

    Over the last 5 seasons the most games a winning team has lost is Man city with 6 losses over the season.

    The average is 4-5 games to lose over the entire season.

    So if we were to lose then we would’ve already lost 2 meaning we would most likely only be able 2 lose 2 more games over the entire season to have a chance of winning the league which would seem quite unlikely

  2. Panic who?maybe arsene but i dont beleive that any fan is panicking,all fans are worried and sad as to what has become of our beatifull club THE ARSENAL. Just reading the title will tell u how sure we are about todays game. We are afraid that we might get beat again today but we are hopping we manage to get the points.its a shame that we didnt purchase a cb at all and go into our second game.infact u can even say wow!

  3. Yes am sure we’ll have our usual good run of 6-7 victories and we will all say “yes now let’s go for it!”, but with this squad it’s 100% we actually have no chance. And looking at man U’s two first games one gets the impression of real power there, same City and Chelsea

  4. I’m not in a state of panic either. Cause I know how this season will end up.

    Are we seriously considered title contenders this season?

    1. see some will see that comment as pessimistic.
      i dont think your being realistic an managing expectation.

      he will slways be our leader but wenger is not a elite manager anymore.
      cant even rely on elite players to carry us like good ole days as he wont buy them.

      but i reckon we will have some memorable days in europe an every year.

      so will defo enjoy that…up the gooners

  5. Trust me, most of us will panic. You can’t start playing catch up now in this kind of season.. .

    Leicester will be all out. They lost to manu (community shield) and then to hull last week.

    On the other hand, we are the only team that defeated them twice last season. They sold Kante and brought in some players. We have Xhaka and two young players in Holding and Asano. I don’t know if Ozil and Kos are ready.

    A draw is written all over this game but I hope we win. We can’t afford to lose today.

    Mahrez signed a new contract and will want to score. You know how this things are with Arsenal.

  6. A poor start is bad and hurts your season
    If we had a Top striker and a solid CB we wouldn’t bee in this position
    Poor planning/preparation/transfers
    We should have had our transfers sewed up before the season started

    That’s why United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool had winning starts
    We are still waiting for a CB and Striker

    1. But we already had them! Why Giroud & Koscielny did not play? Or Ozil? Why was that pampering for our precious stars. Ramsey played a semifinal as well. You guys keep saying that Ozil & Sanchez will not sign again for us but let me ask you this : given last season and the first game performance, do you think anyone will buy Sanchez for the big bucks? OK, is not his fault that he was played CF but his game was so lame I don’t even know what to believe anymore. Which coach (except Wenger) will pamper Ozil this way giving him extended holidays? In a way this is karma, betrayed by the players he trusted. Man, how deserved that is.

      1. I can tell you that Juventus are very interested in signing Sanchez!
        And if we get humiliated at Leicester today, i wouldn’t be surprised if Sanchez drops a bombshell.

        1. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Juventus is out of money for Sanchez once they spent almost everything on Higuain. You really think that Sanchez can move whenever he wants? He’s under contract just like Ozil. And in this inflated market Arsenal will not sell for less than 50 million.

  7. I’m past panicking. I’m just looking at how we implode if we are going to lose this one out. Told you we need 5 points from the first three games. Failing to do that and there is cat & mouse game. Maureen looks like he bought the title again so I won’t even bother saying we have any chance. I can even hand out the winning team today for Wenger, hell! anyone here can give it to him but I don’t think he will listen.

    1. Did he really buy the Title though?
      United would win the Title without Pogba. Pogba is not worth anywhere near £100 mil
      Mktharyan cost £26 million
      Ibrahimovic cost £0 transfer fee

      Wenger spent more money on Xhaka than Ibrahimovic and Mktharyan combined

      1. u must understand how mina raoila operates. with agent fees an zlatans signing on fee. theres no way it was less than 45 for the pair.

        thats why wenger doesnt deal with the fat parasite that is mina.

        but thats our loss. mina an jose have made them real contenders again

      2. Ibrahimovic is on a 300k a week plus undisclosed signing fee and bonuses. Mktharian is on a 180k a week. With salaries they are at least triple what Xhaka will cost us. You must chose better example.

  8. Even if we loose, we ll be still above relegation zone and only 6 points behind manure…yes agree no need to panic.

    1. I think the general consensus here is that no one is panicking. I feel everyone begins to be a bit indifferent to this. Enjoy the football though.

  9. I’m afraid as to where Arsenal will end up this season with all these ‘deafening’ transfer inactivity. This thing looks so easy: We didn’t sign any outfield player last season the fact that we are always told we have enough cash. So what’s stopping us from spending the cash on players who have the quality to improve the team?

    Granted, Arsene is not the only gaffer complaining about the crazy transfer market (and true, the market is crazy). But even at that, there are players out there we could get for good value who’ll vastly improve this team.

    Did you see Wijnaldum (pardon my wrong spelling of his name) for Liverpool last week? I think he’s going to be a beast for them! The less said of Saido Mane, the better (for our collective ‘health’). These are players who didn’t come at crazy price, but will easily help the club recoup the fee spent.

    So what really is stopping us from forking money to fill the CB and CF positions with players of this ilk? There really is more to the whole thing than we (the fans) know.

  10. “I believe a club like ours is focused on giving chances to the players we develop in our own club,” he said.
    “We have a few strikers who have a chance, if we find the right players we buy.
    “It is not that easy – look at a club like Real Madrid , who have they bought? Up front, it is very difficult.”

    Those are the words of Arsene Wenger.

    Madrid just won 2 Champions league and they have Benzeama, Bale and Rinaldo.

    Wenger should shut up for once and go get Chicharito. We are a laughing stock. If you must play Sanchez as a striker, tell him to stop roaming aimlessly and stay in the box. we don’t need him to dribble 3 players. We need him to stay at the end and finish runs. to be in the box. Does Wenger even tell his players what he wants from them?

      1. Hahaha … Wanna Bet!

        And Here’s a few:


        Aswell as being a Penny pinching Window shopper his stability and focus on being tactically incompetent is truly outstanding.

  11. I will be optimistic if we buy some kind of ozil type of signing. If that doesn’t happen, 4th place will be success…

    1. lol.

      4th is the biggest amount of horse manure ive ever believed.

      f 4th. f the lies behind it. f the empty promises.

      go fourth an multiply!

  12. Panic? What for?
    When we’ve seen this movie, sooooo many times before.
    You will see panic on the 31st of August.

    According to Wenger, we now have a Luis Suachez up front.
    ? Aswell as Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Akpom, Asano AND a Sanogo, who is still injured by the way.

    I hope that you can take his hint! ?

  13. I have heard this so many times it is becoming a cliche. At some point last season, we were top of the table and even had the opportunity to extend the lead by 3 points. Typically, we faltered but were told there was no need to panic as we are still top. We dropped 2 more points but were still told not to panic as we are still top with GD. 3 more points dropped, 2 more points dropped,….blah blah blah. We ended the season with 10 points off the top.

    I’m not worried that Arsenal lost their 1st match, I’m worried that we still have El Clueless managing the club.

  14. Everyone has their own perspective. To me, the fans that started to panic years ago, the fans that paniced because they could note see a major trophy in our future, were right to panic and now we are in a situation that panic might be too late.

  15. @jansen. Spot on. I panicked a few years ago when I detected a slide in quality and ambition, when I noticed apathy amongst players and coach. That time has long past I’m now numb and have little or no expectation particularly with the activity of our competitors. #kroenkeout

  16. Ot I read a really good article on goner news about spending and how it’s changed over the years. Apparently we spent a certain %of our funds one year on Dennis bergkamp that would equate to a 120 annual spend now. So why’s it not happning?

  17. its not panic just resignation to the above average but not top flight club we have become under Wenger … we all recognise where wenger needed to strengthen and his unbelievable arrogance has let us down again but more worrying is the football we are now playing … its not just the lack of power but the lack of precision and pressing which adds up to an unexciting kind of play which only ozil and carzola can really alter but not on a consistent basis as they dont have the outlets around them … this is all predictable stuff untill the OAP finally faces up to his situation in life and joins his fellow retirees in monaco …

  18. I am watching the manc stoke game. Mile dean has given two penalties for holding in the box, one to each side, no sending off, just yellowcard. Apparently the referees have been told to clamp down on this type of foul.

    I think that this is a good thing, there is far too much hollding and shirt pulling going on.

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